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  1. angelosfrog

    Turpin arrested

    This is terribly sad for both parties involved. I hope it's not what it sounds like it is but if it is, I don't want him to play another down. If a young lady is involved, I hope she gets the hell away from him.
  2. angelosfrog

    TCU/OU Predictions

    OU 42 TCU 27 Collins replaces SR and leads TCU to two late meaningless touchdowns sparking a QB controversy. Offensive MVP: Collins Defensive MVP: Summers Special Teams: Turpin
  3. angelosfrog

    Frogs in the NBA

  4. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Here is a pic of the two of side by side from last August. Angus looks like he's bigger in the shoulders and chest and maybe a little taller as well.
  5. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Angus is looking pretty mature for a freshman. It looks like he has filled out a little bit since he got here from NZ.
  6. angelosfrog

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

  7. angelosfrog

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

    Posters on the Tech board are saying Duffy is definitely starting. That should make things interesting.
  8. angelosfrog

    It's Tceh Week (and a half)!!!

  9. angelosfrog

    The TCU Variety Thread

    Biggest event in TCU history?
  10. angelosfrog

    Tech Predictions

    TCU 24 Tech 21 Offensive MVP: Darius Anderson is finally unleashed Defensive MVP: Jeff Gladney Special Teams: Song with the 4th quarter FG.
  11. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    I kind of like the helmet. Hate that jersey though. Might be ok with a white jersey and white or gray pants.
  12. angelosfrog

    Uniforms: 2018 Edition

    Clear knee pad infraction. No 24 has to leave the field.
  13. angelosfrog

    TCU vs. Oklahoma

    Rosa's now has breakfast and, as far as chain restaurant food goes, the breakfast tacos are amazing.
  14. angelosfrog

    2018 College Football Variety Thread

    The Big 12 ain't looking too shabby.
  15. angelosfrog

    Blake Hickey sighting?

    Courtesy of Pinnacle from HFB. I don't know why he's not on the roster.