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  1. Hillary didn’t tweet that, of course. It’s fake.
  2. You’re right, all the doctors and people who have dedicated their lives to public health issues are full of crap (and probably part of the DEEP STATE!). COVID-19 is a hoax and it will magically disappear. Only old people getting it is good news. Also young people getting it is good news. The U.S. having 25% of the worldwide cases but only 4% of the world’s population is awesome - America Exceptionalism, I say! The death rate isn’t real because all those people might have died of something else, unless the death rate is going down and then it’s real because it seemingly proves some point. Hospitalization capacity calculations are complicated and therefore the systems can’t possibly be getting stressed and everyone is lying because they obviously have so much motivation to do that because that makes perfect sense. Europe has banned Americans because of politics and everyone knows they hate American tourist dollars. I concede. Everyone should just chill the f*ck out and pack into Applebee’s for fried cheese. Just don’t wear a mask, those are for p*ssies.
  3. Testing is going well in Kentucky, too, but our curve has remained pretty flat and our Governor has emphasized building testing capacity from day one. It’s not the same story in places like Arizona where testing facilities are inadequate and overrun.
  4. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/07/01/coronavirus-texas-houston-hospitals-cases-surge/
  5. Deaths lagged by 7 days in March? Most every doctor I follow has said the lag is 6-8 weeks in America. Once exposed there is a delay before showing symptoms and then a delay before testing (if available) and then a delay to get test results and then a delay in disease progression before a certain percentage succumb.
  6. Gun violence = bad Destroying statues that should never have been put up = not as bad Also bad: brandishing weapons to scare those who look or think differently than you, driving cars into peaceful protesters, tear gassing peaceful protesters, screaming into policemen faces during a pandemic, systemic racism, police brutality, unaddressed threats on American soldiers You know what’s good? Popeye’s chicken sandwiches
  7. So whether a violent action is concerning to you depends on how you perceive the actor’s ideological framework? You do you, I guess. I’m not that partisan. I’m an equal opportunity anti-violence advocate.
  8. But you didn’t post about gun violence, you posted about statues. And everybody agreed with you that escalating violence (either from left-wing radicals or right wing gun nuts taking over a capitol building) is a bigger threat than harming statues. You want to decry gun violence in America, I am right there by your side.
  9. She’s very open to staying here all year, taking online courses from the local community college for her gen ed stuff and continuing to work and save up money. She’s just scared that they are pushing ahead with the in-person plan and she will sign her lease and plunk down tuition and a few weeks later be headed right back here, with nothing but increased COVID exposure to show for it.
  10. She’s at the 1/2 way point. Will be a Junior in the fall.
  11. I think going to the beach is on the safer end of the spectrum - outdoors with sun and ventilation, and I’m not gonna touch or talk to someone not in my family. I think the problems come with housing arrangements and bar hopping. I would feel pretty safe going to the beach right now if anyone wants to loan me a beach house for a week. Bars, churches, processing plants, prisons, nursing homes - these all seem to be really problematic. I am fairly comfortable with resuming in-person school. I teach in a small, specialized context and I think a lot of factors can be controlled for. What I am unsure of is college. Can college students really social distance for any length of time? I fear OU is going to bring the kids back and then switch to fully online right after the tuition refund deadline. I do not want to pay out of state tuition for online classes, especially since my daughter really can’t do the stuff for her major online.
  12. Nah, it’s really not a conspiracy. See there are 50 states and they are both red and blue, and one of those - Florida - is the only one in which I read several articles and tweets questioning their data reporting. These concerns were raised both by people in the system and stats geeks who felt like the numbers didn’t add up. Doesn’t really matter much to me, Florida gonna Florida.
  13. There was a time I never would have believed a US Prez would respond to Russia putting bounties on our soldiers’ heads with *checks notes* pulling our troops out of Germany at Russia’s request and fighting to get Russia back into the G8, but here we are. Florida’s numbers are really bad right now no matter who’s data you rely on.
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