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  1. Noah's Ark Park cannot stand up to Kentucky rain!!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2019/05/25/lawyers-noahs-ark-theme-park-are-suing-its-insurance-company-rain-damage/?utm_term=.637b0213ee72
  2. Don't feel too sorry. She very much helped making her own bed including a lot of out-and-out lying. Of course lies work with voters a lot.
  3. Watched Eurovision 2019 this weekend. Loved the Icelandic heavy metal entry with its wonderful, though fairly typical of the genre, lyrics!!! Debauchery unconstrained Hangover uncontained Life’s purposeless confusion The void will swallow all Hate will prevail Every joy derail Just treacherous illusion Fraud, futility [Chorus] All that I saw Tears ran raw All that I gave That I once gave I gave you all Universal obfuscation Unilateral execration From gullible delusion Escape will be curtailed The void will swallow all Hate will prevail And Europe’s heart impale Burn off its web of lies Now from the conflagration Rise in unity [Chorus] All that I saw Tears ran raw All that I gave That I once gave I gave you all I gave you all Hate will prevail Love to no avail I gave you all Hate will prevail Every joy derail I gave you all Just treacherous illusion Fraud, futility Hate will prevail
  4. Not expert enough to make picks for anyone, but I have to say some of the rock by aboriginal artists--primarily Inuit--from northern Canada and Greenland I've heard lately is very good. While I was coming home today from the gym I heard Josh Qaumariaq of Josh Q and the Trade-Offs do a really interesting take on soul from an arctic perspective from Iqualuit (phonetically 'i-ck-al-ooeet' formerly Alert). Some of the groups might be worth a listen to some of the real music experts here.
  5. Dorf got in the sand trap a little too deep this time, I guess.
  6. Is it my imagination or does this admin want a nice short, victorious war to garner votes? I'm sure it will pay for itself just like the last one.
  7. The Hallmark movie on this week "The Beach House" is a VERY weird combination of Tennessee Williams (supposedly a distant cousin of my wife's), Taming of the Shrew, and David Attenborough. Not a combo I thot I'd ever see.
  8. Interesting notion, but seemingly true these days... Davis [...who served as the West Virginia director for Trump’s 2016 campaign and was a longtime booster for the coal industry before joining the Interior Department as a policy adviser for the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement...] also questioned other department efforts to monitor mining’s impacts. Explaining why it had abruptly canceled a study into coal mining’s effects on the health of nearby residents, he said, “Science was a Democrat thing,” https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/how-the-west-virginia-coal-industry-changed-federal-endangered-species-policy/2019/05/10/56d28de0-4bf0-11e9-b79a-961983b7e0cd_story.html
  9. Satan lives in the very structure of the universe! Belphegor's Prime--a true Number for a Beast--is a palindromic prime consisting of 1, 13 zeros, 666, 13 zeros, and another 1 1,000,000,000,000,066,600,000,000,000,001 Coincidence? I think not! This also proves that God must think in decimal.
  10. Stay hard, Jim Fowler. I'm sure there is a position wrestling anacondas at the Heavenly Zoo open.
  11. I see that Rachel Held Evans--pointed out to me and probably others here by Frisky some years ago--just died at 37. She packed quite a lot into a few years.
  12. And may you finally get the medal you well and truly earned up in Heaven.
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