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  1. True story. What a mess. The fish were 10 pounds plus so we are talking well in excess of 10,000 tons of rotting fish. The company has been hiding stuff as much as possible for a number of weeks but those days are over. Those farms have also led to extreme sea lice outbreaks that have spread to wild populations. Not great corporate citizens. Re. pet food, where does anyone think those bloated cows hauled to the rendering plant go?
  2. Froze my ass off today even in full foul gear. Nor'easter with 35 mph winds and rain blowing down the arm w/ temps in high 30s (damned mid-Atlantic hurricane system is drawing down polar air plus the same system that was out west a few days ago). Pulled 8 boats but was slow going due to conditions. About 1 hour/lift. I was lift #7. Came home, got under 2 blankets and sat back in my recliner. Woke up an hour ago. Anyway, boat is out of the water for the season. Still some winterizing to do but forecast looks a lot warmer in a few days. Sad.
  3. Oh! Still a blank entry to me. Must be blocked by one of my anti-virus/anti-malware programs, then, if not a rogue admin!
  4. We had a case here--basically a serious car accident caused by an inattentive/distracted policeman--where the police union steward, a sergeant, tried to insert some additional, faked information into a file after asking to review said folder while quite literally sitting in the witness stand. In the videos it was as clear as day, but he sat there and denied it with a straight face after the judge caught him at it and called him out. Got away with it in the end. Should have been jailed with a felony. At least the "evidence" was thrown out. One of the more egregious such actions along the narrative you describe I have ever seen.
  5. There must be a rogue admin who is still keeping me from seeing anything!!!
  6. I see nothing here. Literally, not figuratively. The entry is blank.
  7. Coming home from the marina today (pulled boat out of the water and put it on a cradle for the winter 😞 ) the national news said the guy had resigned but that Kraus (sp?) said he would have been fired anyway for multiple violations. That said, he probably already has a new gig lined up in another community. One does have to wonder when someone is firing through windows part of what is essentially a wellness check. According to my EMT son, here many such nonemergency checks are run by EMTs and not police (EMTs here patrol sections of the city responding to things from within those sections rather than staying at a central location and waiting for calls. Not sure it's a better system or a worse one, just that it IS the system here.)
  8. Hate to say I picked Baylol on Pick'em. Didn't want to but they appear to have signed a pact with the Devil this year and there's no since closing my eyes to that.
  9. Saw Turandot today at the theater. Director really dramaticked up the music over the performance a few years ago. The finale would work well for a movie score for when the Empire is finally defeated! I think Yannick may be with the Met Opera for a while. He's a REAL tonic with his infectous love of music and people to get things back on track after the Levine disaster.
  10. You are quite correct. How stupid of me. Normally see them plummeting out of the sky vertically not taking off horizontally.
  11. SUB-2 HOUR MARATHON!!!!! https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2019/10/12/eliud-kipchoge-marathon-two-hours-ineos-159-challenge/
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