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    As much as I loved the Rose Bowl, as time passes, the Alamo Bowl against Oregon is probably my favorite football game. The TCU crowd was the loudest I’ve ever heard. I turned to Mrs. Turk with about five minutes left and said, “You know, this is a heroic effort and all, but you know we just don’t have the time, don’t you?” She agreed, and right after that, Oregon got a PI in the end zone, and suddenly, there was a path: a TD, two point conversion, and a field goal was all we needed and there WAS time for THAT. After the TD and conversion, Oregon was stuck in our end of the field and we were so loud my ears hurt. They melted down. Oberkrom nailed it to tie the game, and Bram Kohlhausen took us home as if he had started for five years instead of one night. Glorious. Baseball? Game three of the 2015 Super Regional. Sixteen brutal innings. aggy fans chanting “Ball four! Ball four!” at Mitchell Traver in the top of the 16th, then the final pitch called a strike, then TCU fans turning to the aggys chanting “STRIKE THREE! STRIKE THREE!” You could feel the hatred radiating from those rubes. And then sending them home on our way to Omaha. Big XII upgraded when you left, aggy.
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    Hello Frog Horn. My very first post on any message board so be nice! You guys seem a lot nicer than some of the posters I see on other unnamed sites so that is why I joined you. I am a long-time lurker but decided to finally join in some conversation now that I am only working part-time. I chose the baseball thread as my first post as that is my first love, though I'm all in with season tickets in football, basketball, and baseball. But I don't intend to compete with Turkvision, which I've enjoyed for many years on this site! As my name implies, I am a local Frog and was able to go to the Diamond Club lunch today. A few things I heard today: Coach Mosiello thinks we will be much improved defensively this year--I know that is a low bar statement to make after the train wreck of last year's fielding! But he said we will really enjoy watching the shortstop Sacco in particular. Probably won't hit as many home runs this year as a team but should still be a good hitting team. Coach Saarloos said the rotation was pretty set with Johnny Ray on Fridays, Charles King on Saturday, and Russell Smith healthy again and will be our Sunday starter. He also said Harrison Beethe has won the closer role for now but expected Marcelo Perez to still have a lot of opportunities now that he is healthy again. Coach Schloss was cautiously optimistic is how I would describe him. Said the conference will be really tough with Tech and their hitting once again, and OU especially this year has a really solid pitching staff. Said we would know soon about the Frogs as we have a really tough non-conference schedule this year. Here's to a good and healthy year for baseball in 2020!
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    I missed the 23-14 game because the youth pastor at church needed an additional chaperone for a Friday night--Sunday morning retreat....Before cell phones, so no one could/would [thankfully the purpose of the retreat was met] try to stay connected to the real world....Sunday evening fellowship and the buses brought us back to church as people were setting up for the dinner....I asked (facetiously, I thought) a UT grad how bad TCU was beaten....He looked like a steer stunned between the eyes by a sledge hammer in the stockyards....Told me that TCU had won....I said something that should not have been spoken on the church parking lot, did a little dance....He turned around and walked away....Dinner tasted good that evening....
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    Love reading all of these, and many of you have already covered a lot of the games I would've named first. I'll add a few that I was present for: -Football vs. Stanford in 2008, "The Hurricane Game". As the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Fort Worth, what was expected to be a big crowd turned out to be a fairlly small number of not-at-all fairweather Frog fans. The parking lot before the game was damn near empty, but someone in our group showed up with two big Gatorade jugs full of pre-mixed Hurricanes - so once we finally made our way over to the stadium, we were READY. If I had to guess, I'd say there were 13k or 14k fans actually at the game...yet it was one of the rowdiest crowds I've ever been a part of at Amon G. One of the few Stanford fans I saw there made some mention to our group about the supposed intellectual superiority of their school, to which I reminded him that his state had elected the dude from "Jingle All the Way" as their governor. In the end, the Cardinal had a 4th and short to keep their hopes alive, but Jason Phillips and (future Heisman runner-up) Toby Gerhart collided like rams at the line of scrimmage...with Phillips prevailing. Goodness gracious, what a moment. -Football at OU, 2005. Coming off of a dreadful 2004 season, there was anything but a buzz on campus heading into the 2005 season. It'd be our first in the tougher-than-CUSA Mountain West, and it'd begin with a trip to Norman to take on Adrian Peterson and the Sooners, who had played in the '04 national title game. One day in the spring of '04, some of the other students in one of my classes were discussing their sense of doom about the upcoming season, especially what they felt would be an embarrassing loss to OU in the first game. Michael Toudouze, one of the starting O-Linemen, was in that class- though most of the students didn't realize he was a player. He calmly told them they didn't know what they were talking about, and that we'd beat OU and probably win the MWC. I loved the quiet confidence. Anyway, the fall of '05 was my "half victory lap", so myself and a few other "super seniors" piled into two cars and drove to Norman that Labor Day weekend. I'm not 100% sure we slept that entire time, and I'd be lying to you if I said I was sober at any point. OU girls, man. I was pretty loopy for that 11am kickoff, and I'd bought a single ticket from a scalper so that my buddy's gf (who didn't have a ticket) could sit with our group. Luckily, I ended up next to a couple of TCU fans that I didn't know, but we became temporary best friends that afternoon. To be honest, I don't remember a whole lot of details from the game - walk-on receiver Derek Moore scored our first touchdown, I think? Just a great trip. -Baseball vs. Oregon State in the Regionals, 2009. It was the Frogs' first time to host a regional, and many of us wanted to show the committee they hadn't made a mistake - by showing up to every game, not just the ones in which the Frogs were playing. The Beavers, who were still relatively fresh from their back-to-back national titles in '06 & '07, jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead in the championship game. Tyler Lockwood hung tough, though, staying on through 7 innings and seeing the Frogs tie it at 4 in the 5th. In the bottom of the 9th, with Bryan Holaday representing the winning run at 2nd, OSU intentionally walked Chris Ellington in favor of pitching to then-true freshman Jason Coats. About 18 pitches later, Coats delivered an opposite-field single to right, scoring Holaday and sending the Frogs to the Super Regionals for the first time ever. Place went bananas. It was a giant step for a program that was very clearly going places. -
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    Jan. 1, 1958. Cotton Bowl. TCU vs. Air Force. I was 10 years old and already a huge TCU fan. It was my first game to see them play in person. We rode the train from West Texas to Dallas for the game. It might have been the best Christmas present I ever received.
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    The Big 12 preseason poll was released this morning. The results, with first-place votes in parentheses: 1. Tech (6) 2. OSU 3. TCU (1) 4. OU 5. UT (1) 6. Baylor 7. Western Virginia (1) 8. K-State 9. Kansas
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    Doctson getting a chance with the Jets. https://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/josh-doctson-jets-signing-1.42069583
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    CJD says in postgame interview that the call on Bane at the end of regulation was legit. Doesn’t matter. TCU won and Baylor lost. As far as basketball is concerned,
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    Since I detect that most on here are chronologically gifted, and it's off-season for football, and the men's basketball team is struggling more each game, and baseball hasn't started yet....How about identifying your favorite football, basketball, or baseball game either as an on-site spectator or a televiewer....Win or lose....Why is it your favorite in memory? Nostalgically, I would say 1956, TCU vs. UT...six years old, my first game to attend (grandpa used me as the excuse to go to the game)...beat the Horns 46-0....As for over-all impact, of course the Rose Bowl and the roar the outnumbered Frog fans let out when we got the first down that sealed the deal....
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    I was at both of those games as well. The 2006 game too (which was fun). The 2011 game I wasn’t as upset. I think we were all still a little hungover from the Rose bowl and had a lot of new faces. RGMe played his face off and I remember thinking “well Baylor just wanted it a little more”. the 2014 game. Ugh. There isn’t much that hasn’t been said. Gut punch. But I agree. Frog fans were LOUD. Took a buddy of mine who wasn’t a frog fan just liked football and he still hates Baylor because of that game.
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    Based on some of the dates listed, I don't know if I am an old farsses yet, but will add one game and add to another. The Oregon Alamo Bowl was fun because I was sitting in a sports bar about to leave in the third, but told the waitress just a few more minutes, then more and more. She didn't come back to check if I needed any more food or drink, but she did come back to check on the score even though she new little about football. The other game for me: Nov 7, 1992 23-14 win. (152 was there also)
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    A CBS reporter asked Michael Bloomberg if he thinks "people are interested in seeing two billionaires fight it out?" Bloomberg replied "Two billionaires? Who's the second one?"
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    Well...after 20 months I have finally reached my goal of 175lbs (90 lb loss). Think I'll go to the all-you-eat-buffet for the next month. Or get a few buckets of fried chicken. In any case., I think I'm ready to take on Arnold Zeck now. He'll never recognize me.
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    The real tragedy is that we have been there since 2001
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    A plane with US troops went down yesterday in Afghanistan...just wanted to let y'll know. Now, with that out of the way, we can get back to Kobe tributes.
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    That was our best win of the year because we did it from the inside and at the foul line in a game Bane had an off night. Solid defense, especially in overtime. Obviously Samuel the player of the game. Just an impressive performance on both ends of the floor. Seems like the game might be slowing down a little for Fuller. Nembhard at point is growing on me. Not a natural fit but seems to give opposing defenses trouble. Hopefully Farabello is OK.
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    B9 Lead off single through the right side. Sacco turns a double play! 2 outs! Strike. 0-1 Ground out! Frogs win! 12-0
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    Still don't agree with that flag...it wasn't a throat slash.
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    Unfortunately for Kenny, his legacy was tinted from the beginning because it was being viewed through the lens of the 2014 & 2015 seasons, along with the hype he brought from his family, his time at Southlake and the flashes he showed early on in College Station. The celebration penalty against Arkansas tarnished his image among Frog fans and cast a shadow on the rest of the 2016 season. By the time 2017 rolled around, many had already made up their mind on him to the point that the frustrations of the Iowa State game outweighed what was largely a fantastic senior season for him (and the team). I think we'd all have been glad to have the '17 version of Kenny leading our team the last two seasons.
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    Norrie v. Fritz is into the 2nd set at Delray Beach, with Cam having won the first set 6-4. 1-2. Down a break. CTR has moved TCU back to 11th - the ITA rankings will be out shortly. 1-3. 2-3. Still down a break. Sofascore says this is the Round of 16. 3-4. 4-all! Cam breaks back and evens the 2nd set! 5-4. 5-all. Cam got a break point but couldn't convert. 6-5. 6-all. Into a breaker for the 2nd set. Fritz takes the breaker 7-4 and Cam loses the 2nd set 6-7. On to the deciding set at Delray Beach. 0-1 in the 3rd. 1-all. 2-1. Cam gets a key break! 3-1! Up a break, Cam gets a love hold. 4-2. Fritz and Norrie trade love holds. 4-3. 5-3. Cam comes back from love-30 to hold. 5-4. Cam will now serve for the match. Cameron Norrie takes the match 6-4, 6-7 (4-7), 6-4 over Taylor Fritz (ATP#31) and advances to the quarters at Delray Beach. This is a high-quality W for Cam.
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    I referred to him as a National Treasure in the top of the 5th of Game 2 if that counts for anything.
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    Maybe government shouldn't have so much control over our daily lives...
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    What an oddly written suicide note...
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    Kurtis Byrne leads off B7. Hitter’s count! Walk. Rodgers. DOUBLE and the Frogs lead 2-1! Gray Rodgers has the goofiest walk up music I’ve ever heard, but if can keep doing that, he can play whatever the hell he wants. Conference on the mound. Pitcher stays in. Sikes. Single. Corners reptilian with nary an out. And hey, it’s another conference in the mound, and UK goes to the bullpen. Top of the order, Porter Brown to the plate. HBP. Woo. Bases sporting spikes and spurting blood with no outs. Sacco. Strikes out, one away. Henry. Single, 4-1 Frogs, runners on 1st & 2nd, one out. Wood. Full count. Strike out, two away. Wolf Hunter. DOUBLES right down the 3B line to make it 6-1. Man, that thing was three inches from the base as it smoked by. Perfect. UK changing pitchers. The Clapper. Ground out to 2B. 6-1 Texas Christian University Horned Frogs after seven full innings.
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    One thing this thread has reminded me about is that I shouldn't ever go to game in Waco again. We've lost the two I've been to. 2011 in the RGIII game where Casey made his first start and led a comeback that fell just short and then the 61-58 game. Both games were entertaining as hell but the drive home afterward pretty much sucked. One thing I can tell you though is that Frog fans were incredibly loud at both games. Other than the Alamo Bowl comeback against Oregon, I have never seen TCU fans as manic as they were at those games. It was incredible.
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    I'll add another favorite...in fact a bundle of two different games....TCU and Louisville 2002...there, on TV...homecoming for UL...first half Frogs ahead 31-6 and the UL fans booed their team as it left the field (ultimately a 45-31 TCU victory)....Then 2003 TCU and Louisville at AGC and UL missing a field goal in the last few minutes for a TCU 31-28 win on TV...Louisville jumped ship from C-USA to ACC and the Louisville Courier lede was a benefit to changing conferences was no more games with TCU....
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    2009 Utah at Amon Carter. Only time I have ever heard the Frog fans drown out the Frog Horn.
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    Three home games stand out to me. Losing to Arkansas in 1979 16-13. The Frogs came together that game and played lights out only to lost by 3. Lou Holtz visited the Frogs locker room afterwards congratulating the team on a well played game. Losing to Texas by 65 points in the snow 1974. We sucked big time. I was removed from the game for throwing snowballs at Darrell Royal The 2009 Utah game. Nuff said
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    We are now 25% of the way through the offseason.
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    Hunter "Hungry Like The" Wolfe is back for his senior season after hitting .301 with 7 HR and a .933 OPS in his first season as a Frog a year ago. He's slated to move from SS to CF, though reports have suggested he was hurt at some point in practice and may start the season DH'ing.
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    Rafa and Fed are currently on ESPN2 in Capetown for an exhibition in front of what looks like about 100,000 spectators. Meanwhile, in Palm Coast, probably in front of a dozen or so fans, Rybo and Butsch are currently up 6-3, 5-2 in the semis in doubles. The massive South African crowd are all singing "Sweet Caroline" together (sort of). Rybo/Butsch up 5-3 now. Ouch! 5-4 now. Rybakov/Butsch advance to the doubles finals with a 6-3, 6-4 W! Alex is now into the semis in singles (where he will face Latvian Martins Padzus - ATP#457) tomorrow and the finals in doubles. Nice performance in Palm Coast so far!
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    Rocky Long has retired as head coach at San Diego State, turning that job over to his defensive line coach, Brady Hoke. Long had been Hoke's defensive coordinator before becoming HC when Hoke went to Michigan. But Long's not through coaching, he's just tired of head coach BS. He is going to be defensive coordinator at New Mexico, where he used to be head coach. The current UNM HC, Danny Gonzales, was one of Long's assistants at UNM and SDSU. And some people think coaching is an incestuous profession.
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