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  1. There would be a big market for him. That's for sure.
  2. Samuel will be back. No way he leaves this early.
  3. He needs to watch some Earl Campbell videos. Until late last year, I thought he tried to bounce it outside too much. He can truck people when he wants to.
  4. Jeremy Clark from HFB says the QB's have all looked good this spring per his sources. A better o-line, more consistent running attack and WR's who can get open would help a lot. Last year's O-line was a patchwork due to injuries and inexperience. Hopefully they take a big step forward this season. We've got more high ranked recruits on the O-line than we've ever had before. Between Myers, Niang, Wes Harris and McKinney, that's a pretty damn talented O-line. We just need to find a center and some quality back ups. As for WR, Austin and Stewart weren't that great in getting separation. I'm hoping Dylan Thomas comes back from injury and shows that his play in the tOSU game wasn't a fluke. Taye Barber and D. Davis could be pretty lethal in the slot as well.
  5. The tOSU game was on last night. I watched a little before and after I streamed GOT. I had forgotten that we had a 21-19 lead midway through the 3rd quarter. I turned the game on just in time to see the shuttle pass pick 6. I almost threw up before I immediately turned off the TV.
  6. Alex Jones would love it.
  7. He's already on the recruiting trail trying to sign Admon Gilder, the grad transfer from A&M. Gilder would be a huge get.
  8. I wish the kid luck but he should've stayed and gotten a TCU degree. Same for Wooten. 40 years not 4 should be every college players mindset.
  9. Another good article on LJ. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article229547464.html
  10. Sounds about right. I’d love to see LJ and B.B go a around earlier but probably not in the cards.
  11. So the stadium won't be ready until the 5th home game? Good grief!!!
  12. As long as you don't care about watching the Rangers or the Mavs it's a wash. Most people will still want both though.
  13. Yeah, I wish his comeback game would've been against weaker competition. My guess is they keep pitching him in mid-week games for a couple of weeks before putting into Big 12 competition.
  14. Bane also exploring his draft options. I think it would be a huge mistake for him to leave. I love the guy but he's not ready. However, he may never be NBA ready. He doesn't really have the handles to play in the NBA and I always thought he had really short arms for a guy his size as well. My guess he eventually winds up in Europe or China and has a decent non-NBA pro career.
  15. You may have seen this guy around town or tailgating. He drives a purple camo jeep. Story here: https://www.frogsowar.com/2016/11/6/13355650/tcu-fan-decks-out-jeep-in-purple-camo
  16. 27 wins in the regular season is a pretty significant accomplishment, even in the WAC. That's going to be hard to match in the Big 12.
  17. This has to be the most wins in a 3 season span for the Frogs, right? Only the second time in program history to make the post season in 3 consecutive seasons I believe.
  18. Personally, I would only put the major or semi-major bowls up there. The Cotton (x6), Sugar (x2), Fiesta, Rose, Orange, Peach, Alamo (x2), Sun and Liberty (x2) would certainly qualify and I would put Poinsettia up just because we won it 3 times and it was big part of building our program. Texas, Independence and Bluebonnet (x2) are maybes and the rest are a no for me. Maybe make a one year exception for the most recent bowl but then take it down after a year if it was a 3rd or 4th tier bowl.
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