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  1. TCU laying siege to OU now

    LOL at Jacksonville St Gamecocks owning central Texas. The must've beaten Liberty. I guess UCF beat Maryland too. And Memphis owns College Station. . LOL's all around.
  2. WVU D looks suspect: 107th in Total defense at 451 ypg. 103rd in yds per play given up at 6.12 yds per snap. 114th in run defense at 226 ypg 118th in yds given up per rush at 5.29 63rd in pass defense at 225 yds per game Offense look like a typical Holgerson balanced offense; 3rd in pts per game at 48.8 2nd in Total Offense at 585 yds per game 8th in passing offense at 364 yds per game. 23rd in rushing offense at 231 yds per game 160 rushing attempts and 161 pass attempts 4th in long plays from scrimmage right behind OSU and OU Granted they have played 3 really bad teams (KU, Del State and ECU) but even in their loss to Va Tech, they put up 592 yds (371 passing and 221 running) and ran for over 6 yds per run. This one is going to be a challenge for GP.
  3. TCU laying siege to OU now

  4. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2017/9/25/16353018/ncaa-football-rankings-week-5-2017
  5. TCU at OSU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    The score winner = NeFrog in the Kitchen Sink with 41-31 Frogs! Almost right on the money!! Honorable mention to Army Frog with a 48-17 Frogs win prediction. Until late in the 4th quarter that was looking pretty damn good. Offense - not to brag but I think I'm the only one who picked Anderson. Edit: Just saw RSF also had Anderson with a specific prediction of 150 yds! WTG RSF! Burner had the entire Offensive Line which I think is worth a shout out or even a point if we're keeping score. Defense -- Jared had Orr and Vlade had Banogu ST -- SuperToad, Burner, RSF and Army Frog had Song. I had Turpin. Sorry if I missed anyone!
  6. TCU at OSU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    Matt Pryor was offensive lineman of the week but I think we can all agree that Anderson was offensive player of the week. Pryor is having a helluva year though. Under Thomsen, he's finally putting it all together. Special teams a tie between Turpin, Song and Gravelle. Nick Orr and Ben Banogu are both listed on defense. Orr had 6 tackles and an int and Banogu had 3 tackles, 2 TFL including a sack and a forced fumble. Looks like another tie there as well. Score was 44-31.
  7. AP Top 25

    Agreed. And, I think if we win the Big 12 outright, I think we're in this season. We can afford to lose one but as long as we only lose one and win the CCG, we're in.
  8. NFL Frogs Thread 2017

    Yes he did. Snatched it right out of the corner's hands.
  9. Week 6 TV

    I'm hoping for a night game. I don't care what channel it's on. Just give me a night game.
  10. AP Top 25

    Being ranked behind tOSU who lost by double digits at home is bullshit.
  11. Week 4 Games

    Tell that to the girl who got a boot in the face tonight and tried to stay in the game afterwards. No pads and a helluva lot more contact than most sports.
  12. TCU at OSU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    Interesting factoid from ESPN: 4 of 11 ain't great but it's enough to give me some hope. BTW, we also held Tech to 345 yds last year a week after they put 854 yds on OU. Of course the offense lost that one for us too but I feel better about the offense this season, especially the offensive line.
  13. TCU at OSU: Predictions and Picks to Click

    One thing that gives me hope is that Gary has a knack for shutting down high powered supposedly unstoppable offenses. Not all the time but some times he gets the defense really dialed in and has the perfect scheme to shut down an offense. In 2013, Baylor won the conference and had a supposedly unstoppable offense and we shut them down. We lost because Casey threw 2 pick sixes and another pick late in the game but that's a game we should've won. We held their offense to 370 yds and 27 pts. They averaged 618 yds and 52 pts a game that season and were #1 nationally in both categories. I'm hoping for another one of those minus all the ints thrown by the QB.
  14. SMU @ TCU: Score Predictions and Picks to Click

    Vlade had 45-31. I think that's the winner.
  15. The continuing saga of Baylor Athletics