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  1. Laser pointers work on penguins too! (click to get full vertical view)...
  2. I guess Art would argue that the Bible contains no injunction to honor state fooball rules. That way he remains a "good Christian". Of course he must have signed a statement somewhere saying he'd abide by the rules. But what's one little teeny weeny little white lie?
  3. Looks like my new -65lb weight-trained body!
  4. It's a pretty terrible and very primitive network.
  5. Love it. BTW, a Tesla drove coast-to-coast a while back in Canada towing one of these. It was covered in solar cells to power all the internal trailer stuff at night and he used the plugins at campgrounds--usually both plugs combined--to charge up overnight. Said he had no problems with range. There are few charging stages in rural Canada yet.
  6. I didn't know Jerry Hughes was still playing till I saw a bit of the Bills game.
  7. I don't buy concessions at movies, generally. And I most usually drink water from server-circulated jugs on those occasions I eat out (no loss as that's what I drink at home for meals as well). I guess that makes me a freeloader on the current business models of both industries. As well, unlike some of the other advice here, I use a credit card for everything and pay 1/month. I haven't carried a balance for many years. So I guess I'm a freeloader on the bank's business model as well. Paid for my car that way in 2015 but paid of the bill at the end of the month that time as well. Got enough points to see a Frogs game on the cheap.
  8. Took a break from football to watch the Canadian Bianca Andreescu show the arrogant Americans who's tennis boss in America. In fine Canadian fashion she apologized to the crowd for beating their obvious favorite.
  9. I haven't carried any for years. Use credit card then pay 1/month. Never carry a balance.
  10. Watching Purdue. Hope our defense is ready. They look pretty good.
  11. Depending on the exact placement of the eye, there can be bad effects if the wind comes down the long funnel-like bay.
  12. A few days ago the track for here was near-hurricane force at my boat. The track has since shifted west and looks like just a good rain and blow now here. Halifax may not be so lucky.
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