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    Alex Isola leads off B9. HBP. Apparently, I missed the UT pitching change in the 8th. But it hardly matters as the Horns go to the pen. Guenther. Walk. Bases 67% reptilian w/ no outs. Brad Smith pinch running for Guenther at 1st. Austin Henry. Wild pitch - runners advance to 2nd & 3rd. WILD PITCH 2-1, Frog on 3rd, no outs. Henry walks, Frogs on the corners, no outs. Johnny Rocket. Double, 2-2.
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    Uh, thankfully, we don't have to rely on Chuck to cover tennis! Wow - a 3-hour match! Who could've thunk it??!!
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    UT gets a two out double in T7. And Lodolo’s 100th pitch is a strike out to take us to the stretch.
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    And it’s another lead off single for UT in T6. And it’s another DOUBLE PLAY! Single. STRUCK HIM OUT! Still no score going into B6.
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    UT gets a lead off single in T4. Strike out, one away. Johnny Rocket. At the wall. Sportscenter. Two away. Runner tagged out stealing 2nd. No score after 3 1/2.
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    I'm allowed. It's not creepy for me to fangirl The Torso™.
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    I’m just a hard-boiled sports journalist, reporting all facets of the game as I see them.
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    Holy cow, J. We should pay you more for this in-depth analysis.
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