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    Our current 17: Matthew Downing A few memorable 17s: Sam Carter Cory Rodgers Tyler Lutrell The Muehl Michael Reeder Grassy Hinton Chad Huffman (baseball mode) Matt Curry ....and a few bonus 17s: Don Meredith RedBall (Player mode) BoomStick 17
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    Jeremy Kerley, 2016 49ers ... (I guess Kerley is done? I don't see any indication he is on a roster this season) Josh Boyce, 2016 Colts Again, for you TCU memorabilia collector hounds, a game worn 1961 Hunter Enis Chargers jersey can be had. He backed up future Congressman/Candidate for POTUS and Veep Jack Kemp and got quite a bit of playing time but I couldn't find a picture of him actually in action. Carl Warwick, 1964-65 Cardinals (Carl got a ring in 1964) Taylor Featherston wore both #17 and #21 (see 4 days ago) for the 2017 Rays. I found a pic where 21 is visible but I can't find a 17. Baseball teams that don't put a number on the front of the jersey are really annoying when you are doing this bit. You'd think they'd have the courtesy to think about poor internet randos on college fan message boards finding pictures of alums when designing their uniforms. Harry Kinzy wore #17 for the 1934 White Sox
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    I just thought it was funny how some people seemed so certain the other party had the guy murdered to cover something up, when they both nominated someone in 2016 with an uncomfortable connection to the creep.
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    We have 10 receivers on scholarship this year, and we usually carry 14. From that, I deduce we will see a tight end/blocking back used most of the time. Really sucks to lose a senior linebacker who was cited earlier this summer for providing good leadership to the young pups at that position. I gather it was not a new injury so much as never recovered from last year. Have to look for a freshman to step up and learn fast (DeMauryon Holmes, Dee Winters, Dylan Jordan … maybe Wyatt Harris moves back from DE now.) Hope Ben Wilson heals quickly. I'm beginning to think Justin Rogers may never fully recover his high school abilities. His future may be as a pro-style pocket passer with limited mobility. Some guys with strong arms have made a lot of money that way.
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    I'm a little ashamed to admit it now, but a young 8-year old Duquesne Frog wore #99 for the Clarkston Jets pee-wee football team in honor of Gastineau and that mullet ...
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    Haha, now this song just plain sucks, but you know ... the number
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    I only have one acceptable record for 2017 (and none from 1917) that isn't from an artist with a better option to come. Just a great throwback to the late 1970s or early 1980s rock. Loads of reverb, unprotected sex for days, illegal fireworks, T-tops, VHS, Trapper Keepers, and 1987 Sharon Stone. And a hilarious sense of humor that only starts with the name of the band. November 3, 2017... And... In 1917, the Wisconsin Chair Company founded Parmount Records. (Also, see the Puritan Records Wiki page.) Though they didn't survive the Great Depression, they were reaponsible for some of the best and most important blues music ever recorded. From November of 1918... And a Puritan label from 1919... The Starr Piano Company founded Gennett Records in Richmond, Indiana in 1917. They were probably the best source not named Columbia or Victor for jazz in the 1920s. They recorded sessions with some names like Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael, Duke Ellington, and Earl Hines. They did dip their toes into the blues with Charlie Patton and some Texan named Blind Lemon Jefferson. They also dabbled with country music, and some fella named Gene Autry. They just quietly vanished at the end of WWII, after years of a slow decline. From March of 1919... Lyric Records was established in Newark, New Jersey in 1917. They made high quality (for the era) records, but would only last until 1921. From 1917... And a later label from 1920...
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    All I am guessing is that Duggan will get at least 4 games in if healthy all season. If he does well, and the others are not healed, I could see them burning the red shirt for more than 4 games. I am not for judging or declaring a star before they have played, but I am interested to see how he does. Also think it would be fun to see one of the redshirt freshman no one mentions come in if they are eligible. Don't know if Downing or Beucler are available or not.
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    I'm not good at embedding tweets, but there were a few nuggets from Jeremy Clark this morning. Sounds like: -The QB race may be, as many have already speculated, down to Delton & Duggan. -Montrel Wilson is done with football. -Dee Winters and La'Kendrick Van Zandt may be stepping up to fill the void at LB EDIT: Ha, looks like @angelosfrog beat me to most of this info.
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    I can't wait to see how many "or" are listed at QB for the first game...
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    The dueling partisan conspiracy theories about Epstein being murdered:
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    What's the difference between AIDS and crossing the Clintons? AIDS is no longer a death sentence.
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    CNN "How Trump's hateful Nazi rhetoric has driven one Jewish man to commit suicide."
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    Marianne Williamson just announced that she will return Jeffrey Epstein to the living.
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    Boy all these Clinton murders really do a great job of getting everyone to forget about all these Clinton rapes.
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    President Clinton just commuted Jeffrey Epstein's sentence to time served.
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    The corporate press: "Thinking someone got to Epstein is an absurd baseless paranoid conspiracy theory." Also the corporate press: "Vladimir Putin is blackmailing Donald Trump because he has a videotape where Trump paid prostitutes to pee on a bed because Obama slept on it."
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    The only thing more crooked than Hillary Clinton is Jeffrey Epstein's neck
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    We need common sense Clinton control.
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    Sure Jeffrey Epstein's alleged crimes are horrific and barbaric but we need to withhold judgment until we find out if he ever made the OK hand symbol
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