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  1. From your lips to God’s ear.
  2. I stuck this into the news dump thread, but it really goes here. PressboxDFW weighs in on Briles' hiring: https://www.pressboxdfw.com/briles-hired-and-mount-vernon-evokes-national-scorn/
  3. Annnndd. . . PressboxDFW weighs in on Art Briles' return to high school coaching: https://www.pressboxdfw.com/briles-hired-and-mount-vernon-evokes-national-scorn/
  4. Silvio is from Angola and is therefore too naive to know what was going on? Maybe. The NCAA is still appalling whether Silvio is a pro or not.
  5. I wonder if this AAF thing will get any coverage in the Austin media. Maybe if they hang on until March Madness is done.
  6. Kliff did take the TTech job, speaking of having no sense. Although I suppose he saw the writing on the wall for the A'nM staff he left to go to TTech.
  7. My brother-in-law used to mix Red Bull and Jaegermaister (sp?). Rather than use that mixture to disinfect plumbing fixtures, he drank it. Before he went on the wagon.
  8. Everybody wants Kliff as a QB coach and recruiter. No one but TTech wants him as a head coach. So it seems to me.
  9. ^^This.^^ For TCU to run routine, without a good reason to think a threat to anyone is involved, background checks on kids in school sounds like a plot for a dystopian novel.
  10. Who would coach football at Kansas? without an endowment sized contract, that is
  11. Bailure had 2 coaches on this list. I'm glad the sloppy writer(s) that are responsible for that list overlooked that fine man, exceptional pro coordinator (sarcasm NOT intended), but utterly failed college head coach, Jim Schofner.
  12. They would deserve a better bowl than that one. Particularly if they play well against or even (gasp) win against Arkie.
  13. Agree that this Mac effort is a good article-- no ad hominem snark to spoil a good story well told-- although the bar is pretty low for Mac articles. I haven't deliberately clicked a link to a Mac article in a long time, but this one is worth an exception to my general "don't click" policy on Mac articles. I am not so annoyed with Mac that I won't post a link, although I have been close to that point at times: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article218155995.html
  14. I didn't say Patterson would leave. I said UTx might make a maximum push. If that happens, the fun parts will be: (1) UTx official angst if courtship of Patterson becomes public and he does not immediately say "yes"; (2) message board freakouts if the courtship becomes public; and (3) ShaggyWhateverItsNameIsNow, when those guys figure out that Patterson was seriously pursued and told UTx (and CDC-- he'll be pounded by the raunchier parts of the UTx fan base if he shoots for Patterson and does not get him) "no". I agree that Patterson is not likely to take the UTx job, when it comes open either in early 2019 or a few years later. But nothing is impossible, including the departure of CDC to UTx. That is all.
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