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  1. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2023 expansion thread?

    Chuck Neinas has proposed an 8 team playoff plan that, according to the Athletic, is gaining traction with the powers that be. This kind of plays into expansion talk because it lessens the attraction of the mega-conferences. Those conferences would have to figure out a way to crown a conference champion without a championship game. I don't see how you do that in a 14 team league like the SEC where they only play 8 conference games and 16 team conferences would be even worse. All the conferences would have to play at least 9 conference games, if not more.
  2. Just reading the tea leaves from Jeremy Clark's posts on HFB, I think we have a silent commit from a DE committed to a P-5 school. So losing out on Parker may not be that big a deal. Once he committed to Tech, TCU completely quit recruiting him because of his ties to Emmett Jones and because he grew up in Lubbock and has tons of family there. TCU just didn't think it was worth spending time and resources on Parker under those circumstances. He truly was that rare kid whose dream school growing up was Tech.
  3. I think we will get Parker Workman at DE. However, Victor Viramontes, the JUCO LB from California that seemed to be in the bag for TCU, has apparently had a change of heart and will go to UNLV instead. Jeremy Clark of HFB just put in a crystal ball for UNLV this a.m. Right now, all we have at LB is Wallow, Ben Wilson, Jacoby Simpson and the oft injured Montrel Wilson. If we don't get a JUCO, they're going to have to pick up a grad transfer or something.
  4. We got a commit from Mikel Barkley, WR from Palomar Colege. He only played one year of JUCO ball so he has 3 yrs of eligibility left. https://247sports.com/player/mikel-barkley-46076826/ https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Palomar-College-Speedster-Mikel-Barkley-discusses-TCU-commitment-126123370/ He’s a speedster with 10.7 100M speed and had an offer from Utah. He was under the radar because he didn’t play at a high school that threw the ball a lot but they did wn state in the 4x100 relay. He is a full qualifier and can enroll in January.
  5. Oh yeah. However, that doesn't take much. Sicembears.com is a cesspool.
  6. angelosfrog

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    I kind of remember people thinking that we needed to bench Andy for Pachall and the crowd getting excited when Pachall would come in. Everybody loves the 2nd string QB.
  7. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2023 expansion thread?

    Which no one in their right mind is going to sign.
  8. Check out Foster and Conwright's stats: "Conwright ended the season with 105 catches for 1,540 yards with 25 touchdowns. Foster finished the season with 2,800 rushing yards and 44 touchdowns." The coaches wanted Bradford last year but he wasn't qualified academically. He played both ways for much of his career much like Derrick Kindred.
  9. angelosfrog

    Jesus Stuff

    This is an interesting perspective.
  10. angelosfrog

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Hollins started against Baylor and left the game at some point. He was a DNP in the OSU game which leads me to think he was injured not benched. Gaynor finished the Baylor game and started at center against OSU. Other than Niang and Iwuagwu, everyone on the O-line had their issues last year and the biggest problem was with the revolving door at the two guard spots once Iwuagwu went down and Myers had to miss a couple of games. Gaynor, Elliott, Myers and Harris all spent time at guard with varying results. However, Gaynor and Elliott were 5th year seniors and that was as good as they were ever going to be. Harris was a 19 year old redshirt freshman who has 3 more seasons to mature and get better. I think he will be fine. The offensive and defensive lines are a man's game and there aren't too many redshirt freshmen who are going to excel at it.
  11. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    The AP ranking roughly tracks KenPom. 2. KU 12. Tech 19. Iowa State 24. K State 30. TCU 32. WVU 33. OU 37. Texas 64. OSU 65. Baylor https://kenpom.com/ It's kind of shocking to see Baylor that low given how successful Drew has been there but of all the Big 12 teams, Baylor appears to be the one that is about to take the biggest fall. Their recruiting has been mediocre the past several years and they had some major losses from last season with Manu Lecomte, Terry Maston, Nuni Omot and Jo Lual-Acuil graduating and Jake Lindsay out for the season with an injury. Baylor started the season with a loss to Texas Southern and they haven't beaten anyone with a pulse so far this season. I don't think the Bears are going to finish over .500 this season and they will probably be battling OSU for last place. However, outside of Baylor and OSU at the bottom and KU and Tech at the top, the rest of the conference appears to be pretty even.
  12. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Yeah, I figured they would take a big drop without Trae Young but Kruger is a helluva coach. He'll have them competing.
  13. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    I think the league will be down this season with the exception of KU, Tech and the Frogs.
  14. angelosfrog

    Shawn Robinson transferring out

    Yeah. I assume he may want to go somewhere with a coach who has a good rep as a QB coach and an opportunity to start at QB for 12 or more games to improve his draft stock.