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  1. It only stirs up unrest to those that let it. If what he's saying is true, then tough tiddy. And what he's saying IS true. These protest clowns open themselves up to whatever response comes their way. Including a loss of income. Including an haranguing from the president. Like I said. This isn't the first time a president has called someone a name. Obama himself did it.
  2. She said the president should stay out of it. Well, Obama used to comment on the nfl protests all the time. No one complained then. Its just whiny liberals crying now when there's a president they don't agree with. And if you don't live in the U.S. then mind your own business.
  3. Actually there are limits to protest and concealed carry. And Obama called Kanye West a jack ass. Trump is just following precedent.
  4. Obama used to open his yap on the subject all the time. Why should Trump be different? Cause liberals are hypocrites, that's why. Besides, NFL legend Jim Brown already told them they were doing the wrong thing. I hope the NFL crashes and burns. Good riddance.
  5. For things like removing confederate statues.
  6. You could say that about the entire campus.
  7. 95 years old You never got me down Ray
  8. Didn't see or hear any sort of mention during the game, but he and LT were riding around in a golf cart before the game, visiting various tailgates. LT was attracting quite a crowd. The sorry camera on my phone didn't take any pics worth posting. Coach Sullivan did not look well. Lots of people wishing him well.
  9. Iowa State should be licking their chops. They could have two B12 wins this year.
  10. Some other site is posting that Pat Sullivan will be at the game to be recognized. Apparently the end is near. He might not have the strength to go on the field.
  11. Since week 2 is over, I'll go ahead and derail this thread. If pac 12 took some Big 12 teams, they'd be trying to get to 16 teams right? That seems to be the number the 4 remaining conferences would shoot for it seems. So they'd take OU, OSU, UT then one more. Who would that be? Us? Tceh? Would the state legislature get involved to force them to take Tceh? Would be left out in the cold again? Talk amongst yourselves. And yeah, thats right, I did it
  12. Announcers just ripped their receivers to shreds during the game. Showed time after time how we had them bottled up in man-to-man coverage and that no one could get open. That they ran wrong routes. At one point even saying TCU's d-backs had absolutely no respect for them.
  13. Nice week for the B12. Kansas and Iowa St. doing their usual thing. But other than that, everyone took care of business. Even Texas found a way to rough someone up. Then there's Baylor.
  14. Kinda like our game today. Nice win, but I wonder if its because we're that good or if Arkansas is that bad. Hopefully its the former.
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