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  1. I'm down for that, Zebra. Ran across a guy that knew you the other day at a training thing for trial lawyers. TCU fan, and I believe he said he's a ref in the Sun Belt. Can't remember his name, though.
  2. Not much. Just bumming around the interwebs. Saw the picture of Newbomb's sister there and had to share. Don't ask what search terms I used to find that thing. How's tricks over here in the land of milk and honey? Sounds like y'all had some fun political chats.
  3. http://img.pandawhale.com/94295-we-fear-change-gif-Waynes-Worl-xV5A.gif
  4. I'm no expert in the restaurant biz, but it seems to me that their biggest problem was that whoever drafted the store policies accidentally substituted an "a" for an "i"
  5. Carson was greatness. My absolute favorite celebrity of all time. And Letterman's slide, IMO, began when the newness of his CBS move wore off, for the same reason Stephen Colbert won't last 3 years. They're both better as the irreverent guy that follows the more traditional show.
  6. The odds a kid brings a gun to school are, what, 10,000-1? The odds that 2 kids bring guns to school would then be 10,000 x 10,000-1. I think I'm gonna start sending my kid to class packing.
  7. This thread reminded me of a Letterman Top Ten list from my senior year... Top 10 Ways Bush Could Blow It in '92 - (March 1, 1991) 10. Unloads Barbara for a 19-year-old male prostitute. 9. Gets sick during White House ceremony; throws up on Super Bowl winners. 8. Lets Hussein stay in Lincoln bedroom for 6 months while he "gets his head together." 7. Guest stars on "Matlock"; shoots Andy Griffith in the face. 6. It is revealed that he bet against the U.S. in the Gulf war. 5. Decides to grow stylish Hitler moustache. 4. Has Marlin Fitzwater hold press conferences shirtless. 3. Chooses Quayle as his running mate. 2. Gets careless about secret family in West Virginia. 1. Appears on Donahue as "Debi Bush."
  8. Because we don't want a cup of coffee to be referred to as the best thing about going to TCU games?
  9. Super Bowl brisket. Going with a tad higher temp and will wrap later than usual, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get a great night's sleep tonight no matter what.
  10. The NAIA schools in Texas are currently playing about half their schedule against NCAA D3 teams.
  11. There are currently 3 NAIA football programs in Texas, 2 more in Oklahoma and 1 in Arkansas. A 7th in Arizona is also in the conference Wesleyan would be joining. Looking at the 2015 schedule for one of those schools, it appears the structure with Wesleyan included would be 7 conference games and 5 against regional NCAA DIII teams. Long road trip to Phoenix every other year, but otherwise the travel's not too bad. Still going to be a drain, though.
  12. No. Sorry, forgot to mention that my son is 6. So, having heretofore attended a DoC church, he has not been baptized. If we were to transfer to a UMC, which does infant baptism, would we have him baptized immediately? Wait until he's ready to confess faith on his own? I'm guessing baptize now, but I'm just not sure. The paucity of water will already be a hot topic of discussion among my inlaws. Couple that with telling them we're baptizing a first grader and things could get really interesting.Edit: And there's roughly a 75% chance they'll be pissed there's no communion that week, too. And God help us if they have to say "trespasses."
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