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  1. TCU 360 with a good summary of Frogs in the NFL. https://www.tcu360.com/2019/10/horned-frogs-in-the-nfl/ Patrick Morris and Aviante Collins are not mentioned but are on practice squads.
  2. I bet half the teams in the state violate that rule. But screw Art anyway.
  3. We got a commitment from Patrick Jenkins, a 4* DT from Louisiana. A former teammate of current Frog Earl Barquet. https://247sports.com/Player/Patrick-Jenkins-46057350/
  4. We've played two teams with competent offenses and got our asses handed to us both times. Gary is going to have to tell Cumbie to take the training wheels off of Duggan and tell the kid to go out there and grip it and rip it. We have to quit playing scared on offense. I'd rather go down swinging.
  5. TCU 24 ISU 16 We run the ball effectively and Duggan plays well enough to keep the defense honest. The defense gives up some yards but holds the 'Clones to FGs.
  6. Last year, I called my shot that we would win our last 3 games and go to a bowl. I feel the same way about our next two. SMU was a wake up call. I think we play much better from here on out although I don't think we match up very well with UT, OU or OSU. I also think Baylor is going to be tough. We've beaten them 4 years in a row and I think they are going to play us with about the same intensity SMU did. They don't want to make that 5 years in a row.
  7. You're probably right but why not go with the black pants then? That would look a little more balanced.
  8. Would not have been my choice at all. I like the black helmet but with the all whites??? Strange choice in my opinion.
  9. I feel good about these next two games. Iowa St has issues running the ball on offense and we're pretty good at shutting down one-dimensional teams. I think we go into Ames and do what we failed to do back in 2017. I think Gary and Sonny have both had this game circled on the schedule for a while. It will be close but the Frogs will win. As for K-State, they are a good team but their rush defense is one of the worst in the country. They're 109th overall in run D and 127th in yds per rush at 5.99 ypc. I think we beat them by two scores on the road.
  10. I never wanted us to wear the purple frogskin pants because I really hated those but I like this look a lot.
  11. Thumbs down. Not one stitch of red or gold on the whole uni. At least with our black and white we have a fair amount of purple mixed in. I hope we bring back the chrome for this game. I think it would look good with the new jerseys.
  12. Oh yeah, we're beating both of the grain state u's. Without a doubt.
  13. People start picking you as a dark horse to to the CCG and you start getting cocky. I actually feel good about this game for some strange reason. I think the SMU game was a wake up call.
  14. Here's a little preview from the ISU newspaper. http://www.iowastatedaily.com/sports/gridiron/notebook-iowa-state-hopes-to-channel-the-same-midseason-successes-of-2017-and-2018-matt-campbell-tcu-texas-christian-university-horned-frogs-baylor-bears-jaquan-bailey-will-mcdonald-kene-nwangwu-tarique-milton-zach-petersen-espn2/article_a9ac3346-e46f-11e9-ae89-375129ede7cc.html Their best DE will probably be out so that may help somewhat. We've got a ton of injuries ourselves though. Thankfully none on the offensive line. Their NT, Ray Lima is going to be a bear for our interior guys. We can't afford to have anyone but our best out there against this defense.
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