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  1. He didn't give life advice. He gave an opinion about the country. The point isn't what he said but that he said it. It is very rare that a man in that position does so in that way. I can't think of another example off the top of my head.
  2. http://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/spurs/article/Gregg-Popovich-uncensored-Discusses-the-10609311.php This seems extraordinary to me and says a lot about the election's aftermath. Three high profile and winning coaches have been very open and blunt in a way I cannot remember.
  3. pcf

    ACA impact

    If you like your old policy you can keep it? Seriously, he's not personally rewriting or repealing the law. It is about Congress and what they do. People are best served being heard rather than trusting the lobbyists that run Congress to feel free instead of a bit of fear.
  4. pcf

    ACA impact

    Already printing it out. I'm skeptical we have an ear open to us, but we have to make the effort for each other.
  5. Over $2million wasted with the dummies in the federal building in Oregon. Seems to be the cost of doing business.
  6. pcf

    ACA impact

    Because it creates havoc that government will have to address eventually to keep social stability. The problems will cost taxpayer money one way or the other.
  7. No one said they were ignorant! Some of them are very clever racists who create websites and media that you access.
  8. I'm sure when the KKK has their Trump victory parade, I will also feel like I made the right vote. Doesn't seem like a really intelligent way to decide on policy, just a tribal reaction.
  9. I would say the reverse about you, except I think deep inside you do know about the ugly attitudes and beliefs that have bubbled up.
  10. Denial. He can say it outright and you are still in denial about what he is because he's on your team. Now you have insight to Baylor.
  11. It could be either, but the nasties do exist. I wonder why the folks that want to hear the words "Islamic terrorism" don't want to hear the word "racists"? You can't fight it if you don't name it!
  12. Yes. there are different classes of inhumanity and the comparison you are making doesn't hold up to any scrutiny if I am reading you correctly. If you are really arguing that Trump voters were the victim of inhumane treatment by the USA, you need to a) look at the actual stats, and b) either travel the US more or quit commenting on it.
  13. And to be clear, not just the highest deportation numbers in history like under Obama, but to get all 12 million undocumented people out of this country?
  14. I think you misunderstand the feeling. A sense of inhumanity surrounds the Trump campaign. Garden variety racists that we expect to die off like many people have in their family is one thing. Trump's campaign drew in more of the organized and not casual racists to his upper ranks. But switch a few of the details around and you're all for deportation right?
  15. The people only need to read the papers to see who the KKK and worse are supporting and why. The people who called President Obama a Muslim terrorist are the ones running the country now., Birther in chief. You guys own it. I have hopes that decent people in Congress put a wrench into the Breitbart Administration. We need some heroes like Sens.Jeff Flake and Ben Sasse.
  16. Smugness isn't simply a press problem. The same people that say Democrats are the party of violent criminals mean that the Dems are the party of blacks on welfare and illegal aliens and are Republican voters. It is racist code talk. Willie Horton 101. Are the Republicans silly? Not when they've got the whole government and a coalition of apologists to go along with the lifetime Republicans and the deplorables who talk like you described and worse. Trump said he wanted to deport 12 million people, no if ands or buts, and keep all Muslims out of this country and put them on a list by religion. People supported this. Whether the country does it or not, about half the voters were either for it or didn't care enough to vote against it. Compare that to the Reagan amnesty or the Obama DACA that had some humanity behind it. No matter how cleanly and legally justifiable it is to rip over 12 million people out of this country, it isn't. Mistakes are always made. Abuses occur. Distrust and division will soar because decency will exit. I will guarantee you that neighbors will turn on neighbors in that sort of endeavor. I hope I don't have to explain what is wrong about registering people by faith or why it is the dumbest thing in the world. At some point, you'd have to classify them by even more factors because more people would simply lose their religion. It isn't silly to worry about government moving into these areas any more than it is to worry about your 2nd Amendment rights.
  17. Not sure he'll last 4 years. Too much talk all along the way of him handing it off. Kasich reported that he was offered VP and to be in charge of foreign and domestic policy from the VP position. Doesn't sound like Trump will be anything more than a type of shill for the big con.
  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/11/11/prediction-professor-who-called-trumps-big-win-also-made-another-forecast-trump-will-be-impeached/ Very plausible. Backdoor to the White House.
  19. Should, supposed to, designed. I'm more interested in down to earth concepts like how it really is. I know how college sports were supposed to be, but I'll take a guy experienced in how it is in reality. In reality, Trump may owe more to foreign governments than we know. I'm sure Trump First is the real slogan.
  20. That means even less than the rest of the stuff. Would he be more likely to sell us out for a great payday? This guy was never in govt or served in uniform. I think he loves himself way more than he seems to love America. He's no Ross Perot.
  21. I see the Putin trick worked on you. The Obama Administration was against illegal immigration and deported more people than any other administration. OTOH, they were also pursuing a humane policy toward people who were essentially trapped here and focused on prioritising criminal deportations. We usually try to understand the difference between nationals and religions. Blocking one third of the world indefinitely is stupid. I can't even begin on the other issues. Sexual harrassment. Get another job. overturn Roe. Defund Planned Parenthood. Not socially liberal.
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