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  1. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Very Spurs like motion offense with efficient 3 pt shooters. I like it a lot. We just need a Bruce Bowen on D.
  2. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    But not a lot of seats. Isn't the total number of new seats less than 1,000? And when we play ISU at 11:00 a.m. in mid-October, the stadium will probably only be 2/3 full.
  3. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    High school football is great too. No commercial timeouts and no instant replay plus 12 minute quarters. Half time seems longer because both bands perform but that's fine with me.
  4. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    Might be the biggest game of the season so far this Saturday. We really need to win this one. OSU is 5-8 in conference (tied for 8th with us and UT) and 15-11 overall. They are 2-5 on the road with losses to Arkansas, Tech, Baylor, K State, and OU. However, their two road wins have been in their last two road games against WVU and KU. They are pretty middle of the conference pack (4th through 8th) in most statistics except 3 pt shooting percentage, offensive rebounding and FT %. They are 9th in 3 pt shooting at .335. Of course they will probably shoot 50% against us. And, they are 2nd in offensive rebounding. They also shoot FT's well -- 76% compared to our 71%. One advantage I see is that we're 1st in 3 pt shooting at .413 and they are 8th in 3 pt defense at .363. But the fact that we are dead last in 3 pt defense at .384 could negate that advantage. We beat them 79-66 in Stillwater the first game after the Vanderbilt debacle. We shot 67% from 3 pt range (8/12) and out rebounded them 37-26. Our awful 3 pt defense was evident though because they shot 8/14 for 57% (23 % points above their season average). Both teams were careless with the ball as we had 20 turnovers and they had 16. We should be favored to win again but if we let them shoot 57% from 3 pt land again, it could bite us on the ass.
  5. Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    Good article on next year's defensive depth chart. https://www.diehards.com/tcu/tcu-football-2018-depth-chart-early-defense
  6. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    This makes sense. If they can't get the games back to right around 3 hours or less, they're going to lose viewers and butts in the stands.
  7. Gunnell has a good relationship with Cumbie. My guess is that Gunnell is our #1 target and Connecticut kid is #1A.
  8. The Athletic- boom or bust?

    So that's what bitcoin looks like.
  9. Biggest drop in college football attendance in 34 years

    I see two problems as far as my own attendance is concerned. First is the length of the games. They need to go to a challenge system for replay, cut out some commercials and run the clock on first downs and out of bounds plays. The officials are just going to have to hustle to place the ball and move the sticks and the teams may need to stop substituting so much. It is a beating to sit and watch a game for almost 4 hours. My second problem is the heat. Last fall was freaking swamp ass hot and we had one freaking conference night game. My wife refuses to go to most of the day games and lately I've found myself longing for my couch, my big tv, a cold beer and some A/C. If we get screwed by having only day games again this season, I'm probably going to drop from 4 to 2 tickets or I may even drop my tickets entirely and just buy tickets to the 2-3 games a year I want to go to. That has worked out pretty well for me with basketball this season.
  10. The Athletic- boom or bust?

    I'm guessing some sweat equity is involved.
  11. The Athletic- boom or bust?

    I subscribed to it. If you want good content, you have to pay for it. I also pay for the NYT online version and we get the WSJ old school style here at the office. Some of the old FWST writers are starting a similar site for local sports news. I may have to try that out too.
  12. Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    One more day to prepare for tOSU. Gary probably wishes it could be moved to Thursday.
  13. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    It seemed like we just ran out of steam once we cut the lead to 5. WVU had 9 guys play 14 minutes or more. We only had 6 guys play 14 minutes or more. They had 1 guy play more than 27 minutes and we had 6 guys play more than 27 minutes including 3 guys who played 36 minutes or more. Playing shorthanded on one days rest and making our longest road trip of the year against a team with that style of play is going to yield that kind of result 9 times out of 10. Like PD said, I hope they get a lot of rest and come out fired up against a good OSU team.
  14. Tre Watson from Cal is transferring too. He had almost 1,000 yds combined rushing and receiving in 2016 and then was hurt most of last season. He played for Sonny Dykes and might be interested in going to a similar offense. However, a guy like that is probably going to want a better shot at starting than he would have here. London or maybe CJ Fuller from Clemson are probably better bets. https://gradtransfertracker.com/potential-transfers/
  15. Apparently, we're still looking for a RB with a focus on potential graduate transfers. It's going to be a hard sell though with Darius and Sewo as the presumed No. 1 & 2 backs. Carries might be scarce unless there's an injury. We're really thin at RB though. We've got 2 good quality backs, a small scat back in Snell and a freshman coming in who may not qualify. That's it. We don't even have any walk-on RB's on the roster.