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    I'll give you my thoughts. GMFP will pick apart the films from the OU/KSU and OU/ISU to no end. If those two teams can do what they did to OU, GMFP can too! OU will be coming off a thumping of Baylor (let down) while TCU will be coming off a win at Sand Aggie. TCU wins 34-31. Side Note: I love purple Kool Aid
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    So do they drive, like, really nice minivans?
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    We appreciate your service and sacrifice and that of your families and loved ones. You actually do make America great. 🇺🇸
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    How is Indiana ranked? Wins over... 4-5 Ball State 1-9 E Illinois 2-8 Connecticut 2-7 Rutgers 3-7 Maryland 4-5 Nebraska 1-8 Northwestern Losses to... 4-5 Michigan State 9-0 OSU No wins against teams .500 or better. 1-1 against 4-5 Big Ten teams.
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    Well, this is hardly scenic, but it has nerd appeal. I replaced the original 12v battery with two 6v’s hooked in series, which gives me considerably more battery life. To make room for the extra battery, I had to downsize the propane tank from a 20 lb to a 10 lb, but considering that we’ve had the thing for 2 1/2 years and haven’t emptied the propane tank yet, I think we’ll have plenty. Since this pic was taken in September, I’ve added a fancy-schmancy battery monitor and a solar charge controller, which will come in handy when I finally get around to buying solar panels...
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    Did you intentionally find a bard GIF with white shirt and green pants?
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    He needs to be in the Top 56 on June 8, 2020, he needs to have been nominated for the British Davis Cup team twice between 2016-2010, he needs to be in the Top 6 of all British men players and the Brits are limited to 4 total men players and he needs to be in good standing with the Olympic Committee. He's 54th currently, he's already been on the British Davis Cup team twice and he's #2 of all male Brits right now. I'd say the chances are good so long as he stays ranked high enough.
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    I think we win this because I've noticed a trend. We beat the teams we lost to last season and lost to the teams we beat. Beat last year and lost to this year: SMU, ISU, K St, OSU, Baylor. Lost to last year and beat this year: KU, UT, Big 10 (OSU/Purdue). If the trend holds, we win out. The streak starts this week!!!
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    I'll have what you're smoking....
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    I thought the same. I still think he could have been, but he was hindered by two problems. The first was he walked in to a roster full of Bret's players and trying to fit them into his system was like attempting to drive a square peg into a much smaller round hole. The second being that I don't think Bret's recruiting was good the last couple of classes. Add a delusional fanbase and fire happy AD that think they can go from a history of sucking in the SEC to National Champions overnight just because they were something way back when they were in the SWC, and I suspect they will be the bottom feeder of the SEC West for a long time.
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    It makes me sad knowing Baylol should have 2 losses.... but so should OU
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    Unfortunately this didn't age well for him either, has also since been deleted. I am really hoping he stays another year...
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    Here's what I'm hearing from Razorback fans in regard to their priority: 1) Somehow convince Malzahn to leave Auburn and come "home" 2) Norvell. I think #1 is a longshot. While Malzahn is perpetually on the hot seat at Auburn, I find it hard to imagine them letting him walk away to an in-division rival. #2 is a much safer bet, unless Norvell gets offered a lot more money by a higher-profiled program. I think he'd be a good fit in Fayetteville, but then again, I thought Morris would be so who knows.
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    I hope not yet. He's got another 2-3 good years before he should hang up his cleats.
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    1100 is the best time for a game in Lubbock. It allows you to get out of town sooner.
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    There is no limit on the number of roster players; there is, however, a limit on the number of scholarships that may be awarded. For the men, it is 4.5 full scholarships, which are rarely offered in full and are instead usually given partially (and then can be combined with academic or other types of scholarships and grants and loans). For the women, the limit is 8 full scholarships. I post scores from wherever the tournaments are and they are from all over the planet. Tennis is an international sport and future Frogs, current Frogs and former Frogs play in tourneys that span the globe. The entire roster rarely travels in full; in the Fall, the players are eligible to play in pro tourneys and they pick and choose where they want to play (college-only amateur events or pro) depending on a wide variety of factors, including cost, available prize money, location and the level of tournament it is (Transition; Futures. Challengers; ATP-level events). There are variances between the women's and men's games but they are mostly the same and the differences could be the subject of a much longer post. During the fall, there are no "standings;" just rankings. In the Spring, when team competition begins, there are standings in each conference and overall. The best TCU tennis coverage anywhere is on the Froghorn and in this thread because it synthesizes all of the multitudinous sources that cover things partially.
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    For those of you who drink Widmer, I'm sorry that you're now drinking Bud. Anheuser-Busch bought out Portland’s pioneering Craft Brew Alliance for $220 million Monday, three months after the macrobrewer rejected a much pricier deal. The transaction cements Anheuser-Busch’s ownership of the Portland company that makes Widmer... https://www.oregonlive.com/business/2019/11/anheuser-busch-buys-total-control-of-portlands-craft-brew-alliance-for-220-million.html
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