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  1. Change at Killerfrogs

    Fo sheezie. roddog was a pain in the poop chute.
  2. Happy Birthday, Canada

    Oh, piss off.
  3. Happy Birthday HRH Queen Elizabeth II

    My fellow TCU Fans, We are deeply touched by your good wishes. Our chiefest strength and safeguard, beyond the loyal hearts and good will of Our subjects, is the stirring example of Legendary Head Coaches Gary Patterson, James Schlossnagle, and James Dixon, and the inspirational performance of our beloved Horned Frogs, be it the Regional victory against North Carolina State, the second half of the Alamo Bowl, or the gripping, rain-soaked victory over the rapist southern hordes. I extend my deepest, best wishes to Horned Frog Nation. Let us all, in the trying days to come, continue to kick ass and take names. We liken the struggle of the Horned Frogs against those who would assault our shared morals to that of the British people against the Nazi hordes. So yes, We just compared Art Briles to Hitler. Those ribbons aren't going to cut themselves, you know. By all means, when you turn 90, feel free to wear thongs. You we like. The British Empire has an actual dynasty. The colonies have Duck Dynasty. We drop our figurative microphone. Speaking of bats, that Luken Baker causes us to endampen the seat of our throne. We must confess, Uncle Edward was a Monty Python level upper class twit.
  4. Game Day!!

  5. The Scottish vote

    I asked Brabinger, our major domo, to fly in four servings of the finest haggis from MacSween's of Edinburgh. The Corgis were a bit peckish.
  6. Gary goes all CGP on the cornerbacks: FWST

    Stop it. I get a humourous little tingle every time I watch that scene.
  7. Gary goes all CGP on the cornerbacks: FWST

    That haggis-eating rube doesn't have the guts to give any more speeches. Get it? "Doesn't have the guts"? Rule Britannia, bitchezzzzz!
  8. Gary goes all CGP on the cornerbacks: FWST

    We, too, are most gratified. "Riff Ram," indeed.
  9. Happy Vlade Divac Day everybody

  10. The Countdown Thread

  11. The Countdown Thread

    YEAH, bitchezzzzzzz
  12. Meh. It'll fill you up and make a turd.
  13. BOO-YAH

    Or should I say, BOY-yah. I wonder how long it'll take the little nipper to tell me I need to step aside and abdicate?
  14. TGBDS: Epic Randomness

    I'm hoping for Adolph Elizabeth, but only because I'm a big Mel Brooks fan.