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  1. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Got a few inches this morning. Cleared up everything in 25 minutes as the temps rose through freezing and it started to rain. The danger here of not immediately clearing the snow/plow slush immediately is that if you don't, the next morning you have a wall of ice that you can't drive over very well.
  2. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Frog Pets

    Or at least were last November. Have many deaths been reported? or was in more caught in the inspection stage?
  3. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Frog Pets

    Damned government interference!!!
  4. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I remember the name but all else is lost in the haze of time. Those were the days with my 2400 and 4800 baud modems! I thought I'd never get over how fast 9600 baud was!
  5. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Close...more what Houston would have if such a mixing zone ever appeared over the coast there. That is, much wetter than FW. GFS (US long range model) has Boston getting a snow job on the 24th or 25th. GDPS (Cdn long range model) gives Boston rain for both storm systems. (these are both animations of precip types which for winter storms is the best global indicator of what's going on if you understand how winter nor'easters work.) Our Pennsylvania boys are probably safe from too much snow in all the storms for the next week.
  6. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    Actually the counties destroyed around Chico and Paradise in the fire area do reliably vote republican. But they don't count to the President, I guess
  7. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Just looked at the latest model forecasts and between now and the 25th we are looking at 3 nor'easters all of which will have the snow-rain transition zone within a couple of 10s of miles of St. John's. We'll have no snow at all or a literal 6 feet by a week from today in other words. Most likely prediction is not tons of snow but lots of ice as the rains pass and the cold dry air fills in behind after the precip part of the system passes. East Coast Frogs from south of DC on up the coast get nor'easters 2 and 3 but may miss 1 as it coalesces a bit to the north of Boston and I know of no MaineFrog. Looks like mainly big rains for Boston/Duq/Luke etc.
  8. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    Well at least he wasn't suborning perjury here.
  9. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Yeah...but the general global conditions are such right now that meteorologists are predicting that a string of nor'easters may spring up one after the other for 6-8 weeks like a couple of years ago. Two on the way now but the tracks look like more rain than snow maybe this time. Time will tell. Our east coast Frogs may notice this as well what with frigid, bone dry arctic air being drawn well south down the left (as you face the map) and warm moist air over warm waters being drawn up well north on the right. Perfect rapid spinup conditions for the mixing zone which is the East Coast. For my part here, the question is always where the dividing line between right and left is.
  10. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Happened to see this pic of the Jan 2 storm here. This is a main street but on the far eastern edge of the city...
  11. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    My take on this sudden bit of "clarified" info is that there is probably now solid evidence of some sort of Russia-campaign linkage in hand for at least Manafort and maybe for the kids as well.
  12. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Sciency stuff

    Sun is out of the way again now so new downloads coming. Here you don't even have to cross your eyes!!! .gif covers 7 hours. Bearing in mind that this flyby was from several thousand miles away, that ship is flat out moving!
  13. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    Athletic women like being abused by their team doctor cuz it then puts them in the spotlight according to the former rep governor of Michigan and until Jan 23 president of Michigan State. Interesting notion. While I haven't seen this speculated on elsewhere, he may have just been going out in style as the recent election changed the structure of the Board of Trustees substantially such that he was probably on the way out the door soon anyway. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2019/01/16/pressure-mounts-michigan-states-president-after-he-said-sexual-abuse-victims-enjoyed-spotlight/?utm_term=.4812335dd9d7 There may be a job opening for him somewhere in Waco I think. He'd fit right in.
  14. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Clemson v. Alabama

    That not sports. Or just sports, anyway!
  15. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    Your definition of modern human societies as organized theft is what is wrong with your thinking. Anything above the hunter-gatherer stage requires "theft" as you define it. Yes there can be kleptocracies. Right now the US isn't one though many plutocratic types are doing their best. (In this vein did you see that Abelson somehow got a ruling out of the government that solidifies LV gambling and hurts more general internet gambling? http://www.igamingbusiness.com/news/us-doj-rules-wire-act-applies-all-forms-gambling) That is theft, but of a different kind.