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    You guys can flame me, but I’m actually optimistic. I REALLY like Duggan’s development game by game. He reminds me of Andy Dalton (who had a horrendous freshman season.) So we’re not making the playoffs or a New Years Six, but the future holds promise.
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    We are a rifle school anyway...
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    19 tackles for Wallow.
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    San Jose just beat Arky 31-24. That $EC grind is legit.
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    Damn, wish I would have thought of that come back!
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    I don't think this offense works with GP. It did for one year - the first, and that was with a freak of a QB and WR. Otherwise, it's just not working. Oh yeah - no in and out sucks, period.
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    The winningest program in history?
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    Also: The milkshake was good, although not on the happy hour half price menu. No matter how old I get, college girls stay the same age. Tha Fat Shack in the Grand Marc makes a good sandwich.
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    Also: Niang kept going to the training table to have his left leg massaged and stretched. It didn’t look like anything broken or torn but he eventually left the game with Myers coming in.
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    In and out, just like a Shaq free throw...
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    I am now officially in the fire Cumbie boat. Get rid of him. I heard Meachum is looking for work, or see if we can bring the OC from Army, and just not pass the rest of the year.
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    Fixed it for you.
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    I disagree. For college ball there are still rivalries and traditions that should be upheld. This series has been going on for a century and has had many great games. Our 1-11 season under Sullivan with our 1 win knocking the ponies out of a bowl was great. They also didn't drop us in the 70s. I don't mind if we went to every other year with the home and home, then mix in UH, Rice or UNT in the between years. As to the home only - STFU. That is elitist speak reserved for A&M and Bama losers, and we aren't them. Stay humble and remember that TCU could still end up back in another conference should the Big 12 implode or the top 20 blue bloods take their money ball and go away.
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    TCU 31 SMU 30.5 Ball hits the upright and splits into two with half going through the uprights. Officials pull out an obscure "watermelon" rule that states if "just as it is possible to eat half a watermelon, if half of the ball goes through the goalposts, the kicking team shall be awarded half a point." GP adjusts his mantra to "win by a half a point" in a wandering post game interview where, among other things, clandestine WWI military tactics by the "neutral" Dutch and whether the sitar is a rock instrument are discussed.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (2-0, 0-0) vs SMU Mustangs (3-0, 0-0) 2:30pm Central Saturday, September 21, 2019 Amon G. Carter Stadium Fort Worth, Texas TCU 38 - SMU 41 Final Score GoFrogs Box Score (.pdf) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8) Accuweather.com Weather.com Weather Underground TCU Football Facebook TCU Football Twitter The Rest of the B12 this week ▼
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    Well after over a year of cardio and weight work I am below 200, have lost 10 inches, lost 55 pounds, and have gained a goodly amount of muscle mass. Always got a lot of cardio actually, but never found it did much for weight. Stalled on getting a new wardrobe, but couldn't belt things any tighter. Got 3 pairs of new pants yesterday! Shirts are pretty loose around the stomach too. But I'll go with them. The best thing is that with all the strength work--especially upper body--I have gotten rid of a ton of pain in shoulder, back, and (referred from back) the ball joint under/inside the butt. Take zero Celebrex any more and far less CBD. Even can throw a bit which I haven't been able to do in 2 decades. Riding my bike up hill now is 2, even 3, gear ratios higher on the rear sprocket of my 24 speed! Doc has reduced my BP/statin meds as well. Only down side is a neighbor sorta' sotto voce asked my daughter recently if I'm terminal. I suppose now at my age the answer is yes, but not yet.
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    So I just found out that a guy I work pretty closely with got killed riding his bike into work this morning. Not sure how to process that ...
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