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    Singles victories by Rybakov, Stalder and Gray give the Frogs a 4-1 win! That's 8 wins in a row to improve to 13-3 on the year.
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    Yep, we move to 12-3, with our 7th W in a row w/ a 6-0 sweep of LMU. Roditi went back to the usual line-up in both doubles and singles and the guys played well with quick W's across the board (Fomba was the only player who did not finish out a W). If you count our 3-0 record at Tempe and our (almost) W over USF, we're "really" 16-3, with multiple ranked W's. Next up, though, is a really tough home match against Columbia, who's in the Top 10 on Wednesday. Jerry Lopez won the doubles final at Cancun and, with Jorge Brian Panta, took home the championship trophy with a 7-6 (11-9), 4-6, (10-8) W over Reis da Silva and Yamacita today. This is the 2nd all-time pro doubles championship for Jerry and will definitely help him in the ITF World doubles rankings. Congrats to Jerry - this is a fantastic result for him!
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    Headlines from tonight's win over Sam Houston: -Alex Robinson broke the TCU single-season record for assists. He now holds the school single-game, single-season and career records in that department. With 659 for his career, he's now 10 away from passing Kirk Hinrich of Kansas for #4 in Big 12 history. -JD Miller played in his 137th career game, breaking the school record previously held by Brandon Parrish. -Kevin Samuel passed Kurt Thomas' 1993-94 season with with 70th block, which now puts him at #4 on the TCU single-season list. He needs 5 to pass Derrick Davenport's 2000-01 season for #3, and 9 to pass Damion Walker and crack the career top 10 list...as a freshman! -Desmond Bane passed the 1,200-point mark for his career. At 1,206, he needs 221 to pass Gary Turner and crack the career top 10 list. He also hit his 150th career three-pointer, so he needs 11 to pass Junior Blount to crack the top 10 on that career list.
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    Marcelo Perez on the mound for TCU in T7. EMU gets a lead off single. Ground out to 2B advances the runner to 2nd. Single to RF scores a run, 12-1. Strike out, two away. Runner on 1st. STRUCK HIM OUT and the ten run rule means that the FROGS WIN!!!
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    Go Frogs showing the win over Pepperdine 6-1 AND a win over LM 6-0.
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    It was my great-grand-dad that helped make that decision. Both Addison and Randolph Clark had died and the school was, in addition to the administrators, sort of being "run" by the "Brethren" (i.e., the group of DOC pastors that were (mostly) located in Texas and were interested in the school - Spindletop had happened in 1901 but as yet had not created a bunch of super-wealthy alumni). They (the Brethren) gathered in Waco and put out word to other Texas towns and cities that they would solicit bids from whomever wanted them and then they gathered again to discuss the options and eventually recommended the acceptance of the Ft. Worth offer. He wrote about it in his autobiography and I have no idea whether he exaggerated his role on the committee, but it's been family lore that he was part of the group that decided on the Ft. Worth move.
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    Best decision TCU ever made. #$%@ baylor, #$%@ waco
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    I love when we beat Ivy League schools at Ivy League sports
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    Most excellent! Tonight, it was the top of the line-up that did the deed! Finding different ways to win is a luxury we haven't had in recent years - it gives me confidence going deeper into the season that we can win in a variety of different ways. Beating Columbia is a very good W for us - they were recently Top 10 and they beat Baylor and Notre Dame (albeit indoors). Next up is Arizona State on Sunday and then SMU on Tuesday.
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    Here’s Dirk’s shot... And here’s Kenrich Williams with a steal...
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    The sport does the worst damage to the body, the retirement benefits are the worst, the contracts aren't guaranteed so injuries incurred doing thir jobs cost players everything, all while the NFL has by far the highest revenues and TV contracts.
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    TurkVision was able to score some pretty sweet media passes for tonight’s contest at Globe Life Park:
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    After 2 weeks off, the Columbia Lions started their Texas swing well by beating UTA last night 6-1, earning their 5th straight W, their 9th W of the season and Bid Goswami's 500th career W as the 37-year head coach. They won the doubles point, behind W's by Victor Pham and Rian Pandole (6-4) and Jack Lin and Austen Huang 7-6. Then, they quickly swept the singles matches, with UTA's only W coming from Guanarteme Nuez over #11 Jack Lin after Columbia achieved the 4-0 sweep. (#31 Victor Pham played #1). Tomorrow's match will be the 11th time TCU has faced Columbia and the Frogs lead the all-time series 6-4. It'll also be the 11th consecutive year we've played each other - the series started in 2008 and all but 1 of those matches have been in Ft. Worth. TCU won last year 4-0, but Columbia won the 2017 match in New York and the teams have split the last 8 4-all. With Goswami retiring after this season, it's possible that this will be the final year of the annual matches - their new coach (Howard Endelman) may not be as desirous of scheduling a Texas swing every year. Tomorrow's match will be at 7:30 p.m. - free pizza and popcorn as usual. I think we should be favored but Columbia is ranked higher and is a very tough squad to beat.
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    It is 3.6M for a season. However, it's likely that only a part of that is guaranteed. He may get $500k upfront but if the 49'rs later decide he can't play well enough to justify that salary, they could cut him at any time and he won't get paid whatever is remaining on the contract. He has to play the entire season to get paid. If he gets hurt in practice or a game and can't play, he still gets paid but if he just has some nagging injuries and is slower or less mobile than he used to be, they can cut him and not have to pay him for the whole season. Basically, he needs to perform to get paid. That's the way the NFL works. Baseball is always guaranteed money, in the NFL, only the signing bonus is guaranteed. That's the Reader's Digest version for you.
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    Barker has been officially fired now ... https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article228068299.html
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    Outscored them 40-7. I know EMU ain't much, but it's nice to whip bad teams like a good team should ...
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    Up next for the Frogs is #9 Columbia on Wednesday at the tennis center at 7:30 p.m. It's tough to evaluate the Lions - on the one hand, they're Ivy League which, because they eschew athletic scholarships, observers often automatically discount their athletes. But this isn't football, where schools have 85 scholarships to dispense; it's tennis, where schools only have 4.5 available scholarships. Like TCU, if Columbia identifies a quality tennis player that they want to recruit, they can find a way, with academic or other scholarships or grants/loans, to get that player into school even without an athletic scholie. And it's a really good school. So, Columbia has remained an elite tennis program (as has Penn, Harvard, Dartmouth etc...) and they are the top ranked Ivy League team out of 3 in the top 30. The Lions are coached by Bid Goswami, who has been there since 1982, but this is his last season (Associate Head Coach Howard Endelman will take over next year) and they've got this whole "special" farewell season vibe going for them this year. Their highest ever ranking under Goswami had been 14th (they've made multiple Sweet 16 appearances and have won 13 Ancient 8 titles with Bid as Coach) - this year, they've already busted that with a Top 10 ranking. Why? Well, they're 8-1, with W's over Virginia Tech, Dartmouth, St. John's, #11 Notre Dame, #8 Baylor, #43 Northwestern, SMU and #39 Tulane and their only loss was to #2 Wake at Chicago. For several years, they've been led by the Lin family and the Brothers Pham, and that remains the case this year Their top player is #11 sophomore Jack Lin, Victor Pham is #31, Adam Ambrozy is #76; Jackie Tang is #104. In doubles, Lin and William Matheson are ranked 10th; Lin and Tang are ranked 13th and Tang and Ambrozy are ranked 42nd. These are actually much more impressive than the Frogs' overall rankings - especially in doubles. On the other hand, other than at Chicago, which was technically neutral, they have yet to play a road match - they are 6-0 at home in Morningside Heights and 2-1 at neutral sites but 0-0 on the road. And they've also taken the last 2 weeks off, so they're not exactly well-seasoned and at their peak. Goswami loves, however, to take a Texas road trip this time of year (he's brought the Lions to Ft. Worth often and adores our tennis center with the tree grove and the "Spring" feeling that Ft. Worth has while New York remains wintry) and that's what they're doing this week. They scrimmaged at UTA on Saturday and will play the Mavs Monday night and after the Frogs, they're off to play the Longhorns in Austin to check out the new tennis "Center" there. So I'm not sure what to expect - Columbia is top notch in everything they do and Goswami (a former Davis Cupper for India in the 70's) is very experienced. (Perhaps I should have stepped on the Columbia player who insisted on stretching in the middle of the "aisle" in Chicago). And if they can beat Baylor and the Irish, they're quite good. I think we should be favored at home, but it'll likely be close. Hopefully, we'll get a good crowd who will treat Goswami respectfully in his farewell season while we beat his team.
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    Even after Oregon's win over Washington, Lunardi still has us in the field. This feels like a coin toss, and what could ever go wrong leaving our fate in the hands of a selection committee?
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    Great to have TurkVision™ back on the interwebs tonight! Thanks for your work for the masses, Newbomb!
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    One is a lot if you’re the guy getting hit.
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    Cron has been optioned to Triple-A Reno by the D'Backs. I was hoping he'd make the squad out of spring training, but be playing for his Dad in Reno and I'd expect to see him get The Call at some point in 2019.
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    Singles is well underway and the Frogs are making waves! Alexandrovich Sergeyivich Rybakovsky 5-1; the Red Widow 2-3; Bertus the Boer 3-all; Fomba from France 5-2; Juan Martin (sans del Potro) 3-3; Eduardito 2-3. Alex takes it 6-1; Reese 3-5; Bertus 4-all; Luc 5-2; Juan 3-all; Eduardo 2-3. Rybo 1-all in his 2nd; Widow 5-all; Bertus takes it 6-4!; Luc takes it 6-3!; Juan 3-4; Eduardo 3-4. Rybo 2-1; Reese 6-5; Bert 1-0; Luc 0-1; Juan 3-5; Eduardo 4-all. Alex 3-2; Reese 7-5, 1-love; Bertus 3-2; Luc 2-all; Juan 3-6, 1-0; Eduardo takes it 6-4. We've won 5 first sets, the sun is shining and things look good! Rybo 4-2; Widow 2-love; Kruger 4-3; Fomba 2-3; Martin 1-all; Roldan 0-1. All 2nd sets. Alex 4-3; Reese 2-1; Bertus 4-3; Luc 3-all; Juan 2-1; Eduardo 1-all. Rybo 5-3; Widow 2-1; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 3-4; Martin 2-1; Roldan 1-all. #7 Alex Rybakov takes it 6-1, 6-3 and it's TCU 2 Pepperdine 0! Stalder 3-1; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 3-1; Martin 4-1; Roldan 2-1. Widow 4-1; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 3-5; Martin 4-1; Roldan 3-1. We just need 2 of these... Reese 4-2; Bert 5-all; Luc 4-5; Juan 4-2; Eduardito 4-1. #86 Bertus Kruger comes back to win 6-4, 7-5 and it's TCU 3 Pepperdine 0!! Stalder 5-2; Fomba 5-all; Martin 5-2; Roldan 4-1. Who's gonna clinch it? Widow 5-3; Luc 6-5; Juan 5-3; Eduardo 4-2. My money is on Stalder... Juan Martin wins his 2nd set 6-3 and is into a 3rd set - it's his first set victory in collegiate tennis! Reese 5-4; Luc 6-all and into a breaker; Martin just starting his 3rd; Eduardo 4-3. Ouch! Stalder gets broken and it's 5-all; Fomba in the breaker 6-all; Martin 0-0; Roldan 4-3. Stalder 6-5; Fomba in a long breaker; Martin 1-0 in the 3rd; Roldan 4-all. Viva la France!! Luc Fomba wins his breaker 7-6 and clinches a 4-0 sweep for the Frogs!! We're 11-3 and have won 6 straight! LMU next at 3:30 today!! Quel magnifique! Unfortunately, I've got to go to work, but I'll catch up later...
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    Another commit! Dajon Harrison, WR from Hutto HS. Dajon Harrison 5-11 180 lbs WR 3-star Hutto HS Offers from Boston College, Rice, UL, and others. Receiving interest from TTech. His skill set is very much YAC. He will be a weapon on screen plays and shallow slants, which opens up receivers like Reagor, Barkley, and Heights. 247 Profile: https://247sports.com/Player/Dajon-Harrison-46051172/
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    Full uppdate after bowing out of the conference tourney. So going into whatever postseason play we see: Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 647 (TCU school record , #5 all-time in the Big 12) -Needs 21 to pass Kirk Hinrich of Kansas for #4 -Needs 121 to pass Monte Morris of Iowa State for #3 Current season-total assists: 230 (PASSED Hank Thorns '11, Prince Fowler '99 and his own '17 season; now #2 on the school single-season list) ...needs 5 to break Tony Edmond's school record of 234 from 1990. Current career steals: 143 (#4 all-time) -Needs 13 to pass Corey Santee for #3 -Needs 21 to pass Mike Jones for #2 ...needs 26 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Kevin Samuel: Current season total blocks: 67 (TCU freshman record, PASSED Kurt Thomas '95, now #5 on the school single-season list) -Needs 3 to pass Kurt Thomas '94 for #4 -Needs 8 to pass Derrick Davenport '01 for #3 ...needs 12 to pass Damion Walker to crack the career Top 10 in blocks Current season total rebounds: 231 (#2 on the freshman single-season list) -Needs 34 to break Damion Walker's fresman single-season record from 1996 Current season total points: 248 -Needs 35 to pass Jeff Jacobs '94 and crack the Top 10 on the fresman single-season list
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    Uh, thankfully, we don't have to rely on Chuck to cover tennis! Wow - a 3-hour match! Who could've thunk it??!!
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    Arizona State is only 6-8 on the season (and 1-6 on the road), but they still have an ITA ranking of 35th because they've played a tough schedule. They have W's over LMU, Pepperdine, Indiana, San Diego, #13 Michigan and #31 California and losses to Duke, Wake, Oklahoma State, Ohio State, A&M, Stanford, Cal and USC (all of which are extremely good). They're in Waco today - playing a doubleheader against Incarnate Word (which they should win) and Baylor (where they won't be favored), so I'm guessing that they'll be 7-9 when they face the Frogs on Sunday. To re-iterate their story, this is only the 2nd year in which they have been competing again after taking a decade off after terminating their program in the 2000's. They only re-started because a billionaire donated a bunch of money. Their problem is one of hierarchy - the "Conference of Champions," in tennis is kind of like the MWC was for TCU in football. There is a Big 3 (with Cal as a 4th) - and those are (decidedly) USC, UCLA and Stanford, who collectively have won eleventy gazillion NCAA titles. And, from 1979, when ASU joined the Pac, to 2007, when they ended their program, they were always at or near the bottom. But they've decided to make a go of it again, they've got the money and they have been scheduling like they're very serious about building a nationally elite team. Like eveyone else, they've been recruiting top-ranked non-U.S. players. We'll see. Both of their ranked W's (over Michigan and Cal) took place at Indian Wells last week at the BNP Paribas tourney, so they've begun to peak. Nathan Ponwith (he's from Scottsdale) is their leader and he's ranked 55th, up 19 spots from the prior ranking. He and doubles partner Dominic Kellovsky (Czech Republic) are ranked 18th, up 31 spots from their prior ranking and Tim Ruehl (Germany) and Andrea Bolla (Italy) are also ranked at 56th. Their usual line-up is Ponwith, Kellovsky, Justin Roberts (Bahamas), Ruehl, Makey Rakotomalala (France) and Benjamin Hannestad (Holland). Their coach is Matt Hill, formerly at USF. Despite just re-starting last year, TCU knows this team fairly well - we beat them last year and we beat them at the Tempe Collegiate Cup in January (Ponwith beat Eduardo Roldan in January). We should be favored, but they're match-tested against top teams and are peaking and certainly won't be intimidated. Their "issue" is that, despite being ranked, they have to finish with a .500 record or better to make the NCAA's - they are after W's in a big way (and might schedule some cupcakes down the road if they don't do that against all the top ranked teams they've been playing). Other than the Baylor-ASU match, other big matches today are Oklahoma at UNC, Georgia Tech at Virginia, Wake at Notre Dame, Tennessee at Mississippi State, Arkansas at A&M and Columbia at Texas.
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    When does our fencing team play Dartmouth?
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    Love that Miller has the games played record. He's been a workhorse.
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    Thatll be a good matchup. Too bad, though. I was hoping to play our sister school and have Butler come to FW.
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    And the Torso sinks a three pointer at the buzzer to make it 34-29 Frogs at the half.
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    Frogs get the doubles point vs. Columbia!
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    Leadership development endowment for TCU athletes. How to succeed in getting a job and at life in general after graduation.
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    He got a Faker Mayfield-like exception and has another year of eligibility??!!
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    None of the bubble teams really deserved it. Quite frankly first four never really feels like the tourney. Prob a 50-50 chance you don’t even feel like you even made the tourney. Would still rather be in that position but a #1 NiIT seed with a chance to play several games has potential to be a positive.
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    Cam Norrie crapped out at Indian Wells in the first round, so I haven't been paying much attention to that tourney. The big news is that Rafa pulled out of the semis because of a knee injury - giving Federer a walkover into the finals against either Dominic Thiem or Milos Raonic (which is going on now). But the unique thing about Indian Wells (er, the BNP Paribas) is that it has a college tourney going on at the same time (although this was the event that got the bluehairs all upset about the Roditi Rules which led to their demise). In the finals, also going on now, are Baylor and USC, so it's actually a fairly prestigious and potentially relevant college tourney (in addition to the pros). Baylor won the doubles point and currently leads 1-0. The singles are fairly even, with Baylor taking 3 first sets and the Trojans 2, with 1 in a breaker. While on pins and needles about the Frogs' NCAA hoops chances, I've been following this one. Cam is likely headed to Miami next week, where he made the semis last year. Unfortunately, he's now in a position of having to defend last year's points, which is kind of both a luxury and a hazard once you make the Top 50 (he's 48th). And a reminder that this is the first year of the new baseball-like super-regional format for college tennis at the NCAA's. So, while the main goal is to defend the back-to-back-to-back Big 12 championships, the goal for the NCAA's has always been to make the final ITA Top 16 so as to host a regional. That changes this year - while we still want to make the Top 16, we also want to make the Top 8 so as to potentially host a super if we can get out of "our" regional. We're not there yet - we're 12th - so beating Columbia could be a big step in that direction on Wednesday.
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    The last big bubble game tonight is the PAC-12 CCG. Washington is a lock to get in, with Oregon in the First Four Out territory. Need a Huskies win to stay firmly in the mix.
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    Thank you, Cyclones! Iowa State, seeded 5th, takes down Kansas 78-66 to win the Big 12 tournament championship. This is much-needed good news for the Frogs' resume.
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    Air Mail leads off B4. Oh my, they should’ve had that towering fly ball to the 3B line, but they watched it drop and Josh is standing on 1st. Isola. And that ball is... OUTTA HERE! 8-3 Frogs. Guenther. HBP. Austin Henry. Dadgummit, he almost beat that throw. Guenther to 2nd, one out. Johnny Rocket. Deep fly out to CF advances Guenther to 3rd. Two outs. Oviedo. Ground out to 2B. 8-3 Frogs after four full.
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    Air Mail leads off B2 with “Ice Ice Baby” as his walk up music. Welcome aboard Watson Airlines. Our flight plan shows us departing home plate for the CF wall on our way to a 6-0 Horned Frog lead. Islola. Pop foul out to 3B. One away. Guenther. Ground out to 2B. Austin Henry. Fly out to RF. 6-0 Frogs after two full.
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