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    As much as I loved the Rose Bowl, as time passes, the Alamo Bowl against Oregon is probably my favorite football game. The TCU crowd was the loudest I’ve ever heard. I turned to Mrs. Turk with about five minutes left and said, “You know, this is a heroic effort and all, but you know we just don’t have the time, don’t you?” She agreed, and right after that, Oregon got a PI in the end zone, and suddenly, there was a path: a TD, two point conversion, and a field goal was all we needed and there WAS time for THAT. After the TD and conversion, Oregon was stuck in our end of the field and we were so loud my ears hurt. They melted down. Oberkrom nailed it to tie the game, and Bram Kohlhausen took us home as if he had started for five years instead of one night. Glorious. Baseball? Game three of the 2015 Super Regional. Sixteen brutal innings. aggy fans chanting “Ball four! Ball four!” at Mitchell Traver in the top of the 16th, then the final pitch called a strike, then TCU fans turning to the aggys chanting “STRIKE THREE! STRIKE THREE!” You could feel the hatred radiating from those rubes. And then sending them home on our way to Omaha. Big XII upgraded when you left, aggy.
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    Well, no offense to the man, but I hope he fails miserably and catastrophically.
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    I think we win this because I've noticed a trend. We beat the teams we lost to last season and lost to the teams we beat. Beat last year and lost to this year: SMU, ISU, K St, OSU, Baylor. Lost to last year and beat this year: KU, UT, Big 10 (OSU/Purdue). If the trend holds, we win out. The streak starts this week!!!
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    Many thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Mrs. Turk’s mom, a fervent armchair head coach, athletic director, and in-depth talent analyst for TCU Athletics, passed away peacefully at the age of 90 Monday afternoon after a short illness. She had been in hospice for several days, and frankly, no one expected her to last more than a day or two. However, she kept to her own schedule and, against all expectations, hung around long enough to watch one more win over the Longhorns. And THAT, my friends, is how you want to depart this earthly realm. Rest in peace. And Dottie would want me to add: Go Frogs.
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    I don't follow high school football, but I am a Winnsboro fan now...
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    The following will be scenarios that could occur during the course of a game. I will attempt to do 1 a day. If they do come up in a game, hopefully, you will understand what is taking place on the field a little better. Who knows? The person/persons sitting around you will not have a clue, and you can become the expert, if only for that one play. The season is starting in 8 days, and I should be able to provide enough scenarios to get to the Purdue game. After that, if you have a question about something that happened in a game, chances are I didn't see it, but will be able to help explain it. In no way will I comment on any judgment calls. That is not fair to the calling official. Play Scenario #1 Third and 20 on the B-40. Late in the first half, both teams have one timeout remaining. Receiver A88 controls a pass at the B-25 and is hit immediately by B37 and goes to the ground with 0:40 remaining on the game clock. The Back Judge throws his flag and the Referee announces, "personal foul - targeting." Replays show B37 lead with his shoulder and hit A88 in the chest before he was able to complete the catch and protect himself. A 4th and 5 on the B-25, no targeting, potential 10 second runoff. There is no foul for targeting since B37 did not make forcible contact to the head/neck area or with the crown of his helmet. The ruling on the field stopped the clock, but the correct ruling (no foul) would have allowed the clock to continue running, so there is a runoff. Either team can use a timeout to negate the runoff and the clock would remain at 0:40 and start on the snap. If neither team takes a TO, then the clock goes to 0:30 and starts on the Ready.
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    Best pic I could find of his #10 shown. My Grandpa, Eddie Kasko, stealing 2nd against the Giants. May 30th 1961. Found a better one:
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    Perspective that probably only those in the over 40 set will appreciate .... all three of the major men's sports went to the post-season and yet all three fell well short of expectations. There was a long period in TCUs history when ANY post season in ANY sport was a rare occasion to be celebrated. While we've fallen a bit from peak Frogs a few years ago, things are still pretty good.
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    Thanks, friends, for worrying about me. I'm beginning to hear the Frog Horn at the end of the tunnel after over a week of feeling more ill than I have in my entire life. I got sick from a reaction to my rheumatoid arthritis medication infusion on March 10 and had to spend a few days in the hospital. While there, I spiked a fever and got a cough. However, there were no coronavirus tests available for me, even though my doctor wanted one to confirm her suspicions. So, they sent me home to make room for people who had already been diagnosed. Still sick now with a fever and cough, but just doing self-care at home. I think the worst is over for me 🤞, but the affects of it will linger a while. I mostly just wanted to get back to my Harvey dog. He's good medicine. I'll pop in again as I can. Love you all.
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    Hello Frog Horn. My very first post on any message board so be nice! You guys seem a lot nicer than some of the posters I see on other unnamed sites so that is why I joined you. I am a long-time lurker but decided to finally join in some conversation now that I am only working part-time. I chose the baseball thread as my first post as that is my first love, though I'm all in with season tickets in football, basketball, and baseball. But I don't intend to compete with Turkvision, which I've enjoyed for many years on this site! As my name implies, I am a local Frog and was able to go to the Diamond Club lunch today. A few things I heard today: Coach Mosiello thinks we will be much improved defensively this year--I know that is a low bar statement to make after the train wreck of last year's fielding! But he said we will really enjoy watching the shortstop Sacco in particular. Probably won't hit as many home runs this year as a team but should still be a good hitting team. Coach Saarloos said the rotation was pretty set with Johnny Ray on Fridays, Charles King on Saturday, and Russell Smith healthy again and will be our Sunday starter. He also said Harrison Beethe has won the closer role for now but expected Marcelo Perez to still have a lot of opportunities now that he is healthy again. Coach Schloss was cautiously optimistic is how I would describe him. Said the conference will be really tough with Tech and their hitting once again, and OU especially this year has a really solid pitching staff. Said we would know soon about the Frogs as we have a really tough non-conference schedule this year. Here's to a good and healthy year for baseball in 2020!
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    Wish everyone that leaves a game early could read this article. https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/9/28/20888420/they-built-it-so-now-its-up-to-us-gary-patterson-crowd-right So where did the Frog fans go? And why?? What more do we expect at this point? Armchairs (plenty of you want to be armchair quarterback every week, so maybe you really do want those)? Full-time wait staff hiking up the ramp to the 400 section to bring you your food? Gordon Ramsey grilling hot dogs? Because if you come back at me with the phrase, “A winning team” or something like it, then you’re not a true Frog fan. True Frog fans are the ones who stick with this team through thick and thin. True Frog fans will trust their head coach to lead us through freshmen quarterbacks, receivers with slippery hands, and so many injuries that I consider inquiring about my NCAA eligibility status. True Frog fans don’t always make it to the stadium or to the games, because…well, LIFE…but if they do, then they walk in that stadium and stay for the whole game. True Frog fans were the family in front of us last week with organic dried mango, coloring books, and books fresh from the book fair for their young daughters. And the man behind us who brought his wife and taught her what to look for in each play, who to watch, and why it sucked when we were playing a stellar hurry-up offense and the SMU guy went down with fake cramps. True Frog fans were the elderly couple sharing a bucket of popcorn and telling us about their travels all over the U.S. and how they were planning their trip to the Kansas State game this season. And true Frog fans are the moms who haul the clear bags filled with 5 hours worth of diapers, formula, bottles, teethers, and (sometimes) hair bows, to keep the littlest Frogs entertained and happy. I see you. And I appreciate you. So for all you spoiled “fans” who are upset because a bunch of 18-to-23-year-olds had a rough game, and you felt that was reason enough to go home or back to your dorm early, suck it up. If we want to be a true “Football school” then we need to have high expectations of our team and staff, but they also need to have high expectations of us. The SEC has banned in-and-out privileges for years (which, you could argue, allows ticket prices to be lower with less security staff needed at the gates, but I digress). If we want to call ourselves high-caliber, then we must act like it. Everybody counts at these games. Let me say it again: Every. Body. Counts. Every purple shirt that outnumbers the red, orange, or green shirts. Every voice cheering louder than a visiting fan. Every student heckling the opposing team’s players when our defense stops them on 4th and 1.
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    I'd rather be 6th in Texas than 3rd in Indiana
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    SEC loses to Memphis, Georgia State, North Carolina and Wyoming, but they mean more and play an extra non-conference game and all and are way better than your conference. If this was the Pac-12, ESPN would be talking about breaking up the conference...
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    Give the rule some teeth and make him ineligible for the first CONFERENCE game.
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    Mark Cohen better stay in the dugout. #justsayin
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    Hi, everyone. Hope you are all staying healthy and safe.
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    And speaking of, I love you guys and gals. I take pride in the fact that my life experiences molded my viewpoint on life and politics, but I am sane/mature/humble enough to realize that other will disagree based on their life experiences. And, as Stuart Smalley taught us before he was elected and kicked out of Congress, that’s OK. I love that this board has, usually, never risen to the rhetoric you see everywhere else. God Bless you all. ”Let Freedom Ring, M’Fers!“ - Vlade Divac
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    Hats off to TurkVision Senior Anchors PD and FF for ably reporting today’s game! I spent the afternoon limping around the house and collapsing into bed. Being fit’ll kill ya. 2 hrs 3 min for today’s half marathon, btw. That’s 17 min slower than last year’s mark, but it was 56 degrees at the start, and it only got warmer. Ugh... Too damn hot to run 13 miles. On the bright side, I DID handily beat my running buddy, the recent Baylor grad, so TCU tallied an undefeated weekend over the Bears.
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    I missed the 23-14 game because the youth pastor at church needed an additional chaperone for a Friday night--Sunday morning retreat....Before cell phones, so no one could/would [thankfully the purpose of the retreat was met] try to stay connected to the real world....Sunday evening fellowship and the buses brought us back to church as people were setting up for the dinner....I asked (facetiously, I thought) a UT grad how bad TCU was beaten....He looked like a steer stunned between the eyes by a sledge hammer in the stockyards....Told me that TCU had won....I said something that should not have been spoken on the church parking lot, did a little dance....He turned around and walked away....Dinner tasted good that evening....
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    Love reading all of these, and many of you have already covered a lot of the games I would've named first. I'll add a few that I was present for: -Football vs. Stanford in 2008, "The Hurricane Game". As the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Fort Worth, what was expected to be a big crowd turned out to be a fairlly small number of not-at-all fairweather Frog fans. The parking lot before the game was damn near empty, but someone in our group showed up with two big Gatorade jugs full of pre-mixed Hurricanes - so once we finally made our way over to the stadium, we were READY. If I had to guess, I'd say there were 13k or 14k fans actually at the game...yet it was one of the rowdiest crowds I've ever been a part of at Amon G. One of the few Stanford fans I saw there made some mention to our group about the supposed intellectual superiority of their school, to which I reminded him that his state had elected the dude from "Jingle All the Way" as their governor. In the end, the Cardinal had a 4th and short to keep their hopes alive, but Jason Phillips and (future Heisman runner-up) Toby Gerhart collided like rams at the line of scrimmage...with Phillips prevailing. Goodness gracious, what a moment. -Football at OU, 2005. Coming off of a dreadful 2004 season, there was anything but a buzz on campus heading into the 2005 season. It'd be our first in the tougher-than-CUSA Mountain West, and it'd begin with a trip to Norman to take on Adrian Peterson and the Sooners, who had played in the '04 national title game. One day in the spring of '04, some of the other students in one of my classes were discussing their sense of doom about the upcoming season, especially what they felt would be an embarrassing loss to OU in the first game. Michael Toudouze, one of the starting O-Linemen, was in that class- though most of the students didn't realize he was a player. He calmly told them they didn't know what they were talking about, and that we'd beat OU and probably win the MWC. I loved the quiet confidence. Anyway, the fall of '05 was my "half victory lap", so myself and a few other "super seniors" piled into two cars and drove to Norman that Labor Day weekend. I'm not 100% sure we slept that entire time, and I'd be lying to you if I said I was sober at any point. OU girls, man. I was pretty loopy for that 11am kickoff, and I'd bought a single ticket from a scalper so that my buddy's gf (who didn't have a ticket) could sit with our group. Luckily, I ended up next to a couple of TCU fans that I didn't know, but we became temporary best friends that afternoon. To be honest, I don't remember a whole lot of details from the game - walk-on receiver Derek Moore scored our first touchdown, I think? Just a great trip. -Baseball vs. Oregon State in the Regionals, 2009. It was the Frogs' first time to host a regional, and many of us wanted to show the committee they hadn't made a mistake - by showing up to every game, not just the ones in which the Frogs were playing. The Beavers, who were still relatively fresh from their back-to-back national titles in '06 & '07, jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead in the championship game. Tyler Lockwood hung tough, though, staying on through 7 innings and seeing the Frogs tie it at 4 in the 5th. In the bottom of the 9th, with Bryan Holaday representing the winning run at 2nd, OSU intentionally walked Chris Ellington in favor of pitching to then-true freshman Jason Coats. About 18 pitches later, Coats delivered an opposite-field single to right, scoring Holaday and sending the Frogs to the Super Regionals for the first time ever. Place went bananas. It was a giant step for a program that was very clearly going places. -
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    Jan. 1, 1958. Cotton Bowl. TCU vs. Air Force. I was 10 years old and already a huge TCU fan. It was my first game to see them play in person. We rode the train from West Texas to Dallas for the game. It might have been the best Christmas present I ever received.
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    Woot! Woot! Another PERFECT PICK'EM this week! Congratulations to Rana for correctly picking every game in Championship Week! Looks like you had very little faith the Sooners were actually going to pull off that win, but fortunately for all of us, they did. 😉 The Purple Troll and last week's winner, the Ransacker, were tied up for second place with just one point off a perfect score (dadgum that Central Michigan team). Army Frog and Arrrgggh were tied for fourth place in this final week. So, who was our 2019 Pick'em winner? Drum rolllll..... That Damned Computer™ once again cleans up in our annual contest with a winning score of 673 points. The Scottish Ransacker finishes second this year with 660 points. gofrogs152 takes the bronze medal with 651 points. Congratulations to all our winners and be sure to check your mailboxes for your fabulous prize packages worth thousands of Frog dollars! 💰💲🥂Thanks everyone for playing. I'll have the Bowl Mania game setup in a couple of days, so watch this space!
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    Heading into the season, all eyes are on Jalen Reagor: With 105 career receptions, he needs: -29 to tie Richard Woodley for #10 all-time -30 to tie, 31 to pass John Washington for #9 -41 to pass KaVontae Turpin for #8 ...77 to break Kelly Blackwell's school record With 1,637 career yards, he needs: -176 to pass Reggie Harrell for #10 all-time -475 to pass Cory Rodgers for #9 -519 to pass Kelly Blackwell for #8 ...1,148 to break Josh Doctson's school record With 17 career TD receptions, he is currently tied with Cory Rodgers for #3 all-time and needs: -5 to tie, 6 to pass Josh Boyce for #2 -12 to tie, 13 to break Josh Doctson's school record ....elsewhere: -Darius Anderson's 1,595 career rushing yards means he needs 1,008 to pass Matthew Tucker for #10 all-time and his 12 career TDs mean he needs 9 to tie Ed Wesley & Andre Davis for #10 all-time -Sewo's 1,087 career rushing yards mean he'd need 1,516 to crack the top 10 and his 10 career TDs means he needs 11
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    You have nails left after the last 12 weeks?
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    1100 is the best time for a game in Lubbock. It allows you to get out of town sooner.
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    I thought this game needed its own thread. Bite me, PurpleDawg
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    Sounds like Big 10 football.
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    I suspect Purdue is a mediocre .500-ish Big 10 team. If we cannot beat them, I will suspect that we are a mediocre .500-ish Big XII-II team. Maybe I'm off and Purdue is a legit contender for the B1G-West, but Purdue is nothing if not consistently average, at least since Tiller left. We, OTOH, have bounced between mediocre and conference champion caliber year-to-year recently. I think this game tells us what we are.
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    Our current 9s: Te'vaillance Hunt Atanza Vongor A few memorable 9s: Josh Doctson Mat Boesen Alex Ibiloye Nick Browne Evan Skoug November 14, 2009: #4 TCU 55, #16 Utah 28 in the loudest game ever at Amon G. ....and a few bonus 9s: Tones Romes Mike Modano Hank Blalock 9
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    Ok, so this is a bit of a vanity thread I guess, but it seems like it might be fun to share images of the trading cards I've collected over the past 9 years or so. There will be some names that will be obvious (for instance, LaDainian Tomlinson has nearly 7000 cards of his own) and there will be some that you may have to dig into the dusty files of your brain to remember. I'm going to try and post daily, but I can almost guarantee that won't be the norm. Additionally, I'll try and provide little tidbits of trivia about whatever card gets posted. My plan is to largely stick to cards featuring whatever sport is currently going, but with overlap and such, that might not be a definite thing. If you have a request, throw it out there. The only real rule about that is that it needs to be of someone that made it to the professional level in some capacity (minor league ball counts, AAF, independent leagues, foreign leagues, whatever). Hopefully this will be entertaining in some way for most of you. At any rate, it's my silly hobby and I'd just like to share it with somebody.
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    #$%@ baylor #$%@ art briles and #$%@ mount Vernon
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    H2H!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!!1. We are National Champions!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!2
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    *Actual footage of GP sliding into Blackshear’s DMs
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