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    Just did both bone scan and chest CT and all are clear! My son is officially in remission! His central line is being removed on Monday afternoon and he is very much looking forward to take a real shower for the first time in 8 months! He's slowly getting his energy back and that can be a bit frustrating at times, but he's looking forward to going back to college at the end of January and getting on with his life. Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers, good wishes, and general support. Someone was saying to me earlier today that, even if you are not religious, it's helps to believe in the power of collective positive energy. We have felt that and it has made a big difference in our lives. This is the best and only Christmas present I will ever need.
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    Don't worry, your time is coming... First they banned the Female Feminists and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Female Feminist. Then they quietly banned the Outspoken Posters, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't aware. Then they banned the Bi-Bordials, and I didn't speak out because they didn't know my dual screen names. Then they banned me, and there was no one left to speak for me but Roddog and his clones, but his mouth was full of fried chicken.
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    That's tough news to break to a kid. Probably best done over dinner at Pappadeaux.
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    Sorry PD, been very busy. So he was accepted into a immunotherapy clinical trial, which essentially hopes to train his immune system to identify the cancer cells and kill them. He did a ton of tests yesterday for the study, which included a Chest CT which showed no remaining signs of cancer. So the hope is that this new treatment will seek out and destroy any microscopic cancer cells that may remain, and he can get back to his life. We will do 5 courses of treatment, with each course being a 28 day cycle. He goes into the hospital next Monday for the first infusion, and hopefully will come home 2 days later. If all goes well treatmet would be done by end of May. So apprecaite all prayers that this new treatment destroys any remaining cancer once and for all.
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    There are a lot of unsavory things about college football. It can and does chew up and spit out a lot of young lives for the sake of ad revenue.But speaking for myself, I couldn't be a fan of a team if I didn't truly believe that its players are better off for having played there. There are a lot of programs where that isn't true, but I've never had any doubt about Gary Patterson and TCU. I've watched the Frogs' slow climb to greatness for 14 years, and I went to Pasadena, and as proud as I was on that glorious day, I've never been prouder to be a TCU fan than the day of Coach P's press conference after Casey's DWI. He said that there were more important things than wins and losses. He said it was supposed to be about the kids. And his actions backed up his words. And in case you didn't notice, it was announced that every single one of the seniors introduced at the Senior Day ceremonies yesterday either has earned or will earn a degree by the end of this year. There are other great coaches out there that do it right. Bill Snyder comes to mind. But our guy has built a program that you can be a fan of without having to compromise your principles. Baylor can compromise. We don't have to. Go Frogs.
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    I got away from doing this during the football season because, well, last fall was last fall. Some fun things happening on the hardwood now, though! Karviar Shepherd: Current career blocked shots: 102 (5th all-time) -Current pace of 0.2 per game this season makes it unlikely he'll move up on the list Vladimir Brodziansky: Current season total blocked shots: 56 (8th all-time). -Needs 6 to pass Alvardo Parker (2007) for 7th -Current pace of 2.4 per game should put him in position to pass Derrick Davenport's 74 blocks in 2001 for the #2 slot (behind Davenport's school-record 96 in 2000). Current career blocked shots: 90 (6th all-time) -Needs 82 total the rest of this year & all of next to break James Penny's school-record of 171 -Needs 13 to pass Shepherd for 5th, 44 to pass Reggie Smith for 4th Current career points scored: 650 -Needs 777 to pass Gary Turner to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 14.3 per game this season means he'd need 54 games to do so. He'll need to step that up AND play in a lot of postseason games this year & next to make that happen. Kenrich Williams: Current season total rebounds: 196 -Needs 114 to pass Gary Turner (1966) to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 9.3 per game should put him within range of doing so, but extra postseason games will help! Current career rebounds: 417 -Needs 246 to pass Bingo Merriex to crack the Top 10. Very attainable goal for next season. Alex Robinson: Current season total assists: 128 -Needs 41 to pass Jamie Dixon (1987) to crack the Top 10. -Current pace of 5.6 per game should put him in position to pass Mike Jones' 181 assists in 1998 for the #6 slot Current season total steals: 38 -Needs 20 to pass Albert Thomas (1991) to crack the Top 10 -Current pace of 1.7 per game should put him within range of doing so, but extra postseason games will help!
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    Casey was such a gamer. Sad we never got to see him reach his full potential. But I’ll always remember him for that day on the Smurf Turf and his resilience to bounce back from mistakes and become a man. (I’m 30 minutes early for #4 day, but I need to go to bed and wanted to make sure he was first.)
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    At about 11:30 a.m., a man who was driving the Yukon suffered a seizure and drove through an intersection and almost 50 yards into the church Cross our OC's off the list of suspects. They haven't seen a 50 yard drive in years.
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    She got in! Found out last night. Class of 2022
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    My wife is a Baylor '99 alumni. When we were at TCU, I got our daughter a TCU onesie. I said last night that she needs an SFA onesie too. My wife said that our daughter needed a Baylor onesie. I said only if we had it embroidered with, "NO MEANS NO!"
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    Saturday’s Game at American Standard Stadium on the Brazos was turned into a tribute to Art Briles despite all efforts by the Baylor Administration to make it a football game. So, it seems appropriate to interview CAB himself about the events. Coach, how have you been since your big payday this spring? CAB Well, it’s been tough. I thought I could get a job in the NFL so I made the trial run with the Browns. I figured nobody pays attention to them but still there was enough publicity that they sent me on my way after a week. Then, in college football, it looks like Gus Malzahn may have saved his job. I really thought Auburn was the one school morally depraved enough to hire me. You know what with buying a title with sCam Newton and being proud of it. I continue to follow the advice of my PR people and lawyers, I mean I continue to pray about it, but now that the Baylor BOR has started to let some stuff leak out, my efforts to portray myself as the victim may not work. Well, that’s tough Coach but let’s talk about this week. CAB Well, I was really touched that the coaching staff decided to make this week a statement about me and not football. Their use of social media and the fan bases t shirt campaign made it clear that this was about me. They showed how little respect they have for Grobe or Baylor and that it was all about me. And that was appropriate because I got them all huge salaries when most of them couldn’t get any other job so it was about me. If I can’t be there the next best thing is to see Baylor collapse completely so everyone knows it was really just me. It wasn’t about the team, it wasn’t about the school, it wasn’t about the kids, it wasn’t about the so called victims, it was about me. And they set more records in the process. What records were you talking about Coach, most expensive employee in history? You may wind up costing them 8 digits. CAB Well, my payout alone was into 8 digits so I am going for 9 digits. When you count legal fees, payoffs, fines, settlement, salaries for my accomplices etc., we should easily get there. And that doesn’t even count lost future revenue once the program goes down in flames. By the time this is over the Texas Bar association will build a statue for me. But no, that wasn’t the record was I was talking about, we were going for the largest home loss in history by a ranked team to an unranked opponent. And I think at 40 points we may have gotten it. Were you worried when Baylor got the long td on the second play? CAB Well if you look closely, our WR pushed off and then scored. To break a rule and not only get away with it but to benefit from it was what I was all about. And to do it with a player that any other school in America would have kicked off, just made it sweeter. I knew it was a tribute to me and what I stood for. Remember, it’s about me. Thanks Coach, I missed that part. Were you concerned that TCU was the beneficiary of all this? After all, Gary Patterson is not only the anti- you but he was one of the few to call you out before it became public. CAB Well, that was unfortunate and TCU may feel good today, but we haven’t got the PR staff involved yet. By Monday, this may be a non-win for them. Thank you for your time coach CAB Always happy to spin for the brand. Now I need to find a rock in the sun to lie on and I’m sure you need a shower.
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    Briles to Miami. He's the kind of coach who could restore that program to what it used to be, if you know what I mean.
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    SEC loses to Memphis, Georgia State, North Carolina and Wyoming, but they mean more and play an extra non-conference game and all and are way better than your conference. If this was the Pac-12, ESPN would be talking about breaking up the conference...
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    To be fair, he did bring the Baylor tradition of losing to UCF to Auburn.
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    I was in Chicago for a wedding. Sat at the bar while the rest of the fam shopped Michigan Ave. Ended up next to another TCU fan at ESPN Zone whose family was doing the same. Turned out to be Buddy Dike who is #38 in this photo:
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    So just in case any of you are up at 7:00 this Sunday morning, click the link below and enter bib number 6149 in the search field at the top of the page. That should give you real time updates as to ol’ Newbomb’s progress and projected finish time in the Cowtown Half Marathon. Hoping to break my PR of 1:53:27, set back in 2005. https://track.rtrt.me/e/RRS-COWTOWN-2019#/tracker
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    Lets get this show on show on the road!!! I will update this post as they roll in.
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    The young folks won't get this, but I'm sure some of the more seasoned folks here will.
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    Baylor. Must beat Baylor. Anything else is extra at this point.
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    A few memorable Frog 19s: Matt Schobel Michael DePriest Patrick Batteaux Frank Horak Luken Baker Davey O'Brien threw for 19 touchdown passes in 1938 on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Frogs to a national title ...and a bonus 19:
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    This is a really tough week to figure out. I know a lot of you are holding out hope at the CFP, but I think our odds are incredibly long. In addition to beating OU, I believe our best chance is for Clemson, Auburn, Ohio State, and Stanford to win their CCGs. This would leave Ohio State, TCU, and Alabama vying for 2 spots. We have to hope that the Committee values a conference championship above all else and uses that to separate TCU and Ohio State from Alabama. If Ohio State loses and we're in a H2H comparison with Alabama alone, I believe they'll use the "eye test" to give Alabama the 4 seed and make it Clemson, Auburn, Wisconsin, and Alabama. Auburn over Georgia helps the case that 2-loss conference champions are still strong. Conference Champions Clemson 12-1 Auburn 11-2 Ohio State 11-2 TCU 11-2 Stanford 10-3 At-Large Alabama 11-1 Wisconsin 12-1 Miami 11-2 Oklahoma 11-2 Georgia 11-2 USC 10-3 Kirby Hocutt reiterated last night that the 4 tiebreakers, in no particular order or emphasis, are: conference championship, H2H, quality wins, and common opponents. A sleeper game to watch is Fresno State @ Boise State in the MWC CCG. Fresno is currently at #25, counting as a Top 25 win for Alabama who beat them 41-10 in Week 2. If they can drop out of the Top 25, that would make Alabama 2-1 against the Top 25, just like we would be. Ohio State, however, would be 3-1. In terms of common opponents, Alabama and Ohio State do not share any. Not really sure what this tells us, but we share Oklahoma with Ohio State and Arkansas with Alabama: Oklahoma: Ohio State lost 31-16 at home (15 points), TCU lost 38-20 on the road (18 points), but this assumes we eventually get a win too Arkansas: Alabama won 41-9 at home (32 points), TCU won on the road 28-7 (21 points) That all seems to sort of wash itself out, only leaving conference championships. I don't trust that they'll actually let it come to that, or that every CCG will break the way we need it to, but that's the best rooting scenario I can come up with. In terms of the NY6, we really just have to hold off Washington and USC if they lose the Pac-12 CCG. Notre Dame dropped enough and has looked bad enough that I don't think they can move them up above us should we lose. If UCF wins and we lose in a respectable way, I think they swap us to put UCF #11 and TCU #12 which would still get us into the NY6. To recap, here's how I'd root if you're holding out hope: Big 12: TCU, obviously SEC: Auburn ACC: Clemson Big Ten: Ohio State Pac-12: Stanford, big for our NY6 odds MWC: Boise State If we don't win the Big 12 CCG, I'll be pulling for Georgia, Wisconsin, and Miami though. This has been a fun thread. Thanks for playing along.
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    can't we just agree that it clearly happens on Both sides and that its pretty effing disgusting?
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    In honor of the last gameday I went to at WVU
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    It's nice that the guy was trying to protect his girlfriend.....
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    I think it was gofrogs152 that put it perfectly in stating that there are a group of people over there that act like a bunch of junior high school kids that when one person starts in on someone then all of their buddies jump in on the bullying. Anyway, Roddog's bit was funny for a little while but then it just got old and repetitive really quick and it was just to the point where you had to put him on ignore. Feisty provides insight on recruiting targets and kids that are committed to the program and I think some of us, I know I have, have gone on drunken rants on the message boards and feel bad about it the next day. Overall the Frog Horn is a great place for normal minded TCU fans without having to watch your language even when making a donation to this site. Which was a real head scratcher on the other site. Pay money and don't post any swear words? Bullshit.
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    Ran into Tut Bartzen just now at the grocery store. Told him I had a friend who sometimes asks about him. Told him you name and he said, ``That does found familiar." Tut will be 89 in November. He's very bent, gets around with one of those walker-cane things, but still drives himself to the store. I told the 20-ish checker that the old guy he just helped was a former national tennis champion and at one time had played more Davis Cup matches than any other American. ``Really?" he said. My contribution today to the enlightenment of the younger generation.
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    In college I was a big KF.C and spitbloodtcu guy. I joined the Navy after I graduated and spent a year with nothing but an iPhone for internet connectivity. I was stationed overseas and outside of work I travelled with my new wife. I moved back to the US and immediately deployed for 10 months. In that time I would occasionally lurk on KF.C but I wouldn't post and spitbloodtcu kind of went away. Now I'm home for good and have time for TCU online communities again. When the Baylor Rape thing happened I came out of hibernation. I realized that some regular posters were no longer posting on KF.C but I didn't think much of it. I assumed those guys either got busy like I had or lost interest. I didn't know about this site until yesterday. It's shocking and I haven't figured out what to make of it yet. My initial reaction is that it's cool that TCU's fan base is big and diverse enough to support two forums. I hope I can find a spot here because I really don't like the idea of not being welcome in a TCU community. But that implies that I'm not leaving KF.C. I really don't know what to think yet.
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    Hey Frogs, Having been on vacation since the 31st and away from most of my devices until today, I'm late in offering my congratulations on the victory. I can't add anything new to the story line, so I'll just congratulate Mr. Kohlhausen on having the game of his life, and thank you all for your hospitality on this board. Take care, and best of luck in 2016!
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    The uniforms NIKE sent TCU for the Bowl
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    When Trevone got his first start against Iowa State, I was struck by his posture. Even in loss, you could tell that he loved being in charge. I'll be hoping to see the same thing from Foster today. Go get 'em, kid.
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    The fact they grouped ours and BUs SOS together (TCU=40, BU=104) is enough to tell me they really aren't paying attention to what's going on, just making it up as they go.
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    You guys are correct. Into a strong wind, probably 40 degree temp and I had a strained groin muscle (TMI?). During Oberkrom's freshman season I told my friends and family that he would break my record for longest FG so I am happy with a tie. It's the only kicking record I had left and now I sadly must share it...your gifts and/or cash are acceptable as a show of your sympathy on this personal loss. For bonus points, without cheating...does anyone know who held the record at 56 yards before my kick in '96? I only know because he sent me a nice handwritten note that next week offering his congratulations. I never met him but that note left a great impression.
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    I believe he meant most successful season since 2010, where TCU finished #2 in the two major polls.
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    The SMU band can probably handle it for you.,..
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    2014 Froghorn College Football Poll October 8th 1) Auburn 2) Florida St 3) Miss. St 4) Mississippi 5)Notre Dame 6) Baylor 7) TCU 8) Arizona 9) Oklahoma 10) Alabama 11) Michigan St 12) Oregon 13) Kansas St 14) Texas A&M 15) Georgia 16) Oklahoma St 17) UCLA 17) Ohio St 19) Georgia Tech 20) Nebraska 21) E Carolina 22) Marshall 23) Arzona St 24) Utah 25) California Others receiving votes (in no order): Stanford, Clemson, Duke, Missouri, Louisville, Colorado St, Minnesota, Florida, Washington and Oregon St.
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    Guys that hit girls are pussies.
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    Yep, that's Jason Verrett - hanging with his favorite gnome-boy! Go knock 'em dead in the NFL, Jason!
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    Mayfields going to be more scared than Mark Sanchez lining up at wideout.
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    I think we sometimes forget these guys are still kids in a lot of way. I've got a college sophomore and it's so hard watching them grow up, struggling as they learn to traverse the world on their own. My heart just breaks for Casey, knowing how hard he's had to work to get back to this point, just to watch it all possibly be over in a second. He did a lot for our school, and I'm grateful to him.
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    I just wish to say hello all. I have lurked at That Other Board for the past few years, but put myself in self-imposed posting exile because of a certain walking heart attack, infantile, paranoid owner of said board. I've been hoping, praying and waiting for someone to come along and make a board like this for years. This must be what innocent men feel like when they are freed from prison after decades of imprisonment. The colors are more vivid and the air seems more fresh now. I will sleep restfully tonight with a smile on my face. All I can say to the proprietors of this board is.... is.... Thank You...... THANK YOU!!!!!!
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    Lots of changes this spring with new coaches , a new offense and possibly looking for a new QB. Practices officially begin this Saturday and the depth chart going into the spring looks like this: Offense: LT 69 Aviante Collins 6-6 285 Jr. 59 Tayo Fabuluje 6-7 315 Sr. LG 77 Jamelle Naff 6-4 325 Jr. 56 Frank Kee 6-4 345 Jr. C 55 Joey Hunt 6-3 295 Jr. 58 Patrick Morris 6-3 288 So. RG 65 Brady Foltz 6-4 325 Jr. 72 Bobby Thompson 6-6 310 Jr. 64 Matt Pryor 6-7 350 RFr. RT 74 Halapoulivaati Vaitai 6-6 308 Jr. 68 Joseph Noteboom 6-5 295 RFr. TE 43 Cliff Murphy 6-4 265 Sr. 80 Buck Jones 6-4 240 So. TB 23 B.J. Catalon OR 5-9 190 Jr. 22 Aaron Green OR 5-11 200 Jr. 29 Jordan Moore 6-3 221 Jr. 24 Trevorris Johnson OR 5-11 221 RFr. 21 Kyle Hicks 5-10 190 RFr. QB 2 Trevone Boykin 6-2 215 Jr. 12 Tyler Matthews 6-4 220 So. 11 Zach Allen 6-3 194 RFr. WR (X) 81 Ja’Juan Story 6-4 208 Jr. 7 Kolby Listenbee 6-1 183 Jr. WR (H) 13 Ty Slanina 6-0 193 So. 20 Deante’ Gray 5-10 175 Jr. WR (Y) 14 David Porter 6-0 197 Sr. 15 Cameron Echols-Luper 6-0 190 So. 87 Griffin Gilbert 6-5 220 So. WR (Z) 9 Josh Doctson 6-4 190 Jr. 15 Cameron Echols-Luper 6-0 190 So. Defense LE 40 James McFarland 6-3 248 Jr. 94 Josh Carraway 6-4 240 So. 52 Bryson Henderson 6-4 245 RFr. DT 96 Chucky Hunter 6-1 300 Sr. 93 Mike Tuaua 6-3 253 Jr DT 57 Davion Pierson 6-2 305 Jr. 99 Tevin Lawson 6-4 280 So RE 90 Terrell Lathan 6-5 280 Jr. 95 Devonte Fields 6-4 240 So MLB 41 Jonathan Anderson 6-3 227 Sr 44 Paul Whitmill 5-11 220 RFr SLB 54 Marcus Mallet 6-1 227 Sr. 47 Paul Dawson 6-2 230 Sr. 35 Sammy Douglas 6-3 205 So SS 17 Sam Carter 6-1 215 Sr. 30 Denzel Johnson 6-2 205 So. 7 George Baltimore 6-0 205 RFr FS 26 Derrick Kindred 5-10 210 Jr 28 Geoff Hooker 5-10 186 Sr. 7 George Baltimore 6-0 205 RFr WS 1 Chris Hackett 6-2 195 Jr. 6 Kenny Iloka 6-2 209 Jr. 15 Steve Wesley 6-0 175 RFr CB 11 Ranthony Texada 5-10 160 RFr. 19 Cyd Calvin 6-1 175 RFr CB 25 Kevin White 5-10 174 Sr. 27 Travoskey Garrett 6-1 190 Jr. Special Teams PK 33 Jaden Oberkrom 6-3 187 Jr. 24 Ryan DeNucci 5-10 195 Sr. SN 50 James Power 6-3 235 Sr. H 10 Matt Brown 6-1 190 Sr. KO 33 Jaden Oberkrom 6-3 187 Jr. P 37 Ethan Perry 6-4 230 Jr. KR 23 B.J. Catalon 5-9 190 Jr. 15 Cameron Echols-Luper 6-0 190 So. PR 15 Cameron Echols-Luper 6-0 190 So. Notable names gone from the roster that were expected back: TE Stephen Bryant WR LaDarius Brown WR Cam White S Zack Johnson DE Matt Anderson DT Jon Lewis The coaching changes (New to staff in bold): Co-OC QBs: Sonny Cumbie Co-OC Inside WRs: Dough Meacham OL: Jarrett Anderson GA OL: Bryson Oliver RBs: Curtis Luper CBs: Unknown GA Defense: Jason Teague Eddie Williamson & Dan Sharp move to director positions for Offense & STs So the top 5 key battles going into March 1: 1. QB-no bigger questionmark on the team and spring may not decide it. Worse-case is Boykin, not because he is a bad QB, he is just better on the outside with a good QB throwing him the ball. We need Cumbie & Meacham to develop the young kids and hopefully a solid #1 emerges between Matthews & Allen with Boykin moving to the slot. 2. CB-White locks down one spot, Calvin, Texada, & Garrett battle for the 2nd spot. Hopefully with the arrival of O'Meally, Orr & Foster in the summer they will keep Gray on the offense. Very thin in the spring at CB. 3. OT-Vaitai, Collins, Fromayan, Noteboom, Fabuluje, can we get 2 decent tackles from this group? 4. C-Hunt was so up and down last year but Morris unable to take over. Walk-on RSFR Garrett Altman the other option. 5-OG Kee could have an immediate impact and Naff who has also been up & down becomes a solid starter. Foltz, Thompson, Childs, & Tunstill will be in the battle and Matt Pryor makes the depth chart at RG. Hunt showed he is a solid performer at guard but lack of depth at center may keep him at that spot. With a new OL coach and 3 of the top 5 question marks at OL Spring will be a lot of work for these guys.
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