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    footage of rhule screaming at the refs.
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    Damn that was a crazy run by CeeDee Lamb.
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    Nick Chappell is back in Cancun for yet another ITF tourney there (it seems like they hold one just about every week) and he's 3rd seeded and already into the quarters after beating Noah Berry (6-2, 7-6) and Austin Ansari (7-6, 6-3) and will now play Joshua Ortlip later today. Nick is now at his career high in singles - ATP#520. Jerry Lopez is apparently not there for some reason. The ITF has completely revamped their website and navigating around it is fun, if you're into that sort of thing.
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    If OU embarrasses Baylor, Utah doesn't stand a chance. As a Frog fan, you should know the effect of a blue blood CCG blowout.
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    Well, hopefully Reagor can buck the trend of TCU WRs that like to declare early to play in the NFL (or RB, for that matter).
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    Not only that, but after Charlie hit the turf hard and was obviously so wobbly and took a while to get up, when he went to the sideline Rhule was in his face barking at him for taking the hit. Same old, same old going on with that place.
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    If the SEC puts Bama against them, with Saban still being pissed off about Auburn, I expect that to happen. Right in the middle of the field. And it will be glorious!
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    Looks like a kindergarten fingerpainting smock to me, but you've got a point. From everything Gary Danielson was spewing a little while ago, Rhule's the next incarnation of Our Lord.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (6-2) vs Winthrop Eagles (4-4 ?) 7:00pm Central Wednesday, December 11, 2019 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas Final Score GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8)  FSSW   TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    As close to Xmas songs as I get. What it is like with one side of my family. And the only Xmas carole I can tolerate. (Disclaimer: If you want to avoid Ed Orgeron's musical debut on the mic with an average at best metal band, skip this. Lyrically, it is safe and the only sanitary track on the EP.)
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    Reading this sounds like a good move. I hope he hits the training hard and kills it at the combines.
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    Iowa State gives Matt Campbell extension through 2025 https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28218069/iowa-state-gives-matt-campbell-extension-2025
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    I want to see OU embarrass Baylor in the rematch, then go into the playoff announcement confident that they're going to get in...before Utah takes their spot. Conference pride is for mid-majors. Which is why I still root for the Utes.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (5-1) vs Illinois State Redbirds (3-4) 8:00pm Central Tuesday, December 3, 2019 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas TCU 81 - Illinois State 69 Final Score GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 (by PD) FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8)   FSSW+   TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    I hope that game looks like this (not safe for work humanity)...
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    The longer Big Ross goes without declaring the better odds he stays. Hopefully a Banagou/ Collier type of situation. 12 more months being the difference between $1-$2MM or $10MM+. I think I'd take an insurance policy out and go back for 1 more and boost my draft stock.
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    WR recruit Danny Gray was first team all conference, after 877 yards on 54 catches in 9 games for Blinn JC.
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    I would hate that...ready to see him give it a shot in another organization.
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    Replay should have caught that. B12 officials work “some” MWC games.
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    Now that December has arrived, we're counting down to Christmas with anything that sort of seems to belong in a Christmas thread. Share what you're hoping Santa brings you; what you're giving someone else; photos of your decorations; your favorite funny holiday-themed memes, music, pictures; or whatever tickles your fancy. Extra points for LOL content.
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    Well, I heard there was a wonderboy, That many teams would not employ, But you don’t really care for Euros, do ya? So where would he go? The fourth? The fifth? Or would he fall and be a Knick? The baffling Kings took Bagley over Luka... Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka Well his game was strong, but we needed proof, We hadn’t seen him play Mizzou, But his playmaking and passing overthrew ya, And he led the break, it wasn’t fair, His stepback three flew through the air, It fell and Dallas traded up for Luka... Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka Well maybe he should’ve been your pick, Even though he’s white and thick, He’s colder than a tall glass of Kombucha, And we all cheered for his debut, An injured Dirk was cheering too, And every Mavs fan shouted “Halleluka...” Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka, Halleluka
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    Florida State expected to hire Memphis football coach Mike Norvell https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/acc/2019/12/07/florida-state-mike-norvell-expected-fsu-football-next-coach-faces-challenges/4365458002/
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    I just heard that Wes Phelan, who'd owned an operated Killerfrogs as long as I can remember, has passed away. He'd been battling cancer. I've never made it secret that I had a lot of issues with the way that website was operated - but I can say that, even in disagreement, Wes was always very reasonable and friendly. He and I had bonded a bit over our shared love of the Horned Frogs and having both lost close family members. You may remember that he's preceded in death by his son, Cameron.
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    Utah-Oregon is tonight. Go Utes! Represent the MWC!!
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    I was not a fan of the old site or how it was run, but I cannot question his loyalty and love of the Horned Frogs. The fighting is over, rest well, Wes.
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    This is surely the end for Jason Garrett's Cowboys job. Turrble.
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    It's a good show. I've really been enjoying it.
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    It's from The Mandalorian, which is the new Star Wars TV series "airing" on Disney +
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    Nice FW Weekly article and short video about the Maggie Dixon Classic with Coach Pebley. Sports Rush: TCU Game Truly A Classic https://www.fwweekly.com/2019/12/02/sports-rush-tcu-game-truly-a-classic/
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    More (and better) from Petersen himself. Petersen, 55, teared up when talking about the commitment of his family to his coaching lifestyle and ultimately explained he no longer wanted his life to be dictated by the grind of being a college head coach. "It becomes a lot of frustration and anxiety and stress. And some of the excitement and positivity and optimism can be pushed away, and that's never a way to lead your life," Petersen said. Petersen said he doesn't know entirely what is next for him. He didn't rule out coaching again -- "I'm not falling for that trick question" -- but sounded more interested in philanthropy and leadership. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28218850/washington-chris-petersen-says-anxiety-stress-led-decision-step-down
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    While Curry makes a number of points she glosses over others. For example, waiting till you develop lung cancer before stopping smoking is a poor strategy. However much of her main point here is "wait and see what we need". Which reduces to basically just that. ANY problem with decadal lead times needs to be, well, dealt with decades in advance where balance of probabilties rules not certainty. However, in this particular area like many others, uncertainty is NOT necessarily your friend. It might well be your "unexpected" very serious hit. Which is why being proactive is sensible.
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    You'd have to get a definitive answer about that from @Zebra Frog, who also might be able to answer how this could have happened in the first place.
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