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    One W and 2 L's today at the qualies in Waco. Alastair Gray lost 4 and 4 to Vasil Kirkov and Eduardo Roldan lost 6-7 (3-7), 0-6 to Eric Morris. But Tadeas Paroulek won easily 2 and 1 over Nevin Arimilli and has advanced to the main draw along with both Rybo and Nick Chappell (whose name I didn't see until today). So, 3 Frogs remain - Rybo will face off against Jonathan Gray (ATP#597 - a Brit but no relation to Ali), Nick will play Daniel Nguyen (ATP#400) and Tadeas will play Adam Jones (NR - also a Brit). All are first rounders.
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    Apologies for the delay, but BIG congratulations to our PERFECT SCORE WINNERS for week 7, Zebra Frog and The Purple Troll! Bet y'all were sweating that Temple win a little bit, though, right? Had Wife of Troll picked just one point the other way, she, too, could have shared the perfect score accolades for the week. But, that's the way the kick off bounces, as they say (or so I've heard...). Anyway, Zebra and Troll share 1st place for week 7 and gofrogs152 has 3rd place. We all did pretty well, so WTG, everyone! Our group is stacking up like this: 1st place, Arrrgggh; 2nd place, The PC (as some call him); 3rd place, Scottish Ransacker. Nine points is all that separates the top six places. Let's keep playing! GO FROGS!
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    Froze my ass off today even in full foul gear. Nor'easter with 35 mph winds and rain blowing down the arm w/ temps in high 30s (damned mid-Atlantic hurricane system is drawing down polar air plus the same system that was out west a few days ago). Pulled 8 boats but was slow going due to conditions. About 1 hour/lift. I was lift #7. Came home, got under 2 blankets and sat back in my recliner. Woke up an hour ago. Anyway, boat is out of the water for the season. Still some winterizing to do but forecast looks a lot warmer in a few days. Sad.
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