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  1. I think LT lives north of Fort Worth at Vaquero Golf Club. Have you heard it's LT modeling?
  2. New unis are being unveiled tomorrow according the the tweet from last week. Anyone have any idea on when and how it's going down? Other than the triangles, any new insight into what they're going to look like?
  3. Nembhard has shown some scoring ability in several games this season but he's been on a bad streak since the KU game and you're right, even on his best day he's not a decent replacement for Fisher's scoring.
  4. Nebraska's 247 guy put in a crystal ball for TCU so I think we've got this one. BTW, Jordan would be our 3rd highest ranked recruit per the 247 rankings (not the composite). He's 196th nationally. Only Duggan and D. Foster are higher on 247.
  5. That interactive guide is a great resource. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I saw a tweet the screen shots from filings in the DC District. Between 1/23 and 1/24, there were 8-9 sealed indictments filed. I'm not a criminal attorney but that seems like a lot of indictments filed under seal. It will be interesting to see if any additional arrests occur over the next few days. From the very beginning of this scandal, I assumed that Manafort, Cohen and Stone were going to jail. Manafort's money laundering case was so clear cut he had to take a plea rather than try it and Stone likes to talk and preen too much and he has a LONG history of dirty tricks in politics and Cohen because he acts like he desperately wants to be thought of as mobster. If I had to take bets on the next indictment and arrest, it would be Don Jr. just because he's dumb as a box of rocks but doesn't realize it. Next would be Jared because the apple probably doesn't fall too far from the tree, i.e., his convicted felon father. Last but not least, big Donnie is eventually going down for obstruction of justice. If Congress won't impeach him, I think Mueller indicts him.
  7. 247 released their final rankings and Duggan jumped from #207 all the way up to #124 overall and the #3 dual threat QB. Foster finished at #139 overall and the #8 running back. To compare Duggan to Shawn R. and Justin R., Shawn was #198 overall and the #6 dual threat QB and Justin was #43 overall and #3 dual threat QB. Foster is probably the highest rated RB we've ever signed. Sewo was classified as an athlete and not a RB coming in but was #124 overall. Darius was #349 overall and the #17 RB. Shaun Nixon was #178 overall but was classified as an "all purpose back" rather than a pure RB and was used primarily as a slot receiver here. Kyle Hicks was #197 overall and the #15 RB. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Duggan-and-Foster-make-final-247Sports-Top-247-128205908/
  8. I hope he gets a second chance. This isn't the level of what Boykin did. TB beat that girl's face in. Turp was involved in an argument and pushed a woman into a wall and then punched the wall. At least he had the self control to punch the wall and not her. And, we don't know if the girl was hitting him or what was going on. He just needs to develop the self control to walk away from situations like that. Just get away from the negativity.
  9. Ouch!! All that unfulfilled potential stings. By the way, JC said a few weeks ago that Manning is not coming back to TCU. On the bright side, Reagor is a stud, Sewo is primed for a break out season if the O-line improves and Bowen might finally be healthy this season.
  10. By the way, Dalton Risner a top 10 OT prospect. I think LJ also had some goo 1v1's against Andre Dillard who is a top 5 OT prospect. LJ could play his way into the 3rd round if he keeps it up.
  11. Collier is showing out at the Senior Bowl:
  12. I never got the GDU hate. Maniac was a much bigger beating than GDU. AT least GDU boroughs some useful information to the board.
  13. TBD. I think he just likes to take visits but will still be a Frog in the end.
  14. Free Rivals article on Barquet: https://n.rivals.com/news/commitment-breakdown-louisiana-de-earl-barquet-picks-tcu
  15. Barquet was being highly recruited before he suffered a torn labrum his junior season. That, combined with a too low ACT score, severely curtailed his recruitment but he played last season and supposedly has a qualifying score now. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7472514/5a00b961664be109d85228f6
  16. Thanks. It just seemed odd that both games were called the same way with respect to giving the DB's more latitude than what I'm used to seeing.
  17. Zebra -- It seemed like the refs were letting the DB's engage in a lot of contact in both games yesterday. (1) Would you agree with that assessment? and (2) do you think that sort of stuff is done at the direction of the league office? In other words, do you think someone tells the refs "we don't want a lot of laundry on the field tomorrow"?
  18. Yeah, with Workman and Blackshear we are in much better shape at DE than we were with just Mathis and Bowen.
  19. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/college/article224811350.html
  20. If Rogers isn’t ready, Collins or Duggan will start. I think Delton is an insurance policy and a change of pace guy if Collins starts.
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