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    The comments on this are the greatest thing I have ever seen on twitter.
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    Only 3 matches left. Both teams need to win 2 of them for the W. Gray 7-6, 3-6, 0-0; Kruger 7-5, 4-6, 0-0; Jong 5-4 in his 2nd set breaker after losing his first set. Sander takes his breaker 9-7 and he's on to a 3rd set too! So it's all even - TCU 2 MSU 2, with 3 matches remaining and all starting their 3rd and deciding sets. Gray 0-0; Kruger 1-1; Jong 0-0. Gray 1-0; Kruger 2-1; Jong 0-1. Yes!! Ali wins at no-ad and it's 2-0 (up a break)!; Bertus 2-1; Sander 0-1. Yes! Sander takes it at no-ad! 1-all; Gray 2-love; Kruger 3-1 (up a break). Gray broken at no-ad 2-1; Kruger loses at no-ad 3-2; Jong loses at no-ad 1-2. Gray 3-2; Kruger 4-2; Jong 2-all. Sander breaks at love and goes up a break 3-2!! YES!!! Alastair breaks at no-ad and goes up 4-2!! We're up a break in all 3 matches!! Do you believe in miracles??!! YES!! Sander holds at no ad!! 4-2!! Gray 4-2!; Kruger 5-2! We only need 2 of these... Texas wins 4-0. The Longhorns would be next... Bertus Kruger WINS!! It's TCU 3 MSU 2!! 7-6, 4-6, 6-2! Gray 5-2! Jong 4-2! Gray 5-2; Jong 4-3. Gray 5-3; Jong 4-3. We just need 1 of em to win. C'mon - this has been a looong match. Sander holds at no-ad. Both matches at 5-3, with TCU leading both. Sander was at no-ad and match point but loses, so it's 5-4. Alastair is stuck on 15-all - injury??!! Line call argument??!! The Man from Twickenham clinched it 7-6, 3-6, 6-3 and it's ON TO ORLANDO as the Frogs win 4-2 over Mississippi State!!!!
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    *Actual footage of GP sliding into Blackshear’s DMs
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    Frogs win. TCU 3 runs, 15 hits, 1 error. Tech 1 run, 14 hits, 2 errors
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    So it's on to the 3rd set between Norrie and Millman in Rome! 0-1 as Millman holds. 1-2. 2-all. Cam gets the break at love and takes a 3-2 lead! 4-2! All Cam needs now is to serve it out. 4-3. 5-3. 5-4. Now all Cam needs is to hold one more time to advance. Cam evens the all-time series with Millman with a 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 win to advance to the 2nd round of the main draw at Rome!
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    Anyone seen my coffee? I seem to have misplaced it...
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    The reason Mississippi State is higher ranked and is favored at home against TCU on Saturday is because they are 19-3, they won the SEC tournament championship and their overall record is just more impressive despite the fact that we beat them in Chicago (4-1) and Tempe in an exhibition. Their W's include Wichita State, Arizona, Miami, USF, Tech, Tulane, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, A&M, LSU, Vanderbilt (again), South Carolina (again), Tennessee (again), Alabama State and South Alabama. They've won 14 in a row. They haven't lost a point yet in the NCAA's. Their only L's are to TCU, Baylor and Florida (which was on 3/10). They are undefeated (12-0) at home in Starkville. They are 8-3 against the Top 25 and 12-0 against teams ranked 26-50. Nuno Borges is the #1 ranked singles player in the country (just passing J.J. Wolf on the last week of the season) and is seeded #1 Slam Tennis says that their schedule strength is the #1 in the country. Borges and Strahinja Rakic are the #3 doubles team in the country. They just don't lose much - they are clearly a legit contender for the national championship. Their usual singles line-up is #1 Borges (Portugal), #61 Giovanni Oradini (Italy), Rakic (Serbia), Niclas Braun (Germany), Trevor Foshey (Florida) and Florian Broska (Germany) and their doubles line-up is #3 Borges/Rakic, #32 Braun/Oradini and Foshey/Gregor Ramskogler (Austria). Most of them were the top junior players in their respective countries. Their head coach is Matt Roberts, in his 5th season (7th overall at MSU; 9th overall as a coach), who has turned the Bulldogs into a national power, winning their first SEC title since 1996 last year and making the quarters at the NCAA's since 1998 as well. Roberts played at Arkansas (2003-06) and also coached at Arkansas-Little Rock and Michigan State. Obviously, he's known for his recruiting. Nonetheless, Slam Tennis only rates them as a 55% favorite, the closest of all the supers. This is probably because of the H2H record. Back in February, they took the doubles point when Borges/Rakic beat Rybo/Gray 7-6 (7-5) and Foshey/Ramskogler beat Fomba/Jong 6-2, but then we jumped all over them in singles, getting W's from Jong over Broska, Fomba over Foshey, Kruger over Braun and Stalder over Rakic. Rybo and Borges were 6-6 in the 3rd and Gray and Oradini had also split sets and were at 2-3 when play ended. Like us, the Bulldogs are not a good indoors team and that might have been the difference (they lost to Baylor the next day), but their recap says that their problem was that they were serving poorly and we weren't. I expect we'll lose the doubles point, but if we can win that, our chances seem good. If not, we really need the same kind of performance from the bottom of the line-up that we got in Chicago and it sure would be nice if #4 Alex could beat #1 Nuno. Roditi says that it will be an "absolute war." Can we beat them yet again? In Starkville where they haven't lost all season?
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    Frogs break the losing streak in Abilene, 11-6, despite allowing five runs in the eighth.
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    Kevin Cron got The Call! SBNation: Diamondbacks promote 1B prospect Cron
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    TCU is playing Baylor in an elimination game tonight at 7.
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    This one will decide it for the right to face Nuno Borges in the semis. C'mon Alex! 1-all. Blumberg serving first this time. Rybo desperately needs a break. And he gets it!! At no-ad after being down 15-40! 2-1!! 3-1! Katrina Adams just called us the Horn Dogs. 3-2. Sam Gore, a former Tarheel, is openly rooting for Blumberg as he calls the match. 4-2. Still up that key break. Nice lefty serving by Rybo. 5-2!! Alex grabs control of the match with yet another key break on a big-time forehand shot! Up 2 breaks, he'll serve for the semis! Rybo is on a roll! Great shots make it 30-love! 40-love! Quadruple match point! 40-15. Blumberg saves one. Alex Rybakov takes the match 6-4, 3-6, 6-2!! On to the semis! He earns a berth in an ATP event for doing it. And yes, he's an All-American. And the Big 12 Player of the Year. And the TCU Male Athlete of the Year. And the TCU Scholar-Athlete of the Year. But, uh, he has to play Nuno next.
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    Yeah, that thread is freaking hilarious. I loved the one where somebody added San Jose State and someone else responded with "You spelled Baylor wrong"
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    Blumberg beat Crawford 4 and 2 and will now face Alex Rybakov in tomorrow's epic quarter-final match-up at the NCAA's. They're good friends and often tweet and retweet each other. The quarters will be Rybo (TCU)v. Blumberg (North Carolina), Borges (Mississippi State) v. Holt (USC), Riffice (Florida) v. Kovacevic (Illinois) and Oradini (Mississippi State) v. Jubb (South Carolina). Oh, and I looked up the schedule - quarters tomorrow, semis Friday and the finals on Saturday (weather permitting).
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    On to the 2nd set. 0-1. Rybo gets it to no-ad but can't get the early break this time. 1-all. Nice love hold for Rybo. 1-2. 2-all. Alex dug himself a love-30 hole but fought back for the hold. Nuno Borges is through to the quarters. 2-3. Habib is playing much better this set (really from love-4 in the 1st) and will be tougher to beat. %$#@!! 2-4. Rybo is broken. Habib lost the first set yesterday and came back to win his match. 2-5. Alex had 2 break points but couldn't convert. (sigh) 4-5!! Rybo storms back, gets the break and evens it up on serve! 5-all! Rybo holds to make it all square in the 2nd set. (The Tennis Channel cut out, but they weren't showing him anyway). Riffice-Wolf and Ito-Holt both going to 3rd sets. 6-5!! Rybo breaks at no-ad and the Tennis Channel actually showed it!! He'll serve for the quarter-finals now! 7-5!!! Rybo advances to the quarters! The Tennis Channel guys call him "Baby Nadal." He'll face the winner of Florida's Oliver Crawford and North Carolina's William Blumberg, which will take place after Wolf-Riffice wraps up. The Tennis Channel did a nice interview of Rybo, asking about his nickname "the Rat," his complaints about the prevalence of love bugs all over Lake Nona this week and whether he'll watch Blumberg-Crawford (he will). He knows Blumberg extremely well; having practiced against him numerous times at Lake Nona and he's played both Crawford and Blumberg this season, so he knows both of their games.
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    Just want to thank you again for posting this info year round FF. It is very much appreciated!
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    At least it wasn't Baylor again.
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    Good read from ESPN about Collier growing up in Munday: Gas station burritos and one stoplight: Seahawks rookie rises from tiny hometown
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    -Kevin Cron is on a tear again. In his last three games for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), he's 8-for-12 with 3 walks, 3 doubles, 4 home runs and 11 RBI. For the year, he's now hitting .327 with 18 HR (leads all of minor-league baseball), 52 RBI and a 1.197 OPS. Call him up already! -Jantzen Witte hit his first Triple-A home run of the year last night for Pawtucket (Red Sox), where he's now hitting .325 in 23 games since being promoted.
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    Sounds like he had some sort of concentrate and a vape pen. Concentrate makes it a felony. Since he's never been in trouble before and it sounds like a recreational amount, hopefully it will get plead down to a misdemeanor and he'll get some sort of deferred adjudication on that. By the way, never consent to a search. Never as in NEVER. There may have been probable cause for a search in this case but I doubt it. And even if the cop says there's probable cause, you need to at least give your attorney a chance to argue there's not. Even if you don't have anything to hide, you never know whether one of your buddies dropped something in your car or whether the cop will plant something in your car. Hell, a joint could've slipped out of the guy's pocket at the car wash! Just don't take that chance.
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    Not sure where to share this, but since it involves sports fandom, here seems good. Let me start by saying I hate rude and dangerous drivers. I was driving to work the other day along an average city street (35 mph). Flying up behind was a dark Tahoe in the lane next to me until he was about 2-3 ft off the bumper of the car in front. Caught up at the light to see he was doing this while on his cel phone. Light changed and he locked right up on the bumper until he could cut around into other lanes and proceed on to the next bumper. He weaved back and forth from bumper to bumper, very close to some, all while enjoying his texts. I had a clear lane and caught myself speeding to catch up and find out where he was going. Luckily I caught myself as I got close to work and turned off for the campus. The main point here is that yes, I wanted to knock some sense into him for putting all those people at risk. I drive a small car, so when people are in larger vehicles and do not pay attention to the greater damage they can do, it is very frustrating. That said, the first thing I would have done would not have been to lay him out. It would have been to rip the TCU sticker off his back window.
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    Jantzen Witte being noticed. I'd just love for him to make the show at least once. The Boston Red Sox and the curious case of Jantzen Witte
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    The times for Thursday's matches have been announced - TCU v. The Evil Empire is scheduled to be the 2nd match of the day and is listed to start at 1:00 p.m. (CDT), following the Cavs v. the Deacs in an all-ACC quarter. Some annoying guy by the name of Chris Del Conte is already tweeting about it - man, that guy is really starting to get on my nerves. Who does he think he is??!! The Epitome of Evil is 26-3 on the season; 5-0 in the Big12 (not counting their L to Baylor in the tourney finals), 16-1 at home, 6-0 away (including at Ft. Worth) but only 4-2 on neutral courts. They really haven't ventured away from Austin all that much. They have W's over just about everyone, including Mississippi, SMU, Washington, Miami, UTSA, A&M-CC, North Carolina, Tulsa, Arkansas, Illinois, USC, Incarnate Word, Georgia, N.C. State, Rice, Ohio State, Columbia, Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma (again), Tennessee Tech, USF and Cal. Their only losses were to Ohio State (indoors at Chicago which they avenged in Austin albeit the Buckeyes were Wolf-less), USC (at home but they had beaten the Trojans in Chicago) and Baylor (at Lawrence in the Big 12 tourney but they had beaten the Bears in the regular season). They've only lost 1 point (to USF) in the entire NCAA tourney, cruising through Tennessee Tech like they were tissue paper, USF and Cal. They are extremely good and hot. We know them well - their stars are #7 Christian Sigsgaard (who shared the Big 12 Player of the Year honor with Rybo)(Denmark), #12 Yuya Ito (Japan), #80 Leonardo Telles (Brazil), #55 Harrison Scott (Canada), Colin Markes (Austin) and Rodrigo Banzer (Bolivia). Their doubles line-up is #5 Scott/Sigsgaard, Markes/Telles and Chih Chi Huang (Canada)/Ito. Their interim coach is Bruce Berque - scroll back to read how he got the job. When he was head coach at Michigan, he recruited the Camster but ruthlessly did not inform Cam about how frickin cold Michigan gets in the winter. They are the Big 12 regular season champs and won the Big 12 tourney last year. They're ranked and seeded #2 but have been #1 during the season. To beat them will take a Herculean effort and would be magical and soporific. With this morning's W, Cam Norrie has qualified for the main draw in Roma.
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    Lupton Magic! Frogs win with 5 in the 9th. Keep it going Frogs. Need the sweep tomorrow.
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    Frogs then win on this walk off 3 run shot! 7-4!
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    And we're back! Rybo has evened his set at 3-all; Gray 2-4; Stalder 2-3; Kruger 3-all; Fomba 3-2; Jong 2-3. Well, now they're showing Rybo down 1-4; Gray 2-4; Stalder 2-3; Kruger 3-all; Fomba 3-2; and Jong 2-3. And Roditi is saying we'll start at 5:00 p.m. Thanks MSU scorer for giving me false hope! Now they've truly re-started. Rybo 1-5; Gray 3-4; Stalder 3-4; Kruger 3-all; Fomba 3-all; Jong 2-4. We've dug a huge hole in singles and need to change the mo. Rybo falls 1-6; Gray 3-4; Stalder 3-4; Kruger 3-4; Fomba 4-3; Jong 2-5. Not looking good - the rain delay seems to have energized them and not us. Rybo broken in game 1 of his 2nd; Gray 5-4!; Stalder falls 3-6; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 4-3; Jong falls 2-6. We've lost 3 first sets in singles. C'mon guys! Ohio State and Virginia have advanced. Only 12 teams remain. Texas and UNC have taken their doubles points. Rybo 0-2 in his 2nd; Gray 5-all; Stalder 0-1 in his 2nd; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 4-5; Jong 1-0 in his 2nd. Rybakov 1-2 in his 2nd; Gray 6-5; Stalder 0-2 in his 2nd; Kruger 5-all; Fomba 5-all; Jong 1-all in his 2nd. In theory, we're still in this, but... Rybo 1-3 in his 2nd (he lost yet another no-ad); Gray into a breaker at 6-all; Stalder 1-2 in his 2nd; Kruger takes it 7-5!!; Fomba 5-all; Jong 2-1 in his 2nd. We have a chance!! Gray takes his breaker 7-6! Fomba takes his first set 7-5!! We've now won 3 first sets!! All 2nd sets now. Rybo 3-4; Gray 0-0; Stalder 2-3; Kruger 0-1; Fomba 0-0; Jong 3-2. Rybakov 4-5; Gray 0-1; Stalder 2-4; Kruger 1-2; Fomba 1-0; Jong 4-2. Rybo falls 1-6, 4-6 and it's TCU 1 MSU 1. Gray 1-all; Stalder 2-5; Kruger 2-all; Fomba 1-all; Jong 4-3. Stalder falls 3-6, 2-6 and it's TCU 1 MSU 2. Gray 1-2; Kruger 2-all; Fomba 2-1; Jong 4-3. Gray 2-all (he wins at no-ad); Kruger 3-2; Fomba 2-all; Jong 5-4 (he wins at no-ad). We need 3 of these 4, but we won 3 of the first sets. Gray 2-3; Kruger 3-4; Fomba 3-2; Jong 5-all. Gray 2-4 (sigh); Kruger 3-4; Fomba 4-2; Jong 6-5. Gray 2-5; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 5-2; Jong into a breaker at 6-all. Kruger falls 4-6 and he's on to a 3rd set. Gray 3-5; Fomba 5-3; Jong 3-all in his breaker. Fomba takes his match 7-5, 6-3 and it's TCU 2 MSU 2!!
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    When posting content from other websites, please post only a brief snippet of the article and then include a link to the cited story. Refrain from posting the entire content of the story. We recognize that this can be annoying and takes more time than doing a Select-All/Copy/Paste, but people who get paid to write the content can and do get upset (sometimes litigiously) when that content shows up elsewhere without credit or citation. We may take steps to edit posts that post too much or all of the referenced content. Please take no offense to this action; it is simply an effort to protect the board from unwanted attention. Thanks, Go Frogs
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    Alex Rybakov was named the TCU Pop Boone Male Athlete of the Year (for the second time) and the Dutch Meyer Male Scholar Athlete of the Year as well. Not bad. It'll be sad to see him leave TCU.
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    USTA College Tennis@ustacollege10s It is official! ⁦@dkaplanSBJ⁩ ⁦@NCAATennis⁩ @usta ⁦@ustacollege10s⁩ Tennis Channel and USTA form 3-year rights agreement for NCAA DI men's and women's national championships | http://NCAA.com https://www.ncaa.com/news/tennis-men/article/2019-05-06/tennis-channel-and-usta-form-3-year-rights-agreement-ncaa-di … Tennis Channel and USTA form 3-year rights agreement for NCAA DI men's and women's national... Tennis Channel and the USTA, in conjunction with the NCAA, have entered a three-year partnership that makes the network the exclusive television home of the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Tennis... ncaa.com
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    LJ to Seattle! Congrats big man, you earned it Go Frogs!
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    Charles King with the complete game! 6-1 Frogs final!
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    Nick Chappell won his first-round ITF match at Vero Beach against qualifier Isaiah Strode this morning 6-4, 7-6 (6). He's scheduled to face fifth-seeded Peruvian (and Dukeian) Nicolas Alvarez on Friday. Edit: Oops! I was mistaken about the date for the Chappell-Alvarez match. It was today also. Nick lost 6-7, 1-6 to the favored Peruvian.
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    Thank you for posting that. I just read it. Your advice was spot on. I know Wes personally, and he is a huge Frog fan and a great guy. We shared many bbq lunches together.
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    TCU's first round match against Harvard is historically significant in that it will definitively determine, for all of eternity, which school is academically superior. The Crimson are 18-7 on the season, 5-3 in the Ivy League, with W's over Auburn, Vanderbilt, Penn State, Boston University, Western Michigan, Brown, Princeton, Memphis, Williams, San Diego State, Princeton (again), Boston College, Quinnipiac, Princeton (again), Penn, Yale, Brown and Cornell and L's to Buffalo, Alabama, Northwestern, Penn, Tulane, Columbia and Dartmouth. Our only common opponents were Tulane and Columbia, who we beat and to whom they lost. Their usual line-up includes Robert Wrezinski (Lithuania), Andy Zhou (Palo Alto), Brian Shi (New York), Harry Walker (New York), Steven Sun (New York) and Lane Leschly (California). Logan Webber (North Carolina) also plays on their #1 doubles team. The Scott Mead '77 Head Coach for Harvard Men's Tennis (they even have endowed chairs for their coaches) is Andrew Rueb (Harvard '95) who has been The Scott Mead '77 Head Coach For Harvard Men's Tennis for 12 years - he has a degree in psychology and Master's degrees in religion and literature from Harvard Divinity School and Boston University. While playing for the Crimson, Rueb was the Ivy League Player of the Year twice in the 90's. Harvard barely got in to the tourney - Slam Tennis had them on their bubble for weeks and listed them as one of the Last 4 In. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're one of the weakest teams in the field - they got an at-large bid and are ranked 38th, so they are actually a lot stronger than some of the tournament champs that also got in. On the other hand, teams that didn't get a ticket to the Dance, like LSU and BYU, arguably have stronger overall records. We'll be favored at home and should win, but stranger things have happened... My impressions of the Selection Show: Andy Katz, who was let go by ESPN but found a home with NCAA.com, is principally a basketball guy. Nonetheless, he was given the opportunity to interrupt the run-down of the brackets multiple times and conduct nonsensical interviews constantly, whilst continuously waving his arms in a never-ending fashion. This was particularly annoying because TCU was in the last revealed bracket and Frog fans (uh, me) had to put up with the inanities throughout. They interviewed the Buckeye coach, the Cavalier coach, Brandon Holt (USC) and Oliver Crawford (Florida) at length, but the saving grace was that the last interviewee was Alex Rybakov. Holt, Crawford and (unfortunately) Rybo all need to learn that saying "I mean" repeatedly is not a particularly effective communication tool nor a good practice in an interview. Crawford needs to learn to lick his lips about a dozen times fewer per interview and also not to rotate his swivel chair constantly while being interviewed. Katz seems well acquainted with Holt's family (Tracey Austin is his Mom) but, in my view, needs to learn a bit more about college tennis...
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    Three more home runs for Cron last night - his third professional hat trick. Through 19 games, he's hitting .352 with 9 HR, 26 RBI and a 1.244 OPS.
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    Also, still need a jersey with 8675309 on it...
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    PROMOTION: After hitting .164 through 20 games at Class A Kannapolis, Evan Skoug was promoted by the White Sox organization to Advanced A Winston-Salem. Through 2 games, he's 0-for-3 but with 3 walks. -Jantzen Witte is 11-for-25 during his current 6-game hitting streak for Triple-A Pawtucket (Red Sox), where he's now hitting .329 with 8 doubles through 19 games. -Jason Coats has gone deep 4 times in his last 10 games for Triple-A Durham (Rays), where he's raised his average to .228 and now has 6 HRs and 10 RBI through 23 games.
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    The Big 12 announced the various post-season awards yesterday. Alex Rybakov was named co-Player of the Year (with Christian Sigsgaard of Texas), he was named the #1 singles champ, he was named to the All Big 12 First team and he and Alastair Gray were named to the All Big 12 Second team in doubles. Alastair Gray was named to the All Big 12 Second team in both doubles and singles. And Sander Jong was named the #6 singles champ (effectively the best player at the #6 position). Bruce Berque of Texas was named Coach of the Year; Matej Vocel of Oklahoma State was named the Newcomer of the Year and Adian Boitan of Baylor was named the Freshman of the Year.
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