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    There is one important part to this that is being neglected. That being that it is 10:08pm and #$%@ Baylor, #$%@ Mt Vernon, and #$%@ Briles.
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    This will be the first game I get to go to this season and it's freaking Kansas. At least we have the revenge thing going for us. I hope we stomp a mudhole in the Jayhawks.
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    I think I may be glad that I'm out of town and won't see this game. Feel like I would be climbing the walls all game. I hate playing SMU.....
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    Widow was able to make a huge comeback and beat William Grant 6-7 (6-8), 6-4, 6-2 at Fayetteville this afternoon. This is a good win for Reese because he had previously lost 9 singles matches in a row. His next opponent in singles is unknown at present. Nick Chappell also won his opening rounder against Maginley 3 and 1 and his next opponent is also unknown. But Widow and Nick are also teaming in doubles again this week and they will play Boyer/Kamisar tomorrow. In Houston, Courageous Heart Paroulek wasn't able to play against Fanselow today, so he and Rybo will both be in action tomorrow. Rybo will play Adrian Oetzbach. And as PD reported, the ITA today released its preseason singles and doubles rankings and 5 Frogs are ranked. In singles, Alastair Gray is the highest at 18th; Luc Fomba is next at 86th; and Bertus Kruger is 92nd. The Top 10 are: (1) Carl Soderlund (Virginia); (2) Christian Sigsgaard (Texas); (3) Oliver Crawford (Florida); (4) Yuya Ito (Texas); (5) Brandon Holt (USC); (6) Aleksander Kovacevic (Illinois); (7) Axel Geller (Stanford); (8) Daniel Cukierman (USC); (9) Jack Lin (Columbia) and (10) Sam Riffice (Florida). Looking at this, it would seem that Texas and USC are likely to be pretty good. In doubles, Ali and Jacob Fearnley are ranked 22nd and Luc and Bertus are 38th. And Courageous Heart is ranked 3rd in the Freshman/Newcomer category. These are good rankings but not overly impressive - it'll be a transition year with lots of unknowns.
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    Yeah, I'm worried about this game as well. This is the best SMU team we've seen in a long time and their fans have made it clear that this is their Super Bowl - their only P5 opponent, a real true rival, a possible W over a ranked team. They're gonna be stoked and we need to withstand that early. I have no idea whether UNT, Texas State or Arkansas State are any good (probably not), but the point is that the Stangs won all of those games when in the recent past they would have lost 1-2 (or conceivably all) of them and their season would already essentially be over. Another thing they're worried about is that this is the last regularly scheduled game in the series - it hasn't been renewed as yet. Now, I've generally assumed that because neither has scheduled any other games (and would really have to scramble if we didn't renew the series) that it was only a matter of inking the deal and we just haven't gotten around to it. But the Pony fans are all speculating that we're playing hardball and want to change the straight home-and-home aspect of the arrangement and they aren't necessarily going to agree to that. It's therefore possible that this could be it for the series if both maintain the possibility of walking away. I don't think that's gonna happen, but it might. Personally, I want to continue the series, period. I like playing SMU every year (and beating them every year). But I can certainly understand thinking about not doing it or demanding an advantage due to our different current positions in the college football landscape. We'll see. But it's critical that we win this one - especially if it's the last one in the series.
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    I think we won the TIAA in 1920 (although Austin College disputes this claiming that we had an ineligible "ringer"). But 1929 was definitely our first SWC championship. Which was right after the stock market crash.
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    We are a rifle school anyway...
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    I like how that one contains a TCU Easter-egg...
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    Laser pointers work on penguins too! (click to get full vertical view)...
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    Sitting at a high school soccer game in a middle class, largely white suburb and over the PA comes Straight Outta Compton. Can you imagine that song getting played at a suburban white public school 30 years ago? The PA guy would have been fired on the spot and drug out of the stadium. How catastrophically Tipper Gore failed ...
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    https://instagram.com/stories/jdonati_tcu/2134990361508877148?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=qerqosqbkzxb Take this with a grain of salt. ADJD had his daughter in his office today and commented on the purple helmet on his table...
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    I love this new tradition at Iowa Football. And, my friend built that hospital! She was the project manager for the whole thing. I'm so proud of her. If you need an incredibly talented construction engineer, who also helped build part of the Staples Center, let me know and I'll send you her contact info.
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    And some reading for later tonight... https://purdue.forums.rivals.com/threads/tcu-purdue-game-discussion-thread.176366/
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    San Jose just beat Arky 31-24. That $EC grind is legit.
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    Damn, wish I would have thought of that come back!
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    I don't think this offense works with GP. It did for one year - the first, and that was with a freak of a QB and WR. Otherwise, it's just not working. Oh yeah - no in and out sucks, period.
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    I am now officially in the fire Cumbie boat. Get rid of him. I heard Meachum is looking for work, or see if we can bring the OC from Army, and just not pass the rest of the year.
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    Estoy haciendo reservas para este año Cheez-It Bowl I'm making reservations for this years Cheez-It Bowl
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    Funny because I might be at Twin Peaks. Most of the mountains there are small too.
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    Michigan getting owned RN. Does Harbaugh last the season?
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    Gameday guys pick TCU across the board. Even Herbie...
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    Didn't I tell you this is a good follow?
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    LaTech adds a FG before half
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    I'd rather play SMU than Baylor...you know, if there's a choice.
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    The bad part was closer to Beaumont, and some rain totals were as much as Harvey in those spots. North of Houston with Kingwood and Conroe were bad as well, but it is already draining away so 1 day vs week+ of water. Just have to hear if the buildings were damaged in Kingwood, that would be bad. It got me Thursday and Friday off of work. Thursday job was up in Kingwood so that was good I did not have to drive there in my little car.
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    Rybakovsky will serve first in the 2nd set. 1-0! Key hold (if there is such a thing). Rybo saves a break point. 1-all. 2-1. First easy hold of the match for Alex! Can he turn that worm? 2-all. Gaston with a love hold too. The worm remains evenly balanced in this set. 3-2. Whew! Rybo saves a break point and gets another key hold. 3-all. Gaston rolls with yet another love hold. 3-4. (sigh) Gaston with a love break and 8 straight points. 3-5. 4-5. One last chance for a break to stay in this. I'm not holding my breath though the way Gaston is serving. WHAT????!!!! Like flipping on a switch, Rybo stuns Gaston with the late break!!! 5-all!! 6-5!! Alex holds and takes the lead in the 2nd set! 6-all. Into a breaker! C'mon Rybo!! Rybo falls 4-7 in the breaker and loses 3-6, 6-7 (4-7). So both Alex and Tadeas make the quarters but no further.
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    It was a sad day for the Frogs, therefore, as ex-Frog Eduardo Nava and his brother lost a doubles match 4-6, 6-7 (3-7) to some guys named Nick Chappell and Reese Stalder at Fayetteville. Nava thus did not advance to the semis like his opponents, who will now play Bryde/Zink in the semis tomorrow. Courageous Heart Paroulek's match will be starting shortly and Rybo will follow soon thereafter in Houston.
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    Briles getting caught cheating at a 2A high school would be pretty, pretty, pretty satisfying.
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    The visitor sections haven’t changed, pretty sure that portion of the upper deck has always been reserved for opposing fans. The only thing that’s changed is the position of the band. So it’s not like they moved the band to allow more home fans to sit in that section on the east side, those seats are still considered the visiting section.
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    Looks like my new -65lb weight-trained body!
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    RSK killed this thread. We must revive it!
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    Yeah I saw some special on NFL network about him a few weeks ago. I always thought he was a doof from his horrible Detroit days, but far from it. Big time family man too.
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    I feel much better now - we've never had a team this big and physical in the trenches (for that matter, the secondary as well). Our passing game is a work in progress, and Smew will give us our toughest test so far, but I think we can keep their offense in check and control the game on the ground.
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    Eduardo Roldan lost to UTSA's Sanson 4 and 4 but Max Kurzban won his match against UNM's Bermejo 6-4, 4-6, 10-6 to advance to the semis of the consolation bracket today at Midland. Then, for some reason, he defaulted his next match - injury??!! Whatever, that it's for the Frogs at Midland. Next up is an ITF pro tourney in Houston before setting off for San Francisco for the Battle in the Bay Classic with some top West Coast teams. I'm guessing Ali Gray for sure in Houston and maybe some others as well.
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    Good lord. Reminds me of kf.c ...
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    Nice work. Trust your gut!
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    So I just found out that a guy I work pretty closely with got killed riding his bike into work this morning. Not sure how to process that ...
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