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    Give the rule some teeth and make him ineligible for the first CONFERENCE game.
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    #$%@ baylor #$%@ art briles and #$%@ mount Vernon
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    H2H!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1!1!!!!!!!!!!1. We are National Champions!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!!2
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    Question #1 On a Free Kick, two or more members of the receiving team intentionally form a wedge for the purpose of blocking for the ball carrier at B's 25 yard line, which is illegal this year. Number 5 of the receiving team signals for and makes a fair catch at the 3-yard line. a. The receiving team is penalized from the spot of the foul, and B will snap from the 12 1/2 yard line. b. There is no foul and B will snap from the 25-yard line due to the fair catch.
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    A few memorable 54s: Marcus Mallet Joe Broadnax Hugh Pitts Dale Walker Lee Nailon James Cash LT scored 54 career rushing TDs at TCU A few bonus 54s: Chuck Howley Randy White Jaylon Smith Popeye Jones Rear Window hit theaters September 1, 1954
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    Jerry Hughes, 2013-present Bill's Tracy Simien wore 55 during his rookie season for the 1989 Steelers. Hes not in this picture ... Jonathan Anderson 2019 Giants John Briscoe wore 55 for the 1991 A's Goo Kennedy, 1975 Spirits of St. Louis
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    The first full update in a while: Guys currently in The Show: -Jake Arrieta, Phillies -Andrew Cashner, Orioles -Matt Carpenter, Cardinals -Bryan Holaday, Marlins -Kevin Cron, D'Backs -Alex Young, D'Backs Triple-A: -Tyler Alexander was optioned back to Toledo after making his MLB debut for the Tigers in a spot start earlier this week (5 IP, 2 ER, 5 H, 4 K, 0 BB). He's 2-9 on the year with a 6.23 ERA on the season for Toledo. -Stefan Crichton has tossed 4 scoreless innings for Reno (D'Backs) since being sent back down following his 8-appearance stint with Arizona in The Show (4.50 ERA in 10 IP). Through 24 total Triple-A apperances this year, he's 1-2 with a 3.27 ERA and 42 K's against 14 BB. -Jason Coats has 8 hits during his current 5-game hit streak for Durham (Rays). Through 49 total games, he's hitting .265 with 11 HR, 28 RBI and an .809 OPS. -Jantzen Witte went deep on the 4th of July for Pawtucket (Red Sox), extending his short hit streak to 3. Through 66 total games this year between Pawtucket and Double-A Portland, he's hitting .267 with 7 HR, 29 RBI and a .719 OPS. Double-A: -Durbin Feltman has a 2.13 ERA across his last 10 relief appearances for Portland (Red Sox), but his rough start to the season is still haunting him. Through 26 total appearances, he's 2-2 with a 4.65 ERA 31 K's against 23 BB. -Brian Howard has pitched at least 6 innings in his last 4 starts for Midland (A's), picking up W's in the last two. Through 17 total starts, BGH is 7-5 with a 2.92 ERA and 83 K's against 33 BB. -Jerrick Suiter is currently mired in a 1-for-24 slump for Altoona (Pirates), which has seen his batting average tumble .10 points in the last week. Through 81 games, he's hitting .239 with 3 HR, 30 RBI and a .598 OPS. -Riley Ferrell has thrown 3 scoreless innings in his first two outings for Corpus Christi (Astros) after being returned to the Houston organization after being waived by the Marlins. -Taylor Featherston has 4 hits across his last 3 games for NW Arkansas (Royals). Through 69 games, he's hitting .266 with 7 HR, 32 RBI and a .738 OPS. -Jordan Kipper (Bowie/Orioles) and Brian Trieglaff (Trenton/Yankees) have both been dealing with injuries all year and have yet to pitch in 2019. Advanced A-Ball: -Luken Baker had two base hits last time out for Palm Springs (Cardinals). Through 72 games, he's hitting .233 with 5 HR, 29 RBI and a .679 OPS. -Evan Skoug has reached base safely in his last three games for Winston-Salem (White Sox). Through 20 games since his promotion, he's hitting .213 with 3 HR, 13 RBI and a .783 OPS. -Josh Watson quickly earned a promotion after 7 games with the A's AZL League entry. Through 5 games at Stockton, he's hitting 3-for-17 (.176) with 1 HR, 2 RBI and an .804 OPS. -Austen Wade has been injured and hasn't played since May 8th for Lynchburg (Indians). Through 23 games, he'd started the year hitting .266 with 1 HR, 6 RBI and a .757 OPS. Class A: -Sean Wymer struck out 7 against 0 walks in his last start for Lansing (Blue Jays), but took the L. Through 16 starts, he's 3-7 with a 6.67 ERA and 52 K's against 19 BB's. Short-Season A-Ball and Rookie Leagues: -Nick Lodolo is scoreless across 4.1 IP in his first three starts for Billings (Reds), taking no-decisions in all three. His sterling 0.00 ERA matches nicely with 6 K's against zero walks. -Johnny Rizer has hit safely in 3 of his last 4 for Aberdeen (Orioles), but cooled off a tad after his insane start to his pro career which included taking Noah Syndagaard deep. Through 13 games, he's hitting .306 with 1 HR, 9 RBI and an .892 OPS. -Alex Isola has hit safely in 5 of his first 6 games for Elizabethton (Twins). He's currently hitting .400 with 1 HR, 8 RBI and a 1.029 OPS. -Jake Guenther has hit safely in his first 3 games for Princeton (Rays). He's currently hitting .600 with 1 RBI and a 1.292 OPS. -Jared Janczak picked up his first professional W in his last outing for the Indians' AZL League entry. Through 4 total relief appearances, he's 1-0 with a 2.45 ERA and 5 K's against zero walks. -Brandon Williamson has yet to pitch for Everett (Mariners) Independent Leagues: -Matt Purke is 2-4 with a 5.84 ERA through 15 total appearances for the Sugar Land Skeeters, which includes 6 starts. Status uncertain: -Brandon Finnegan appears to be assigned to Billings by the Reds organization, but has yet to pitch in 2019. -Jake Eissler does not appear to have signed yet with the Indians.
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    At the encouragement of a fellow poster, I am sharing big news about my son from the past week. He is on youtube and has his own channel if you search for Zak McAllister Just a follow up on my son’s week at the 2019 International Juggler’s Association Annual Festival. So, he won the three biggest awards:World Champ for Individual World Champ for TeamsPeople’s Choice Award (voted on by ballot by all festival attendees for their favorite person at the festival)He also got four gold medals for lesser events and won another audience voting performance competition. He’s only the second person ever to win all three big awards in the same week. Essentially, every single thing he was eligible for, he won. He was on fire. It is a niche group of performers around the world, but in that world, he is on top for the moment. It was a very cool dad moment for me to see him compete against people from around the world and come out on top.
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    Made some updates In the Show: -Alex Young - Reno (D'Backs) STATS AAA: -Riley Ferrell - Corpus Christi (Astros) STATS -Tyler Alexander - Toledo (Tigers) STATS -Jason Coats - Durham (Rays) STATS -Jantzen Witte - Pawtucket (Red Sox) STATS -Stefan Chrichton - Reno (D'backs) STATS -Kevin Cron - Reno (D'backs) STATS AA: -Durbin Feltman - Portland (Red Sox) STATS -Brian Howard - Midland (A's) STATS -Jerrick Suiter - Altoona (Pirates) STATS -Brian Trieglaff - Trenton (Yankees) STATS (INJURED) -Jordan Kipper - Bowie (Orioles) STATS (INJURED) -Taylor Featherston - NW Arkansas (Royals) STATS Advanced A-Ball: -Austen Wade - Lynchburg (Indians) STATS (INJURED) -Luken Baker - Palm Beach (Cardinals) STATS -Evan Skoug - Winston Salem (White Sox) STATS -Josh Watson - Stockton (A's) STATS A-Ball: -Sean Wymer - Lansing (Blue Jays) STATS Short-Season A & Rookie Leagues: -Brandon Williamson - Everett (Mariners) STATS -Johnny Rizer - Aberdeen (Orioles) STATS -Jared Janczak - AZL Indians Blue (Indians) STATS -Nick Lodolo - Billings (Reds) - STATS -Alex Isola - Elizabethton (Twins) - STATS Independent Leagues: -Matt Purke - Sugar Land Skeeters Status Uncertain: -Brandon Finnegan - (Reds) - was working in extended spring training, not assigned yet for this season -Jake Guenther - (Rays) - not assigned yet -Jake Eissler - (Indians) - not assigned yet/holding out hope he'll come back for his senior season Guys who appear to be out of baseball, at least for now: -Chad Huffman (last played in the Tigers' system last year) -Preston Morrison (last pitched in the Cubs' system last year) -Nolan Brown (last played in the White Sox' system last year) -Mitchell Traver (last pitched in the Angels' system last year) -Cam Warner (last played in the Tigers' system last year - I believe he may be playing back in Australia) -Jerome Pena (last played for the Aguascalientes Railroaders in the Mexican League last year)
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    Our current 62: David Bolisomi A few memorable 62s: Jeff Olson Herb Zimmerman John Marsh (with biographical details!) That time Kyle Hicks scored 5 touchdowns and the Frogs dropped 62 on Baylor while their fans were all buying rape-enabler #CAB T-shirts in the parking lot ...and one bonus 62: James McMurtry was born March 18, 1962 - in Fort Worth.
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    I can't wait for number 10 and number 2 to be right next to each other in next year's team photo...
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    Vanderbilt (who lost to TCU)* takes the championship. * “Vanderbilt (who lost to TCU)” is the correct usage for references to the Vanderbilt baseball team for the foreseeable future.
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    A few memorable 74s: Big V Bob Schobel Abe Martin won 74 games as TCU's head coach from 1953 to 1966 Josh Boyce scored on a 74-yard TD reception from Casey Pachall against Boise State in 2011 ...and a few bonus 74s: 1974 American League MVP, Jeff Burroughs What is now "The Tower" in downtown Fort Worth - long before it's current use as condos, it's near demolition in 2001 and being ravaged by a tornado in 2000, was built in 1974 Blazing Saddles hit theaters February 7, 1974 Nixon, in a speech in which he says he isn't a quitter, quits. August 8, 1974.
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    My high school ride, 1975 Ford F-150. “Old Yeller”
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    I didn't see this posted; please forgive if I missed it. Our new scoreboard is slightly larger than Baylor's: https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/7/14/20693811/revivalry-is-alive-and-well-new-tcu-scoreboard-built-with-the-bears-in-mind-baylor-rhule-patterson The loge boxes, suites, and club seats being built on the stadium’s east side will be complemented by a new, improved scoreboard as well - one that will measure 108’4” wide and 48’6” high. That’s 5,500 square feet of Snackwards Cam, for those of you playing at home. While it was a foregone conclusion that the Horned Frogs would take this opportunity to upgrade a scoreboard that left something to be desired, the measurements were set with a very specific goal in mind: be bigger than the one at the school 90 miles down I-35. Baylor's video board measures in at a barely visible 107’ wide by 47’ high. The Bears’ McLane Stadium opened in 2014. Not to critique Ms. Triebwasser's math, but that puts us at a little over 5254 ft^2 compared to baptist's 5029, a little over 225 more square feet. Suck it, rapey bears!
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    Our current 47: Carter Ware A few memorable 47s: Paul Dawson Chris Piland Matt Purke November 6, 2010: TCU takes down #6 Utah on the road, 47-7
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    Weightlifting U? TCU A Pipeline For Top Tier Athletes
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    Our current 51: Quazzel White A few memorable 51s: Robert Henson Austin Schlottmann Josh Goolsby Kenny Cain Connie Sparks Down by 22 points and without starting QB Tye Gunn, TCU rallied behind super sub Jeff Ballard to beat BYU, 51-50, in Triple OT in Provo on September 24, 2005. ...and one bonus 51: Ken Norton Jr.
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    1951 was a raunchy year... Size. Endurance. Appetite. Automated toys.
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    Ben Banogu, 2019 Colts Roosevelt Collins, 1992 Dolphins Jonathan Anderson, 2018 Bears 1991-93 Phillies ... ... and the 1993-95 Padres Scott Atchison wore #52 for the 2007 Giants ... On a side note, while looking for pics of Roosevelt Collins, I discovered that he wore 56 for the 1994 Sacramento Gold Miners and the 1995 San Antonio Texans during the CFL's brief dalliance with America. So pretend these were posted 4 days ago:
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    Our current 53: John Lanz A few memorable 53s: Max Eubank David Johnson ...and a few bonus 53s: Mark Stepnoski Dirk dropped 53 on the Rockets on December 2, 2004
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    Our current 56: Austin Myers A few memorable 56s: Chris Bradley Tracy Simien Josh Carraway scored a touchdown on a 56-yard fumble recovery return against Baylor in 2015. Norman Hamilton was a 1st-team All American lineman in 1956 A few bonus 56s: Hollywood Henderson Sergei Zubov
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    A few memorable 57s: TCU beat Syracuse, 28-27, in the Cotton Bowl on January 1, 1957. John Ruthstrom Zarnell Fitch in his playing days Cory Grant Davion Pierson I think this photo is from the right game (vs. West Virginia in 2015), but not the exact play - when Jaden Oberkrom kicked a school record 57-yard field goal right before halftime TreVontae Hights scored on a 57-yard TD reception from Michael Collins in last year's season opener against Southern
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    A few memorable 59s: Terrance Maiden Tayo Fabuluje TCU and Air Force played to a 0-0 tie in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day, 1959
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    Kyle Clifton, 1984-96 Jets David Hawthorne, 2008 Seahawks Tank Carder, 2013-18 Browns In his 5th and final appearance in the countdown, Stansly Maponga, Broncos, 2017-18 Jeff Zimmerman, 1999-2001 Rangers Bryan Holaday, 2016 Red Sox
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    The Camster was victorious over Istomin 2, 4 and 4 this morning and has advanced to the Round of 64 where he will play Kei Nishikori (ATP#7). Cam got into a little controversy with a tweet about how the Wimbledon wild cards should be announced 6 weeks or so before the tourney rather than just a few days before - he's been the recipient of wild cards before and probably shouldn't have opined.
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    I picked up my copy of Dave Campbell's Texas Football today. Some things of note: Best recruiting class of 2014 = TCU. The Frogs never win the recruiting ratings, but almost always are first in this magazine's review five years afterward. College coach most trusted by 252 Texas high school coaches = Gary Patterson. (Least trusted = Jimbo Fisher) Among 40 top coaches under 40 = Sonny Cumbie Best receiver in Texas = Jalen Reagor All-Texas first team offense = Reagor, Lucas Niang. Second team = Sewo Olonilua. Best defensive lineman in Texas = Ross Blacklock All Texas first team defense = Blacklock, Jeff Gladney. Second team = Corey Bethley, Garrett Wallow, Julius Lewis, Innis Gaines. 2018 class 4A player of the year = Daimarqua Foster. 3A player of the year = Darwin Barlow 2019 high school Super Team 1st team = James Sylvester. 3rd team = Tyler Bailey Pretty good write-up on the Frogs by Shehan Jeyarajah. Of course, it's DCTF, so there is no proofreading. The depth chart shows a third of our players as "6-2, 220, Fr"
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    Wimbledon starts today and Cam Norrie (ATP #55) is scheduled to play Denis Istomin (ATP# 115), an Uzbek player of Russian descent, in the Round of 128 early tomorrow morning. Cam is also in the doubles draw - teaming with Jaume Munar, a Spaniard, he's scheduled to play Dominic Inglot and Austin Krajicek on Wednesday in the Round of 32. For fans that can't get in to see his match on the court, there's always Norrie Hill, which Wimbledon has set up for Cam's fans to watch on big screen TV.
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    I've been travelling and/or sick for a few days. Our current 65: Colson Altmann A few memorable 65s: Dick Lowe Brady Foltz The "Hurricane Game" against Stanford was a pretty memorable experience for any of the 10,000 or so of us that were actually in the stands that rainy, rainy day while the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Fort Worth. Despite the size, it was quite possibly the most vocal crowd I can remember at Amon G. this side of the 2009 Utah game. Anyway, it was GP's 65th win at TCU. Nick Browne, one of the last men's soccer players at TCU, also kicked 65 career field goals on the gridiron Baylor just could not handle Jalen Reagor on his 65-yard TD reception from The Muehl in last year's win in Pappadeauxville.
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    The Camster beat Chardy early this morning 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) at Eastbourne and will now play friend and fellow Brit Kyle Edmond (ATP#31) in the quarters. Cam is #49 and this is a battle between the U.K.'s #1 and #2 players. Cam's doubles match starts shortly - he and Londero and playing Mclachlan and Nielson. Widow lost 3 and 1 to Nicolas Mejia in singles at Cancun but he's still alive in doubles. Jerry Lopez will be playing Joshua Ortlip later today or tomorrow (he's won something like 11 matches in a row); Nick Chappell will play Luiz Enrique Mancilla de la Cruz later today and is also still alive in doubles with Jerry. Cam and Londero lost in doubles 3-6, 7-6, 5-10.
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    Melissa at Frogs O'War has a good rundown on who is transferring out and a list of the known new additions for the 2020 baseball team. Lots of changes, lots of positions up for grabs this fall. https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/6/24/18714725/monday-morning-manager-tcu-baseball-roster-taking-shape-after-more-transfers
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    If Vanderbilt wins, we can say TCU beat the national champions. But, if Michigan wins, the SEC loses. I'm resolved to be happy either way.
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    Our current 70: Cordel Iwuagwu A few memorable 70s: Marshall Newhouse J.T. Aughinbaugh Darius Anderson broke out with a 70-yard TD against Texas in Austin as a freshman in 2016 Deante Gray broke out with a 70-yard punt return touchdown on his first career touch in the 2012 season opener against Grambling ...and a few bonus 70s: Rayfield Wright Dennis Rodman, during his short stint playing for his hometown team The astronauts of Apollo 13 safely splashed down in the Pacific on April 17, 1970 ABC's Monday Night Football debuted September 21, 1970
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    Our current 72: Kris Dike A few memorable 72s: Bob Lilly Jeff Millican Michael Toudouze Kyle Dooley Jalen Reagor's 72 receptions last year was the second-highest single-season total in school history ...and a few bonus 72s: Too Tall Jones The Cowboys beat the Dolphins, 24-3 in Super Bowl VI on January 16, 1972 Semi-Tough was published in 1972
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    Louisville beat Auburn in the other brackets first elimination game. First two teams going home are SEC ...
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    Today: A man who needs no introduction, 1961-74 Cowboys Marshall Newhouse, perhaps holding, 2010-13 Packers ... ... and the 2014 Bengals ... ... and because I hadn't updated my list, I missed Marshall three days ago in his newest uniform for the Saints. Not to needlessly confuse everybody.
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    Catching up since I played hooky from work yesterday ... Michael Toudouze, 2007-11 Colts Don Floyd, King of Midlothian, 1960-67 Oilers Herb Taylor, 2008 Chiefs Guy Morriss, 1984-87 Patriots Charlie Davis, mean-lookin' man and final appearance in the countdown, 1984 Houston Gamblers
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    Our current 75: Brannon Brown A few memorable 75s: Blake Schlueter Chase Johnson Don Floyd Casey Pachall celebrating a 75-yard TD pass to Brandon Carter against Boise in 2011. Antoine Hicks, just after scoring on a 75-yard TD reception from Dalton against BYU in 2009. ...and a few bonus 75s: Tony Casillas Dog Day Afternoon hit theaters September 21, 1975
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    -Arrieta picked up a W last time out for the Phils, pitching 6 innings and striking out 5. He's now 6-5 on the season with a 4.31 ERA. Next scheduled start is Monday night in DC. -Cashner gave up just 1 run in 6 IP against the Astros at Enron in his last start, but took a no-decision in the O's win. He remains 6-2 on the year with a 4.73 ERA. Next scheduled start is Monday night in Oakland. -Carpenter has a hit and an RBI in his last three games. He's now hitting .222 with 9 HR, 25 RBI and a .718 OPS. -Holaday has a base hit in each of his last four appearances for the Marlins, including a HR and a double. Through 7 total games played, he's hitting 5-for-19 (.263) with 1 HR, 5 RBI and an .865 OPS. -Cron went deep against the Nationals on Saturday. Through 18 total games played for the D'backs, he's hitting .237 with 3 HR, 10 RBI and an .865 OPS. -Crichton threw a scoreless inning and a third in his first outing for the D'backs since his second call-up began. Through 5 total big league relief appearances this season, he's got a 0.00 ERA, a 0.50 WHIP, 4 K's, 0 BB. -Ferrell is in his second rehab assignemnt of the year as he continues to work toward his MLB debut with the Marlins. After 1 perfect inning at Class A Jupiter, he pitched a perfect inning and two-thirds for Triple-A New Orleans on Saturday.
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    A few memorable 76s: Jake Kirkpatrick Chad Pugh The Frogs went into Death Valley and beat Dabo Swinney & Clemson in a rainstorm in 2009...GP's 76th win at TCU Desmon White's 76-yard punt return TD against Stanford in the 2017 Alamo Bowl
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    This board and it's members are true greatness! Thank you founders for all you do!
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