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    Just did both bone scan and chest CT and all are clear! My son is officially in remission! His central line is being removed on Monday afternoon and he is very much looking forward to take a real shower for the first time in 8 months! He's slowly getting his energy back and that can be a bit frustrating at times, but he's looking forward to going back to college at the end of January and getting on with his life. Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers, good wishes, and general support. Someone was saying to me earlier today that, even if you are not religious, it's helps to believe in the power of collective positive energy. We have felt that and it has made a big difference in our lives. This is the best and only Christmas present I will ever need.
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    For those of you who have been following my son's cancer treatment, both the chest CT and bone scan came back and he is cancer free! The doctors think they want to do 2 more courses of chemo, which should get us done right at the beginning of November. We can handle that knowing that there is still no sign of metastasis 6 months since they first found the tumor. Every 3 months is going to be a roller coaster, with us holding our breath for scan results, but right now we are celebrating the news. He's working on his application to go back to college in January and he just saw his old boss who told him he has a job to come back to once he is better. It's so awesome to see him excited about the future. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support. It's meant the world to know that people I don't know would pray for my son.
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    While the Aggies are busy looking up the names, occupations and home addresses of the umpires from the Super Regional, they may not have the time to reflect on what really happened. So I wanted to suggest how they may look at it. The A&M Continues its dominance of TCU baseball Following the tragic end to The 2016 A&M season there appear to be some fools who think TCU might be better than A&M in baseball. To help clear this up it is important to look at the whole picture and compare the programs. 1. SEC this should be sufficient right off the bat, because as the immortal Bo Wallace told his teammates during Ole Miss’s blowout 42-3 win over TCU in the Peach Bowl, “We’re the SEC guys, we expect to win”. (I can’t give the exact date because when I went to look up the game, there appears to be some kind of error that shows TCU actually won this game. But that can’t be right because SEC (see point 1) and on top of that Ole Miss had by far the highest payroll in the $EC. Advantage A&M 2. NCAA Regional Play In the last decade A&M and TCU have been assigned to the same regional twice, one in College Station and one in Fort Worth. In truly dominant fashion A&M won all but two of these tournaments. Although TCU won both regionals it is clear that no significant pattern can be observed since not all games were head to head. Advantage None 3. Bubbles Only A&M could invent such a high tech and wonderful tradition of bringing bubbles to the ballpark, technology normally reserved for four year birthday parties but raised to another level by our crack Engineering School. True some of the accursed frogs did invest $2.98 in automated bubble machines to mock us but this is to their everlasting shame. Ever since E King Crockett blew bubbles at the Alamo to ward off Santa Anna, this has been a Texas tradition so when they mock it they are being disrespectful to our whole state, while we continue to honor this tradition and lead our baseball team to the same outcome as the Texans at the Alamo. Advantage A&M 4. NCAA Super Regional Play In the last two years the A&M and TCU have been paired in the super Regional twice once in Fort Worth and once in College Station. In 2015, TCU prevailed but only after Eric Hyman betrayed us into playing in Fort Worth. (I have to give the wily and devious Frogs credit for playing the long game here when they shipped their AD to USCe so that we would be fooled into hiring him and thinking he was now true SEC when his loyalty was really to TCU). Since it is impossible to win a super regional on the road, this betrayal invalidated the results. In 2016, the A&M showed its true dominance on Saturday, but since the only true determination of a baseball team is 162 games, we were cheated out of 159 games which also invalidated the results. Advantage inconclusive 5. Boomer White We captured their best player and returned him to the land of his ancestors. Since the SEC (see point 1) is so much stronger than the Big XII it would be shown when the Big XII player of the year would have trouble even starting at an SEC powerhouse. (I am receiving some late information that Mr White was not player of the year in the Big XII but was player of the year in the SEC.) Its going to take more research to show how this proves SEC superiority. Advantage Never mind 6. NCAA CWS Play Here is where the true dominance shows up. In the last 10 years A&M has only lost 2 games while TCU has lost 6 and might lose even more since they are going again. Some might point out that they have also won some games and we have not but that is not a big deal since we won a CWS game once (I can’t remember when since I can only find the results back 20 years but one of my friends told me about it). Clearly the losses matter most. Advantage A&M 7. School Spirit Do I even need to bother. Sure their 600 fans could be heard over almost all of our fans in our own stadium (except for those of us who were abusing our own players as the game went on). But they even have female cheerleaders. And in addition to having our Math department devise charts to help us count to 8, we invented the diablolically clever “Purple Baylor” chant. Elsewhere on the interweb, it has been suggested that we chanted this because they wear purple and we got raped. But actually it is because calling someone Baylor is an insult and TCU wears purple. Who else would have thought of that? Not to mention our decades old cry of “Gig Em” to demonstrate our preoccupation with frogs. Well at least we can sing about abusing an animal 100 years ago that belonged to another school we envy. Advantage A&M 8. Unfair seeding in the NCAA Tournament Because of our obvious excellence the SEC (see point 1) was forced to have all seven teams host all of their tournament games. No other conference had the added pressure of playing all their games at home. Despite this huge burden we still got one of 7 teams through to Omaha which the big XII could never do. They barely got three teams through to Omaha and only had to host half their games. In addition, because the SEC is so awesome (see point 1), our teams beat each other up in regular season play and then are a: exhausted and b: bored when playing lesser teams in the post season so they can’t show their true excellence. (I don’t quite have my heart in this one but this is a piece of misdirection that ESPN tells me always works.) Advantage A&M Overall I think this clearly shows the dominance of the A&M since we clearly win several categories and TCU wins none. Such analysis should not even be required except for the ignorant few who still believe sports should be settled on the field. This goes against the entire grain of modern thinking where conference affiliation, ESPN, PR departments and attendance decide things before the game even starts. If it were not for such antiquated attitudes we would be able to just assert our claims and squeeze our private parts as God intended without all this pesky competition.
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    We appreciate the conversations that have occurred on both boards today and the spirit of reconciliation behind them. The story of how TheFrogHorn came to be is much more complicated than has been portrayed, but we have no interest in rehashing old wounds. From the beginning the Founders have embraced the idea that the TCU online community is enhanced by having more options rather than less, and a spirit of cooperation rather than competition. To that end, we have always had links to the other boards at the top and welcome discussion around content found elsewhere. The bottom line is that we like what we have here, and we are grateful for all of you that have joined us. If Killerfrogs wants to remove all of the bannings and filter insults, our members will be able to enjoy both sites as we have always encouraged them to. If anyone from Killerfrogs wants to join us at one of our tailgates next season, we will gladly share a beer and brisket together. We have never been in search of a fight, just an open, respectful environment for TCU fans to share their passion. Some days we succeed at this better than others, but we hope that everyone is enjoying the ride.
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    We were shocked and saddened to hear that Scott Nix passed away last night. Our prayers are with his family and those who were close to him. While it's true that we obviously had our differences with Scott, we are mindful that he is one of the primary reasons we are all here. Almost all of us here experienced years of joy and pain together following TCU on killerfrogs.com, and we thank Scott for the effort and resources he put into running that site. He helped create a virtual home for Frogs from all over the world. Although we ended up going in different direction with The Frog Horn, we know that Scott's love for TCU was obvious and abundant. The Horned Frog community has lost one of its most ardent fans.
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    I want to thank everyone for their love and support over the last several years. I thought I had prepared myself for this moment but I hadn't. I guess you really can't. The last several weeks were very tough and I try to remind myself that he is no longer suffering. He was so incredibly strong and brave. So I am trying to be strong like he was. Tyler participated in the Rapid Autopsy program through Johns Hopkins University so they were able to gather cancer tissue for multiple research entities, to include Hopkins, the Children's Oncology Group, NIH, and others (including one at Texas Tech). Tyler said repeatedly that he was given a chance because of others who went before him, so it was important to do whatever he could to help others. He told us he wanted to do this as soon as he learned his diagnosis was terminal. So he met with the pathologist at Hopkins to discuss his wishes and to make arrangements in advance to identify where the tissue samples would go. Dr. Reynolds at Texas Tech said the Navy Seals have a saying: "You are never out of the fight." He said that with Tyler's multiple donations to science, he will continue his brave fight against this terrible disease. His memorial will be next Saturday, 10/21. I didn't want to have a memorial because I don't want to have to grieve publically. But my brave and beautiful son deserves to be honored and remembered, so that is what we will do. I want to sincerely thank everyone here for their support, PMs, and donations to the Children's hospital. Trust me, that money is needed, especially in a place like Baltimore. Know that you are joining Tyler in his continued fight against cancer. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with such a kind, caring group. I wish I had better words to express my gratitude.
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    Hello, everyone! Christie here (Old Scribe's daughter). Your comments have brought such great comfort to me and to my mother. Let me assure you that she never thought of you all as "imaginary friends." He talked about you with such glee. Froghorn really was a home away from home. I thought I would let you know that the visitation was very "Pat." We had big band music playing in the background, TCU caps scattered throughout the room, and enlarged copies of several of his columns positioned so guests could read them comfortably. There were also pictures of Old Scribe in his favorite vacation spot, Maine, and with my daughter, Katie, through the years. I hope you can see the picture below! My very, very best, Christie Truly (Old Scribe's daughter)
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    Okay, so this is mostly just a shameless ploy to post a cute photo of my kid, but still, I thought this was a pretty strong frog sign for a 3-year old.
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    Frognaddies, numerous posters have asked you to let it go. Whatever slight you think happened, it's not nearly as big as you're making it out to be. If you can't let it go, then maybe it's time for you to go to a place where you can be happy. I can assure you, the rest of us are perfectly happy here.
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    I'm here by choice. I was part of the second great exodus and was banned not because of anything I said over there, just simply because I posted over here and suggested that we encourage other frog fans to check out this site. That was the whole of my transgressions. Then I received some disturbing emails from Scott that had my husband ready to get in the car and drive all the way to Texas to have a chat with him. I've popped ever there from time to time and will have to check out this thread everyone is referring to. But the truth is this site just fits me better. I really have no tolerance for internet tough guys, folks who want to re-create their middle school cliques, or people who just like to create drama for the sake of drama. I'd like to think of myself as an adult and prefer spending time with others that feel the same. I get that here. Realize this site may not be to everyone's taste and that's OK. After all these years, it's really time for the drama to end.
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    Nothing to lose. Let's go play some ball.
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    Don't worry, your time is coming... First they banned the Female Feminists and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Female Feminist. Then they quietly banned the Outspoken Posters, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't aware. Then they banned the Bi-Bordials, and I didn't speak out because they didn't know my dual screen names. Then they banned me, and there was no one left to speak for me but Roddog and his clones, but his mouth was full of fried chicken.
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    That's tough news to break to a kid. Probably best done over dinner at Pappadeaux.
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    Sorry PD, been very busy. So he was accepted into a immunotherapy clinical trial, which essentially hopes to train his immune system to identify the cancer cells and kill them. He did a ton of tests yesterday for the study, which included a Chest CT which showed no remaining signs of cancer. So the hope is that this new treatment will seek out and destroy any microscopic cancer cells that may remain, and he can get back to his life. We will do 5 courses of treatment, with each course being a 28 day cycle. He goes into the hospital next Monday for the first infusion, and hopefully will come home 2 days later. If all goes well treatmet would be done by end of May. So apprecaite all prayers that this new treatment destroys any remaining cancer once and for all.
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    The surgery went about as well as can be expected. They believe they got all of it and there was no visible evidence of disease anywhere else that they could see. They took only a very little part of his lung as well as a portion of the pericardium around his heart, where it had attached. He's been in good spirits this evening though a decent amount of pain. They've upped his pain medicines and I'm looking at him resting in his bed right now. Thank you to everyone for the prayers and well wishes. It can't put into words what it means to know that people literally around the world are praying for my son. We needed every last prayer and are so appreciative to everyone who took the time out of their lives to say prayers for Tyler or to send positive thoughts his way. While the recurrence is still a big set back in many ways, we are taking today's extremely positive outcome as a blessing and looking forward to working with the doctors to developing an aggressive treatment plan and getting him back healthy again. God bless all of you.
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    There are a lot of unsavory things about college football. It can and does chew up and spit out a lot of young lives for the sake of ad revenue.But speaking for myself, I couldn't be a fan of a team if I didn't truly believe that its players are better off for having played there. There are a lot of programs where that isn't true, but I've never had any doubt about Gary Patterson and TCU. I've watched the Frogs' slow climb to greatness for 14 years, and I went to Pasadena, and as proud as I was on that glorious day, I've never been prouder to be a TCU fan than the day of Coach P's press conference after Casey's DWI. He said that there were more important things than wins and losses. He said it was supposed to be about the kids. And his actions backed up his words. And in case you didn't notice, it was announced that every single one of the seniors introduced at the Senior Day ceremonies yesterday either has earned or will earn a degree by the end of this year. There are other great coaches out there that do it right. Bill Snyder comes to mind. But our guy has built a program that you can be a fan of without having to compromise your principles. Baylor can compromise. We don't have to. Go Frogs.
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    It's no problem to figure out what's wrong with the Frogs...look at the other posts on here, much less what folks are saying on Scout, Rivals and KFC (they are ready to lynch everyone from the regents down to the student trainers). Okay. So how did the Frogs fall into this pothole? It may go to sheer numbers. Look at this year's lineup. Then look at what we would have anticipated being this year's lineup (especially in the OL) two years back. In 2011 (when TCU had a pretty good year and looked forward to 2 more seasons of Pachall passing and Boyce catching, etc.) you saw that there were a bunch of good OL prospects who were sophs or redshirt freshmen (Fabuluje, Mike Thompson, Wellington, Tausch, Dunbar, Horn) who were getting to learn while Kyle Dooley, Blaize Foltz, Fry and Olson (all seasoned juniors and seniors) started. A problem? Hey, just plug TE Robert Deck in at tackle and move along. But by 2012, Fabuluje was a starter, Tausch played quite a bit but Thompson was hurt, Dunbar was a books casualty, Wellington disappeared and Horn was long gone in the weed raid. Now Fabuluje is gone, Thompson is through and that's why we see so many sophomores (Vaitai, Collins, Hunt, Naff ) and even a freshman (Morris) having to step in early, ready or not. Learning on the job can be difficult. In all, 14 guys from the 2009 recruiting class are unavailable now, one way or another. Five from that class are playing or started the year playing-- Dunbar, Waymon James, Pachall, Wooldridge and Tausch. They are all 5th year men. Not many seniors on this squad. The next year's class (2010) has eight members currently playing. Five of that year's bright recruits are gone via injuries (Matt Anderson, Ethan Grant, David Johnson, Blake Roberts and Michael Thompson). There is talent in that group. Three more are gone for other reasons (Wellington, Antonio Graves and Travaras Battle). As a result of this unusual amount of attrition (weed raid, lotsa injuries, some grade problems, etc.) the present lineup shows 3 seniors starting on defense, one of whom (Verrett) came from junior college and one (Koontz) walked on. On offense there are 4 seniors playing...that's not 4 starting, that's 4 of the top 22. I will not point fingers. There were surely recruiting mistakes made (there always are), but no one counted on the weed raid or a plethora of injuries, many of them career-ending. The bright side is that all these guys from the 2011-12-13 recruiting classes (guys like Vaitai and Gilbert and Catalon and (yes) Boykin and Matthews and Porter and Slanina and Luper and Lathan and mcFarland and Hunter and Pierson and Lewis and Lawson and Fields and perhaps Dawson and Sam Carter and Hackett and Kevin White and Derrick Kindred) are not only talented but by now are experienced and will be moreso in 2014. In case you didn't notice, 12 of those I just mentioned are on defense. It ain't all doom and gloom, but it does require patience and a little luck.
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    Four months and seven days ago, our Founders brought forth in this bandwith a new fan board, conceived without trolls, and dedicated to the open, respectful exchange of ideas among fans and friends of TCU. Now we are engaged in a great exodus from another site, testing whether that fan board, or any fan board so conceived and so dedicated, can maintain sufficient bandwidth without having pledge drives with tote bags. We are met in a thread of that exodus. We have come to dedicate a portion of that thread as the final resting place for those who elsewhere gave their fan board memberships that freedom might live. It is altogether fiting and proper that we should do this. But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this thread. The brave men and women, suspended or banned, who struggled there, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did there. It is for us, the Horned Frog nation, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought there have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored banned we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these fans shall not have been banned in vain -- that this fan board, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that fandom of the members, by the members, for the members, shall not perish from the earth.
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    "Good" game, Frogs (for some values of "good"). See you in 2020!
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    I found this site, maybe by accident, and I'm thankful for it....Recognize some names from the other site....You guys here are a lot nicer to each other than over there....
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    I got away from doing this during the football season because, well, last fall was last fall. Some fun things happening on the hardwood now, though! Karviar Shepherd: Current career blocked shots: 102 (5th all-time) -Current pace of 0.2 per game this season makes it unlikely he'll move up on the list Vladimir Brodziansky: Current season total blocked shots: 56 (8th all-time). -Needs 6 to pass Alvardo Parker (2007) for 7th -Current pace of 2.4 per game should put him in position to pass Derrick Davenport's 74 blocks in 2001 for the #2 slot (behind Davenport's school-record 96 in 2000). Current career blocked shots: 90 (6th all-time) -Needs 82 total the rest of this year & all of next to break James Penny's school-record of 171 -Needs 13 to pass Shepherd for 5th, 44 to pass Reggie Smith for 4th Current career points scored: 650 -Needs 777 to pass Gary Turner to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 14.3 per game this season means he'd need 54 games to do so. He'll need to step that up AND play in a lot of postseason games this year & next to make that happen. Kenrich Williams: Current season total rebounds: 196 -Needs 114 to pass Gary Turner (1966) to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 9.3 per game should put him within range of doing so, but extra postseason games will help! Current career rebounds: 417 -Needs 246 to pass Bingo Merriex to crack the Top 10. Very attainable goal for next season. Alex Robinson: Current season total assists: 128 -Needs 41 to pass Jamie Dixon (1987) to crack the Top 10. -Current pace of 5.6 per game should put him in position to pass Mike Jones' 181 assists in 1998 for the #6 slot Current season total steals: 38 -Needs 20 to pass Albert Thomas (1991) to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 1.7 per game should put him within range of doing so, but extra postseason games will help!
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    It can't have passed unaware to anyone who reads threads here that the past several months on our General Board have brought contentious and, at times, personally insulting dialogue between some of our members. The political threads have offered the worst examples of this, but sometimes the bad feelings have oozed into other areas of TFH. It has been especially disappointing to us that people who appeared to be friends (or at least not enemies) here and the other place became locked into such bitter and hateful debate that one or the other of them decided to leave TFH because of it. All of us have suffered because of this. When we began The Frog Horn, we came up with a list of ideals that we wanted to strive for in creating our community. These included: - our goal is to build the very best message board we can, not to bring down others or make money; - we will foster an environment where a wide variety of viewpoints can be respectfully expressed; - to the greatest extent possible, we will be transparent and forthcoming about what the Founders are doing and why; - we will value established, quality posters over those who seek to stir up trouble; - we will be responsive to the community's concerns and directly involved in shaping the culture in a positive way. It is important for us all to work together to make TFH a community where everyone can share their viewpoints respectfully with each other. We appreciate all of our members who work alongside us to shape the culture of the board in a positive way. Thanks for being here. We value the contribution of each of you who share our goals.
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    This was awesome. Thanks for putting that together Jared. Brought back some good memories. I remember beating UNLV to go 6-5 and Fran turning us loose in Vegas for 24 hours (should be its own thread). We thought that was the end after we got pounded by Colorado State earlier that season. Thought for certain if there was a spot, they'd go. Got home...Slinkard and I skipped class for a week and went deer hunting only to come home in the middle of the night and get rudely awoken by a call from a very pissed off Fran wondering where we'd been. Said we had a team meeting in an hour and we better get up there or we'd be left behind. I told him I was graduating, season was over...why the call...leave me alone. Several expletives later he told me you're not done, we're going to a bowl, you're a captain and you better get your ass up here. We made it...several funny stories from us walking into the meeting after not having showered in a week...sit down. Fran says "Boys, you're going to a bowl game!"...place erupted. Then he said..."you're playing USC"..."and you're going to whip their ass and here's how you're going to do it"...and the program has never looked back
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    Ahh...Liz Claiborne One of my favorite memories is standing at mid field for the coin toss before the game...directly across from Liz Claiborne. I'm half his size. He's laughing at me. Fast forward to the 2nd half. He and I meet again at mid field (back when captains would do that...not sure why they don't send a captain from each team out anymore but I digress)...he looks down and me and I said "who's laughing now Mother F______"
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    Once again, a celebration of the greatest post in the history of message boards.....
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    "We've chosen to stop actively adding floor sweepings to our sausage. If you're still finding floor sweepings in our sausage, let our owner know. Feel free to come back and buy our sausage."
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    So another one in the books (except for a possible addition of Terrell Chatman) for the staff and here is a quick analysis of this signing class. Biggest areas of need in order: Linebacker, safety, cornerback and defensive line. How did they fill those spots: Linebacker: they bring in Alec Dunham at the OLB position and Mike Freeze and Semaj Thomas at MLB. All three have decent size and should be able to contribute right away but Thomas looks like he is the most division 1 ready of the bunch. Freeze is here for the spring and could develop quickly after missing his senior year with injuries. Alec Dunham http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484492 Mike Freeze http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484495 Semaj Thomas http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484512 Safety: Nico Small was the Texas 6A Defensive Player of the Year, a little undersized but very quick and tackles well, Arico Evans played mostly at QB for Hillcrest but a tremendous athlete and at 6-2/190 has good size for the position, and Montrel Wilson 6-3/198 is another big, athletic defensive back. All three must learn the system quickly but should be able to step in early. Nico Small http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484508 Arico Evans http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484493 Montrel Wilson http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484514 Cornerback: Deshawn Raymond was a huge get for the staff beating out LSU at the end. Already enrolled he brings great size and quickness to the position for the frogs. Jeff Gladney may be the most athletic of the bunch playing mostly at RB and WR on offense and CB on defense for New Boston, great size and speed. Julius Lewis is another extremely quick athlete and played both RB & DB. Jeff Gladney http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484497 Julius Lewis http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1742309/highlights/230759375 DeShawn Raymond http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484506 Defensive line: Breylin Mitchell may be the most underrated recruit in this class and at 6-4/255 with good quickness will match well with 6-5/220 Tipa Galea'i at DE. Galea'i is incredibly quick but needs to develop both leg strength and upper body strength, however Commer should already be on it. Joe Broadnax at 6-0/305 is a Chucky Hunter redo, tremendous quickness for his size and reads the plays well. Breylin Mitchell http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484503 Joeseph Broadnax http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484490 Tipa Galea'i http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484496 Other: The highlight of this class is the receiver group they bring in, a nice mixture of speed and size, bit if the can seal the deal soon with Terrell Chatman they may have the best group of freshman receivers in the Big 12 and one of the best in the country. Also though not a big need for 2016, C Jozie Milton looks like the replacement they need in the future for Joey Hunt. Great size for the position and will have time to develop. Also on the offensive line they bring on Big Dave Bolisomi from Allen and Sam Awolope who stuck to the Frogs though chased hard late by Texas. KaVontae Turpin is a speedster with tremendous moves and has a highlight reel video that is impressive. He could get some early playing time as a returner for the frogs. KeVontae Turpin http://www.gofrogs.com/collegesportslive/?media=484513 The misses: Even though grades are an issue, losing J.F. Thomas late hurt, but not closing on DT Daylon Mack or JUCO linebacker Jonah Moi really hurt. Both of these players would have played early and filled key positions of need, especially Moi (went to Oregon). Overall a very good class that fills some key position needs and has some tremendous athletes. A typical Patterson class that has kids who want to be at TCU and willing to work hard. The class Alec Dunham OLB 6-1 213 Coldspring, Texas Coldspring-Oakhurst HS  Mike Freeze LB 6-3 220 Graham, Texas Graham HS  DeShawn Raymond CB 6-1 180 Metairie, La. East Jefferson HS  Niko Small S 5-10 187 Arlington, Texas Bowie HS  Arico Evans S 6-2 190 Dallas, Texas Hillcrest HS  Tony James WR 5-10 165 Arlington, Texas Bowie HS  Semaj Thomas LB 6-2 225 Fort Worth, Texas Southwest HS  David Bolisomi OT 6-6 290 Denton, Texas Denton Ryan HS  Jarrison Stewart WR 5-11 177 Mesquite, Texas Horn HS  Cordel Iwuagwu OL 6-3 290 Houston, Texas Westfield HS  Tre'Vontae Hights WR 6-3 180 Yoakum, Texas Yoakum HS  KaVontae Turpin WR 5-9 165 Monroe, La. Neville, HS  Julius Lewis CB 5-10 170 Mansfield, Texas Mansfield HS  Tipa Galea'i DE 6-5 220 Euless, Texas Trinity HS  Jozie Milton C 6-2 310 Clinton, La. Silliman Institute  Sam Awolope OT 6-6 265 Missouri City, Texas Fort Bend Marshall HS  Jeff Gladney CB 6-0 175 New Boston, Texas New Boston HS  Breylin Mitchell DE 6-4 255 Round Rock, Texas Round Rock HS  Montrel Wilson S 6-3 198 Keller, Texas Fossil Ridge HS  Joseph Broadnax DT 6-0 305 Dallas, Texas Bryan Adams HS  Jaelan Austin WR 6-0 192 Grand Prairie, Texas South Grand Prairie HS
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    The Frog Horn just rolled past the 100,000 posts mark! We are grateful for everyone who has joined in our fun here. Here's to the next 100,000!
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    Is all about Casey Pachall for me. I'm looking forward to every snap regardless of the outcome of the games. I'm not sure exactly why, but he's the most compelling TCU player to watch, for me, since LT. That's not to say he's the greatest, just the most interesting. There's an edgy, gunslinger quality to him, he's tough as nails and seems to have the ability to dig really deep to find something extra when he needs it. He also seems to have good command of what's going on out there, and isn't afraid to get on a teammate when he's not doing the job. Instead of worrying about wins or losses, start times, fans in the seats, offensive coordinator replacements, the +4 or the quality of wi-fi, I'm just going to sit back and enjoy watching the final couple of chapters of his career.
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    Well, no offense to the man, but I hope he fails miserably and catastrophically.
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    This is it, men (and women, and non-gender binaries). It's all come down to a battle with Baylor in order to maintain our slim chances at a Wednesday night football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas. But this isn't just any ol' football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas, it's a football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas in which 6-win teams will be celebrating the world's most iconic cheese-based cracker. Down seasons like this are few and far between, so who knows if we'll ever again have a reason to purchase a Hane's Beefy Tee with this beauty of a logo on it: But seriously, some projections have Oklahoma State vs. USC playing for the Cheez. After this giant curd of a season, it'd be pretty tasty to rattle off wins against Baylor and Oklahoma State, then get a Sun Bowl redux. And I'm dead serious about a t-shirt. I really, really want a reason to buy one. Go Frogs. Go to hell, Baylor.
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    Casey was such a gamer. Sad we never got to see him reach his full potential. But I’ll always remember him for that day on the Smurf Turf and his resilience to bounce back from mistakes and become a man. (I’m 30 minutes early for #4 day, but I need to go to bed and wanted to make sure he was first.)
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    What was really satisfying about this was that we led for most of the game, and the tceh fans got kinda subdued, then we let 'em think they could win, and they started acting like sand aggies, then we ripped their little hearts out and stomped on 'em. Suck it, tceh. You lose.
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