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    We have to play SMU now. Can't let them keep the skillet indefinitely.
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    Might see Mike Collins under center this weekend.
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    At Harlingen, Alex Rybakov's (ATP#649) opening rounder will be against Christian Langmo (ATP#565), a former Miami Hurricane, who is at his career high and who won one of the many Cancun tourneys we followed earlier this summer. And Tomas Jirousek (ATP#782) will open up at Ricany against Michael Vrbensky (ATP#579), another 19-year old Czech player whose career high was 464 this April, who apparently will skip U.S. college play because he hasn't signed with anyone as yet. At Zhuhai, the reason Cam (ATP#68) is going to play Monfils (ATP#12) is because he beat Peter Gojowycyz (ATP#92) 1 and 4 a day and a half ago. Cam and Ramos-Vinolas lost their doubles match 3-6, 5-7 last night, so all he's got left is singles where beating Monfils will be extraordinarily difficult. The TCU team has the week off but some will probably go to the Norman ITF tourney next week.
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    Morning kickoff. Unattractive opponent. We lost last week. Mid-90 temp. I expect attendance will be about 25,000.
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    Fun fact: Mac Engle is no longer an adjunct faculty member at TCU. I'll give you two guesses where he's now on staff and you won't need your second once you consider where a pretentious douche canoe like him would fit in perfectly in the Metroplex.
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    I dont get this move unless he wants to transfer
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    Black/purple/black vs. Kansas.
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    Quote of the Day“After carefully thinking through this process with my family and coach Holgorsen, I have decided the opportunity to redshirt this season gives me the best chance to develop as a player, earn my degree and set me up for the best success in the future. I’m looking forward to being part of the success of this program going forward.”Houston Cougars’ QB D’Eriq King, who will redshirt this season
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    “Here’s some of what Briles might be seeking redemption and forgiveness for: Briles recruited at least four athletes who faced criminal allegations prior to coming to Baylor, had a number of instances where his players were accused of those things while under his leadership, and oversaw a system where it took years before anyone found out about it. A former Baylor student’s parents say they called Briles’s office several times to tell the coach that their daughter had been raped by Tevin Elliott, a Bears defensive end currently serving a twenty-year prison sentence for the crime. (Briles had agreed to meet with her in 2016 to offer an apology, but never showed up to the meeting.) A former Baylor athlete testified in court that she was raped by Sam Ukwuachu, a pass-rusher Briles brought to Baylor. Just a few weeks before that trial—after Ukwuachu had been arrested and indicted, and suspended from playing at Baylor (though he still did conditioning with the team)—one of Briles’s assistants talked to the media about how excited they were to have him back on the field. (Ukwuachu was initially convicted in August 2015; on appeal, his conviction has been variously overturned and reinstated because of a technicality regarding evidence. He’s currently awaiting a new trial.) “
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    Give me S. Miss at home and SMU on the road. If not SMU, then La Tech.
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    It's not fair that OU gets Army + two cupcakes.
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    We want BAMA!! Okay no we don't. Give me Tarelton State or TWU
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    KU +16 alllll day. Easy money
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    Not necessarily for 2020, but at some point I'd love to see us revisit a few of the "rivalries" we formed in our CUSA/MWC days: Louisville, Southern Miss, Utah, Boise State.
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    Give me ODU and UCF both at home.
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    MWC is looking pretty good this season. San Jose knocked off Arky in Fayetteville.
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    We need to stop fumbling in our redzone and develop a consistent passing game. And get better on defense.
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    We're a Tennis school anyway
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    And to wrap up last week's busy action, Jacob Fearnley defeated Hawaii's Ilagan 6-0, 4-6, 1-0 (6) and Alastair Gray lost to USC's Ryder Jackson 4-6, 6-7 (8) in Sunday's consolation matches at the Battle in the Bay. So what did we learn from the week? Nick Chappell's finals appearances have propelled him to a new career high of ATP#522 - this is excellent for him and might get him high enough to make some Challengers. Alex Rybakov made the quarters - I was hoping for better, but he ran into a buzzsaw in Gaston despite playing well. Both Tadeas Paroulek and Jacob Fearnley made impressive U.S. and college debuts - this means that we'll have some depth and Roditi will be faced with some choices about where our freshmen will place in our line-up. Widow made another doubles final despite having to face Chappell in singles - his calling in the pros could be Roditi-like where he is a doubles specialist. Tomas Jirousek made the quarters at Zlatibor. I'm a little disappointed that Ali Gray didn't get off to a better start to the season, but I'm not too worried - there's time. Luc Fomba, Eduardo Roldan and Max Kurzban each got some good fall early experience. The Camster and Jerry Lopez had the week off in the pros and the only players we didn't hear from were Bertus Kruger, Sander Jong and Juan Martin. Good experience for most of the team even if we didn't earn any championships. This week, Rybo is headed to Harlingen (main draw) and Tomas Jirousek (1st alternate) is in Czechia at Ricany on clay. And Cam Norrie is in China at Zhuhai where he will face Gael Monfils (ATP#12) and team with Ramos-Vinolas in doubles.
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    I wonder how many teams will be calling Tulane's OC at the end of the season/should TCU give him a friendly call? Unfortunately behind a pay wall, should be able to read for free on mobile though. https://theathletic.com/1227783/2019/09/20/the-origin-of-the-two-plays-that-pushed-tulane-past-houston/
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    I guess it could be worse
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    That was a very poor set from Chappell - Hijikata is on a roll now. (And if you want to watch tennis while following this - the Laver Cup in Geneva just went to the final match with a stunning Federer W over Isner on the Tennis Channel. Very entertaining! It'll be Zverev v. Raonic for the title.) 0-1. Hijikata still serving first. 0-2. (sigh) At love. Chappell appears to have lost it. 1-2! Nick breaks back! Weird match - this break was also at love. 1-3. Yet another break... 1-4. I guess we should be happy Nick made the final... 1-5. The fat lady is already crooning... Nick starts strong but falls apart and loses the final 6-2, 2-6, 1-6. Bad ending to a good tourney for him - the finals in both singles and doubles.
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    One point! Only one point shy of perfection. Ah dinnae ken, Ransacker. Those sleekit Sun Devils let ye down a wee shan. But, the remainder of your slate was pure tidy! Gaun yersel', laddie! Arrrgggh! was right behind Scottish Ransacker this week in second place. It was Arizona State that tripped up him, and many others, this week, including me in third. Arrrgggh and Presbyguy are tied up in first place for our group with DUSHEE in third. Glad to see you made it back to the game, ArmyFrog. You did well this week! Time to lick our wounds and keep fighting. Go Frogs!
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    I don't know if the schedule permits... but would like to see a game verse University of Tennessee or Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Miami, Syracuse, Boston College. Think they are tough games but winnable. Think they would also help strength of schedule and force the team to show up. Think part of the problem with the SMU game is that the frogs sleep walk through the first half and SMU comes ready to play their superbowl of the season.
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    Is there some thought we don't renew with SMU? I absolutely hate that game but I thought Patterson liked playing it. No one on that list really jumps out at me, so I favor whatever would be a home game.
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