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  1. I’m gonna be there that weekend. We have tickets to see Hamilton on the 4th.
  2. Naw, if you boys are so scared of boobies that you want babies to starve then I can’t help ya. 😏
  3. You trying to goad me into posting?
  4. Thank you 🤟 We just got off of a cruise ship yesterday, so I’m spending my birthday doing laundry before we head up to Norman with Lil’ Frisky for Registration/Orientation stuff. Hope you are all having wonderful summers.
  5. There’s another thread to discuss Kentucky school district takeovers?
  6. Just checking in to see Duq’s annual maypole dance. Also, Matt Bevin is the debil.
  7. A Bostonfrog TV theme song thread that doesn’t have The Facts of Life in it? Baffling.
  8. Yeah, that override was why he was pissed and went on his rant. He seemed genuinely befuddled that his “let’s blame teachers for hypothetical rape” comments weren’t well received. Dumbass.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/news/kentucky-gov-bevin-apologizes-child-sex-abuse-remarks-183343591.html
  10. Lil Frisky was one of those 20,000. She tried for the early admittance deadline and was deferred to the regular admittance timeline, so by the time she was accepted she had already moved along with other schools. She will be studying theater design at OU. It’s a top 10 drama school in the country and they only take four costume designers a year so it’s a pretty big opportunity for her.
  11. I was sold on Sewo during the Baylor game. Hicks just couldn’t get anything going and Sewo came in and brought the offense to life. The future is super bright with Sewo and Anderson in the backfield and Robinson followed by Rogers at QB.
  12. Projections this morning: TCU to Cotton: Sports Illustrated and CBS TCU to Alamo: USA Today and ESPN Could go either way between us and Washington, but I think the thread title declaration was somewhat premature. Go Frogs
  13. The committee would have to decide that it wants to reward teams for staying home and punish those who played (and they might, who knows). We weren’t the only team blown out today - Miami and Auburn lost big also. I think those losses help us.
  14. So who, specificallly, do you think gets the 12th spot over us? SEC - Alabama, Auburn, Georgia B1G - Wisky, tOSU, PennSt Group of 5 - UCF ACC - Miami, Clemson Big12 - OU Pac12 - USC Who gets the final spot? If not us then it would have to be either Washington or ND (who didn’t play this weekend) or Stanford (who played and lost).
  15. So y’all are assuming Washington gets pulled above us without playing this weekend? FWIW, Sports Illustrated has been doing live updates tonight on their bowl projections and they have us in the Cotton versus Penn State.
  16. To be clear, we are talking homemade here. None of that Chips Ahoy crap.
  17. Thank you all for the help, I’ve got the tickets taken care of. Cookies for Smooth and RSF! 🍪
  18. Ah, those innocent days when I could be offended by mere murder chants at Baylor...
  19. Hey everybody, we are traveling to Texas for Thanksgiving and we are hoping to see the Baylor game. If anyone is leaving town for Thanksgiving and isn’t going to be using their tickets, please give me a holler. Would be willing to trade delicious homemade cookies baked with love. ❤️ Go Frogs
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