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    Gary Danielson was already making excuses for them. Everyone should have someone love them the way Gary Danielson loves Alabama.
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    Nick lost in the semis yesterday to Reis di Silva 7-5, 1-6, 3-6, but another semis performance will give him some more ATP points. So far, this is Nick's best pro season ever since he graduated. I'm guessing Alastair lost at Newport Beach but I can't find the results anywhere.
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    It's okay, Bama still has wins over 6-3 Texas A&M and 5-3 Southern Miss so they are definitely in the college playoff because S-E-C.
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    Yep, the problem in Cincy was all Andy. 🙄
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    Chad Morris fired by Arkansas. What a dumbass! If he had stayed at SMU, he could have enjoyed this season and then parlayed that into a better job if he wanted. But Arkansas, shorn of their Texas recruiting is a death knell for coaches now.
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    I’m not disappointed with this showing. It could’ve been better, sure. But Baylor has a great D which was tough to move the ball against. Our D played lights out against a strong QB. Triple OT is a heartbreaker, but great effort.
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    Going to call "the shot", we beat OU straight up in two weeks.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (1-0) vs Louisiana Raging Cajuns (2-0) 7:00pm Central Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas TCU 98 - Louisiana 65 Final Score GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 (Hosted by PD) FrogVision Radio Stream #1(StreamGuys) Radio Stream #2 (TuneIn) Radio Stream #3 (KTCU) Radio Stream #4 (*.m3u8)   FSSW   TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    That was a fun game to be at, atmosphere was amazing ,but man was that a physically draining game. Came home and took a nap and was still salty afterwards. Can't imagine what the coaches and players felt like. The more I read and see , the more frustrated I am about OT. don't think you can over turn that run by max. And even if you do over turn it (like it was), how do you not score from the 3 yard line with 4 plays?!?! Blehhh this one stings and now I gotta buy my baylol co-worker lunch this week. 😵
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    Frogs could just as easily be at 8-1 right now...if a couple of plays in each game go our way. This team should compete for a Big XII title next year.
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    Yeah, I have wasted a ton of hours on Texas Escapes before.
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    I love all our old courthouses in Texas. It's so sad to see the ones that have been forgotten and have fallen into disrepair. That website you linked is awesome!
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    This morning's play of this song made me wonder if the Frio Town Courthouse is still "standing". I snuck back in there to see it (and check it off my bucket list for Texas courthouses) about 10 years ago and it was a sad sight. I didn't dare walk inside for fear of the remains of the pieces of floor giving way and my foot landing on a rattlesnake. The memory of that piece of lost Texas makes the song that much sadder, too. Which in turn makes it that much better.
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    At the end of the year Alabama should have victories over: 6-6 - Duke 2-10 - New Mexico State 6-6 - South Carolina 8-4 - Southern Miss 4-8 - Ole Miss 7-5 - Texas A&M 6-6 - Tennessee 2-10 - Arkansas 6-6 - Mississippi State 2-10 - Western Carolina And they have to beat Auburn on the road...
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    I can't get over the first and goal from the 1 Yd Line
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    Only fault I assign for this game is the offensive line. Baylor defenders were going right through all day.
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    Who's the other buff B12 ref? He's got competition.
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    Little known fact: Disciples of Christ tithe 20%. Thus, we have to let Baylor win once every five years.
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    This was/is highly embarrassing....
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