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  1. angelosfrog

    Why Cole Novak didn't play last year

    The brother seems like an asshole.
  2. angelosfrog

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    More on Texada https://www.redskins.com/news/practice-notes-2018-skinscamp-day-15 https://www.redskins.com/news/practice-notes-2018-skinscamp-day-14
  3. angelosfrog

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    The Redskins cut Orlando Scandrick in part because Ranthony Texada is playing so well.
  4. angelosfrog

    Urban in trouble...

    It seems like Zach Smith led kind of a charmed life there in Columbus. Must be nice having connections and being able to use the get out of jail free card so often.
  5. angelosfrog

    Week 1 TV (8/30-9/1)

    I"ll watch anything that weekend to get a college football fix. CSU has a grad transfer QB from UW -- Austin Carta-Samuel's little brother who apparently had the misfortune of competing with Jake Browning at QB for the last 4 seasons. Meanwhile, Hawaii's QB grad transferred to OSU to try to win the job with the Pokes. That may be some ugly football with new QB's being broken in but I'll be watching.
  6. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    John Stephens has been looking really good so far. I think I posted earlier that his dad was John Stephens who was rookie of the year at RB for the Pats back in the late 80's and his half-sister is Sloane Stephens the tennis players. Here's another old article on him from the local La. paper. https://www.shreveporttimes.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2016/11/30/logansports-john-stephens-chip-off-ol-block/94697528/
  7. angelosfrog

    Weekly Rooting Interests Thread

    If we want the Big 12 to survive, we have to root for UT to win big OOC games. The moment they decide that the reason they suck is because of a competitive disadvantage in recruiting as a Big 12 team is the moment we're going to be cast adrift again and there's no guarantee any Power 5 conference is going to want us.
  8. angelosfrog

    FROGS in the NFL 2018

    The Eagles O-line coach loves Matt Pryor. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/eagles/Jeff_Stoutland_praises_Matt_Pryor__Jordan_Mailata_after_1st_preseason_game-490627181.html
  9. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    He would be a bad ass character on GOT.
  10. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    I feel like we will have 3 good tackles. Niang was solid last year as a true soph and Myers and McKinney were both 4* recruits. Maybe even very good. I also think we'll be fine at guard. Between Iwuagu, Mc-Vai, Wes Harris and Elliott, we should be able to find 2-3 good guards. Center is the great unknown to me. Hollins is kind of small and has very little playing experience. I wonder if we might see Gaynor or Wes Harris at center sometimes this fall? Gaynor hasn't played much but at least he's a 5th year senior and he's a little bigger than Hollins. If Iwuagu, Mc-Vai, Elliott and maybe Quazzy White can hold down the 2 deep at guard, Harris could move over to center and give more size and strength up front.
  11. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    I can't remember if this has been posted but Bill Connelly like us. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/6/13/17434332/tcu-football-2018-preview-schedule-roster
  12. There's a pic somewhere out there where a guy is literally draped over the front rail. 🤣
  13. The guy in the cowboy hat is already headed for the exit. He knew it was a good catch.