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  1. I watched a good bit of that game and wasn't impressed with either team. Miss St has lost games to NM St and La Tech this season so I figured Arkansas would win fairly easily but they just got outplayed. Beating the Pigs on the road is going to be tough but if our interior defense is as good as it was the other night, I think we have a shot. They only shoot .307 from the 3 pt line even though they take quite a few 3 pt shots. They are 292nd in 3 pt % and 83rd in 3 pt shots taken. In contrast, we shoot .355 from 3 pt land. If Samuel stays out of foul trouble and clogs up the lane, we have a shot.
  2. The ladies lost to Baylor 66-57 last night. They led going into the 4th quarter but Baylor pulled away at the end. https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article239553633.html
  3. Anybody know if Holaday has played long enough to get the MLB pension? Seems like he's been around long enough to qualify.
  4. FYI -- Big home game for the ladies against Baylor tonight. The lady Frogs are having a good season. 4-1 in conference and 2nd in conference behind Baylor. If not for an inexplicable loss at home to last place Texas Tech, they would be undefeated in Big 12 play. Of those 4 conference wins, 3 were on the road and 2 of those were against teams tied for 3rd place (UT and OU). We beat UT in Austin for the first time in decades. I don't expect to win this one but it is a good measuring stick game for the Frogs to see whether we have closed the gap between being simply pretty good and being able to play with one of the 3-4 powerhouse teams in women's basketball.
  5. I know it's not the internet because I installed an Eero mesh wifi system a couple of months ago and it works great. I can highly recommend it. My streaming throughout the house and even outside on the patio works great now. I thought it might be the Firestick but my Prime and HBO works fine on that TV. ESPN+ is the only app I seem to have trouble with.
  6. Great game by the Frogs! Not happy with the EDPN + experience though. It was mostly ok if not the same quality as Dish but towards the end it buffered and was jittery. It’s not my internet connection either. The speed test shows excellent.
  7. If Rolovich is successful at Wazzu, I want him to take over when Gary retires. I think they may have found a guy who can top Leach for coolness.
  8. Good looking family. LSU to Waco might be a bit of a culture shock for them though.
  9. Looks like Dave Aranda is going to be the new coach at Baylor. No HC experience but he's been a helluva DC at Wiscy and LSU. And here's a fun fact: Aranda and Tom Herman were roommates at Cal Lutheran.
  10. He wants someone he trusts to kind of manage the offensive side of the coaching staff. I think it's intended to get GP out of the offense because he knows that the years when we had our best offenses, he had zero involvement in what was going on over there. I'm pretty sure Kill isn't going to draw up game plans or anything like that. The way I envision is that if the OC wants to spend more time in practice on something he thinks is important, he and Kill can discuss it and Kill can go to GP and say I agree with Sonny that we need to do this. GP will listen to Kill when he might not have listened to Sonny. Or, if GP knows that his defense is going to be tested by an offense, he might go to Kill and say it might be a good idea to keep the up tempo to a minimum this week because I've got two DT's who are hurt and can't play and my guys are going to need some rest to be more effective. Then Kill can convey that message to the OC and they can discuss what they can do to accomplish that and still put pressure on the defense.
  11. SMU hires Lincoln Riley's little brother as OC https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2020/01/15/report-smu-hires-garrett-riley-as-offensive-coordinator?ref=article_preview_img&fbclid=IwAR2xUEMG7LHJ02NUC7Kmq3OWC7w1byULTO0_z84UDhs6-IcS6evc5vE0uHY
  12. On the Baylor job, my buddy who follows the sic 'em bears site seems to think Napier is going to be the guy but twitter seems to be trending heavily towards Fuente with Aranda in play.
  13. https://twitter.com/petethamel/status/1217240503135227904?s=21
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