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    That's tough news to break to a kid. Probably best done over dinner at Pappadeaux.
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    "Good" game, Frogs (for some values of "good"). See you in 2020!
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    This is it, men (and women, and non-gender binaries). It's all come down to a battle with Baylor in order to maintain our slim chances at a Wednesday night football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas. But this isn't just any ol' football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas, it's a football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas in which 6-win teams will be celebrating the world's most iconic cheese-based cracker. Down seasons like this are few and far between, so who knows if we'll ever again have a reason to purchase a Hane's Beefy Tee with this beauty of a logo on it: But seriously, some projections have Oklahoma State vs. USC playing for the Cheez. After this giant curd of a season, it'd be pretty tasty to rattle off wins against Baylor and Oklahoma State, then get a Sun Bowl redux. And I'm dead serious about a t-shirt. I really, really want a reason to buy one. Go Frogs. Go to hell, Baylor.
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    Casey was such a gamer. Sad we never got to see him reach his full potential. But I’ll always remember him for that day on the Smurf Turf and his resilience to bounce back from mistakes and become a man. (I’m 30 minutes early for #4 day, but I need to go to bed and wanted to make sure he was first.)
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    Not as many imminently achievable milestones heading into this year as in seasons past, but here is what I'm keeping an eye on at least in the early goings of 2018: KeVontae Turpin: Current career receptions: 116 -Needs 10 to pass Stanley Washington for #10 all-time -Needs 19 to pass Richard Woodley for #9 ...would need 66 to break Kelly Blackwell's school record Current career receiving yards: 1,338 -Needs 475 to pass Reggie Harrell for #10 all-time -Needs 774 to pass Corey Rodgers for #9 ...would need 1,447 to break Josh Doctson's school record Current career receiving TDs: 10 -Needs 2 to tie Jeremy Kerley and Phillip Epps for #10 all-time -Needs 3 to tie Jimmy Young, LaTerance Dunbar and Kelly Blackwell for #7 all-time ...would need 20 to break Josh Doctson's school record (FYI - Jalen Reagor's 8 receiving TDs last year put him right on Turpin's heels in this category) Ben Banogu: Current career sacks: 11.5 -Needs 6 to pass Mat Boesen for #9 all-time -Needs 7 to pass Roosevelt Collins and Josh Carraway to own #7 outright -Needs 10 to pass Chase Ortiz for #6 ...would need 20 to break Aaron Schobel's school record
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    We will win 3 of the next 4 and make a bowl. The offense will get better every week under Collins and we are going to light some teams up starting with K State. The Wildcats are last or next to last in the Big 12 in virtually every defensive stat. K State is last in conference in total yards given up, total rushing yards given up, yds per rush, sacks made, tackles for loss, and 3rd down conversion %. They are last in conference in total yards given up, yards per play, total rushing yards given up, yds per rush, sacks made, tackles for loss, and 3rd down conversion %. They are second worst in the league in yds per play, red zone defense and long scrimmage plays given up. The comeback will start this weekend and be led by our offense. We will then beat the Bears soundly in Waco, lose on the road to WVU and beat OSU at home after our defense has had some time to adjust to all of the injuries we've suffered. We will go to either the Cheez It Bowl (FKA the Cactus Bowl) at Chase Field in PHX a or the old reliable Armed Forces Bowl in FTW. Cheez It would be against the Pac-12 #7 team and AF Bowl would be an AAC team.
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    Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Shawn pass out at 31 Flavors last night
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    Attempting to post picture of @frogtwang on College GameDay
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    It looks like Griffin Kell (K) out of Arlington may have signed his PWO offer to TCU (still waiting on confirmation). Would be a nice cherry on top if true. Having a kicker who can make 50 yard FGs with little effort is a nice asset to have. Update: confirmed
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    Then there was the weird fish-frog hybrid SuperFrog that us GenXers had while in school. Apparently when a hybrid fish-frog mates with a lady Easter bunny, the offspring is remarkably human. Evolution is a funny thing ...
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    Haha wedding went great! It was picture perfect and a great party afterwards. Curretly in Cabo at the JW Marriott (sidebar- nicest hotel I’ve ever been to. Hands down). For a quick 3 night honeymoon. Then back to the grind.
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    1. It was a backward pass (the word lateral does not exist in the rule book, even though it is a term widely used) from his own end zone. 2. The clock does not stop until the pass touches something. Might have been lucky they left a second on the clock. 3. On the free kick, the clock doesn’t start until touched. It the TCU player had recovered the kick while on the ground, the clock wouldn’t have gone to zero and they could have attempted a field goal. It wasnt reviewed to see if his knee was on the ground, but I don’t think it was. I think it was stupid of Kansas to squib it in the first place.
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    Any of this is debatle, of course, so I'd love to hear your takes. My rooting interests are outlined with the following criteria in mind: Strength of TCU's schedule Strength of Big 12 Elimination of Notre Dame and Pac-12 from CFP contention Decrease odds of two teams from SEC, Big Ten, or ACC making the CFP TCU's position within the CFP rankings TCU's position within the Big 12 standings That said, here's a look at Week 1 games that could matter in the long run: Michigan @ Notre Dame: Pull for Michigan, as Notre Dame's schedule is setting up softer than usual and they'll certainly make the CFP with only 1 loss. Notre Dame's schedule is tougher than most with tests from Stanford, @ Virginia Tech, Florida State, and @ USC. But all of those are winnable if they have a solid team. Meanwhile Michigan's season includes Wisconsin, @ Michigan State, Penn State, and @ Ohio State. I like their chances to lose 2-3 of those. Washington vs. Auburn (Atlanta): This one is tough. A Washington win almost certainly sets them up to make the CFP if they win the Pac-12. Auburn has to play @ Georgia and @ Alabama, but they're a real threat to be a 2nd SEC team even if they drop one of those. As much as it pains me to say, pull for Auburn because I have a strong feeling we could be looking at an end-of-season comparison of the Pac-12 and Big 12 champions for the 4th spot in the CFP. LSU vs. Miami (Arlington): This one is also tough. Miami's ACC schedule sets up nicely, as they'll only face Florida State and @ Virginia Tech. Meanwhile LSU draws Georgia from the East this season, plus the usual West challenges of Alabama and @ Auburn. In the end, pull for Miami in order to weaken the SEC narrative. Though this is the one I'm most torn about. Alabama vs. Louisville (Orlando): I believe they have 0% chance to win, but pull for Louisville because if Alabama doesn't win the SEC, the CFP will certainly find a way to justify them getting in as a 2nd SEC team given they just won the CFP under the same circumstance. Virginia Tech @ Florida State: Pull for Virginia Tech because Florida State is a contender to be a second ACC team if their only loss is a close one to Clemson and they have a late season win @ Notre Dame on their resume. San Diego State @ Stanford: Pull for San Diego State, as Stanford has a shot at winning the Pac-12 and a G5 loss on their resume could mean the Pac-12 is left out of the CFP. Oregon State @ Ohio State: Pull for Ohio State, chaos, and injuries. I'd love to see their young QB struggle, getting the fanbase anxious and perhaps have them rotating or trotting out someone new out come JerryWorld time. SMU @ North Texas: Pull for SMU to keep them from weighing down our SOS. Pull for Big 12 teams to win all of their OOC games, improve our strength of schedule, and prime the Big 12 CCG winner to get a CFP bid: Texas @ Maryland FAU @ Oklahoma South Dakota State @ Iowa State Texas Tech vs. Ole Miss (Houston) West Virginia vs. Tennessee (Charlotte)
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    Well I must say today was a great day despite the Frog loss. @DirtyThirdFrog was kind enough to invite us to hang out at his tailgate before the game and had fun meeting him and his buddies on the bachelor party weekend. Such a nice guy. Got to see my old roommate @Endless Purple and sit with him during the game just like old times. First time I had seen him in 25 years and it was awesome! Also got to see another roommate, someone I've known since high school and a former employee who now works in Dallas. I also had tacos, Whataburger, and Risky's BBQ. I am officially exhausted. But what a couple of days!
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    Here's @TCaliU on Game Day
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    A few memorable Frog 6s: Bart Johnson Brian Bonner Sean Stilley Elisha Olabode Bram Kohlhausen Andre Davis Nolan Brown Kyle Bacak
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    Lil Frisky was one of those 20,000. She tried for the early admittance deadline and was deferred to the regular admittance timeline, so by the time she was accepted she had already moved along with other schools. She will be studying theater design at OU. It’s a top 10 drama school in the country and they only take four costume designers a year so it’s a pretty big opportunity for her.
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    They didn’t want to be there. They’re worn out from playing in the SEC all season.
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    Orrrrrr....The uniforms are unveiled with Hurts as one of the models. Double whammy (wakes up from dream)
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    I rewatched the 2 plays that Justin Rodgers had in the Cheese It Bowl. I want to take back my previous comments. He really did a good job on a limited amount to review. First play: he had a defensive player bounce off of him and he ran to about the line of scrimmage. His running wasn't horrible. IMHO, it seemed that he might have previously had another gear of speed that wasn't there when he took off. Think his running was adequate and could improve with time. Second play: completes a little pass off to the side. Foot work looked good. Coaches could have called a safe play and just called a hand off to the RB. But coaches trusted him to throw the ball in a tough bowl game in the 4th quarter. Both plays were supposed to be passing plays. This causes me to think he is ready. Furthermore, IIRC he wasn't even cleared to play until Nov? I remember seeing an article from the startlegram to something of this nature. Kid has a monster arm which seems pretty accurate. If he could get an oline that can give him time and keep him standing upright he could be slinging the rock all over the field.
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    Lets get this show on show on the road!!! I will update this post as they roll in.
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    OK I’m not worried about this team anymore.
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    The young folks won't get this, but I'm sure some of the more seasoned folks here will.
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    Can we just forfeit this game and spend two weeks preparing for Baylor? Or or maybe leave the starters safe at home and just play the guys who need some experience for next year?
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    Baylor. Must beat Baylor. Anything else is extra at this point.
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    The Frogs will be receiving their rings for the 2018 Big12 championship today - with back-to-back-to-back titles, guys like Rybo and Reese are running out of fingers to wear them. So far, based on the fall results, it looks like Texas will be the favorite entering the Spring so the Frogs will have their work cut out for them to repeat yet again. Trevor Johnson, after 3 months off, is on the acceptance list for the Futures tourney in Niceville in a couple of weeks. The ITF is well on their way to implementing the big changes for the 2019 tours for both men and women. We discussed this a couple of years ago when they first made their announcement, but perhaps this will remind some about what's in store. Starting in January, there will be a new tour level - the Transition Tour - as an entry level tour for tennis players wanting to go pro. There will be fewer Future tour events, but they will offer a LOT more money (than the typical $10,000 to $25,000 purses currently offered). The Transition Tour events won't pay any money, but players will earn points in a new ranking system - ITF World Points - that will earn them the ability to move up to higher ranked tourneys. So, at the lower levels, players will have two rankings - the current ATP ranking and a new ITF World ranking. The whole point of this new system is to try to ensure that approximately 750 players in both the ATP and WTA tours will earn enough money to make a living (rather than the current system where only the Top 200-300 do so). This should help guys like Trevor Johnson, Nick Chappell and Jerry Lopez and Rybo (next year) actually make enough money to continue playing. There are roughly 14,000 men players currently who enter tourneys each year but the money isn't distributed even remotely evenly (nor should it). Next year's tourneys are being scheduled now and we'll see how the new system works. It won't affect the ATP Tour hardly at all, but it will definitely affect Challengers, Futures and the new Transition Tour. There'll probably be growing pains - we'll see.
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    Is there any excuse for Reggie Smith’s officiating crew still being employed? That bunch has been awful for years. Worse than CUSA refs.
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    A-a-a-a-and... Newbomb makes the news: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article219064625.html
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    CSU just beat Arky 25 straight points to win...
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    16 posts in and no obligatory posts? What is this amateur hour? Obligatory:
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    A few memorable Frog 19s: Matt Schobel Michael DePriest Patrick Batteaux Frank Horak Luken Baker Davey O'Brien threw for 19 touchdown passes in 1938 on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Frogs to a national title ...and a bonus 19:
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    A few memorable Frog 26s: Mike Renfro Derrick Kindred Marvin White Keaton Jones Sean Wymer November 15, 2003 - #10 TCU beats up on Cincinnati, 43-10, to improve to 10-0. Anyone there that day remembers this game for one thing - the bags of Tostito's chips the Fiesta Bowl committee had placed in every seat of the stadium, being tossed around after every big play for the Frogs. It was Gary Patterson's 26th career win.
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    I'd really hate for this to become a major distraction for their team in the weeks leading up to their trip to Arlington...
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    It's Old Scribe's birthday today and I thought a nice way to remember him would be to highlight one of the blog stories he wrote for us here on TFH. With Father's Day just around the corner, maybe this one would be appropriate... Remember your grandpa? Entry posted by old scribe · July 15, 2013 Some of this may have been mentioned in past years, but bear with me: Since I go back further in time than anyone here (I know we are in the ``common era," but I grew up in what was surely an uncommon era), I will relate some memories of my grandfather Milner (the grandfather who didn't know Wyatt Earp). He was a farmer and boss of a thresher crew mostly, though during the Great Depression he moved into town (Henrietta) and opened a garage. So that was my first memory of him. He'd let me pump gas up into the glass tank at the top of the gas pump, which was a thrill for a 3-4-5 year old kid. Then when WWII came along, and gas and tires were rationed, he went back to farming. Through it all he drove the same 1934 Chevy pickup. We lived in Tulsa 1944-48, but either by car or train I got to Henrietta each summer. Remember being at the station in Denison (always a big rail center) in 1945 and waiting for troop trains to go by so that our passenger train could procede. I guess the troops were moving moved west as the European war was ended and we still had the Japanese to fight. More...
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    To get everyone some 2017 nostalgia...
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