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  1. But not any corporate grouping since they never cause any damage to the larger public by anything they ever do.
  2. That's what comes from thinking with your gut instead of your brain.
  3. Salvage laws are funny. "A successful salvor is NOT entitled to just keep the salved vessel, under any circumstances, but is entitled to a generous award. The amount of the award, under the law, is based on the following factors: 1) the value of the vessel and its contents after the salvage is complete; 2) the salvor’s skill and initiative in minimizing damage to the environment; 3) the degree of success obtained by the salvor; 4) the level of peril to which the salvaged vessel was subject; 5) the salvor’s skill and initiative in saving the vessel, human lives, and other property; 6) the salvor’s labor and expenses; 7) the amount of risk run by the salvor; 😎 the promptness of the services rendered; 9) the availability and use of any alternative salvage resources; and 10) the readiness, efficiency, and value of the salvor’s vessel and equipment. Consider all these factors together, and you’ll note they strongly favor the salvor."
  4. Stay hard Maida Heatter. (Actually thought she was dead decades ago.)
  5. "Rescued" a new boater today. Looks to me like he blew his engine given all the oil and water mixed together. Legally, I am now the owner of said boat, I think, or at least am owed a settlement for its value (nil when you come down to it). Poor guy had just bought the boat. No auxiliary power, not even any lines other than a 10' totally frayed painter on the bow. No fenders either. Had to break all these out of my stores in order to "rescue" him. I am now awaiting my lifesaving medal from he Queen...or at least Meghan!
  6. Finally finished US taxes (you get till Jun 15 automagically if out of country). Final product was 3 f'in inches thick as every mutual fund transaction had to be reported 1 page/transaction (gotta keep those like me funding foreign terrorists at bay, I guess). Just love those simplified taxes you can fill out on a post card. On a happier note, sails are on and now only final outfitting to do which I should be able to finish in 2 days.
  7. Can't find a way to stream even with a VPN saying I'm in US but am listening to KTCU.
  8. Stay hard Leon Redbone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1OD1quuIGc
  9. Orwell must not get much rest in his grave these days...Good Lord! "With the U.S. in another year of record-setting natural gas production, I am pleased that the Department of Energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of U.S. freedom to be exported to the world,” said Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg, " Of course he does work for Perry. So not the highest bar.
  10. BOAT IS IN THE WATER!!! Mast goes up hopefully Monday. Then need to outfit the boat for a few more days.
  11. Nothing personal, but I think holding that belief today is fairly silly as well. Maybe it wasn't silly once but I'm not really sure that's true.
  12. Politics is about the exercise of power. The Constitution provides a lot of checks and balances but not one here. Expecting Turtle to "play fair" when he holds all the cards is probably silly. Trump OTOH claiming constitutionally defined checks and balances don't apply to him is another thing entirely.
  13. Award winning (made finals) photo of a truly cold-blooded act...
  14. I remember all us kids complaining bitterly to the lifeguards when they cleared us out of the pool in Nebraska when there was a tornado under a cell 5 or 10 miles away near the horizon. It never was going to come over our way! Stupid lifeguards!
  15. My "fancy watch" is one of the original Original Grain rosewood/stainless models! Keeps really good time. Would work fine for navigation.
  16. Shut up...New daddy and I have our new baby to worry about. Go look up last year's dad for a handout.
  17. I should add the calf was alone which makes me think the mother may have a new calf just about now and told junior it was time to get out of the house and fend for itsself.
  18. Wow...I'd given up looking at this thread after the last loss in the tournament! Then I saw the title change!!!
  19. They tend to be born in the spring months. He looks a little to big to be this year's but I agree he looks a bit small to be last year's. Maybe was born late in the season last year? It really was a tough winter here this year.
  20. To this day Halifax donates the city Christmas tree for Boston every year because of what the Boston physicians who immediately jumped on a train did for Halifax that day. Many people were blinded by flying glass among other injuries. Around 2,000 dead and 5X that injured.
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