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  1. https://youtu.be/oilZ1hNZPRM
  2. That was us teachers! Even a ruby red state like Kentucky didn’t have any use for a stupid carpetbagger who was a gleeful asshole to public school teachers.
  3. Kentucky has actually been extremely proactive and we have a much flattened curve to show for our efforts. Early, systematic shutdown of churches & schools, then bars and restaurants, then everything else. Most travel is banned, especially out of state because Tennessee and Indiana have done horrible in comparison. Everyone pours a drink at 5:00 to watch our amazing governor break the day’s information down in helpful, positive ways. I am thankful everyday that we were able to oust Bevin in November. Beshear was made for this moment.
  4. The GOP tried to put abstinence-only sex ed into the bill. I seriously had to pause the tv and play the news report back twice to be sure I’d heard it correctly.
  5. For you data geeks, and you know who you are, I’ve been using this website for accurate case numbers gathered from official sources. https://coronavirus.1point3acres.com/en
  6. Dangerfrog is flying back from Germany tomorrow (he has been working on contract for Dept of Defense there since September of 2018). Lil Frisky is home from OU for Spring Break and will now have to go back and get her stuff. Our happy empty nest is fixin’ to get very cozy.
  7. Hi, everyone. Hope you are all staying healthy and safe.
  8. I’m gonna be there that weekend. We have tickets to see Hamilton on the 4th.
  9. Naw, if you boys are so scared of boobies that you want babies to starve then I can’t help ya. 😏
  10. You trying to goad me into posting?
  11. Thank you 🤟 We just got off of a cruise ship yesterday, so I’m spending my birthday doing laundry before we head up to Norman with Lil’ Frisky for Registration/Orientation stuff. Hope you are all having wonderful summers.
  12. There’s another thread to discuss Kentucky school district takeovers?
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