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    I thought this game needed its own thread. Bite me, PurpleDawg
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    The wounded Horned Frogs, going by what I have observed. I have no inside information. #2 Mikel Barkley dressed out but did not play against KU #2 Kee'yon Stewart missed KU with an undisclosed injury, status for return unknown #3 Donavann Collins not dressed, has not been seen this season #4 Taye Barber dressed but did not play #10 Mike Collins recovered and played against KU #13 Justin Rogers dressed but did not play. Reportedly at least 90% healthy, but has a lot to learn as a QB. Working with scout team. #18 Ben Wilson did not dress. Projected return perhaps for Kansas State or Texas. #18 Matthew Baldwin did not dress. #20 Lakendrick Van Zandt recovered, started against KU #21 Noah Daniels out for the season #22 Michael Onyemaobi Did not dress. Now more than 13 months from his injury and no word of a possible return. #23 Tony Wallace dressed and warmed up but did not play #24 Julius Lewis dressed and warmed up but did not play #26 Vernon Scott recovered and started against KU #29 Tommy Armstrong out for the season #37 Cole Bunce reportedly now available for kickoffs with the wind where he can force a touchback. Directed to avoid contact. #41 Brandon Bowen not dressed. possible return in November. #43 Izaih Filikitonga Dressed and played according to the notoriously unreliable participation report. I did not see him on the field. #47 Jacoby Simpson not sure if he has been injured, but he saw his first action of the year, playing special teams #53 John Lanz out for the season #60 Nate Guyton not dressed #66 Ian Burnette out for the season #73 Blake Hickey not dressed #77 Lucas Niang Started but left early. Reportedly will play through his injury for the rest of the year #78 Wes Harris recovered and played against KU #80 Al'Dontre Davis did not dress #87 TreVontae Hights did not dress, but not wearing his boot #93 George Ellis dressed but did not play
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    There is one important part to this that is being neglected. That being that it is 10:08pm and #$%@ Baylor, #$%@ Mt Vernon, and #$%@ Briles.
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    This will be the first game I get to go to this season and it's freaking Kansas. At least we have the revenge thing going for us. I hope we stomp a mudhole in the Jayhawks.
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    We've played two teams with competent offenses and got our asses handed to us both times. Gary is going to have to tell Cumbie to take the training wheels off of Duggan and tell the kid to go out there and grip it and rip it. We have to quit playing scared on offense. I'd rather go down swinging.
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    GP changes shirts three times during the game, finally settling in a purple and pink Hawaiian print with Tevas, keeps undoing velcro. Duggan starts, goes 11-20 for 183 and 2 TD, Delton fills in going 6-10 for 100, 1 rushing TD, Frogs rush for a combined 223 and squeak by 27-13. GP post game rambles on about tornadoes and the number of purple shirts between the 40s, lets Kelsey finish with press.
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    they are doing a really nice job on these game clips.
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    On to the second set! Cameron will serve first in this one. 1-love. Cam saves a break point and holds. 1-all. No signs of Murray weakening at all. 2-1. Cam is really fighting for this; saving 2 break points en route to the hold. 2-all. Still even on serve, but Murray is having easier service games. 3-2. Finally, Norrie gets a love hold. Woo hoo! Cam gets the early break! 4-2! 5-2! Cam has to save a break point to do it though. 5-3. Cam will serve for the set. 5-4. Cam chokes and gets broken easily. 5-all. Cam gets a set point but can't break. 6-5. Longest game of the match; Norrie saves 2 break points and holds. This is a very competitive even match. 6-all. Another breaker. Cam takes the 2nd set breaker 7-4!!!! Even steven!! On to the third set!! Terrible start to the third set as Cam goes down 0-4. I'm going to bed now - he fought hard, but it was not to be.
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    Might see Mike Collins under center this weekend.
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    Don't forget Tennis. We have a long thread on it here.
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    I think I may be glad that I'm out of town and won't see this game. Feel like I would be climbing the walls all game. I hate playing SMU.....
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    Word is the Frogs won their secret scrimmage against Mississippi State this weekend in New Orleans: Star-Telegram write-up MSU is coached, you might remember, by Ben Howland - Dixon's old boss at Pitt. They were a tournament team last year and in the "First Four Out" in ESPN's preseason Bracketology. Starting 5 for the Frogs were Edric Dennis, RJ Nembhard, Desmond Bane, Diante Smith and Kevin Samuel. Main three subs were Francisco Farabello, PJ Fuller and Jaire Grayer. Bane and Dennis were reportedly the leading scorers.
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    Snow going to be falling on the Hilltop tonight.
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    They put him in a body bag. Too soon?
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    I blame the silver jersey numbers.
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    On to the 2nd set for a spot in the semi-finals! Rybakov will serve first again. 1-0. Rybo gives up points for the first time on his serve for the past 3 service games, but holds. 1-all. Caruana settles down and gets a love hold. Rybo has 4 aces so far - Caruana 1. 2-1. Good hold for Rybakovsky. 2-all. Rybo has earned 5.5 thousand euros so far this year. 3-2. Rybo still serving well. 3-all. 6 deuces, multiple break points and the longest game of the match, but Caruana holds. 4-3! Whew! Rybo digs himself into a love-40 hole, but wins 5 straight points to hold! 4-all. Getting tense. 5-4. No breaks so far this set - still even on serve. Woo Hoo! For the second straight set, Alex Rybakov gets a break in the final game and takes the match 7-5, 6-4 to avenge Caruana's W over Paroulek in Houston and to advance to the semis in Harlingen!! Way to Go Alex!
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    Isn't he the cutest?! 😍🤩
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    “Here’s some of what Briles might be seeking redemption and forgiveness for: Briles recruited at least four athletes who faced criminal allegations prior to coming to Baylor, had a number of instances where his players were accused of those things while under his leadership, and oversaw a system where it took years before anyone found out about it. A former Baylor student’s parents say they called Briles’s office several times to tell the coach that their daughter had been raped by Tevin Elliott, a Bears defensive end currently serving a twenty-year prison sentence for the crime. (Briles had agreed to meet with her in 2016 to offer an apology, but never showed up to the meeting.) A former Baylor athlete testified in court that she was raped by Sam Ukwuachu, a pass-rusher Briles brought to Baylor. Just a few weeks before that trial—after Ukwuachu had been arrested and indicted, and suspended from playing at Baylor (though he still did conditioning with the team)—one of Briles’s assistants talked to the media about how excited they were to have him back on the field. (Ukwuachu was initially convicted in August 2015; on appeal, his conviction has been variously overturned and reinstated because of a technicality regarding evidence. He’s currently awaiting a new trial.) “
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    Funny because I might be at Twin Peaks. Most of the mountains there are small too.
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    I like how that one contains a TCU Easter-egg...
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    Laser pointers work on penguins too! (click to get full vertical view)...
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    Sitting at a high school soccer game in a middle class, largely white suburb and over the PA comes Straight Outta Compton. Can you imagine that song getting played at a suburban white public school 30 years ago? The PA guy would have been fired on the spot and drug out of the stadium. How catastrophically Tipper Gore failed ...
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    RSK killed this thread. We must revive it!
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    I'm in favor of starting (and staying with) Delton because he'll be stoked to play well in his last-ever game in Manhattan.
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    Yeah, a really bad blow out. I hope he recovers completely.
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    Mount Vernon to appeal to UIL executive committee today. The district is claiming the parents of the two students (it's two boys from the same family) moved to MV for work, not so the boys could play on the football team. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/27803444/art-briles-high-school-team-avoid-forfeits-2-ruled-ineligible
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    Well, perhaps there is some genetic white trash material there, but no child deserves to have their formative years broadcast for the world to ridicule just for her family to make a buck. Now, if you want somebody that is just white trash on steroids, you can look up her mother, Mama June, and see a true train wreck.
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    Kickers 🤦‍♂️
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    OU has given up 15 more yards to KU with 5 minutes to go in the 1st half than we gave up to them all game last week ...
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    I'm not sure I have it in me right now to predict a lopsided win, but I do feel like our team is going to respond with a strong performance tomorrow. Max takes a step forward.
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    Kinda happy I can't drive up for it. I put the over/under on fumbles at 6.5 with 3 lost. Hope I am way off on this one. Overall, no idea how we will come out, so I will just wait for the game with no expectations.
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    Prop bet | TCU turnovers 3
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    San Jose just beat Arky 31-24. That $EC grind is legit.
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    LaTech adds a FG before half
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    The bad part was closer to Beaumont, and some rain totals were as much as Harvey in those spots. North of Houston with Kingwood and Conroe were bad as well, but it is already draining away so 1 day vs week+ of water. Just have to hear if the buildings were damaged in Kingwood, that would be bad. It got me Thursday and Friday off of work. Thursday job was up in Kingwood so that was good I did not have to drive there in my little car.
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    I feel much better now - we've never had a team this big and physical in the trenches (for that matter, the secondary as well). Our passing game is a work in progress, and Smew will give us our toughest test so far, but I think we can keep their offense in check and control the game on the ground.
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