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    He’d probably be thrilled to play behind an upgrade at OL.
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    Please, please, please...from your keyboard to God's screen....
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    Tomas Jirousek's singles match against Makk was delayed until tomorrow. Meanwhile, he played doubles today with Lukas Jirousek (brother?) and they lost 7-6 (8-6), 4-6, 6-10. Rybo is actually in Knoxville where he's been practicing with Tommy Paul and hoping to qualify for the Knox Challenger at the University of Tennessee. Unfortunately, they had a very small qualifying draw and he didn't qualify. Next week, he'll probably try to qualify for the Challenger in Champaign-Urbana.
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    Adam Dalton still has eligibility right?
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    Don't forget to vote today.
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    On TCU's schedule, the team was supposedly going to SMU over the past weekend for the inaugural Ralston/Neufeld Coaches Challenge, but after searching and searching, I could find no TCU results at all and the tourney is now over. The SMU site listed the brackets and there were no TCU players on it, so I'm guessing that we skipped it (SMU's Carles Sarrio ended up winning). Which leads me to speculating as to why - is Alastair Gray injured after having retired at the Ft. Worth tourney in the rain?; are they doing okay at school? etc... I have no idea why. Also, the schedule lists the Birmingham ITF Futures tourney as the next event but the ITF site says that tourney was moved to next week and then cancelled altogether, so no player is going there either. There is a tourney in Naples this week but no Frogs are listed there either. So basically, they're taking a break, and I'm not sure when the next event will be. Tomas Jirousek is in Prague this week and will play Hungarian Peter Makk tomorrow.
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    Here's what I'm tracking as we begin the new season: Desmond Bane: Current career points: 1,253 -Needs 174 to pass Gary Turner for #10 all-time -Needs 251 to pass Lee Nailon for #9 -Needs 256 to pass Ryan Carroll for #8 -Needs 260 to pass Kurt Thomas for #7 ...needs 634 to break Darrell Browder's school record Current career steals: 85 -Needs 39 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #10 all-time -Needs 41 to pass Brent Hackett for #9 -Needs 45 to pass Darrell Browder for #8 -Needs 49 to pass Ryan Carroll for #7 ...needs 84 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Current career 3-pointers made: 157 -Needs 4 to pass Junior Blount for #10 all-time -Needs 5 to pass Marcus Shropshire for #9 -Needs 21 to pass Malcolm Johnson for #8 -Needs 26 to pass Jeff Jacos for #7 ...needs 87 to break Corey Santee's school record Kevin Samuel: Current career blocks: 77 -Needs 2 to pass Damion Walker for #10 all-time -Needs 4 to pass Marlon Dumont for #9 -Needs 5 to pass Dennis Davis for #8 -Needs 9 to pass Craig Sibley for #7 ...needs 95 to break James Penny's school record
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    Works got me down lately! Bengals suck. I hate them. I'm a Jags fan now. Minshew for life. But seriously. That franchise can't get out of its own way. Andy was far from the problem. They didn't address the O-Line, they hired a coach whos in way over his head, and AJ green cant stay healthy. If a RB as talented as Mixon is averaging less than 3.5 yards a carry, the Oline is at fault.
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    I thought you might be having stroke at the beginning of that last post.
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    And yet somehow, after the rumors of Delton broke, the line at my online sportsbook moved from -2.5 to -1. Bizzare.
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    Geez...if that's the case, I say we just run the option with Reagor at QB.
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    Rumor has it Delton has left the team... Hypothetically puts us down 4 quarterbacks in less than 7 days; leaves us with Matthew Baldwin and Matthew Downing. This could get interesting
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    Baylor has a good defense. We will have to hold them below 24 points to win. We lose 27-21. Tied 14-14 at half. Go down 24-14 in the third. Delton, Sewo, and Jet start to wear them down in the 4th, but Sewo fumbles inside 2 minutes on what could've been the game winning drive.
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    The Frogs have 31 regular-season games and would be guaranteed at least 1 postseason game in the Big 12 tournament. If he's healthy, in 32 games he'd need to average 19.8 per game to reach Browder. Obviously, more games would create more opportunities and drive that required average down.
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    Wow, so with a good year Bane has a legit chance to become TCU's all-time leading scorer.
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    There has not (nor will there be, I'm guessing) any official announcement on Duggan's status. Some people have assumed, based on what they've seen on video and in photos, that he broke a finger in his throwing hand. If that's the case, it'd be really hard for him to go.
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    Wait, so is Duggan out for sure this week?
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