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  1. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    4 TCU-Texas tickets available

    It's possible I will be in Aus Sat for a funeral later in the week. Keep me in mind. Odds are around 50-50.
  2. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    The Sports Dump

    I wonder if the Redskins or the Bills have the happier locker room?
  3. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    AP Poll

    Good logic. However I am not so sure the AP will follow it.
  4. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    Pretty much agree. Team has potential but may need seasoning to get to the highest stages.
  5. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    AP Poll

    me 2
  6. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    Use your recorder and you'll be able to catch up for the 4th qtr. Come into chat then.
  7. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Week 3 Games

    Just showing their high morals?
  8. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    College GameDay (9/15)

    Posting from China?
  9. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    College GameDay (9/15)

    I saw the nutcracker on air once early in the show next to a killerfrogs flag from all the way up here! Moose curry cooking and should be ready for the game in 7 hours.
  10. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    Next month you can send them to Canada.
  11. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    God save us....

    They--the complainers--very likely hadn't been paying for tickets to his concerts either.
  12. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Ohio St -14 over TCU

    Ivan Maisel???!!!
  13. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Weather Thread

    Little busy out there at the moment!!!
  14. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    TV Thread

    To be fair, Ho had not much problem with getting people killed for his purposes.
  15. NewfoundlandFreeFrog

    Jesus Stuff

    YES! Jesus hated breastfeeding mothers, right???!!!