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    Singles victories by Rybakov, Stalder and Gray give the Frogs a 4-1 win! That's 8 wins in a row to improve to 13-3 on the year.
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    Yep, we move to 12-3, with our 7th W in a row w/ a 6-0 sweep of LMU. Roditi went back to the usual line-up in both doubles and singles and the guys played well with quick W's across the board (Fomba was the only player who did not finish out a W). If you count our 3-0 record at Tempe and our (almost) W over USF, we're "really" 16-3, with multiple ranked W's. Next up, though, is a really tough home match against Columbia, who's in the Top 10 on Wednesday. Jerry Lopez won the doubles final at Cancun and, with Jorge Brian Panta, took home the championship trophy with a 7-6 (11-9), 4-6, (10-8) W over Reis da Silva and Yamacita today. This is the 2nd all-time pro doubles championship for Jerry and will definitely help him in the ITF World doubles rankings. Congrats to Jerry - this is a fantastic result for him!
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes, Chuck. Kurt Thomas is throwing a birthday party in a bomb shelter, and Trevor The Dyslexic Gopher is baking a cake made of motor oil and anti-matter. Then a choir of Columbian goats with cerebral palsy are going to sing a medley of Lady Gaga songs in Farsi while the dance the dance of the forlorn and unencumbered. We will end the evening by watch Bridge Over The River Kwai backwards. I am insane now, Chuck.
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    In front of a raucous sell-out crowd in Acapulco, an energized Nick Kyrgios just beat Rafa Nadal 3-6, 7-6, 7-6 in a 3:00 hour+ epic match which sets up a quarters match against Wavro (Stan Wawrinka) for the right to face the winner of the Norrie/MackieMack match in the semis. The Acapulco tourney is really kind of a big deal because next week is Indian Wells (er, the BNP Paribas tourney) where all the top pros will be. I'm not sure if Cam is highly ranked enough to qualify for the main draw, but I'm betting that if he isn't (and beating someone like Kyrgios/Wavro in the semis would be a huge attention-getter), that Facundo will convince him to try to qualify for it. If Indian Wells fans are as into it as the Acapulco fans are, it'll be quite an event. One other thing - Cam just passed the $1,000,000 mark in career earnings after making the 2nd round in Rio. He's just the 4th Scottish player to ever do it; I'm pretty sure he's the first Frog.
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    Former OU WR Malcom Kelly is the new WR coach. The dude was an All-American at OU and a 2nd round draft pick of the Redskins. He's been at A&M Commerce as a GA and then at UH for 2 seasons. Seems like a home run hire. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Sources-TCU-to-hire-Malcolm-Kelly-as-outside-WR-coach-129482907/
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    Headlines from tonight's win over Sam Houston: -Alex Robinson broke the TCU single-season record for assists. He now holds the school single-game, single-season and career records in that department. With 659 for his career, he's now 10 away from passing Kirk Hinrich of Kansas for #4 in Big 12 history. -JD Miller played in his 137th career game, breaking the school record previously held by Brandon Parrish. -Kevin Samuel passed Kurt Thomas' 1993-94 season with with 70th block, which now puts him at #4 on the TCU single-season list. He needs 5 to pass Derrick Davenport's 2000-01 season for #3, and 9 to pass Damion Walker and crack the career top 10 list...as a freshman! -Desmond Bane passed the 1,200-point mark for his career. At 1,206, he needs 221 to pass Gary Turner and crack the career top 10 list. He also hit his 150th career three-pointer, so he needs 11 to pass Junior Blount to crack the top 10 on that career list.
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    Marcelo Perez on the mound for TCU in T7. EMU gets a lead off single. Ground out to 2B advances the runner to 2nd. Single to RF scores a run, 12-1. Strike out, two away. Runner on 1st. STRUCK HIM OUT and the ten run rule means that the FROGS WIN!!!
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    Go Frogs showing the win over Pepperdine 6-1 AND a win over LM 6-0.
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    I am not a TCU fan but I do like the TCU tennis program and highly respect the job that Roditi is doing. I have seen TCU play several times in the past few years. I am a a big fan of college tennis in general and look around at other forums that discuss college tennis (there aren't many) and I found out that this thread existed and Jared clearly has a lot of knowledge of the TCU program.
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    Stefan Crichton has a 5.40 ERA with 3 holds in 5 relief appearances (5 innings) for the Diamondbacks. Taylor Featherston is 0-for-3 in 2 games with the Royals. Durbin Feltman struck out 2 and walked 1 in an inning with the Red Sox.
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    I started reading 2018’s NCAA’s Rules book in preparation for the Fall season while waiting for the guys in the glass tower to come out with 2019 changes.
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    Yes! Alex Rybakov evens his match with a 7-5 2nd set win after getting a key late break. All in the 3rd now: Gray 0-0; Stalder love-3; Fomba 5-all; Jong 3-2. Alex, Alastair and Reese all staved off defeat with key 2nd set W's. Rybo 0-0; Gray 0-1; Stalder 1-3; Fomba 6-5; Jong 4-3. We just need 2 of these. YES@!! Luc Fomba takes his match 6-1, 3-6, 7-5 and it's TCU 3 Tennessee 0!! Rybakov love-2; Gray 1-all; Stalder 2-3; Jong gets a late break and it's 5-3! Can Sander clinch a sweep??!! After all this? Yes he can! Sander Jong clinches the win with a 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 win and the Frogs beat Tennessee for the first time ever 4-0!! It sure doesn't feel like a sweep as tough as the Vols were playing and the other three matches didn't look so good when Sander won, but it doesn't matter because the Frogs are 10-3 and just beat yet another ranked team! I'm not sure if they'll play it out - if so, it might end up 4-3.
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    Texas leads Rice 5-1 in the most-watched tennis match in quite awhile down in Austin... Bearing in mind the presumption of innocence and the fact that Center's lawyer says that he will plead not guilty when arraigned in Boston tomorrow, I've read the indictment and the affidavit and it doesn't look good for Center at all. He's accused of taking a $100,000 bribe for facilitating the admission of a California applicant in 2015 by pretending that the student was a tennis player and offering him a partial scholarship (for books) for both admission and a spot on the roster. This apparently worked and the student was admiitted and granted a scholarship, which he quickly renounced although he continued as a student (which was apparently the subterfuge all along). The prosecutors have a cooperating witness, they have the name of the briber and the go-between, they have Center on tape (twice), including a 10/18 meeting at which Center admitted that he had done it and would do it again, saying that he was paid "in the nineties." The discrepancy is that Center then donated $10,000 to UT's new tennis center; which was then being fundraised for by AD Patterson, whom UT fans hate because he was incompetent and couldn't raise money like CDC (that's from surlyhorns of course). Apparently, Center took the money in cash in a parking lot, and (gee, this just gets more and more disgusting)... Center makes $235,000 a year - $100,000 (or just $90,000) is a nice hefty raise from that. He was arrested at 6:00 a.m. by 8 federal marshals (armed according to Center's lawyer) and he appeared in an Austin court for an initial appearance at about noon (with a mob of Austin reporters...) The TCU ties are that Center, of course, used to coach the Frogs, taking over from Tut but then turning his coat two years later to go to Austin. It was 19 years ago, that's in the distant past. More recently, of course, is that CDC is the guy who put him on administrative leave and will have to hire the replacement (if guilty). The interim is Bruce Berque and that's the 3rd TCU tie - Berque was the fairly well regarded head coach at Michigan, who got fired when a new AD was hired several years ago, which then caused the then-Wolverine recruits to de-commit and look elsewhere. One of those Michigan recruits, of course, was Cam Norrie, who Roditi then convinced to come to TCU. berque then got an assistant job at Texas, where he has advanced to associate head coach and now interim head coach. Berque's a good coach and the team, with the new facility (complete with pool), now exists so I don't really expect a big drop-off while this gets adjudicated. We swept Rice though and the Longhorns didn't and I think Ohio State will take them on Thursday too. Final Texas 5 Rice 2.
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    Quick update on the Frogs that have appeared in Cactus and Grapefruit Leage action so far this spring: -Arrieta is 0-0 with a 3.86 ERA, 7 K, 1 BB through two starts for the Phillies. -Carpenter is 5-for-18 (.278) with 3 HR, 4 RBI and a 1.178 OPS through 8 games for the Cardinals. -Cashner is 0-0 with a 9.64 ERA, 4 K, 2 BB through two starts for the Orioles. -Holaday is 7-for-16 (.438) with one double and an even 1.000 OPS through 8 games for the Marlins. -Cron is 7-for-24 (.292) with 2 HR, 5 RBI and a .993 OPS through 15 games for the D'Backs. -Ferrell is 1-0 with a 2.08 ERA, 6 K, 1 BB through 4 relief appearances for the Marlins. -Coats is hitting 5-for-20 (.250) with 2 HR, 4 RBI and an .823 OPS through 12 games for the Rays. -Finnegan is 0-1 with a 14.54 ERA, 6 K, 4 BB through 1 start and 4 relief appearances for the Reds. -Alex Young struck out all three batters he faced in his only relief appearance for the D'Backs. -Jerrick Suiter is 1-for-3 with a solo HR in three games with the Pirates. -Tyler Alexander gave up 1 run and had one K in his only relief apperance for the Tigers. -Luken Baker went 0-for-1 in his only game for the Cardinals. Please, let me know if I missed anyone.
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    The Frogs announced their new Fall 2019 signees yesterday, including Jacob Fearnley and Tadeas Paroulek, whom we've already known about, but there's a third recruit that we didn't know about - Tomas Jirousek, who like Tadeas, is also from the Czech Republic. Jirousek has a current UTR of 13.32, he has a career high ATP ranking of #762 and a current ITF ranking of #453 and he's been active on the Futures circuit after playing well in the juniors (he just turned 19 in January). He's played a lot in Europe, including the Czech Republic, Turkey, Serbia, Belgium, Slovakia and his most recent ITF tourney was in Mallorca (Spain). His favorite surface is clay and he likes hockey. Although he's from Praha, my guess is that he knows Tadeas fairly well (Czechia is not that large). Fearnley's UTR is 13.51 and Paroulek's is 13.88. Because TCU has now formally announced them, that means that they've signed NLI's and are no longer just verbal commitments All are "scheduled" to arrive in the Fall, but like Gray and others, whether they actually qualify for eligibility then is not certain. Both Rybo and Stalder are seniors and will be departing after this Spring, so we need new recruits. It has often been said that whoever controls Bohemia (and Monravia) controls the world and TCU now has two new recruits from there. Soon, the Frogs will be cashing multiple czechs (and a Scot) - welcome to the newest Frogs!
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    Nick Chappell is still in Australia - this week at Mildura where he is into the Futures tourney there. Last night, he and Alec Adamson won their opening round doubles match 4 and 4 over Green/Hijikata and will next face Klein/Puodziunas. And in singles, Nick will play later today against Aussie Calum Puttergill (#856). Mildura is in northwest Victoria on the Murray River, with a population of 33,000 which wasn't settled by Europeans until 1857, after a major drought forced them to re-locate near water sources, but it has been inhabited by Aboriginals for centuries, including the Latjilatji and the Jarijari. Nowadays, it's got a weird artist culture vibe, with arts, music and wine culture festivals year-round. But it's also the home of the Calabrian Crime Syndicate and has one of the highest recorded crime rates in all of Australia (which by American standards, of course, remains quite low) and also has a high meth usage rate (once again, by U.S. standards, it's barely existent). Of course, they take their tennis seriously there (they have 32 world class grass courts at the Mildura Tennis Club) in addition to 9 Australian Rules football teams and they also are really into motor sports and harness racing. The memories of the horrific 1956 Murray River Flood, which has been described as "the most catastrophic event in the history of South Australia" even though no lives were lost, remain strong.
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    Tennessee is next for the Frogs but it's not until next Wednesday, so the team is now taking a well-deserved break for a week or so. Meanwhile, the rest of the Big12 has been playing well - in addition to the Frogs' impressive W over Illinois, Texas got a 4-2 road win at Georgia, Baylor also swept Illinois 4-0, OU got a good win over Florida State and Tech beat Iowa and Nebraska. Here are the standings as of 3/4: Texas 13-1 - they're ranked #3 and their record indicates that they deserve it - they've got a regular season match-up scheduled against #1 Ohio State next week. Baylor - the Big12 site lists their record as 12-1, but that's inaccurate because they lost twice at Chicago and the no-show at Wake was really a forfeit. Oklahoma - 10-3; they didn't make it to Chicago but have been playing steadily and well TCU - officially 9-3, w/ W's over UCLA, Mississippi State and Illinois, but really 13-3 if you count Tempe and USF. Tech - 9-5; not ranked highly but they've got some good W's (they beat Tulsa and we didn't) Oklahoma State - 6-4; their record is a little misleading because they've played a tough schedule (one of their L's is to TCU). The difference between TCU and Baylor (supposedly 12-1 v. 9-3)(really 12-3 v. 13-3) suggests why the ITA and the USTA rankings have us switched - the computers reflect the supposed record; the real-live pollsters have actually seen the real results. No word on whether Cam has qualified for or gotten a wild card at Indian Wells... He did, however, reach a career high of ATP#48 as a result of making the semis at Acapulco.
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    PurpleMenace tweeted out a copy of the roster they got at practice. The other newcomers' numbers: #28 - Nook Bradford #71 - Marcus Williams #99 - Soni Misi A few other interesting notes: -Emari Demercado has switched from #21 to #3 -Karson Ringdahl has moved from QB to WR -Christian Williams apparently got another year of eligibility -Despite rumors of their departure, Artayvious Lynn and Al'Dontrae Davis are on the roster -Gary Overshown, Darrion Flowers, Andrew David and Adam Nunez are absent from the roster -We have a walk-on TE named Hayden Fox -We have two walk-on RBs from interesting places: Jose Miranda is from Nicaragua and Lawrence Maileoi is from American Samoa -In addition to Matthew Downing, we have another new walk-on QB: Alex Stanulis from Libertyville, Illinois
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    Once again, because they're indoors, only 5 matches are possible, so Sander Jong will have to wait (he won yesterday and the official score against Rice was 7-0.) Early on, it's Rybakov 1-all; Gray 1-all; Kruger 0-0; Stalder 2-1; Fomba 1-0. Rybo 2-1; Gray 1-all; Kruger still scoreless(?); Stalder 2-1; Fomba 2-0. Rybo 4-3; Gray 2-1; Kruger 3-1; Stalder 3-2; Fomba 4-0! Alex 4-3; Ali 3-2; Bert 4-1; Widow 3-2; Luc 5-1. Rybo 4-all; Big Al 5-2; Bertus 5-1; Widow 5-2; Luc 5-1. The Red Widow strikes first w/ a 6-2 first set W over Mayo(naise)! Alex 5-4; Ali 5-2; Bert 5-2; Luc 5-2. Gray wins 6-3! Fomba wins 6-2! Rybakov 5-all; Kruger 5-3. Rybo falls 5-7 in the 1st; Gray 1-0 in his 2nd; Kruger 5-4 in his first; Stalder 1-all in his 2nd; Fomba 1-0 in his 2nd. Rybo 1-0; Gray 1-0; Kruger 5-all in the 1st; Stalder 2-1; Fomba 2-love. Alex 2-1; Ali 3-1; Bertus breaks back and takes it to a breaker 6-all in the first; Reese 3-2; Luc 2-1. Kruger falls 6-7 in the breaker. All 2nd sets now. Rybakov 3-1; Gray 4-2; Stalder 4-3; Fomba 4-1. Looking good but Rybo's and Kruger's first set L's hurt. The Red Widow takes his match 6-2, 6-3! TCU 2 Illinois 0! Rybo 3-2; Gray 4-3; Kruger 0-0; Fomba 5-2; Jong 0-0 in the first. Rybo 3-all; AG 5-3; Kruger 1-0; Fomba 5-2; Jong 0-0 in the 1st. Alastair Gray wins 3 and 4 and it's TCU 3 Illinois 0! Rybakov 4-3; Kruger 1-all; Fomba 5-3 (can he clinch?); Jong 1-0. Luc Fomba clinches the 4-0 sweep with a 2 and 3 W!! Revenge is sweet! We're 9-3! We just beat #11!! I don't know if we'll finish it out, but this is a big win for the program! Tennessee next in Knoxville!
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    Its early, but the Reds new manager, David Bell, has stated on record that Brandon Finnegan has "a spot on the team". Pretty interesting, could just be positive chatter, but I'm hopeful. Apparently his velocity is back too. Watch for the Reds to battle for the NL Central this year after 4 straight awful years. Lots of new faces and pieces.
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    Spoiler Alert: Frogs win 4-3
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    Other Mark Cohen quotes*: "TurkVision represents the epitome of cutting edge sports technology that should be replicated around the world." "DUSHEE is undoubtedly the most accurate and statistically sound sports analytic tool that puts all its competitors to shame." "While in Chicago, my son and I went to Wrigley to see the Cards v. the Cubbies, took the architectural river tour, but the real highlight was biking the Lakefront." "Purple Dawg's strange obsession with Liverlips is oddly alluring." "Feeling Froggy's links thread is the go-to place for all Frog fans and is bookmarked on my computer." "Lyle Lanley's historical analysis of TCU sports history across multiple sports is the best in the business and is a must read for all serious TCU sportsfans." "Fractal Frog's knowledge of TCU tennis history is unsurpassed." "Radio Shack's predictions of what network is going to cover what football game are positively prescient." [***DISCLAIMER*** Mark Cohen actually only said one of the above things - he and others should realize that much of what is said on the internet in general or on this thread in particular bears only a remote relationship to actual facts and the philosophical concept known as "truth" (which I learned in Philosophy at TCU is "justified belief" and when "belief" is involved, it makes it essentially metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.]
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    Rifle wins it all. https://gofrogs.com/news/2019/3/8/womens-rifle-tcu-wins-smallbore-national-championship.aspx edit: Fixed you link, friend! ~PD
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    It was my great-grand-dad that helped make that decision. Both Addison and Randolph Clark had died and the school was, in addition to the administrators, sort of being "run" by the "Brethren" (i.e., the group of DOC pastors that were (mostly) located in Texas and were interested in the school - Spindletop had happened in 1901 but as yet had not created a bunch of super-wealthy alumni). They (the Brethren) gathered in Waco and put out word to other Texas towns and cities that they would solicit bids from whomever wanted them and then they gathered again to discuss the options and eventually recommended the acceptance of the Ft. Worth offer. He wrote about it in his autobiography and I have no idea whether he exaggerated his role on the committee, but it's been family lore that he was part of the group that decided on the Ft. Worth move.
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    I love when we beat Ivy League schools at Ivy League sports
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    After 2 weeks off, the Columbia Lions started their Texas swing well by beating UTA last night 6-1, earning their 5th straight W, their 9th W of the season and Bid Goswami's 500th career W as the 37-year head coach. They won the doubles point, behind W's by Victor Pham and Rian Pandole (6-4) and Jack Lin and Austen Huang 7-6. Then, they quickly swept the singles matches, with UTA's only W coming from Guanarteme Nuez over #11 Jack Lin after Columbia achieved the 4-0 sweep. (#31 Victor Pham played #1). Tomorrow's match will be the 11th time TCU has faced Columbia and the Frogs lead the all-time series 6-4. It'll also be the 11th consecutive year we've played each other - the series started in 2008 and all but 1 of those matches have been in Ft. Worth. TCU won last year 4-0, but Columbia won the 2017 match in New York and the teams have split the last 8 4-all. With Goswami retiring after this season, it's possible that this will be the final year of the annual matches - their new coach (Howard Endelman) may not be as desirous of scheduling a Texas swing every year. Tomorrow's match will be at 7:30 p.m. - free pizza and popcorn as usual. I think we should be favored but Columbia is ranked higher and is a very tough squad to beat.
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    Barker has been officially fired now ... https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/mac-engel/article228068299.html
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    Outscored them 40-7. I know EMU ain't much, but it's nice to whip bad teams like a good team should ...
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    Up next for the Frogs is #9 Columbia on Wednesday at the tennis center at 7:30 p.m. It's tough to evaluate the Lions - on the one hand, they're Ivy League which, because they eschew athletic scholarships, observers often automatically discount their athletes. But this isn't football, where schools have 85 scholarships to dispense; it's tennis, where schools only have 4.5 available scholarships. Like TCU, if Columbia identifies a quality tennis player that they want to recruit, they can find a way, with academic or other scholarships or grants/loans, to get that player into school even without an athletic scholie. And it's a really good school. So, Columbia has remained an elite tennis program (as has Penn, Harvard, Dartmouth etc...) and they are the top ranked Ivy League team out of 3 in the top 30. The Lions are coached by Bid Goswami, who has been there since 1982, but this is his last season (Associate Head Coach Howard Endelman will take over next year) and they've got this whole "special" farewell season vibe going for them this year. Their highest ever ranking under Goswami had been 14th (they've made multiple Sweet 16 appearances and have won 13 Ancient 8 titles with Bid as Coach) - this year, they've already busted that with a Top 10 ranking. Why? Well, they're 8-1, with W's over Virginia Tech, Dartmouth, St. John's, #11 Notre Dame, #8 Baylor, #43 Northwestern, SMU and #39 Tulane and their only loss was to #2 Wake at Chicago. For several years, they've been led by the Lin family and the Brothers Pham, and that remains the case this year Their top player is #11 sophomore Jack Lin, Victor Pham is #31, Adam Ambrozy is #76; Jackie Tang is #104. In doubles, Lin and William Matheson are ranked 10th; Lin and Tang are ranked 13th and Tang and Ambrozy are ranked 42nd. These are actually much more impressive than the Frogs' overall rankings - especially in doubles. On the other hand, other than at Chicago, which was technically neutral, they have yet to play a road match - they are 6-0 at home in Morningside Heights and 2-1 at neutral sites but 0-0 on the road. And they've also taken the last 2 weeks off, so they're not exactly well-seasoned and at their peak. Goswami loves, however, to take a Texas road trip this time of year (he's brought the Lions to Ft. Worth often and adores our tennis center with the tree grove and the "Spring" feeling that Ft. Worth has while New York remains wintry) and that's what they're doing this week. They scrimmaged at UTA on Saturday and will play the Mavs Monday night and after the Frogs, they're off to play the Longhorns in Austin to check out the new tennis "Center" there. So I'm not sure what to expect - Columbia is top notch in everything they do and Goswami (a former Davis Cupper for India in the 70's) is very experienced. (Perhaps I should have stepped on the Columbia player who insisted on stretching in the middle of the "aisle" in Chicago). And if they can beat Baylor and the Irish, they're quite good. I think we should be favored at home, but it'll likely be close. Hopefully, we'll get a good crowd who will treat Goswami respectfully in his farewell season while we beat his team.
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    Even after Oregon's win over Washington, Lunardi still has us in the field. This feels like a coin toss, and what could ever go wrong leaving our fate in the hands of a selection committee?
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    One is a lot if you’re the guy getting hit.
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    Cron has been optioned to Triple-A Reno by the D'Backs. I was hoping he'd make the squad out of spring training, but be playing for his Dad in Reno and I'd expect to see him get The Call at some point in 2019.
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    Singles is well underway and the Frogs are making waves! Alexandrovich Sergeyivich Rybakovsky 5-1; the Red Widow 2-3; Bertus the Boer 3-all; Fomba from France 5-2; Juan Martin (sans del Potro) 3-3; Eduardito 2-3. Alex takes it 6-1; Reese 3-5; Bertus 4-all; Luc 5-2; Juan 3-all; Eduardo 2-3. Rybo 1-all in his 2nd; Widow 5-all; Bertus takes it 6-4!; Luc takes it 6-3!; Juan 3-4; Eduardo 3-4. Rybo 2-1; Reese 6-5; Bert 1-0; Luc 0-1; Juan 3-5; Eduardo 4-all. Alex 3-2; Reese 7-5, 1-love; Bertus 3-2; Luc 2-all; Juan 3-6, 1-0; Eduardo takes it 6-4. We've won 5 first sets, the sun is shining and things look good! Rybo 4-2; Widow 2-love; Kruger 4-3; Fomba 2-3; Martin 1-all; Roldan 0-1. All 2nd sets. Alex 4-3; Reese 2-1; Bertus 4-3; Luc 3-all; Juan 2-1; Eduardo 1-all. Rybo 5-3; Widow 2-1; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 3-4; Martin 2-1; Roldan 1-all. #7 Alex Rybakov takes it 6-1, 6-3 and it's TCU 2 Pepperdine 0! Stalder 3-1; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 3-1; Martin 4-1; Roldan 2-1. Widow 4-1; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 3-5; Martin 4-1; Roldan 3-1. We just need 2 of these... Reese 4-2; Bert 5-all; Luc 4-5; Juan 4-2; Eduardito 4-1. #86 Bertus Kruger comes back to win 6-4, 7-5 and it's TCU 3 Pepperdine 0!! Stalder 5-2; Fomba 5-all; Martin 5-2; Roldan 4-1. Who's gonna clinch it? Widow 5-3; Luc 6-5; Juan 5-3; Eduardo 4-2. My money is on Stalder... Juan Martin wins his 2nd set 6-3 and is into a 3rd set - it's his first set victory in collegiate tennis! Reese 5-4; Luc 6-all and into a breaker; Martin just starting his 3rd; Eduardo 4-3. Ouch! Stalder gets broken and it's 5-all; Fomba in the breaker 6-all; Martin 0-0; Roldan 4-3. Stalder 6-5; Fomba in a long breaker; Martin 1-0 in the 3rd; Roldan 4-all. Viva la France!! Luc Fomba wins his breaker 7-6 and clinches a 4-0 sweep for the Frogs!! We're 11-3 and have won 6 straight! LMU next at 3:30 today!! Quel magnifique! Unfortunately, I've got to go to work, but I'll catch up later...
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    Full uppdate after bowing out of the conference tourney. So going into whatever postseason play we see: Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 647 (TCU school record , #5 all-time in the Big 12) -Needs 21 to pass Kirk Hinrich of Kansas for #4 -Needs 121 to pass Monte Morris of Iowa State for #3 Current season-total assists: 230 (PASSED Hank Thorns '11, Prince Fowler '99 and his own '17 season; now #2 on the school single-season list) ...needs 5 to break Tony Edmond's school record of 234 from 1990. Current career steals: 143 (#4 all-time) -Needs 13 to pass Corey Santee for #3 -Needs 21 to pass Mike Jones for #2 ...needs 26 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Kevin Samuel: Current season total blocks: 67 (TCU freshman record, PASSED Kurt Thomas '95, now #5 on the school single-season list) -Needs 3 to pass Kurt Thomas '94 for #4 -Needs 8 to pass Derrick Davenport '01 for #3 ...needs 12 to pass Damion Walker to crack the career Top 10 in blocks Current season total rebounds: 231 (#2 on the freshman single-season list) -Needs 34 to break Damion Walker's fresman single-season record from 1996 Current season total points: 248 -Needs 35 to pass Jeff Jacobs '94 and crack the Top 10 on the fresman single-season list
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    I turned it on when we had a 14 point lead. We promptly blew it. I turned it off. We won. I won’t be watching the next game.
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    Well, that'll give CDC something to do. 😏
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    They did it!! Woo-hoo!!
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    Strike first. Strike hard. No mercy. And sweep some legs while you're at it.
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    CFL Deport-es...
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    Did he mention anything about Turkvision? Should be in the Appstore if you ask me...
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