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  1. TCU @ Texas Tech

    Howard out too.
  2. TCU/Tech: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Talk

    If you have a concussion, you're supposed to avoid loud, noisy environments and stressful situations. Probably best that Hill and Small aren't going. If Song has a groin pull, those can take a while to heal.
  3. TCU @ Texas Tech

    I agree. The big weakness in Tech's defense is pass defense. They are the 4th worst in the country (127th) giving up 300 ypg. With the wind and a freshman QB, I don't expect us to be able to take advantage of that. On the other hand, their rush defense is halfway decent -- 55th in the nation in yds per carry at 4.2. And we don't have Anderson. I'm not optimistic at all.
  4. TCU/Tech: Predictions, Picks to Click and Uni Talk

    There are hints on HFB that Robinson is playing. Could get interesting.
  5. TCU @ OU

    So, now I know why the Frogs were so overly hyped up to start the game. https://www.diehards.com/big-12/baker-mayfield-nails-tcu-football-player-oklahoma-warm-ups?utm_campaign=SF_Big12DieHards&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social We need a rematch.
  6. TCU @ Texas Tech

    The Saddle Trophy from ML Leddys.
  7. TCU 38 Tech 20 Offense: Hicks for 3 TD's Defense: Texada shuts down Keke Coutee Special Teams: Turpin . . . Time Unis -- Purple chrome lids, white jerseys, purple velour lounging pants.
  8. TCU @ Texas Tech

    If we can't light up Tech's sorry defense, then we just need to ask for directions to the Texas Bowl and let SR start the rest of the season.
  9. New AGCS East Side Renderings Released

    Road and bowl games are the most fun for me because the people who go to those are the real fanatics. They really get into the game and it makes it more fun for everyone around. I sat among a group of students or recent grads a few years ago down at Baylor and it was nuts. If we hadn't lost, it would've been the most fun I've ever had at a game. We have some of the best young fans around in my opinion. They can go a little overboard sometimes but that's one of the privileges of youth.
  10. New AGCS East Side Renderings Released

    Mack has some points. With every single game on television and most of the potential customers having very large HD televisions at home, it's getting harder to get people to come to games. That's true for everyone, even A&M and UT. Other factors are the high price of tickets, the time of the games being dictated by television to where it's scorching hot at game time and the length of the game due to TV timeouts and replays. All of these things are causing more and more people to just opt for sitting it out at home if all they are really interested in is watching a football game. The people who are going to the games are the people looking for football plus a social experience at the tailgate or in the club or in Frog Alley with their kids before the game. The average Joe or Jose in Fort Worth who is a Frog fan and used to go to some MWC games in old Amon Carter either can't afford to go or, more likely, given the price and the heat and the parking and length of the game would rather plop his butt in front of his 60 in. TV with a six pack of beer and watch at home. Many of the people who do come prioritize socializing outside or in the club over sitting in their seat for the whole game and screaming their heads off for the Frogs. That's fine but it's certainly detrimental to home field advantage, recruiting and making the experience fun for those of us who go to the game for the experience of being around a bunch of other football nuts. These last two seasons have me seriously considering giving up my seats because I'm tired of sitting alone in the second half after everyone else around me has left for the tailgate and never comes back. I can get that at home and save a couple of grand.
  11. TCU @ Texas Tech

    I think Gary wants to see someone play QB who will step into their throws when pressure is coming. Kenny is tough when running but he seems timid in the pocket under pressure.
  12. New AGCS East Side Renderings Released

    Looks great. The entire east side exterior facade is going away. I've always thought that the east side facade was a little small and out of proportion to the rest of the stadium. Moving it out some will help ease the congestion around the concessions on the east side as well. I don't see how they finish this without encroaching on the football season though.
  13. TCU 2017-2018 Basketball

    I think our depth is great except at center. We are particularly stacked at 1-3. Here's how I think the lineup shakes out. 1: Robinson and Fisher 2: Bane, Robinson, Olden, Nembhard 3: Kenrich, Noi, Bane 4: Miller, Hamdy, Noi 5: Vlad, Hamdy That's 10 guys but I'm guessing RJ will see very limited minutes once conference play starts. Olden and Hamdy will probably play somewhere in the 10-12 minute range. Olden will be a 3 point specialist and Hamdy will rebound and play defense. The other 7 guys, Robinson, Fisher, Bane, Noi, Kenrich, Miller and Vlad, will be the core group and get 25 minutes a game or more. The ability of Robinson, Bane, Kenrich and maybe Noi to play multiple positions is a big help. I would like to have one more 4 or 5 but looks like we're redshirting Mayen and Samuel. I can see playing Noi at the 4 and Miller at the 5 in a small lineup occasionally when the match up is suitable.
  14. Roy Moore

    Well, to give one mom credit, she did tell him no you're too old to date my daughter. And he didn't ask the 14 year old's mom, he snuck around and picked her up around the corner from her house. By the way, I watched the newest accuser's statement and found her to be extremely credible. Gloria Allred is a piece of work but the accuser was very credible. If she was lying, she deserves an Oscar.
  15. Roy Moore

    I was reading the transcript of Moore's interview over the weekend (I think it was the interview with Hannity) and I picked up on something Moore said that I have not heard anyone in the press focus on. In the interview Moore said (paraphrasing) he didn't ask out any teenage girls without getting their mother's permission. It's an archaic tradition but a southern gentleman asks a father for permission to court a daughter, not the mother. But Moore didn't say their father, he said their mother. What that tells me is that Moore was targeting girls with divorced mothers in single parent homes -- girls who needed father figures and whose mothers would see a 32 year old lawyer as a good catch and a way to get their daughters the economic stability the mothers didn't have. Moore was hitting the malls and high school football games stalking the most vulnerable females he could find and capitalizing on the vulnerability of both the teenage girls and their divorced moms. That is the definition of predatory behavior. He really is a vile despicable person.