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  1. Trump is disbanding the Jason group. He already knows all the answers science can give apparently.
  2. https://erlc.com/resource-library/statements/artificial-intelligence-an-evangelical-statement-of-principles Quite interesting, actually. Worth the read. SPOILER: As one might expect Article 6 declares no AI sexbots allowed.
  3. Did you know that Prep H once tried to negotiate with the Cash's for the rights to use that song in an ad?!!!! from Feb 2004: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/northamerica/usa/1454814/Cash-family-rejects-piles-of-cash.html
  4. Actually Wikileaks was Trump's explicit ( "WikiLeaks, I love WikiLeaks." ) hero during the election though it appears he himself as well as others have forgotten that small point.
  5. Can you imagine living in close proximity to Assange for 7 years?
  6. Using as evidence the factoid that Sweden and other coutries regulate the construction of low use forest, farm, and recreational roads which serve 4% of a country's traffic and scaling that to the Interstate, federal, and state highway systems in the US is more a bit of an inferential leap. In my opinion it would be nice if such legislation were put in in the US...especially w.r.t. access issues. Note the ownership groups in Sweden cannot prevent access unlike in the US. Not sure about the exact legislation in Canada but I do know that forest/hydro roads are always open though not always fully maintained.
  7. And here is a typical one as pictured on the Swedish EPA website http://www.swedishepa.se/Enjoying-nature/The-Right-of-Public-Access/This-is-allowed1/Private-roads/. The owners may ban motor vehicles but not access by foot, horse, cycle, etc. Further many do receive subsidies and these roads generally must allow general motor vehicle access. These roads handle about 4% of Sweden's traffic and about 50% are forest roads mainly opened for commercial purposes.The majority carry less than several score vehicles a day. I could note that my guess is that Newfoundland has around 50% "private" roads due to forestry, mining, and hydro. They are generally maintained well enough for off road trucks. It's not a real issue for most. My further guess is that Alberta would likely approximate Sweden given all the oil, mining, ranching, and forestry. Isolated statistical factoids presented without context very rarely are very revealing. Worse, they can be downright disinformational.
  8. Nut flour is different from whole nuts/nut chunks. That said, you're wrong in any case. Proof: If you don't like nuts/chunks try the various German and Austrian tortes using nut flours. Or these cookies.
  9. Hazelnut sandies beat pecan sandies all to hell. One recipe: https://theviewfromgreatisland.com/hazelnut-sandies-recipe/. I used 1/2 tsp allspice ground in mortar and 1 capful vanilla (from a different recipe) rather the suggested almond extract suggested in this recipe.
  10. Well a major theme was that it is good to learn for yourself. Not a popular concept in some of the more extreme corners of Xtianitity. As for Garrus, got a new harness probably ready for more.
  11. All night and this morning he has been climbing everything in the house. I Think I'm going to change his name to Jonathan Livingstone Cat. Or possibly Cat of La Mancha.
  12. Sorry. Better links??? (Cat still stupid.)
  13. Garrus escaped from his harness and decided to climb a tree... Took me, my daughter and the next-door neighbor about an hour to get him down as he was over 3 stories up. Cats are proof positive that what goes up doesn't really have to come down.
  14. I REALLY wanted to go to Woodstock after it started. Couldn't see how to get there in time. Greatest fail of my life.
  15. No...2 or 3 a year. Most of the others rise then fail. This one has grown yearly since 2007 until now it it held in the largest hotel venue on the island. The only way to expand further--which may be in the cards at some point--is to hold it in the Convention Centre. Stefan Kapičić was also around this year, but I'm not a Deadpool fan. There was a very interesting animator who gave some really interesting sessions though I am no artist. An artist friend of my daughter's gave me 3 very good drawings of Tali, Mordin Solus, and Liara (characters familiar to Mass Effect 3 players which happens to be one of the few computer games I really like).
  16. Among other things this busy weekend I spent an afternoon at Sci-Fi on the Rock our biggest local con. Many of my former students of course are organizers and I have even volunteered with the organizing from time to time in previous years. Met and talked to Dax from DS9 for a while. Nice lady originally from Cedar Rapids, IA. Married to Spock's son Adam Nimoy.
  17. Alex Jones is now arguing it was OK to make money and score political points off the shooting deaths of 6 year olds because he was mentally ill at the time! Wonderful defense for defamation wouldn't anyone with a gram of decency agree? I haven't noticed him offering all the money he made to the victims' families. That might show some level of actual remorse.
  18. I was! I have a letter signed by old HHH hisself congratulating me! (Found it in a scrap book my mother had made.)
  19. In the amazing facts I never knew before but just happened to run across department: I have always known that Gen. John Garland was a collateral relative of mine way back in the 1800s. Died in 1861 (on active duty but not KIA). What I never knew is that he was close friends with Longstreet who married his daughter. To his credit, though a Virginian, Gen Garland remained loyal to his oath and to the Union. Maybe this is why I have always had an affinity for Longstreet and for his tactical theories of maneuver in warfare which were decades ahead of their time?
  20. I think he does a pretty good job. Or at least the times I watch the NFL any more I think he does. Dandy Don wasn't hired totally as a technical commentator either. Both knew the game well but more importantly to the network both are(/were), as you say, entertaining.
  21. AGM was Sunday. There is some significant ice damage to some of the floating tees (individual berths) from the local ice this year. Sea ice looks like it will stay well north and east for the moment anyway. Looks like my boat won't require much prep as the fiberglassing I've done over the past years has finally gotten ahead of the deterioration of the bad coating material over the keel. Might even get away without a wax job (takes a day or two), but I'll likely do it anyway Liftin is tentatively scheduled to start ~May 12 but dock repairs (many of which are done by the club) start in a week or two. I'm starting to dream about sailing now pretty seriously however. (See what I did there?!)
  22. Feith was not acting as a member of the intelligence community. He was put in place outside normal intel offices and channels precisely to counteract/cast doubts upon the findings of the intelligence community.
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