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    Hello Frog Horn. My very first post on any message board so be nice! You guys seem a lot nicer than some of the posters I see on other unnamed sites so that is why I joined you. I am a long-time lurker but decided to finally join in some conversation now that I am only working part-time. I chose the baseball thread as my first post as that is my first love, though I'm all in with season tickets in football, basketball, and baseball. But I don't intend to compete with Turkvision, which I've enjoyed for many years on this site! As my name implies, I am a local Frog and was able to go to the Diamond Club lunch today. A few things I heard today: Coach Mosiello thinks we will be much improved defensively this year--I know that is a low bar statement to make after the train wreck of last year's fielding! But he said we will really enjoy watching the shortstop Sacco in particular. Probably won't hit as many home runs this year as a team but should still be a good hitting team. Coach Saarloos said the rotation was pretty set with Johnny Ray on Fridays, Charles King on Saturday, and Russell Smith healthy again and will be our Sunday starter. He also said Harrison Beethe has won the closer role for now but expected Marcelo Perez to still have a lot of opportunities now that he is healthy again. Coach Schloss was cautiously optimistic is how I would describe him. Said the conference will be really tough with Tech and their hitting once again, and OU especially this year has a really solid pitching staff. Said we would know soon about the Frogs as we have a really tough non-conference schedule this year. Here's to a good and healthy year for baseball in 2020!
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    2 pt game at the half but Baylor is just too good. This Baylor team beat UConn on the road by 16. Hopefully the Frogs make the tournament and get on a good run. It would be huge for the program if they could make the Sweet 16.
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    Couldn't find a photo of Saarloos with his jersey # showing, but he wears #2.
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    Based on a source somewhere up there near the pinnacle of Western literature: For ballet of that period...yes. Personally some other periods appeal to me more.
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    In terms of schedule toughness, the Frogs are jumping from the frying pan directly into the fire by moving from #5 UNC to #1 USC. (Technically, UNC is the #1 ranked team by the USTA and USC is the #1 team ranked by the ITA, so it's 2 #1's in a row, sort of). The Trojans are the top ITA team but they are 2nd seeded at Madison because, since the most recent rankings, they lost to the #1 seed Ohio State. They are 5-1, with W's over UNC-Wilmington, Santa Clara, Stanford, Cal and Wisconsin and the 1 L to the Buckeyes (a 2-4 loss last Sunday in Columbus). They have 6 ranked players - #1 Daniel Cukierman, #24 Brandon Holt (who usually plays #1), #33 Riley Smith, #15 Mor Bulis, #65 Stefan Dostanic and #69 Ryder Jackson. They also have good doubles players, including Bradley Frye. All-time, the Trojans lead the Frogs 5-4, but we're 3-0 over USC under Roditi. They are coached by Bret Masi (formerly at Tech). Together with UCLA and Stanford, they've won about 70 kajillion NCAA titles.They are clearly one of the best teams in the nation and are a legitimate national championship contender. The match is scheduled for 12:00 noon tomorrow. The Trojans will have an advantage because they've basically set up shop for awhile by practicing, playing (and beating 6-1) Wisconsin earlier this week.
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    TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle ripped a rule change last year requiring pitchers to have both feet on the rubber in the windup. Now, he’s disappointed with another change college baseball is making by implementing a 20-second pitch clock this season. “I don’t like it because I don’t think it was necessary,” Schlossnagle said. “There are certain parts of the country in which it is necessary. There’s some teams that play really, really slow and screw up the pace of the game for everybody. That’s where it’s coming from.” ..... To Schlossnagle, the pitch clock is simply unnecessary and another burden for umpires to worry about. “It’s not really a factor for us, but I just hate that it’s one more thing that’s not real baseball,” Schlossnagle said. “Sometimes college baseball goes overboard in coming up with new rules when we could just follow what major league teams do.” Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article240242841.html?#storylink=cpy (Paywalled): https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article240242841.html? Basically, it's a 20 second pitch clock. If the pitcher takes too long, a ball is awarded to the batter. If the batter does something to "violate the 20-second rule", the pitcher gets a strike. Read more here: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article240242841.html?#storylink=cpy
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    Not really much on the background of the album, but more so on the releases of it. Although, Tony Iommi losing his fingertips was one of the best things to ever happen to rock n roll! I don't know what the first true heavy metal album is, but this is as solid of a candidate as any to me. More so than Steppenwolf's self-titled or the Deep Purple releases that usually also get thrown around. There are differences between the UK release and the US release, both in mix and tracklists. I prefer the US version's use of Wicked World instead of Evil Woman, but the UK version always seemed to be harder sounding to me. I think Warner Brothers were scared or something when they transfered the master tapes to vinyl mixing. (I have never heard the 7" single of Evil Woman/Wicked World, but I suspect that it would have a slightly louder and more bass heavy mix than what the US released LP got for Wicked World.) (I can not speak on the tape releases, as the compact cassette tape I had once upon a time was a later release, I refuse to ever listen to it on 8-track, and I doubt I will ever justify the reel to reel costs to own an original.)
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    50 years ago today Black Sabbath released what many consider the first Heavy Metal album. I’m sure @Feeling Froggy probably has some information he can add. https://youtu.be/YztzNyDGcpc
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    He's wrong about Portland building an MLB stadium. The group trying to push for it can't get the site they want because of bickering between the City, Port of Portland, State, and environmental groups. There's not enough interest here for baseball, anyway. This is a basketball and soccer town.
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    Wednesday’s 6-pack Odds to win the Daytona 500 Sunday: 10-1— Kyle Busch, Hamlin, Keselowski, Logano 12-1— Elliott, Harvick 14-1— Blaney, Truex 20-1— Kurt Busch 25-1— Almirola, Bowman, Bowyer, Byron, DiBnedetto, Johnson 30-1— Dillon, Jones, Larson, Newman, Stenhouse Tweet of the Day: “No idea who made this new playoff format proposal, but Rob is responsible for releasing it, so I’ll direct this to you, Rob Manfred. Your proposal is absurd for too many reasons to type on twitter and proves you have absolutely no clue about baseball. You’re a joke.” Trevor Bauer Wednesday’s quiz Red Sox have won four World Series since 2004, under which three managers? Tuesday’s quiz Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton used to coach the Washington Wizards. Monday’s quiz UConn/Syracuse played a 6-OT game in the 2009 Big East tournament. Posted onFebruary 11, 2020 Leave a commenton Wednesday’s 6-pack, Quote, Quiz of the Day Wednesday’s Den: My plan for major league baseball…….. My plan for major league baseball…….. 13) Total geographic realignement; no more American/National Leagues. Northeast- Mets, Bronx, Phillies, Montreal, Red Sox, Orioles, Nationals, Toronto South- Braves, Marlins, Rays, Cardinals. Nashville, Astros, Rangers, Royals, Midwest- Cubs, White Sox, Brewers, Twins, Tigers, Pirates, Indians, Reds West- Giants, Dodgers, Angels, Padres, Mariners, Rockies, Arizona, Portland. 12) You may have noticed four 8-team divisions, which is 32 teams, not 30. We think that the scheduling would be 1,000 times easier with 32 teams. Plus, we like 27-man rosters year-round, so that would be 84 new major league jobs, which the players’ union will like. A’s would move to Portland, which is building a 35,000-seat stadium, Montreal, Nashville get expansion teams. 11) Realignment reduces travel costs, invigorates regional rivalries, which gets more people talking about baseball, which is what the sport needs. 10) My playoffs would look like this: — Four division winners get first-round byes. — Wild Card round would be best-of-3 series, all at site of team with better record. — Semifinal round is best-of-5, World Series is best-of-7. 9) Scheduling: — Play other seven teams in your division 12 times each (84 games). — Play teams in other division in your conference six times each (48 games). — Play teams in one of other divisions three times each (24 games). Alternate those divisions every year. That is a 156-game schedule; shorter regular season is followed by longer playoffs. Get rid of situational lefties; the 3-batter minimum for relievers is a good rule. 7) Every team should play four Sunday doubleheaders; twinbills are great fun, and we’re trying to grow the game with younger fans. Players would go for this, because every doubleheader means an additional day off. 6) No coaches/managers are allowed on the field during the game, except to see to an injured player. No mound visits, just slows down the game. 5) Get rid of TV blackouts; baseball needs more exposure, not less. People need to see what an excellent game it, they need to learn about it. Blacking out replays of games out is antiquated stuff; young people need to see the game, so they can learn to love it like I do. 4) I’ve been to AAA games with the 30-second clock in between pitches; it isn’t intrusive on the game. Put it in. 3) DH would be the rule for everyone. Watching pitchers hit is useless. 2) If you insist on making the All-Star Game more competitive, make it US vs the World, then you’ll quickly realize that format would be TOO competitive, then go back to East vs West. 1) More teams in playoffs would be fine, but 156 games is fine; that is what baseball is, 156 games in 182 days, a test of stamina and execution and depth. Some people are never going to embrace baseball; MLB needs to make sure they don’t tick off people who already love it.
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    Ladies play at Baylor tonight at 7:00 on ESPN+ The Frogs are 5-0 on the road in the Big 12. Baylor is ranked #2. https://gofrogs.com/news/2020/2/11/womens-basketball-preview-at-2-baylor.aspx I would watch but I cancelled my ESPN+ I may try it out again when football rolls around to see if they've improved the quality of the video.
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    Those crazy Border Collies, man...
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    Sounds like, after initially turning them down, Mel Tucker has now agreed to become Michigan State's new coach. So now Colorado is open. Get paid millions and live in Boulder? I'll take it.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (0-0) vs Kentucky Wildcats (0-0) Game #1 of 3 (Valentine's Day Date Night) 6:30pm Central Friday, February 14, 2020 Lupton Stadium Fort Worth, Texas TCU 5 - Kentucky 1 Final Score GameTracker StatBroadcast Thingy First Post FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8) FrogVision Accuweather.com Weather.com Weather Underground TCU Men's Baseball Facebook TCU Men's Baseball Twitter Starting Lineup:
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    Love reading all of these, and many of you have already covered a lot of the games I would've named first. I'll add a few that I was present for: -Football vs. Stanford in 2008, "The Hurricane Game". As the remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Fort Worth, what was expected to be a big crowd turned out to be a fairlly small number of not-at-all fairweather Frog fans. The parking lot before the game was damn near empty, but someone in our group showed up with two big Gatorade jugs full of pre-mixed Hurricanes - so once we finally made our way over to the stadium, we were READY. If I had to guess, I'd say there were 13k or 14k fans actually at the game...yet it was one of the rowdiest crowds I've ever been a part of at Amon G. One of the few Stanford fans I saw there made some mention to our group about the supposed intellectual superiority of their school, to which I reminded him that his state had elected the dude from "Jingle All the Way" as their governor. In the end, the Cardinal had a 4th and short to keep their hopes alive, but Jason Phillips and (future Heisman runner-up) Toby Gerhart collided like rams at the line of scrimmage...with Phillips prevailing. Goodness gracious, what a moment. -Football at OU, 2005. Coming off of a dreadful 2004 season, there was anything but a buzz on campus heading into the 2005 season. It'd be our first in the tougher-than-CUSA Mountain West, and it'd begin with a trip to Norman to take on Adrian Peterson and the Sooners, who had played in the '04 national title game. One day in the spring of '04, some of the other students in one of my classes were discussing their sense of doom about the upcoming season, especially what they felt would be an embarrassing loss to OU in the first game. Michael Toudouze, one of the starting O-Linemen, was in that class- though most of the students didn't realize he was a player. He calmly told them they didn't know what they were talking about, and that we'd beat OU and probably win the MWC. I loved the quiet confidence. Anyway, the fall of '05 was my "half victory lap", so myself and a few other "super seniors" piled into two cars and drove to Norman that Labor Day weekend. I'm not 100% sure we slept that entire time, and I'd be lying to you if I said I was sober at any point. OU girls, man. I was pretty loopy for that 11am kickoff, and I'd bought a single ticket from a scalper so that my buddy's gf (who didn't have a ticket) could sit with our group. Luckily, I ended up next to a couple of TCU fans that I didn't know, but we became temporary best friends that afternoon. To be honest, I don't remember a whole lot of details from the game - walk-on receiver Derek Moore scored our first touchdown, I think? Just a great trip. -Baseball vs. Oregon State in the Regionals, 2009. It was the Frogs' first time to host a regional, and many of us wanted to show the committee they hadn't made a mistake - by showing up to every game, not just the ones in which the Frogs were playing. The Beavers, who were still relatively fresh from their back-to-back national titles in '06 & '07, jumped out to a quick 4-0 lead in the championship game. Tyler Lockwood hung tough, though, staying on through 7 innings and seeing the Frogs tie it at 4 in the 5th. In the bottom of the 9th, with Bryan Holaday representing the winning run at 2nd, OSU intentionally walked Chris Ellington in favor of pitching to then-true freshman Jason Coats. About 18 pitches later, Coats delivered an opposite-field single to right, scoring Holaday and sending the Frogs to the Super Regionals for the first time ever. Place went bananas. It was a giant step for a program that was very clearly going places. -
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    The Tennis Channel has switched to Rotterdam, but the Camster has just started his match against Jason Jung (ATP#131 - former Michigan Wolverine) in New York in the quarters. It's 2-all in the first set on the black courts. 3-2. Cam is serving first so they're even on serve (although they've already traded breaks). 3-all. This is Cam's first action since the Aussie, but he's already earned $165,000 euros on the season. 3-4. (sigh) Norrie is broken again. 3-5. Jung's only ATP tour W's came at the New York Open. 4-5. Cam stays in it. 4-6. Cam falls quickly in the first set in about a 1/2 hour. 1-0. Despite it being called the New York Open, it's actually on Lon Gisland. 1-all. The Tennis Channel briefly switched to this match. 2-1. 2-all. This set is more even so far. 2-3. Longest game of the match - Cam saves 3 break points but not the 4th. 2-4. Not looking good at all. 3-4. Cam gets an easy hold. 3-5. 4-5. Cam needs a break badly. The Tennis Channel will now switch to it live as Monfils wins at Rotterdam. Cam (the 7th seed) falls 4 and 4 in an upset. I think it was his black socks that provided the bad luck.
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    Not directly TCU baseball related, but we did face him in the CWS a few years ago... https://www.wmbfnews.com/2020/02/01/chants-gilmore-undergoing-tests-possible-liver-cancer-ccu-says/ “Coastal Carolina head baseball coach Gary Gilmore has recently discovered from preliminary tests that he has a large mass on his liver that the doctors believe to possibly be cancerous," the statement began. “Over the next few days, he will undergo further tests to determine the nature of the problem and the next steps.”
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