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  1. SuAnne Sandusky, back in the old days, (who really does belong in the TCU Sports Hall of Fame...can anyone here do something about that?) was actually Alaskan. Don't know about the present crew.
  2. Trump's latest missive passively threatening violence from his supporters to be directed against dirty leftists reminds me well of a former poster over at KF.C who was always passively intimating the need for "2nd amendment solutions". That is not, however, a good person to be like. That said, in terms of the military, Trump definitely does not poll all that well among military officers, so I doubt we are going to see any violence from that quarter no matter how much he passively intimates it might happen but not have anything to do with him.
  3. Fun facts: The string 314159 occurs at position 176,451 and appears 175 times in the first 200M digits of Pi. counting from the first digit after the decimal point. The 3. is not counted. The string 31415926 occurs at position 50,366,472. This string occurs 3 times in the first 200M digits of Pi. Pretty meta, huh?!
  4. One rowing coach at one school apparently took $400K to attest that just 1 student was an athlete. One wonders what the actual total rakeoff was!
  5. No students allowed. They have other facilities. I suppose the 30s female lawyer crowd is there around 600. Not sure it's worth the effort as that is really, really early.
  6. You do live in Texas, right? You have heard about about Shahid Shafi, right? That's just a bare beginning.
  7. Yet you don't seem to have equivalent feelings for open anti-Muslims saying anti-Muslim things. Why is this?
  8. The weather has been so terrible for so long here this year that I've really been getting out of shape. Basically, to go hiking you need both crampons and snowshoes. Not a good combo, actually. So...for the first time in my life I looked at a fitness center. The one at my old university is very cheap for a prof retiree--$27 Cdn ($20USD) a month. I have always biked, hiked, jogged, and swam. Never have I used an actual fitness machine except a stationary bike. Even in hs we did handstand to headstand pushups rather than use weights as we had no weight room. Anyway, had a young jock with the nicest extraverted personality (I'm jealous of such people even though they are very fun) show me how to use each and every machine and did a few reps on each. Good Lord, turns out every tiny muscle group needs a $10K machine to work it!!! I really feel like a fossil but with my lower back arthritis I think a number of them can exercise the relevant muscles without further aggravating my lower spine. (I'm getting my CT report for the gratis personal trainer to look at.) And I never knew there were so many ways to get cardio. I always thought that jogging, cycling, swimming, and hiking was the way to do cardio. Boy am I a backwoodsman. The hot tub with hydrojets was full of a dozen or so 50-65 yr old women (it being work hours), however!!! What could possibly go wrong???
  9. Sherman thought that if there was a way to just to kill off or otherwise get rid of a couple of thousand or so of the "planter class" that would be a good idea for wining the war and for the post war era. He wasn't allowed to go that far. In retrospect he might well have had a point.
  10. Whoa Nelly!!! A 973mb low just to the north of many of you guys in FW!!! Batten down everything as that will produce some EXTREME winds. See Euro model... Here we are having about our first spring day. Rain all night taking down a lot of snow. Sunny and nearly 40F leading to even the piled up snowbanks to melt a lot!
  11. Ran across an old copy of Arthur Clarke's A Fall of Moondust. Not the greatest piece of literature ever, but it is one sci-fi story from the pre-space flight era that holds up semi-well to this day even though much of the main premise has never panned out.
  12. The point I was trying to make is that if she really comes off as a true anti-Semite, she is dead in Minnie DFL-based politics and the local party/voters will take care of the problem soon enough. Would would that be true of, say, certain white supremicists in certain other congressional districts not far away.
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