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  1. My grandmother had one of these when I was a kid. We had a blast cranking it and playing those old thick 78 rpm records when I was a kid. It's still at my mom's house but my kids have never had much interest in it. Too many other cool things to distract them now I guess.
  2. Recruiting still matters. How many games do we win last season without Jalen Reagor? 2 or 3? That's how much difference one great player can make.
  3. So, a starting five of Fuller, Bane, Samuel and ??
  4. That sucks but we signed 3 other LB's in February and I think Wyatt Harris and the Marcheselli kid from Broken Bow, OK will both be really good. The other kid from Florida is more of a DE/LB tweener but might turn out to be really good as well.
  5. I was glued to the TV that day. What an awesome show.
  6. I just noticed that there are no juniors. I guess we won't have any seniors the next season unless we recruit more grad transfers.
  7. Marshall Newhouse signed with New Orleans. The guy has had a very under the radar lengthy NFL career. 72 starts over 8 full seasons in the league. https://whodatdish.com/2019/05/23/saints-add-three-including-t-marshall-newhouse-cut-three/
  8. A little. He tweeted "Go Frogs" the other day and there apparently is mutual interest in bringing him back. He can't go anywhere else without graduating from JUCO but he can come to TCU immediately now that he got his grades in order because he signed with us out of high school.
  9. Nijeel Meeking is gone due to grades. That may open up a scholarship this fall for Omar Manning, the former TCU WR now at Kilgore JC. If it happens, that would be a significant addition. Manning was a 4 star out of high school but redshirted his first season at TCU before having to withdraw due to grades before ever getting a chance to play.
  10. Someone on HFB, not Jeremy, mentioned that Fuller may be playing some point this season. I'm not sure if that's true but we need someone besides Farabello to play PG and he's the only true PG we have.
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