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  1. I have no sympathy for the guy. The girl had to have her jaw wired shut he beat her so bad. I saw a picture of her taken by the police after the beating too. He beat the living dogshit out of her. I cannot imagine how anyone could do something like that. I hope he finds God, or AA or Buddha or something in prison and becomes a better person but I suspect that he may be in and out of the pen for the rest of his life.
  2. ORU doesn't appear to be any great shakes either. They lost 2 of 4 to Merrimack. Whoever the hell that is . . .
  3. We were picked last so to some extent, we’ve really over performed. And, we’ve beaten two ranked teams. By pre-Dixon standards, we would actually be having a successful season.
  4. My one concern about Ross is that he's a physical freak much like Jason Verrett was and that guys like that may tend to break down due to the immense stress they put on their bodies. That's why I think Ross was 100% correct to enter the draft. The money is just too much for first and second (and even 3rd) round picks and you need to get it while you can.
  5. The guy definitely deserves a shot in the league. He's got a little bit of that Mahomes magic.
  6. One thing this thread has reminded me about is that I shouldn't ever go to game in Waco again. We've lost the two I've been to. 2011 in the RGIII game where Casey made his first start and led a comeback that fell just short and then the 61-58 game. Both games were entertaining as hell but the drive home afterward pretty much sucked. One thing I can tell you though is that Frog fans were incredibly loud at both games. Other than the Alamo Bowl comeback against Oregon, I have never seen TCU fans as manic as they were at those games. It was incredible.
  7. Poor kid had probably heard the TP phrase 1,000 times . . . maybe more.
  8. 2 pt game at the half but Baylor is just too good. This Baylor team beat UConn on the road by 16. Hopefully the Frogs make the tournament and get on a good run. It would be huge for the program if they could make the Sweet 16.
  9. Ladies play at Baylor tonight at 7:00 on ESPN+ The Frogs are 5-0 on the road in the Big 12. Baylor is ranked #2. https://gofrogs.com/news/2020/2/11/womens-basketball-preview-at-2-baylor.aspx I would watch but I cancelled my ESPN+ I may try it out again when football rolls around to see if they've improved the quality of the video.
  10. Yep. I didn't really want to cancel but I really fee like they at least the subscribers an e-mail or something. Carlos and John Henry have been tweeting every now and then but Gil is totally silent.
  11. I watched a bit of the Houston vs. LA game. It was pretty entertaining and I though both QB's looked pretty good. The WR's were making some plays too. PJ Walker the Houston QB and Nick Holley his WR out of Kent State connected on some great plays. Nick Holley has a little bit of Edelman in him and Walker looked like he can play in the NFL.
  12. Looks like it's gone under. The most recent article is 4 weeks old and is about TCU's 3-0 start in conference. I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. They charged my card on 1/28 and I wanted to cancel before the next one came up. It's not easy to cancel by the way. You have to go your last e-mailed receipt from them and click on the link in the e-mail for managing your subscription. There is no tab on the website itself for that. This kind of bums me out. I really enjoyed reading their stuff. Carlos and John Henry were doing a great job covering TCU.
  13. Injuries and lack of depth were the main issues in my opinion. If Niang was 100% for the whole season, we beat Baylor and WVU and maybe OSU too. If Taye Barber and Julius Lewis play against SMU, we win that game. If Dylan Thomas doesn't go out for the season against KU, does that change the outcome of the ISU or K State games? If Mike Collins didn't get hurt against Baylor in 2018 and was healthy to begin the 2019 season, who knows what happens? Bad luck and lack of depth on the O-line and at QB were our downfall. People can blame Cumbie and he probably does deserve some blame but for a couple of bad breaks, I think we go no worse than 8-4 last season, even with Duggan at QB.
  14. Jet Sewo Cordel Niang Reagor Blacklock Gladney
  15. I really liked those in person. I hope we bring them back for a night game this season.
  16. Today is UIL realignment day. For the Fort Worth peeps, the most interesting news is that Paschal is no longer in a district with all of the Arlington schools. I think they had been aligned in an Arlington centric district with Lamar, AHS, Martin, Bowie and Sam Houston for close to 20 years. Now Paschal (along with Weatherford and N. Crowley) will compete in a Fort Worth/mid-cities district with 2 Saginaw schools, Haltom, Bell and Trinity. 4 of the teams will be in the Fort Worth city limits. Heights (5A) will be playing in a district with no other FWISD schools and will now have a road trip to Abilene Cooper. Colleyville will be in a district with Mansfield schools and Grapevine will be in a district with a bunch of eastside FWISD schools. Grapevine and Colleyville are in different divisions of 5A if you're wondering why they don't play in the same district. Aledo will be in a district pretty similar to what they have played in the past 4-6 years. All the info you need is at this link: https://realignment.uiltexas.org/
  17. I personally liked the halftime show very much. Me likey Shakira, Shakira, Shakira.
  18. Brown is committed. He had offers from Temple, S. Miss and Akron. He looks like a pretty dynamic athlete but I don't see him as real competition for Duggan. He should provide some more experienced depth than what we had on the roster. https://247sports.com/player/stephon-brown-46037509/
  19. Our 3 pt defense sucks. Arky was shooting 30% from three and we let them hit 60% in our game. Now we let UT get 50%. I feel like our interior defense is better and we're forcing turnovers but we are not closing out on the shooters.
  20. Yes. He's Pardee's grandson according to the game report on a Houston media website I read last night. According to posters on HFB who are oldtimers, Jack Pardee's wife and daughter were both TCU grads.
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