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  1. Very astute observation. So...Sen. King's words thoughts on race matters and women's issues might not be a totally accurate reflection of all conservative thinking?! Or perhaps a leader saying that there are "very fine people" who march in the streets and shout "Jews will not replace us" and "blood and soil" doesn't completely reflect the true conservative values of all conservatives for all of us to see?! Naahhh. Can't be. The truth is out there! That said, anyone who has worked with the mentally ill knows that many--a consistent subgroup anyway--have a very consistent, though quite ill, ideology. Doesn't mean they don't need to be carefully monitored and on some occasions even heavily monitored/locked away for everyone else's/their own protection. So in practical terms the difference in labeling could be moot, though in political communication(/propaganda) terms, as you note, the two labels sound much different on the surface.
  2. One way of looking at it. Another is extremists don't speak for the group.
  3. Ever listened to CPAC? Is everything you hear official policy?
  4. I had a pair of Cpt. America helmets on my old Honda in FW.
  5. @!:&@%€#$%€£??#$@÷×% #$@%### Somehow my freezer got unplugged. Lamb, moose, pork, 2 farm ducks, 18 dinners of cod #$@%#$, all gone. The only thing I was able to save was a piece of iceberg from a few years ago. #$@%€£$@×# Discovered this as I was preparing to freeze 5 new cod dinners. 😞 Looks like I'll be fishing tomorrow again as there is no wind yet again for sailing.
  6. I wonder if Israeli Jews who oppose present Netanyahu government policies are "anti-Semitic"?
  7. True, I think. It seems a variant of a conversion safety???? But why is there a try from the 8? Is that some other rule?
  8. Noticed this pic on flickr. Turns out that fake news and disinformation is nothing new! Caption: Confusing medieval depiction of Roman god Saturn devouring his son, which mixes the Greek Chronos (Χρόνος, Khronos, Latinised as Chronus), the personification of time in pre-Socratic philosophy and later literature, known for devouring his own children, with the Titan Cronus (Κρόνος, Krónos), who castrated his father Uranus with a scythe. [Note only one letter difference in Greek] In the background: Aphrodite, emerging from the white foam produced by Uranus’ testicles. *Antitus, la satyre megere. Archives cantonales vaudoises ~ 1501 Suisse Painting is most definitely NSFW!
  9. Not really. Not much bigger than a .... Well let's not go there.
  10. No. That request is not racist. Calling them "animals" may not be racist, but it certainly isn't very "humanist".
  11. BDS does not call for the elimination of Israel. I am also unsure as to how asking a country to comply with international law is racist just because the country is Israel. The country of Israel, after all, is not all Jewish.
  12. The town right next to Heart's Content! Yeah. Less than an hour drive from my marina though a long 2 day sail as it's in the next bay over. Is Kimmel still on about it?! Apparently tourists are diverting there a lot right now! Does he know about Heart's Content, Little Heart's Ease, and Heart's Delight all of which are close to Dildo. Properly so if you're female 😮 . Can't believe it if he's missing that additional joke material (if he is...I don't generally watch). What I like in the area is the old terminus of the trans-Atlantic cables up the shore at Heart's Content. All that late 19th/early 20th century "high tech". Any nerd drools on the floors.
  13. Don't remember that in their platforms, actually.
  14. Interesting SMU is waayyy down the list at #92 (compared to TCU and Bay__'s much higher debt loads. More and bigger trust funds? Can't be the fees I don't think. And Denton is quite low. Are they still as good a music school as they used to be way back when I taught night classes there in the 70s??
  15. Bothering to say "God Save Us" over anything Steve King says is probably not worth it, but his latest screed on the issue of families and love is rather amazing!... ""What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?" God Save Us, God save us all.
  16. So have I. But my money is still on Dershowitz!
  17. Was Herbert Hoover a war criminal in the United Fruit Company Massacre affair? Was he innocent because he used Columbian proxies?
  18. Didn't mean to say or imply you did. I was talking more generally about what we're all hearing and reading. Sorry for any confusion.
  19. The only connection worth noting, apparently, is to Bill Clinton which of course Hillary is responsible for as well. No "conservatives" were involved in the making of Epstein's world network, it appears.
  20. My money's all on Dershowitz, personally.
  21. This happened before in the 1950s when the production of the Gros Michel banana was wiped out by the same fungus. A good example of the joys of using a very limited number of varieties of monocultured clones in agriculture.
  22. He is such a giving person. He freely gave of his genetic material to the human race already!
  23. Stay hard little kid's bike that J.J. Watt got on and squatted!
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