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  1. angelosfrog

    The Sports Dump

    I think one of the reasons they keep the Little Rock game because it's a tradition. Apparently, they used to play 2 games there every season. That was before Bentonville/Fayetteville area became the economic center of the state though. It sure seems pointless now.
  2. angelosfrog

    The Sports Dump

    For those complaining about us moving the tOSU game to Jerry World, take a look at Arkansas's home schedule for 2019. It's going to be like this in every odd numbered year for the foreseeable future too. They have signed a deal to play the Mizzou game in Little Rock in odd numbered years and they are committed to the A&M game at Jerry World every season. That means in odd years they will only have 2 SEC home games for season ticket holders.
  3. angelosfrog

    So now who's the unstable one?

    No one is leaving the Big 12 to go to the Pac 12 unless UT and OU bolt for the B1G or SEC and the conference blows up so I don't think a scheduling alliance would morph into a Pac-16 where we get left out. And, UT and OU do bolt for the B1G or SEC, I think the Pac will be very happy to grab 4 Central Time Zone teams and TCU would likely be one of them.
  4. angelosfrog

    Ohio State on ABC at 7:00

    I may be wandering around the parking lot looking for a cheap ticket a few minutes after kick off.
  5. angelosfrog

    Michael Collins, Gary Patterson

    The thing about Collins is that he has 3 years of eligibility left. If he loses the competition with Robinson, he will almost certainly grad transfer to another program. He has a a year at Penn and maybe some summer school hours before he started. Then he will have 4 semesters and two summer sessions at TCU. Assuming he had some AP hours (safe assumption if he got into Penn), he will probably graduate next May or next summer at the latest. Worst case scenario for him is that he does 2 more seasons at TCU trying to win the job and then can grad transfer after the fall semester and be able to go through spring ball with another team for his final season of eligibility. Zach Allen did that. He graduated from TCU in 2.5 years and transferred to Rutgers in time to go through spring drills and try to win the starting QB job there. John Diarse graduated from LSU in 3 years as well and transferred here. I'm pretty sure the Collins family figured that option into the decision to transfer to a school where they knew he would have some significant competition.
  6. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    With seats on the east side, the time of the game and the weather definitely dictate my attire. If it's a day game early in the season, I dress like a slob in a loose fitting, untucked, purple and and white checked fishing shirt. Hell, I may even go full old man and switch from a baseball cap to a bucket hat this season. There is no way in hell I'm wearing black for a day game unless it's going to overcast and 75.
  7. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018-19 Basketball thread?

    Who knows why kids do what they do. My daughter had a group of 5 other girls who were her best friends in high school who all started college last fall. 2 will be going to new schools next fall and the parents of another are threatening her with making her stay home and go to TCC next year due to bad grades. And all of these kids are good kids who made good grades in high schools. Sometimes things just don't work out for whatever reason.
  8. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    Looking forward to watching this kid for the next 4 years. I think he's going to do great things on and off the field.
  9. angelosfrog

    NBA opinions

    They are going to have to figure out a way to defend Durant or this series will be over in 5.
  10. angelosfrog

    DMN -- Nice Article mentioning Patterson

    Since we joined the Big 12 in 2012, Baylor has beaten OU twice and we've beaten them once. Not really a huge difference. They had our number in '17 but we came very close to beating them on the road in '15 without Boykin and then almost came back to win in a shootout in '16. Up until this year, all our Big 12 games against OU have been very competitive and exciting.
  11. angelosfrog

    NBA opinions

    The bonus is the TCU baseball story on Reid Ryan in the bottom right hand corner.
  12. angelosfrog

    Too early to start a 2018 Football thread?

    Getting close to countdown time! I question a black out for Tech since that's one of their primary colors but I suppose it's the only guarantee of a night home game.
  13. A little more info on Demauryon from an Arkansas paper: http://www.thecabin.net/sports/20180208/uca-football-recruits-at-glance He also anchored the 1st place 4x200m relay in the 5A state meet last weekend. I'm still incredulous that he got overlooked playing with 5 star recruit Jalen Catalon. My guess is that he had some qualification issues that scared people off. He played JV as a junior because he transferred into the district but with all the coaches going to see Catalon, I'm curious as to why he wasn't attracting more offers or attention.
  14. Another late 2018 commit. Runs a 21.27 200m at 6'1" over 200 lbs. https://247sports.com/Player/Demauryon-Holmes-46055781 https://www.hudl.com/video/3/7959762/59c1715bb535bb01d424631d