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  1. If this kid plays football half as good as he wrestles, he's going to be an All-American.
  2. angelosfrog


    Andy has a lot of $$$ to show for it. He'll be okay either way.
  3. angelosfrog


    I agree. He's had a long run in Cincy but it might be time to move on if they don't turn it around this season.
  4. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    They need to get the ball to Bane more at the end of games instead of relying on ARob. Bane is a much better shooter.
  5. angelosfrog

    Frogs in the NBA and Other Pro Leagues

    Kenny Hustle is taking the NBA by storm. https://www.nba.com/pelicans/news/undrafted-pelicans-rookie-kenrich-williams-making-big-impact
  6. angelosfrog

    Graduate Transfer QBs

    Nope. He's a graduate or will be in May. He has 2 seasons of eligibility left too.
  7. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    I'm coming around on wearing all purple. I usually don't like mono-colored uniforms unless they're white or black but this new one might make me change my mind. I like how the "horns" are more subtle on the purple jersey and I like the silver numbers too. We will have to disagree on the all whites though. I think that's the best set of them all.
  8. angelosfrog


    TCU has had a starting OT in the last 3 Super Bowls.
  9. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    New uni worn by a key 2019 recruit
  10. angelosfrog

    Hey, @NewbombTurk!

    Wow! Good for you! I want reports on any cool trips you take though.
  11. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    Correct. The dark ages lasted a loooooooooong time. From 1960 until Fran arrived in '98, TCU had 6 winning seasons, one conference championship (shared 5 ways) and only 2 bowl games (both losses).
  12. angelosfrog

    Frogs in the NBA and Other Pro Leagues

  13. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2019 Edition

    It's been going on since 1998 when we wore black jerseys in the Sun Bowl. Black has become one of our traditional colors (at least as far a football tradition goes).