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  1. I wasn't at the game. Did Niang walk out with the seniors?
  2. I've been a Cumbie defender because I think that he's been trying to please GP by slowing down the offense and he's been hamstrung by rookie QB's two seasons in a row but after the WVU game, I kind of feel like it might be time for him to go and get someone in whose core offensive philosophy is more in tune with GP's ideal of a ball control time of possession offense. It might be time to quit trying to put a round peg in a square hole and let Sonny go some place where he can sink or swim doing it his way. That said, I kind of feel like GP is going to keep Sonny around, at least as a QB coach, because he's so good at recruiting.
  3. 2 of the top 4 safeties. 1 true soph and 1 true freshman.
  4. They probably have a whole slew of data on how teams perform games where one team can make a bowl by winning and the other doesn't have a shot. Add in the Thanksgiving weekend and playing on the road and I'd have to say you have all the ingredients for WVU to play pretty poorly on Friday.
  5. I feel pretty confident in saying he won't be a 4* when they re-rank the kids after the season.
  6. https://www.boston.com/sports/new-england-patriots/2019/11/24/bill-belichick-marcus-cannon
  7. Apparently Sylvester has really under-performed this season against a low level of competition. That comes from a 247 regional analyst, not a TCU guy. We signed several good DE's last season, I think we'll be fine without him. As for Hayes, I may be wrong but I think he is the 2nd highest ranked player on the 247 composite that we have ever signed (assuming he signs). Only Justin Rogers was ranked higher. By the way, we have a really good O-line class coming in. Hayes is obviously the jewel of the class but Mike Nichols is ranked the 23rd best OT in the nation by 247 and is a 4* under their rankings (not the composite). Hayes is the #5 OT per 247's rankings. Then you have Barlow who is a huge road grader of a guard with offers from Auburn and Va Tech and a center in Tyler Bailey who had offers from USC, Oregon and LSU. The JUCO transfer Brandon Coleman is the #6 JUCO OT and could be a starter next season. On paper, this might be the best O-line class we've ever signed.
  8. I turned this game on right when everything started falling apart last night. Geez we looked like a team that might not win a single conference game. Hopefully we just had an off night. Burn the tape of that one and pretend it never happened.
  9. Farabello needs to hit the weight room and needs to get accustomed to the speed and intensity of basketball played at this level. He seemed like a boy among men last night. Edric on the other hand brings a lot of fire and intensity. I like watching him play. He provides some good veteran leadership. Edric was really disappointed when Dixon didn't put him in for the that last 1.1 seconds though. He tried to plead his case but I think Jamie wanted bigger bodies out there to guard against a tip in.
  10. Out of the group that are close, Coker is the only one that I think may lose his redshirt and I think they'll try to preserve it. It all depends on the health of the other OT's. I also think that the 4 JUCO guys at the bottom of the list will redshirt. I think redshirting Wallace and Demercado in particular is a good move. We are losing seniors at both of their positions next year with only true sophs or redshirt freshman coming in to replace the seniors. A little maturity will help.
  11. Let me guess . . . yeah he did it, yeah it was wrong, he shouldn't have done it but . . . you know . . . it's not like he murdered someone so it's not impeachable. When, the crime has been proven, all you can argue is the extent of punishment.
  12. Not all heroes look like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood or Christian Bale. Some look like bald, 62 year old hoteliers from the Pacific northwest with a goofy smile. Gordon Sondland is a GD American hero. Unlike the rest of the cowards who are refusing to testify, he's going to be able to go home and look his kids in the eye and say he did the right thing for the republic.
  13. I've stayed off this thread for a while but I had to pop in to say these impeachment witnesses are crushing it. I'm not sure how Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes sleep at night. I know it's probably a pointless exercise because the Senate will never convict but at least the truth is being told and cockroach in chief has been exposed to the sunlight. Now you can carry on and I'll pop back in in 6 months.
  14. GP complimented Thomsen on the job he was doing with all the injuries they've had. He said Thomsen was down to his 4th string RT with Coker which makes me think Bolisomi was dinged up. Myers is cleared to play this week though. The fact that we played on Saturday without Niang, Myers and Wes Harris and still played as well as we did is astounding. I thought those guys could be 3 of our 5 starters this season.
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