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    1100 is the best time for a game in Lubbock. It allows you to get out of town sooner.
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    Gary Danielson was already making excuses for them. Everyone should have someone love them the way Gary Danielson loves Alabama.
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    Reese Stalder is in Malibu, where he got through the qualies but lost to Brandon Holt (USC, son of Tracy Austin) 4 and 1 in the first round of the main draw. He's also in the doubles tournament with Felix Corwin (Minnesota). They're playing the Johnsons right now and just took the first set, 7-5. Nick Chappell and Gerardo Lopez Villasenor both won first-round matches in Cancun. Nick and doubles partner Rai Ajeet also play tomorrow. Update: Reese and Felix defeated SMU's brothers Johnson, who were the tournament 2-seeds, 7-5, 1-6, 10-8!
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    Here's what I'm hearing from Razorback fans in regard to their priority: 1) Somehow convince Malzahn to leave Auburn and come "home" 2) Norvell. I think #1 is a longshot. While Malzahn is perpetually on the hot seat at Auburn, I find it hard to imagine them letting him walk away to an in-division rival. #2 is a much safer bet, unless Norvell gets offered a lot more money by a higher-profiled program. I think he'd be a good fit in Fayetteville, but then again, I thought Morris would be so who knows.
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    Frogs could just as easily be at 8-1 right now...if a couple of plays in each game go our way. This team should compete for a Big XII title next year.
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    I was at the game and just rewatched it on DVR this morning. I thought the team played really hard. Max is 10x the leader that Shawn was. The defense was incredible. Wilson, Wallow Mathis, Gladney, Ardarius W, and Bethley really stood out to me. I thought Sonny called a good game under the circumstances with Duggan's injury and the quality of Baylor's defense. If the players had executed better on offense, we would've won in regulation easily. Pro dropped a sure TD, Reagor dropped another one (difficult catch but if he's going to be a first round pick it's one he needs to make), Sewo tipped one up that got intercepted and gave Baylor 3 pts, and Duggan had room to run for an easy 10-15 yd gain on his rollout and threw and interception instead. I think Duggan's finger hurt his accuracy too. It was disappointing to lose but it was one of most exciting, entertaining games I've ever been to. The fans were really loud and caused Baylor to get 3-4 false start penalties. I"m proud of the team and the fans. This is one I won't ever forget.
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    At Newport Beach in the ITA Nationals, Gray and Fearnley lost in doubles today to Aubone/Hannestad in a hotly-contested match 6-2, 6-7 (1-7), 9-11, so that's it for the Frogs in doubles there. Ali, however, is still alive in singles and he'll play tomorrow (presumably) although I can't figure out who his opponent will be as yet. At Cancun, Nick Chappell and Ajeet Rai retired in doubles after trailing 1-2 in the first set. Not sure why. But Nick is scheduled to play in the singles tomorrow against Zane Khan (ATP#1279). And Gerardo Lopez Villasenor will play Joao Lucas Reis di Silva (ATP#607). Both are in the quarters. And in Malibu, Widow and Felix Corwin won their doubles match against Altamirano/Song 2 and 3. They will now play Redlicki/Rapp tomorrow - also in the quarters.
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    If Duggan plays, I think we can win if we get takeaways and no turnovers. If Duggan doesn't play, I think we can win with takeaways and no turnovers. 22 guys out there, not just 1. I hope we get blocking like the Purdue game and interceptions like the Texas game. Regardless, it looks it will be a gorgeous fall day, the band will play, the Showgirls will be beautiful and I will be there.
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    Don't forget to vote today.
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    Someone in the hotel I'm staying in has a duck in their room. I can hear it quacking nearby. Don't think it's a kid's toy, either. Perhaps it's an emotional support duck.
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    I thought the same. I still think he could have been, but he was hindered by two problems. The first was he walked in to a roster full of Bret's players and trying to fit them into his system was like attempting to drive a square peg into a much smaller round hole. The second being that I don't think Bret's recruiting was good the last couple of classes. Add a delusional fanbase and fire happy AD that think they can go from a history of sucking in the SEC to National Champions overnight just because they were something way back when they were in the SWC, and I suspect they will be the bottom feeder of the SEC West for a long time.
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    Gotta get a W this weekend. Good thing the road teams have dominated this series as of late.
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    Off to TX today. BTW, anyone who has a chance should visit their local astro club or many museums to see a rare transit of Mercury across the Sun today.
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    Calling it now...Andy Dalton, TCU OC/QB Coach!
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    Chad Morris fired by Arkansas. What a dumbass! If he had stayed at SMU, he could have enjoyed this season and then parlayed that into a better job if he wanted. But Arkansas, shorn of their Texas recruiting is a death knell for coaches now.
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    Going to call "the shot", we beat OU straight up in two weeks.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (1-0) vs Louisiana Raging Cajuns (2-0) 7:00pm Central Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8)   FSSW   TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    Carlos didn't add the last part of GP's quote about being disappointed in his tweet, but Fo'W did, and GP also clarified that it's the most disappointed he's been *this season*.
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    Unless Tre really turns a corner in his life, I foresee him spending a large portion of his life locked up.
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    Well, this is hardly scenic, but it has nerd appeal. I replaced the original 12v battery with two 6v’s hooked in series, which gives me considerably more battery life. To make room for the extra battery, I had to downsize the propane tank from a 20 lb to a 10 lb, but considering that we’ve had the thing for 2 1/2 years and haven’t emptied the propane tank yet, I think we’ll have plenty. Since this pic was taken in September, I’ve added a fancy-schmancy battery monitor and a solar charge controller, which will come in handy when I finally get around to buying solar panels...
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    Did you intentionally find a bard GIF with white shirt and green pants?
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    Indeed. During the game on Saturday, they played the songs for each branch of the armed forces and asked veterans of them to stand up. Hard to imagine the ways in which my life would be different if it weren't for the service of the men & women I saw standing around me. I hope that any criticism I have for American foreign policy is never confused with a lack of deep gratitude for those who have served. It's a debt I'll never be able to repay. Thank you.
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    Unfortunately this didn't age well for him either, has also since been deleted. I am really hoping he stays another year...
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    I hope not yet. He's got another 2-3 good years before he should hang up his cleats.
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    I don't understand even half of what Jared posts, so you're not alone. lol I think they usually post standings from the matches they play in on the Twitter accounts.
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    A she-peat for Friskyfrog in first place for week 11! Her USC pick went against the grain for our group (only 3 of us picked the Trojans), but it proved to be big. The Ransacker moved up to second place for this slate with the smart pick of Minny, but then EMAW let him down. gofrogs152 and DUSHEE share third. It was another close game; only three points separate the top five players. Overall, it goes like this so far: 1️⃣ The PC 2️⃣ Scottish Ransacker 3️⃣ gofrogs152 Hopefully, the Frogs won't be on the slate in week 12 and I won't be forced to put them in my #10 spot and maybe I can make up some points. Let's go, Froggie Woggies!
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    I'm thinking Reagor realizes this year is not his best for the highlight reel and he comes back next year to play with an experienced Max Duggan and they light up the Big12. Blacklock, on the other hand, has had a great season and I see him moving on.
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    From your lips to God’s ear.
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    SEC likes to promote itself as the #1 college football league in the country; “….it just means more.” was their slogan for a while, and while they may be mostly right, check out these two scores before crowning the SEC this year’s King of the Hill:— Western Kentucky 45, Arkansas 19— Appalachian State 20, South Carolina 15
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    I love all our old courthouses in Texas. It's so sad to see the ones that have been forgotten and have fallen into disrepair. That website you linked is awesome!
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    This morning's play of this song made me wonder if the Frio Town Courthouse is still "standing". I snuck back in there to see it (and check it off my bucket list for Texas courthouses) about 10 years ago and it was a sad sight. I didn't dare walk inside for fear of the remains of the pieces of floor giving way and my foot landing on a rattlesnake. The memory of that piece of lost Texas makes the song that much sadder, too. Which in turn makes it that much better.
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    Only fault I assign for this game is the offensive line. Baylor defenders were going right through all day.
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    That wasn't the Rangerettes, bit I dont know who that was. Uniforms were the wrong color.
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    And the response? Or immediate commercial break and apologizing on return like they do after Corso drops an f-bomb?
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    Here's what I'm tracking as we begin the new season: Desmond Bane: Current career points: 1,253 -Needs 174 to pass Gary Turner for #10 all-time -Needs 251 to pass Lee Nailon for #9 -Needs 256 to pass Ryan Carroll for #8 -Needs 260 to pass Kurt Thomas for #7 ...needs 634 to break Darrell Browder's school record Current career steals: 85 -Needs 39 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #10 all-time -Needs 41 to pass Brent Hackett for #9 -Needs 45 to pass Darrell Browder for #8 -Needs 49 to pass Ryan Carroll for #7 ...needs 84 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Current career 3-pointers made: 157 -Needs 4 to pass Junior Blount for #10 all-time -Needs 5 to pass Marcus Shropshire for #9 -Needs 21 to pass Malcolm Johnson for #8 -Needs 26 to pass Jeff Jacos for #7 ...needs 87 to break Corey Santee's school record Kevin Samuel: Current career blocks: 77 -Needs 2 to pass Damion Walker for #10 all-time -Needs 4 to pass Marlon Dumont for #9 -Needs 5 to pass Dennis Davis for #8 -Needs 9 to pass Craig Sibley for #7 ...needs 95 to break James Penny's school record
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    If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.
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    Des says don't believe everything you hear...
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    Had a busy week and then company since Thursday so I wasn't able to log on much. Hope to be around more this week with the hated Baylor Bears coming to town! Goooooo FROGS!!!!
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    Kitten and puppy video!
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    For those of you who drink Widmer, I'm sorry that you're now drinking Bud. Anheuser-Busch bought out Portland’s pioneering Craft Brew Alliance for $220 million Monday, three months after the macrobrewer rejected a much pricier deal. The transaction cements Anheuser-Busch’s ownership of the Portland company that makes Widmer... https://www.oregonlive.com/business/2019/11/anheuser-busch-buys-total-control-of-portlands-craft-brew-alliance-for-220-million.html
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    Was the ass wearing the purple TCU hat and running his mouth ever identified? I *hate* that people like that are a part of our fan base. I agree with the grey haired Baylor staff person who asked him didn't he have anything better to do than harass these kids. All the "adults" in this video could learn from how the athletes conducted themselves. (Now I will go and vomit from complimenting RaperU. 🤮)
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