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    Doubtful this week because we didn't play. I'm thinking USC, UNC and Maryland will fill those spots with impressive W's. If we can beat the Boilermakers, though, I think we'll sneak in and it could be a battle of unbeatens against SMU the following week.
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    Losing to a higher ranked team should not automatically cause a team to drop, though it does based on pollsters efforts. ( side note: are pollsters related to hipsters?) I saw some of WVU play during lunch today, and was ready to declare them the new champions of the basement fight. Then I saw the Kansas score.
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    Texas should have at least 6 more points (and really 10), but poor coaching calls and bad execution stymied that. It's weird - intellectually, I want Texas to win, but while watching each play I am just naturally rooting for them to fall all over themselves. They have no RB's and Ehlinger is their only runner.
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    Wow! BYU with a great comeback! 0:05 left with a potential tying FG upcoming!
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    The baseball only school beat the basketball only school in football!
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    Horns within a score of LSU 20-14. And Coastal just stopped Kansas on 4th down deep in Kansas territory.
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    Right now, West Virginia who got murdered by Mizzou, who lost to Nevada who is getting killed by Oregon. But if WKRP Guy loses to Coastal (and not in baseball), it's KU.
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    Happy Colorado won. I think it is good for college football whenever the B1G or SEC get knocked off their high perch. Show they may have good teams but are not all mighty gods over the other conferences.
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    Just checked scores and mid 4th and UL Monroe took the lead over Florida State 35-31.
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    Eso es algunas cosas buenas !! That is some good stuff!!
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    The conversation meandered around those DBU shirts and whether they earned the right to wear them and what they stood for... Michael Knight 1,225 #46 Posted 7 hours ago Defensive Back Community College
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    Those UT fan girls look pretty scary, even without that facepaint.
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    Tennessee held to a FG in the 2nd OT - they lead 26-23 but a TD for BYU wins it...
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    TD UT 30-27, pending extra point. 12:09 left. It's good, 30-28, LSU leading.
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    BYU strikes first and takes a 23-16 lead... I'm predicting Tennessee blows it...
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    It is UT, classy never applies. But I won't lie, this intrigues me.
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    It's good (barely)!! 16-all and on to OT! Who's gonna blow it? And whose fanbase is going to totally melt down again?
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    We want the conference win, but the Horns to look beatable by doing it...
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    Tight one in Knoxville with the Vols leading 16-13 late over BYU, and they just stopped a Cougar drive.
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    My biggest question is which team is the bottom of the B12 this year, Kansas or West Virginia?
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    Eso debería poner a FSU de nuevo en el top 25 That should put FSU back in the top 25
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    FSU 45-38 in OT. ULM's turn. ULM easily gets the touchdown, but their kicker pegs the upright. FSU wins 45-44.
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    This year is a treat, as their early setback will likely come in the out of conference portion.
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    And as soon as I say it, pick-6 by PSU to take the lead ...
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