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    Jan. 1, 1958. Cotton Bowl. TCU vs. Air Force. I was 10 years old and already a huge TCU fan. It was my first game to see them play in person. We rode the train from West Texas to Dallas for the game. It might have been the best Christmas present I ever received.
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    2009 Utah at Amon Carter. Only time I have ever heard the Frog fans drown out the Frog Horn.
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    I'll add another favorite...in fact a bundle of two different games....TCU and Louisville 2002...there, on TV...homecoming for UL...first half Frogs ahead 31-6 and the UL fans booed their team as it left the field (ultimately a 45-31 TCU victory)....Then 2003 TCU and Louisville at AGC and UL missing a field goal in the last few minutes for a TCU 31-28 win on TV...Louisville jumped ship from C-USA to ACC and the Louisville Courier lede was a benefit to changing conferences was no more games with TCU....
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    Ryan Merrill going deep during the 2017 College World Series was pretty cool - not only because it was agianst our old aggy punching bag, but because it was an emphatic homecoming statement for the Omaha native.
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    That makes me feel better. Thank you 😀
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    I missed that punt rule in action. The kick-off rule is genius. It looks odd, but it's genius.
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    Alex Rybakov and Justin Butsch won the doubles championship at Palm Coast in a 3-set marathon over Swede Simon Freund and Spaniard Jaume Pla Malfeito 2-6, 7-5, 12-10 yesterday. A doubles title and semi-final singles run will definitely earn Rybo some more ATP points and improve his rankings. But he's not taking any time off and is now into the qualies at Naples (Florida) against Czech Daniel Paty (ATP#1497) today. Cam Norrie has traveled to New York for the ATP tourney there and is scheduled to play American Brian Shi (ATP#??) tomorrow. But the biggest Frog tennis news is today's home match against #5 North Carolina and Will Blumberg - we'll need to play much better and get some luck to prevail in this last match before the National Indoors. Update - it's going to indoors (barf!).
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    Thanks! It's been a good one - spending the weekend skiing in Santa Fe. It's the big 4-0 for me this year.
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    A 300K steer sounds like it would have made a really "Fancy" purchase!
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    When I was a freshman at TCU in the Music Department, I was in David Graham's Music History class. It was one of the most difficult classes I ever had while in school. We had weekly music recognition tests and the pieces he chose were sometimes very obscure. This was before the days of having any piece of music at your digital fingertips, so we'd all have to trapise over to the Music Library within Mary Couts Burnett and listen to each week's selections over and over until we could identify every measure of them because you never knew where Mr. Graham was going to start the recording for us to identify it. One week, we were studying Wagner and the opera Faust was in the selection of our listening pleasure. A kid in the class from way out in West Texas somewhere had no clue of either of these titans of the Arts and, upon being called upon after raising his hand to ask a question, goes on to say, "Do we have to listen to the whole opera of (said phonetically) Foh from Waggg-ner?" We never let him live that down for the next four years. Sometimes, I still have to stop myself from the wrong pronunciations of those names because it was such a running joke for all those years. 😁
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    I yelled BOOM when he made that hit!
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    As much as I loved the Rose Bowl, as time passes, the Alamo Bowl against Oregon is probably my favorite football game. The TCU crowd was the loudest I’ve ever heard. I turned to Mrs. Turk with about five minutes left and said, “You know, this is a heroic effort and all, but you know we just don’t have the time, don’t you?” She agreed, and right after that, Oregon got a PI in the end zone, and suddenly, there was a path: a TD, two point conversion, and a field goal was all we needed and there WAS time for THAT. After the TD and conversion, Oregon was stuck in our end of the field and we were so loud my ears hurt. They melted down. Oberkrom nailed it to tie the game, and Bram Kohlhausen took us home as if he had started for five years instead of one night. Glorious. Baseball? Game three of the 2015 Super Regional. Sixteen brutal innings. aggy fans chanting “Ball four! Ball four!” at Mitchell Traver in the top of the 16th, then the final pitch called a strike, then TCU fans turning to the aggys chanting “STRIKE THREE! STRIKE THREE!” You could feel the hatred radiating from those rubes. And then sending them home on our way to Omaha. Big XII upgraded when you left, aggy.
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    Injuries and lack of depth were the main issues in my opinion. If Niang was 100% for the whole season, we beat Baylor and WVU and maybe OSU too. If Taye Barber and Julius Lewis play against SMU, we win that game. If Dylan Thomas doesn't go out for the season against KU, does that change the outcome of the ISU or K State games? If Mike Collins didn't get hurt against Baylor in 2018 and was healthy to begin the 2019 season, who knows what happens? Bad luck and lack of depth on the O-line and at QB were our downfall. People can blame Cumbie and he probably does deserve some blame but for a couple of bad breaks, I think we go no worse than 8-4 last season, even with Duggan at QB.
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    TCU over Mississippi State last year at the Indoor Nationals in Chi-town because Rybo beat #1 Nuno Borges and... Oh wait - you excluded tennis! Okay, I'll go with the 1998 Sun Bowl over USC (I was there) and the 2010 Rose Bowl over Wisconsin and the 1977 win over Rice in the rain (breaking a 20-game losing streak). In baseball, I'd go with the W over Florida State at the CWS in 2010(?) after that late grand slam.
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    Bluebonnet Bowl 1984. I got the Chicken Pox while at the game. I was supposed to march with the band at halftime, but couldn't. I did get a private hotel room, though. Unheard of on a band trip. (My three roomies moved out when I broke out in the pox.) I guess this wasn't such a great memory after all. 😆 Since my time at school came during the dark days of the 80's, there are few happy football memories to list. One that I do recall had nothing to do with football play on the field, but with the band play (shocking!). I've told this before, but we had a GA who had to write and teach a halftime show for his thesis and he chose Neil Diamond for the music to set the marching drills to. It was predominantly diamond formations, of course. At one point we were all standing still while playing that old standard, America, and we were supposed to shout "To-DAY!" at the appropriate time. Well, we also had another GA whom everyone loved and we band hooligans, just to be the troublemakers everyone knew we were, decided to shout that GA's name instead of "To-DAY!" But, we didn't do it at practice, only on game day. So, come Saturday, there we were in our cute little diamonds playing Neil Diamond and just at the right time in the song..."Jo-SE!" 🤭 We got in mess of trouble for that.
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    Why does he continue to call us the Big X?
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    Really? Because his head naturally went down when he lowered his shoulder to hit him? He didn't hit the guy with his helmet. Or, am I just displaying my ignorance of the targeting rule? Edit: Not that I would *ever* doubt your call, Z...
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    If you're serious, it WAS the Alliance of American Football league and only stuck around for a few weeks in 2019 until they folded due to NSF. Several Frogs played on the various teams.
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    I don’t think attendance matters as much as eyeballs on the TV. It might be lean for a few years. Hence why McMahon being so well capitalized makes the difference. The USFL in the 80s was very viable until Trump and a few other owners got too big for their britches and tried to make the season in the fall.
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    Sunday’s 6-packSix of the top prospects for the Seattle Mariners:1) Julio Rodriguez, OF— 19-year old has a .929 OPS in two pro seasons.2) Jarred Kelenic, OF— Acquired in the Robinson Cano trade. 3) Evan White, 1B— Hit 18 homers in the Texas League last year.4) Logan Gilbert, P— Had a 2.88 ERA in nine AA starts LY.5) George Kirby, P— Walked six guys in 88 IP in his last year in college. 6) Noelvi Marte, SS— 18-year old signed for $1.55M. Quote of the Day:“We never once sat down after the season and said, ‘How do we replace Ja Morant?’ That’s an impossible task. We’re less dependent on the ball screen, obviously we had one of the best ball-screen players in college basketball history for the last couple of years.” Murray State coach Matt McMahonSunday’s quizDurham Bulls are the AAA farm team of which major league club?Saturday’s quizFormer Steeler QB Tommy Maddox was the QB of the team that won the only XFL title, back in 2001.Friday’s quizIn the movie Moneyball, Art Howe was the manager of the Oakland A’s; Philip Seymour Hoffman played Howe in the movie. Posted onFebruary 9, 2020Leave a commenton Sunday’s 6-pack, Quote, Quiz of the DaySunday’s Den; Wrapping up a sports Saturday……13) Minnesota Twins withdrew from the 3-team Mookie Betts trade, meaning Kenta Maeda is back on the Dodgers again; that shouldn’t be too awkward, with spring training starting in a couple days.12) Auburn 91, LSU 90 OT— Auburn trailed by 12 at the half, by 8 with 1:26 left, then led by 7 with 1:51 left in OT, before LSU stormed back and took a 90-89 lead with 0:09 left. Auburn scored with 0:00.1 left to send its fans home happy.Second loss in a row for LSU after its 8-0 start in SEC. Auburn won its last six games, with three of last four wins coming in overtime.Auburn was 18-44 on the arc, 12-30 inside the arc; they played without Purifoy, who had the flu.11) Seton Hall 70, Villanova 64— Pirates are best team in Big East; they lead the league by three games, but the question is: Can Villanova or Butler still make noise in the NCAAs?10) Duke 98, North Carolina 96 OT— No nice way to say this; an epic collapse by the Tar Heels, who led by 13 with 4:04 left to play, by 5 with 0:21 left in OT. UNC was 21-38 on foul line in a 2-point loss; Duke was 26-34. Not often a team leads a game for over 40:00 and loses.The uniforms these teams wore for this game look like practice jerseys, awful uniforms, but I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of them online, because hey, they were on TV. 9) St Bonaventure 83, Duquesne 80— How is Mark Schmidt still the coach of the Bonnies? St Bonaventure is 16-8 this season, 8-3 in the A-14; he’s a very good coach.— Find a map, then find Olean, NY on that map.— Circle Olean, NY on the map— Look at how many cities are within 90 miles of Olean; how many great high school basketball players live within 90 miles of Olean?— Some bigger school should hire Schmidt. Temple 97, SMU 90 OT— Owls were down 17 at the half, rallied to win. Not often you make 13-30 on the arc and lose, but SMU also doesn’t have any seniors, which showed here. 7) Upsets:— Elon (+12.5) 72, Charleston 65— UCLA (+12) 65, Arizona 52— Lehigh (+10) 62, Lafayette 59— South Florida (+8.5) 75, Memphis 73— Boston College (+8) 77, Virginia Tech 73— Grand Canyon (+7) 103, Cal Baptist 98— Chattanooga (+6) 84, Wofford 776) Oklahoma 69, West Virginia 59— West Virginia is 5-0 at home in Big X, 1-4 on road, with lone win at last place Oklahoma State.Mountaineers’ conference schedule is just stupid; their closest Big X rival is Iowa State, located 873 miles away. 879 miles is their SHORTEST Big X road trip. Is football that big a money maker than screwing up your basketball program is worth it?5) Georgetown 76, DePaul 72— If you had told me in December that DePaul would be 1-10 in the Big East, I would’ve scoffed at you- they looked great in pre-conference play, but now DePaul has lost eight conference games by 8 or fewer points. Same old story; the last 12 years, they’re 33-173 in Big East games. That not good.4) Arizona State 66, USC 64— Trojans led by 13 in first half, by 5 with 2:22 left, but they turned ball over 24 times, lost to an Arizona squad that shot 31% inside the arc. Trojans got swept on their Arizona trip, by total of seven points.3) Alabama 105, Georgia 102, OT— Three of seven SEC games Saturday went to OT. Both teams shot 60%+ inside the arc in this game. Georgia led by 12 with 14:17 left.2) XFL: Washington 31, Seattle 19— Austin Proehl scored first TD in XFL this season; his father Ricky scored the game-winning TD for the Rams in the 2000 NFC title game.Washington’s first TD scored on a blocked punt.1) Houston 37, Los Angeles 17— Philip Walker had a big day at QB for Houston, throwing for 272 yards, four TD’s. LA played without QB Josh Johnson, a big deal.My overall impression of the XFL’s first day:— Both home teams won; both games went over.— Good entertainment. I’m more of a basketball guy, but the quality of football will improve as teams play together more.— Plays: Seattle 64, Washington 56. Similar to an NFL game.
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    The one rule difference from NFL that I found most interesting was regarding the punt. It must stay in the air long enough to reach the 20 or else it gets placed at the opposing 45 yard-line. And, kick-offs were cool. The teams line up opposite each other in a single line at their respective 40s(?) and only the kicker and return man are deep. None of the rest of the players can move until the returner has the ball in his hands. I like it for the player safety angle.
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    The reported crowds were about the same - 17,815 in Houston, 17,163 in DC. They definitely looked different, though - 17k in DC's 20k soccer stadium looked great, while the empty seats at Cougar High's credit union field made their 17k look sparse. For comparison sake, the AAF's week 1 average attendance last year was 19,210 - being supported by the 27k that attendend San Antonio's opener.
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    Wasn't Vindman previously in the Ghostbusters?
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    TCU Horned Frogs (13-10, 4-6) at Texas Tech Red Raiders (15-8, 6-4) 8:00pm Central Monday, February 10, 2020 United Supermarkets Arena Lubbock, Texas TCU 42 - Texas Tech 88 Final Score GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8)    TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    The Toll Bros. radio opera today was a performance of Berlioz' concert opera The Damnation of Faust. Was late to the gym but got there at 2:30 just as it started. 2 hours and 50 minutes later I finished my routine just as "Pandemonium" was on with Mephistopheles taking Faust down to Hell. Rested on a bench for Marguerite to be wafted gently up to Heaven before going downstairs for a sauna and hot hydrotherapy. Never heard it before. Wonderful piece.
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    A lot of empty space in Houston at TDECU Stadium. I didn't pay much attention to the crowd in DC, but there weren't any glaringly empty decks sticking out like here.
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    I haven’t the slightest idea of that to which you refer.
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    Stansley Maponga #90 on Seattle Dragons, just about to kick-off on ABC.
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    60-46 Bickering Bobolinks final.
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    Repeats are boring. That is all.
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    59-44 Donnybrooking Ducks at 2:10.
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    Three home games stand out to me. Losing to Arkansas in 1979 16-13. The Frogs came together that game and played lights out only to lost by 3. Lou Holtz visited the Frogs locker room afterwards congratulating the team on a well played game. Losing to Texas by 65 points in the snow 1974. We sucked big time. I was removed from the game for throwing snowballs at Darrell Royal The 2009 Utah game. Nuff said
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    Always a great thread for reading.
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