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    An early start at Mammoth Cave NP on the way to Purdue.
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    For those who weren’t at the game Saturday.
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    I tossed my hat into the air on June 2, 2001
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    There is one important part to this that is being neglected. That being that it is 10:08pm and #$%@ Baylor, #$%@ Mt Vernon, and #$%@ Briles.
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    They might be helpful for those of us in the Pick ‘Em contest every week. We need something to help compete against Duq’s computer.
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    I think it's OK to repeat this one. What a man.
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    I'm looking forward to this game. I am feeling optimistic about this year so far, and I think this game is winnable 65-70% of the time. I am looking at two areas to help decide the game TCU's D line vs their O line. If successful, that can put their QB on his heels most of the game and close down their pass game. The second part will be the Purdue tight end. I don't worry about one guy beating TCU, as in their all star receiver, but when someone like a tight end steps up and we have no answer. (and with TEs we rarely do)
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    Don't forget Tennis. We have a long thread on it here.
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    I think I may be glad that I'm out of town and won't see this game. Feel like I would be climbing the walls all game. I hate playing SMU.....
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    I'd like to take care of Purdue before we start anything about SMU....Both could send our season to Bolivia....
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    Gran consejo Doc, Empecé a seguir ese mismo plan hace más de 20 años. Me di cuenta de que una casa enorme con un código postal elegante no era para mí. Mi Jeep me lleva a donde tengo que ir, no tan rápido como un BMW, pero con menos entradas. Tengo una tarjeta de débito y una tarjeta de crédito en mi billetera. No he usado mi tarjeta de crédito en 8 a 10 años. Mi esposa me permite llevar otras 3 tarjetas de crédito que han caducado para que mi billetera no se vea tan vacía [verdad]. Vivir un estilo de vida humilde me permitió retirarme a mediados de mis 50. Mi casa está pagada, al igual que mis dos vehículos. ¡Vivir la vida loca! Great advice Doc, I started following that same plan 20+ years ago. I realized that a huge house with a swanky zip code wasn't for me. My Jeep gets me where I need to go, not as fast as a BMW but with fewer tickets. I have a debit card and one credit card in my wallet. I haven't used my credit card in 8 to 10 years. My wife allows me to carry 3 other credit cards that are expired so my wallet doesn't look so empty [truth]. Living a humble lifestyle allowed me to retire in my mid 50's. My home is paid for as are my two vehicles. Living the crazy life!
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    I don't own a credit card at the moment, other than a Sam's card for gas. It is all debit card, online bill paying and pay pal attached to my bank account. This after most of my life has been spent in huge credit card debt. I have abandoned it for the past 8 years and clawed my way out of student loan debt ($300K), debt from a small family business $100K), and credit card debt >$50K. My mortgage is the last debt at the current time. Only buy used cars and pay cash. We basically use the Dave Ramsey philosophy. Life is way better that way and we no longer live paycheck to paycheck like we did for most of my life. Of course, three of four kids are graduated from college and the last one is in his final year of school, so life has gotten decidedly less expensive for us. I would encourage everyone to get out from under credit cards. The airline miles and other stuff are not worth the risks in my opinion. Spending beyond your means becomes too easy.
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    Right now, West Virginia who got murdered by Mizzou, who lost to Nevada who is getting killed by Oregon. But if WKRP Guy loses to Coastal (and not in baseball), it's KU.
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    Texas should have at least 6 more points (and really 10), but poor coaching calls and bad execution stymied that. It's weird - intellectually, I want Texas to win, but while watching each play I am just naturally rooting for them to fall all over themselves. They have no RB's and Ehlinger is their only runner.
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    Matthew has always been my favorite out of the various Baldwin brothers.
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    We're gonna be in chat later during the game. Y'all plan accordingly.
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    Stan Talley, 1987 Raiders Jim Busby, 1955 White Sox Jeff Newman, 1976-82 A's ... ... and 1983-84 Red Sox
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    Funny because I might be at Twin Peaks. Most of the mountains there are small too.
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    I like how that one contains a TCU Easter-egg...
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    Laser pointers work on penguins too! (click to get full vertical view)...
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    Sitting at a high school soccer game in a middle class, largely white suburb and over the PA comes Straight Outta Compton. Can you imagine that song getting played at a suburban white public school 30 years ago? The PA guy would have been fired on the spot and drug out of the stadium. How catastrophically Tipper Gore failed ...
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    I didn’t last long watching that game. Beth Mowins gives me a headache.
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    My friend built this hospital! She was the project manager for the whole thing.
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    Stopped into a pub for lunch today and noticed Alex Young on the teevee as he got the start today vs. the Mets. He left the game after giving up a grand slam that made it 6-0 Mets. Five of those runs were unearned due to an error by Nick Ahmed, who went to high school in the town where I live now and where I'm (no longer) watching the game.
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    Purdue's defense looks pretty weak to me. I think we should be able to score at least 30 points against them. The offense looked spectacular against Vandy but pretty pedestrian in the 2nd half (only 1 TD) against a Nevada defense that gave up 77 points to Oregon. I think we hold them to 21 points and the final score is 31-21. This is assuming of course that we were holding a lot back against UAPB and that there was a lack of focus in that game due to the quality of the opponent. Assuming we come out and play like we're capable of playing, we should win by double digits.
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    Reagor's stat line from Saturday: 5 catches, 71 yards and a TD. That puts him at: -110 career receptions, needing 24 to tie Richard Woodley for #10 all-time -1,708 career receiving yards, needing 104 to tie Reggie Harrell for #10 all-time -18 career TD receptions, breaking the tie with Cory Rodgers and putting him alone at #3 all-time and needing 5 to tie Josh Boyce for #2 Song's 5 field goals tied Nick Browne (vs. Cincinnati in '02 and '03) for second-most in a single-game. Jaden Oberkrom has the school record of 6 vs. Tech in 2012.
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    PD was hitting the road early this morning so I'm backing her up. Congrats to Presbyguy in the #1 spot this week with 47 points. Frisky was right behind him with 46 points. Lots of football left!!
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    Would have been nice to have Boise St and Memphis in the Big 12 after today's great showing by Kansas, Iowa St., and W. Virginia. Fixed it to include WV.
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    I was told the other night by ESPN talking heads that the Feisty Night Birds were the worst team in D-1
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    I said it's important to us N. Texans because it's how we all get up to Colorado for Spring Break! I guess it's important to you S. Texans, too. 😉
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    Links up on the Gameday post, too.
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    I’m not totally opposed to Cinci winning this game.
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    Final scenario before the season starts: 1. Team A punts on fourth and 15 at the A-30. B44 is in position to receive the kick. In attempting to catch the ball, B44 muffs it at the B-35. The Back Judge blows his whistle when it appears that B44 is catching the ball, but it rolls along the ground after B44 muffs it. A88 chases the ball, and in the immediate continuing football action, he recovers it while grounded at the B-30. RULING: for games without Instant Replay: Inadvertent whistle rule applies. The ball is returned to the previous spot and the down repeated. Team A, fourth and 15 at the A-30. For games with Instant Replay: Team A will have the ball at the B-30, first and 10.2. Team A punts on fourth and 15 at the A-30. B44 is in position to receive the kick. In attempting to catch the ball, B44 muffs it at the B-35. The Back Judge blows his whistle when it appears that B44 is catching the ball, but it rolls along the ground after B44 muffs it. The ball disappears into a pile of players. RULING: for games without Instant Replay: Inadvertent whistle applies. The ball is returned to the previous spot and the down repeated. Team A, fourth and 15 at the A-30. For games with Instant Replay: Inadvertent whistle applies. Since the Instant Replay official does not have indisputable video evidence as to which team recovers, the ruling of the dead ball stands. Team B's ball, first and 10 at the B-35.
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    How have I never seen this before?? Now TCU WR coach, Malcom Kelly free styling after the 2006 Big12 Championship game.
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    There have been no pro Frogs who wore the number 6. So in lieu of that ....
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    Speaking of birders, I saw a peregrine falcon in flight today! No photo, but he was magnificent...swooping down to grab a grebe, I think. I was at Rocky Mountain NP.
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    I just hope one guy gets a really hot hand and we ride him the rest of the season. Don't care who. I just want one of them to make plays and win ballgames.
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    Folk death rock? Not sure how to call it other than that, but it is great. Bluesy, folky rock from Louisiana. Former vocalist of Acid Bath, and he sounds much better when he sings on his solo stuff than when he screamed in the previous band. Released only on CD on August 3rd, 2010... Denison based modern heavy metal (or as I call it, rock). Contains a remastering of their breakout song, 'Pissed Off and Mad About It'. Released on CD on July 6th, 2010... Their best CD, in my opinion... Southern/stoner rock. Catchy. CD released on June 1st, 2010... In 1910, the Boston Talking Machine Company established a subsidiary that vertically cut records. The newly formed company was the Phono-Cut Record Company. By cutting the records vertically instead of laterally, it allowed circumventing the patents held by Victor and Columbia. This paved the way for many other labels to get into the business before the lateral cut patents expired in 1921. They were a financial flop and sold off by 1913. From 1911...
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