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    The comments on this are the greatest thing I have ever seen on twitter.
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    Kevin Cron got The Call! SBNation: Diamondbacks promote 1B prospect Cron
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    TCU is playing Baylor in an elimination game tonight at 7.
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    This one will decide it for the right to face Nuno Borges in the semis. C'mon Alex! 1-all. Blumberg serving first this time. Rybo desperately needs a break. And he gets it!! At no-ad after being down 15-40! 2-1!! 3-1! Katrina Adams just called us the Horn Dogs. 3-2. Sam Gore, a former Tarheel, is openly rooting for Blumberg as he calls the match. 4-2. Still up that key break. Nice lefty serving by Rybo. 5-2!! Alex grabs control of the match with yet another key break on a big-time forehand shot! Up 2 breaks, he'll serve for the semis! Rybo is on a roll! Great shots make it 30-love! 40-love! Quadruple match point! 40-15. Blumberg saves one. Alex Rybakov takes the match 6-4, 3-6, 6-2!! On to the semis! He earns a berth in an ATP event for doing it. And yes, he's an All-American. And the Big 12 Player of the Year. And the TCU Male Athlete of the Year. And the TCU Scholar-Athlete of the Year. But, uh, he has to play Nuno next.
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    Yeah, that thread is freaking hilarious. I loved the one where somebody added San Jose State and someone else responded with "You spelled Baylor wrong"
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    Blumberg beat Crawford 4 and 2 and will now face Alex Rybakov in tomorrow's epic quarter-final match-up at the NCAA's. They're good friends and often tweet and retweet each other. The quarters will be Rybo (TCU)v. Blumberg (North Carolina), Borges (Mississippi State) v. Holt (USC), Riffice (Florida) v. Kovacevic (Illinois) and Oradini (Mississippi State) v. Jubb (South Carolina). Oh, and I looked up the schedule - quarters tomorrow, semis Friday and the finals on Saturday (weather permitting).
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    On to the 2nd set. 0-1. Rybo gets it to no-ad but can't get the early break this time. 1-all. Nice love hold for Rybo. 1-2. 2-all. Alex dug himself a love-30 hole but fought back for the hold. Nuno Borges is through to the quarters. 2-3. Habib is playing much better this set (really from love-4 in the 1st) and will be tougher to beat. %$#@!! 2-4. Rybo is broken. Habib lost the first set yesterday and came back to win his match. 2-5. Alex had 2 break points but couldn't convert. (sigh) 4-5!! Rybo storms back, gets the break and evens it up on serve! 5-all! Rybo holds to make it all square in the 2nd set. (The Tennis Channel cut out, but they weren't showing him anyway). Riffice-Wolf and Ito-Holt both going to 3rd sets. 6-5!! Rybo breaks at no-ad and the Tennis Channel actually showed it!! He'll serve for the quarter-finals now! 7-5!!! Rybo advances to the quarters! The Tennis Channel guys call him "Baby Nadal." He'll face the winner of Florida's Oliver Crawford and North Carolina's William Blumberg, which will take place after Wolf-Riffice wraps up. The Tennis Channel did a nice interview of Rybo, asking about his nickname "the Rat," his complaints about the prevalence of love bugs all over Lake Nona this week and whether he'll watch Blumberg-Crawford (he will). He knows Blumberg extremely well; having practiced against him numerous times at Lake Nona and he's played both Crawford and Blumberg this season, so he knows both of their games.
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    Just want to thank you again for posting this info year round FF. It is very much appreciated!
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    At least it wasn't Baylor again.
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    Good read from ESPN about Collier growing up in Munday: Gas station burritos and one stoplight: Seahawks rookie rises from tiny hometown
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    -Kevin Cron is on a tear again. In his last three games for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), he's 8-for-12 with 3 walks, 3 doubles, 4 home runs and 11 RBI. For the year, he's now hitting .327 with 18 HR (leads all of minor-league baseball), 52 RBI and a 1.197 OPS. Call him up already! -Jantzen Witte hit his first Triple-A home run of the year last night for Pawtucket (Red Sox), where he's now hitting .325 in 23 games since being promoted.
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    Just can't wait any longer! We rock this year! 10-2 and a NYD bowl win!
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    Cam Norrie has qualified for the French Open at Roland Garros and the draw initially had him matched up on Sunday against Nick Krygios, the volatile player who made such an impression at Acapulco, but for some reason, that match was cancelled and now he's scheduled to face Elliot Benchetrit, a Frenchman ranked at ATP #273 who has already won 3 qualie matches, on Monday on the red clay. This is a much better match-up for Cam to advance to the 2nd round; except for his tendency to lose to lower ranked players (especially Frenchies) and upset higher ranked players. Kyrgios withdrew an hour ago saying that the "event sucks." This was a week after he was defaulted in Rome for kicking chairs and slamming a folding stool with his racquet. LOL Rybo has played Nuno Borges 3 times this year and the H2H is 1-1-1. At the Tempe Collegiate Cup exhibition in January, Rybo came out on top outdoors; at the ITA National Indoors in Chicago, it was a very even match that didn't finish; and at the supers in StarkVegas, Nuno basically blitzed him easily. Nuno is super hot so far at the NCAA's having lost no sets (and he's won 30 straight matches), while Alex has had tough 3-setters. Unfortunately, I think Nuno will be heavily favored. I'll be here for the start of the match at 3:00 , but have to go to work soon thereafter, so maybe someone else can follow it here.
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    Our current 99: Soni Misi A few memorable Frog 99s: Jeremy Breedlove Chance McCarty Braylon "It's already been" Broughton Tevin Lawson KaVontae Turpin's 99-yard kickoff return for a TD against OU last year - I searched and searched and searched for a photo or video, but Quincy Butler had a 99-yard pick six against Southern Miss in 2004. If memory serves me correct, he didn't have a clear path to the endzone - he had to cut back several times and broke multiple tackles before finally finding paydirt. Play seemed like it took minutes. ...and a bonus 99: Tony Dorsett's NFL record 99-yard TD run on Monday Night Football in 1983
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    There has got to be a 'Sammy Baugh Clause' written into QB contracts now expressly forbidding competition in rodeos as an off-season activity ...
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    Glad to see everyone else agrees. #$%@ baylor
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    Les Miles is paying off already, going for two for the win in OT ...
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    Also, still need a jersey with 8675309 on it...
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    Florida's Sam Riffice (a freshman) just upset Ohio State's #2 seeded J.J. Wolf in the biggest upset of the tourney. If Rybo can get by Crawford/Blumberg, this might make his semi a little easier (because Wolf had lost only once all year). It'll probably be Nuno in the finals though and he hasn't lost all year. I'm not entirely sure of the schedule as it is announced every day in the morning. The quarters are tomorrow for sure, but the semis may happen on Saturday and the finals on Sunday. In college, the scoring is different than in the pros. To speed things up, at 40-40, instead of having to win 2 straight points to win the game, there is instead a deciding point that finishes the game in only one point (and it's called no-ad, meaning no "advantage"). The receiving player gets to select either the deuce court or the ad court upon which he will receive the serve. It makes college tennis much quicker and obviously more exciting and pressure-packed. Rybo is only the 3rd Frog in history to advance as far as the quarters in the NCAA individual tourney.
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    Have to disagree. A big difference in a good team and not so good team is mental. I think we would have pulled out one or two more wins if we had beaten Ohio St. That game broke some mental aspects of several players. Though the bowl game may have ended differently. I think either way we would be at the same place QB wise as we are now, since SR was not pulled after Ohio St anyway. That said, I am happy with our incoming QBs, a couple I think are game changers.
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    All square now at a set apiece. On to the deciding 3rd set! 2-love! Alexandrovich gets the early break! 2-1. 3-2. Still up that break. 4-2! Whew! Alex holds at no-ad barely. 40-love for a 2nd break! Rybo breaks again at love!!! Looking great at 5-2!! He'll serve to advance to the Round of 16! If he wins, he'll next face the winner of A&M's Hady Habib and Illinois's Alex Brown, which has just started. Rybo serves it out at love and advances to the 3rd round! 3-6, 7-5, 6-2!! It's the first time since 2016 (Norrie) that a Frog has made it this far in the NCAA singles tourney.
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    Apparently during emergencies in Oklahoma, all you need is pork rinds and hate for UT to sustain you. That and maybe a good nap.
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    I think I'm OK with that. I'd rather have Lodolo go against OSU's sluggers than King or Williamson.
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    Texas won their first ever national championship today with a 4-1 W over the defending champ Wake Forest. They lost the doubles point but then stormed all over the Deacs in singles, winning 4 straight matches and Yuya Ito provided the clincher over Petros Chysochos. It was a wild season for the Longhorns; especially with their coach being arrested and ultimately pleading guilty as the most notorious bribe-taker in the college admissions scandal, only to replaced mid-season. But that didn't stop the senior-laden team from dominating all season, winning the Big12, beating Ohio State and only losing to OSU, USC and Baylor. TCU lost 4-1 in the quarters to the eventual champs, so we did well, but we didn't do what Texas did. Too bad. But at least a Big12 school won it - both Texas and Baylor now own nattys in tennis.
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    Would like him to find a couple of infielders who can catch and throw also.
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    You did much better than I could manage on a phone, and I completely lost track of all time Saturday evening and the game itself until you texted. I kept looking at those giant vats across the street while eating lunch Friday and had a strong urge to go swimming in the one holding the Black. 😄
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    Can't believe a vape pen is a felony. What a joke. That being said, Sewo knows better. Lets hope this plays out and he doesn't miss much time.
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    Li'l Duq started shaving last week. Had been growing some dark fuzz on his upper lip that was starting to get him teased. Interesting because I started growing hair on my chin first ... a teammate started calling me 'Billy Goat' for a while until my dad started letting me shave. The hair on his head he definitely inherited from me (thick, straight, lots of cowlicks, doesn't lay down once it gets longer) but I guess his facial hair genes came from elsewhere ...
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