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    Give the rule some teeth and make him ineligible for the first CONFERENCE game.
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    #$%@ baylor #$%@ art briles and #$%@ mount Vernon
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    I didn't see this posted; please forgive if I missed it. Our new scoreboard is slightly larger than Baylor's: https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/7/14/20693811/revivalry-is-alive-and-well-new-tcu-scoreboard-built-with-the-bears-in-mind-baylor-rhule-patterson The loge boxes, suites, and club seats being built on the stadium’s east side will be complemented by a new, improved scoreboard as well - one that will measure 108’4” wide and 48’6” high. That’s 5,500 square feet of Snackwards Cam, for those of you playing at home. While it was a foregone conclusion that the Horned Frogs would take this opportunity to upgrade a scoreboard that left something to be desired, the measurements were set with a very specific goal in mind: be bigger than the one at the school 90 miles down I-35. Baylor's video board measures in at a barely visible 107’ wide by 47’ high. The Bears’ McLane Stadium opened in 2014. Not to critique Ms. Triebwasser's math, but that puts us at a little over 5254 ft^2 compared to baptist's 5029, a little over 225 more square feet. Suck it, rapey bears!
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    Our current 47: Carter Ware A few memorable 47s: Paul Dawson Chris Piland Matt Purke November 6, 2010: TCU takes down #6 Utah on the road, 47-7
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    Weightlifting U? TCU A Pipeline For Top Tier Athletes
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    Our current 51: Quazzel White A few memorable 51s: Robert Henson Austin Schlottmann Josh Goolsby Kenny Cain Connie Sparks Down by 22 points and without starting QB Tye Gunn, TCU rallied behind super sub Jeff Ballard to beat BYU, 51-50, in Triple OT in Provo on September 24, 2005. ...and one bonus 51: Ken Norton Jr.
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    1951 was a raunchy year... Size. Endurance. Appetite. Automated toys.
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    Ben Banogu, 2019 Colts Roosevelt Collins, 1992 Dolphins Jonathan Anderson, 2018 Bears 1991-93 Phillies ... ... and the 1993-95 Padres Scott Atchison wore #52 for the 2007 Giants ... On a side note, while looking for pics of Roosevelt Collins, I discovered that he wore 56 for the 1994 Sacramento Gold Miners and the 1995 San Antonio Texans during the CFL's brief dalliance with America. So pretend these were posted 4 days ago:
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    Our current 53: John Lanz A few memorable 53s: Max Eubank David Johnson ...and a few bonus 53s: Mark Stepnoski Dirk dropped 53 on the Rockets on December 2, 2004
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    -Cashner's first scheduled start in a Red Sox uniform is Tuesday night at Fenway against the Blue Jays. -Alex Young's first post-break start is Tuesday night opposite #Lynnsanity and the Rangers in Arlington. -Arrieta gave up 1 run in 5 IP in his first post-break start for the Phils, taking a no-decision to remain at 8-7 for the season while his ERA was trimmed to 4.54. Next scheduled start is Friday night in Pittsburgh. -Carpenter is 2-for-12 in his first three games back from injury. He's now hitting .214 for the year. -Cron struck out in his only post-break at-bat so far. He's now hitting .204 in 25 total games for the D'Backs this year. -Holaday went 1-for-3 with a walk in his first post-break appearance for the Marlins, extending his hit streak to 7 and bumping his season average up to .313
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    Big 12 Media Days is live on FS2 and the LHN. Les Miles is a terrible public speaker, but I bet Kansas is better this year than in prior years - apparently, they're going to pass a lot. Coach P is up next. He starts with the "Coach P" and "Gary" shtick and he's gonna focus on "winning" this year. He thanks Jerry Jones for hosting - it only took him 17 minutes to get to JerryWorld from campus and was able to have a staff meeting this morning. He blathers for awhile and whines about the injuries. We're older this year - he likes that - and he's "ready to go." He obfuscates about who will be the starting QB and talks about his golf game instead. He's got 6 candidates and they all "have a story" and a "chip on their shoulder." He talks about Alex Delton seeking us out and rolling his sleeves up. He talks about Mike and Justin. He says the Big 12 is getting "bigger" with much more focus on TE's. FS2 puts up a graphic saying he was the New Mexico "State" DC. He talks about the coaching history of innumerable Big12 coaches. He says TCU has a better reputation outside Texas than within it; which helps with recruiting. He's confident about his D although we're replacing NFL draftees. They need to "grow up" though. He wants to rush the passer without blitzing. He's furious with those who claim we're not a "big-time" program. He brags about the Carter and our facilities. He's appropriately obsequious to our Board, our Chancellor and that Donati guy. Our goal is to become a "blueblood" - he's furious with those who claim that we're not. He's concerned about our "mentality" and we need to grow up and have better chemistry - he's furious with those players who won't grow up and want to play but don't want to play well. That's about it - nothing on Sewo. He seems to be appropriately furious at this stage of the pre-season. Ross Blacklock does an interview - he says he's 100% and couldn't be more excited to play this year. Jalen Reagor does an interview - he likes to do things "fast" and can't imagine doing things slow. He wants to earn the Biletnikoff award. He doesn't pick a favorite QB.
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    TCU's Czech signees have cached themselves in Piestany, Slovakia this week and Tadeas and Tomas have finally decided to team up in doubles together and they will be playing tomorrow in the opening round. In singles, Tadeas (ATP# 657 - seeded 5th) will be playing fellow Czech Marek Jaloviek (ATP #744) and Tomas will be facing Marko Miladinovic. Piestany is known for its spa (with outdoor pools), which Beethoven and various Kaisers frequented and its museums.
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    Marvin White, 2010 Bengals Paul Dawson, 2015-16 Bengals (I think this is the only example of two Frogs wearing the same number for the same team) ... ... and the 2017 Seahawks Justin Rowland #47, 2nd row about 1/3 of the way across from the left, 1961 Vikings Egypt Allen was one of the six players suspended by Wacker during the "living death penalty" era of the mid-80s and played in 6 games, 3 as a 'scab' replacement player, during the 1987 NFL season, wearing #47 for the Bears. A couple of ignominious bullets on the resume. I can't find a picture of him. In the first of 12 appearances on the countdown is Jim Busby who wore #47 in his 1950 rookie season for the White Sox. Despite a journeyman 13-year career where he wore 12 different numbers for 6 different franchises, you can find damn few pictures of him with his actual jersey number revealed. So I'll just try to find a picture on the right team from the right year and you'll have to take baseball-reference.com's word that he actually had the number on his back ...
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    Travin Howard, 2018-present Rams Scott Atchison, 2010-12 Red Sox ... ... and 2014-15 Indians Andrew Cashner, 2010-11 Cubs ... ... and 2016 Marlins
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    Andrew Cashner traded to the Red Sox.
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    Clint Gresham, 2011-15 Seahawks Jake Arrieta, 2013-17 Cubs ... ... and 2018-present Phillies Alex Young, 2019 D-Backs
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    -Lat Mayen is no longer on the roster -The Frogs will play Clemson in the MGM Tournament in Vegas on November 24th, then either Colorado or Wyoming in the final or 3rd place game on the 26th.
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    Damn, I need to write this stuff down somewhere...
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    I spent a lot of time with Tut when I covered the tennis team for the Skiff in the mid-'90s. He was a wonderful man and a tremendous coach, a true inspiration. Tennis was the best sport on campus back then. He put it on the map at TCU.
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    My son was lucky enough to have met Tut a few years ago while doing some work for him at his home. He had never heard of Tut before then but he came home talking about this really cool old guy he had met. RIP Tut.
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    Evan Skoug has gone deep in his last two games for Advanced-A Winston-Salem (White Sox)
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    Lenoy Jones, 1999-02 Browns Robert Henson, 2009 Redskins Ken Henson wore #51 for the 1965 Steelers. He only played in 4 games as a center. The lineman in this picture looks like he is wearing a number that ends in '1' (although it could be '7') but I have very little faith that he is actually Henson. But the photo is labeled as from 1965, so we are going to pretend it is him. Edit: if you zoom way in on the helmet, he is wearing '51' so maybe by some chance it is him!
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    I'd have rolled it into scratch-off lottery tickets.
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    Joey Hunt, 2016-present Seahawks Hugh Pitts, 1960 Oilers Jason Phillips, 2011-12 Panthers John Briscoe, 1991-96 A's
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    Shellac time! This next one was released in 1953 as a 10" 78rpm (G-304) and as a 7" 45rpm (G-7304) in 1954. This is the song that was responsible for making Marvin Gaye a musician. It is that great...
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    Really enjoying these record labels....
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    And it was announced today that Cashner will wear 48 for the Red Sox, but no pic at this point ...
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    He recorded over 200 songs, and picking just one probably is impossible, but I would start here... I have to double dip here...
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    A comprehensive list of tournaments can be found here. Two on campus games associated with this tournament can be expected, with opponents TBD: https://www.bloggingthebracket.com/2018/10/24/18020280/2019-20-college-basketball-early-season-tournaments-events-mte-neutral-site-showcases-thanksgiving Heavyweight (Host) Semifinals (Sun., Nov. 24) Colorado Buffaloes (Pac-12) vs. Wyoming Cowboys (MW), 8 p.m. (ESPN3)TCU Horned Frogs (Big 12) vs. Clemson Tigers (ACC), approx. 10:30 p.m. (ESPN2) Heavyweight Finals (Tue., Nov. 26) Consolation: 9 p.m.Championship: approx. 11:30 p.m. (ESPN2) Middleweight Bracket (Visiting) Teams (4?): UC Irvine Anteaters (Big West) (The D1 Docket via Twitter), 3 TBA? Undercard (On-Campus) Games TBA UC Irvine at Colorado (The D1 Docket via Twitter) UC Irvine at Wyoming
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    Your guide to 13 early-season college basketball tournaments https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27163155/your-guide-13-early-season-college-basketball-tournaments
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    I think the foul is for playing without a helmet, so I'm saying True. Which means the correct answer is False.
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    Good news! LB Dylan Jordan will be able to play for the Frogs after all. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Good-news-Dylan-Jordan-133584648/
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    Nick Orr and Derrick Kindred knocking Daje Johnson out of the game in TCU's 50-7 win over the Longhorns in 2015
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    Ryan Tucker, 1997-01 Rams Guy Morriss, 1974-1983 Eagles https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1952-bowman-small-115-keith-flowers-1728157030 Keith Flowers wore #50 for the 1952 Lions. The front side of this card is Keith in his TCU uniform, which I already posted two weeks ago, because he also wore #64 for the Dallas Texans during the same 1952 season. Scott Atchison, 2013 Mets Bryan Holaday, 2012-17 Tigers https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1971-cleveland-indians-baseball-photo-1908986474 According to the website where this is posted, one of these guys is Chuck Machemehl, who wore #50 for the 1971 Indians. I'm not sure which guy it is. Pretty sure it isn't one of the black guys. And he was a 25-year old rookie in his only MLB season, so it isn't one of the older guys on the top row. And he was a pitcher, so I assume they wouldn't show him batting, even if this was the year prior to the advent of the DH in the AL, or the guy posing like an infielder. And he was right-handed, so the lefthander is out. So that narrows us down to: top row #2 or #3 or middle row #1. Goo Kennedy, 1972-73 Chapparals ... ... and the 1974 Spurs
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    The long awaited answer is B. New rule this year.
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    For chicken, I seasoned with a Williams Sonoma rub, vacu-sealed, sous vide at 160 for a little over an hour and then seared on the grill. For the Lobster, I thawed briefly in some water in the sink, cut off the sharp tips of the shell (so as to not puncture the bag, then cut down the top of the shell to separate the meat from the shell. Then I tucked the meat back into the shell, added about 4 TB of butter to the bag with the 2 tails. I should have added some salt and perhaps Tarragon. Sous Vide at 140 for 60 minutes. As for finding stuff to sous-vide, I highly recommend this site: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/topics/method/sous-vide#techniques and these guys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpFuaxD-0PKLolFR3gWhrMw/videos The youtube guys are kind of goofy but, once you get past that, they put out great info and ideas. I learned a good deal from their experiments.
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    GP says QBs are healthier. Grad transfers are providing good leadership. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/tcuhornedfrogs/2019/07/10/gary-patterson-updates-tcus-qb-competition-thinks-horned-frogs-better-position-year-ago
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    I did sous vide lobster tails last night that were pretty fantastic. I should have added some salt, but the texture was perfect.
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    A few memorable 52s: Ross Forrest Michael Keathley The legendary Clif Alexander Jeff Ballard was 20-23 for 288 yards and 5 TDs / 0 INT as TCU shut out San Diego State, 52-0, in November of 2006 ...and one bonus 52: Calvin Booth - unlikely hero of the 2001 first round series comeback/upset win against the Jazz
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    Well, there was definitely an Alex Rybakov sighting today as I watched him lose to Max Purcell 6-7 (3-7), 3-6 in the opening round at the Winnetka Challenger. It was his debut as a full-time pro and he (mostly) played well - in the first set, it was Rybo who mostly dictated play and earned the applause from the (smallish) crowd on Court 5. He got up a break and I thought he was the better player and would clearly win. But the ump gave him a time warning and he was called for a foot fault and this seemed to unnerve him and Purcell immediately broke back and the set went to a breaker at 6-all. Which I thought he was going to win, but that didn't happen as Purcell took a big lead early and ended up winning 7-3. The 2nd set was pretty even but the Aussie got a break and Alex never recovered. I still think Alex was more talented but Purcell was clearly more consistent and didn't make nearly as many unforced errors. The last point was a bad call as Purcell's serve was out, but that's not how the lines judge called it, so c'est la vie. Alex seemed so dejected and mad at himself that I decided not to bother him with any spurious Frog talk/fanboy behavior. He did appear to have a new coach who's name I don't know - maybe he's the USTA guy that is supposed to be helping him for a year or so because Rybo won that tourney last fall. They conclaved immediately after the match and had an animated discussion about something; which I tried to overhear but couldn't. My take is that Rybo lost because he wasn't wearing purple and was wearing blue instead - it was so humid that he went through multiple shirts and water bottles (I was sitting about 4 feet from him most of the time). It's good that he's back on tour after his brief vacation. (Afterwards, I watched another match or two - man, that Thai-son Kwiatkowski is such a jerk!).
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    Doug Meacham gets a job with the St Louis XFL team. https://247sports.com/college/kansas/Article/KU-football-Doug-Meacham-new-offensive-coordinator-for-XFL-St-Louis-Jon-Hayes-133522609/
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    Army linebacker Zach Watts (53) celebrates an interception by linebacker Stephen Anderson (50) during the first half of the 2010 Armed Forces Bowl against SMU, to secure Army's first bowl win in 25 years and Army's first winning season in 14 wins. As you may recall, this game was held in Dallas, while AGC was being renovated. Much like when TCU visits Ford Stadium to play SMU, the crowd was more than 75% Army fans, despite SMU playing at home.
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