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    Our current 19s: Dylan Jordan Grant Beucler A few memorable 19s: Matt Schobel Patrick Batteaux Michael DePriest Frank Horak Luken Baker Jake Guenther ...and a few bonus 19s: Juando Amari Cooper 19
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    Just for perspective, a look at the Frogs' last 10 games vs. FCS opponents: 2018: TCU 55, Southern 7 -- (Southern finished 7-4) 2017: TCU 63, Jackson State 0 -- (JSU finished 3-8) 2016: TCU 59, South Dakota State 41 -- (SDSU finished 9-4) 2015: TCU 70, Stephen F. Austin 7 -- (SFA finished 4-7) 2014: TCU 48, Samford 14 -- (Samford finished 7-4) 2013: TCU 38, SE Louisiana 17 -- (SELU finished 11-3) 2012: TCU 56, Grambling 0 -- (Grambling finished 1-10) 2011: TCU 55, Portland State 13 -- (PSU finished 7-4) 2010: TCU 62, Tennessee Tech 7 -- (TTU finished 7-4) 2009: TCU 56, Texas State 21 -- (TSU finished 7-4, they moved up to FBS in 2012)
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    From the latest reports in the FWST, Patterson says we have incredible speed at WR and we're hitting long completions in practice like we did in 2014. Reagor, Barkley, Barber, D. Davis, and Hights all have the ability to take it to the house. I think that's something that has been seriously lacking the past few seasons. Reagor and Turp were great but Turp had a tendency to get hurt and then he screwed up and got himself kicked off the team.
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    LaTerrance Dunbar, 2003 Falcons A cleanly-shaven Matt Carpenter wore #19 during his 2011 rookie season for the Cardinals Bryan Holaday also wore #19 for part of his 2012 rookie season with the Tigers
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    This will likely be the hardest single year for me. I know nothing for 1919 releases and just about the only new music I listen to is metal (and not Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch or similar yacht rock ilk pretending to be metal; I am a 1%er metalhead - take the hardest you have heard and magnify it by 100). Since I will not post death metal albums (vulgarity, profanity, nudity, and all the finer forms of gory schlock) or most stoner/sludge metal albums (nudity, nudity, nudity), 2019 is as tough of a go as 1919. The only appropriate album of this year (that has been released) that I feel isn't watered down garbage would be this stoner rock release. It isn't as good as their 2015 debut album, but it will have to do. From March 29th... And because there are more vinyl records being pressed now than there has been any other time since 1980, a bonus... In 1919, the Baldwin Piano Company entered the record business by forming the Medallion Records label. The label only lasted a few short years and was gone by 1921. A 1919 release... Panhellenion Records was formed in 1919 by Kiria Koulas. She was a Greek musician that had gained some fame in America by recording for Columbia. Her label would be the go to source for Greek music until her husband died in 1927 and the label folded... Grey Gull Records was was formed in Boston in 1919. Grey Gull started out as a premium record company, but within a few years had dropped their price (and quality) to the budget market and were being sold on racks in drug stores. (See the Wiki link for more on the history.) By 1934, they were dead and buried. From 1920... And a later (1924) label...
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    This thread has also brought home the fact that pretty much all the POTUSes between Grant and McKinley were generic fat white guys that were damn near indistinguishible from one another. In fact, I think they were all the same guy ... they just reshaped the facial hair to make everyone think it was a new guy ...
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    Just a reminder, TCU made J.J. Watt cry:
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    I never realized Jeffrey Epstein was such an INXS fan.
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    The only thing more crooked than Hillary Clinton is Jeffrey Epstein's neck
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    If you wonder why a receiver keeps playing without catching a lot of passes, it's usually a good idea to watch him block.
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    According to the FWST (LINK), TCU is expected to file a "reconsideration request" by tomorrow on Baldwin's eligibility - the first step in the appeals process.
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    63-0 and walk-ons play the entire 4th quarter. Delton has 3 TD passes, Collins has 2 and Duggan has 2. Darius Anderson and Demercado both have a rushing TD.
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    The 2013 & 2016 games really stick out in mind as "wow, this could be a long season". And they were both pretty poor seasons. ALso happens those were good FCS teams, but still. FCS is FCS. We shoudl never win by less than 4 TD's. I stlll have nightmares from that 2013 SE LA game, we were pathetic! Casey's arm snapped in two. It was just all around bad juju. I think 2018 we were better than our record. Beat OSU or UT earlier in the season, and it could end up differently.
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    Can anyone explain Drake to me? For the life of me, I do not understand why his stuff is so popular. Most other popstars I can at least understand what people might see in them and some of their songs, even if I don't like them. I haven't been able to do that with him, yet ...
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    I always think back to the opener in 2014- Samford. We came out absolutely HUMMING that game. Boykin just was flinging it all over the first quarter and I was like "who is this team!?!?!". Set the tone for the rest of the season. Then you look at years like 2013, 2016 where we just looked flat flat flat in the opener. Lets hope this year is like 2014.
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    Myself not too important, but frog horn yes.
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    Much appreciated. I will definitely keep it in mind.
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    Damn Straight! Beer from the Monks, Wine from Jesus. It's the liquor that's sinful...and dancing.
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    Holy Moses, EP, that's a tight schedule. I hope you find time for yourself (and us 😁).
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    Stay hard, Rosie Ruiz ...
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    One day when I don't need it anymore, somebody can cut off my right foot and sell it for memorabilia because it still has Dr. Swink's signature all over it. He did a fine job and I wear it with pride. 😆
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    Why do photographers not make athletes do these crazy posed "action" shots anymore? Fantastic! (I know this is a drawing, but it is a drawing of a photo). Among the most disappointing TCU performances of my lifetime. Not Mike Jones in particular, but this game ...
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    Derrick Kindred, 2016 Browns Drew Coleman, 2006-10 Jets ... ... and 2011 Jaguars Jack Spikes, 1960-62 Texans ... ... and 1963-64 Chiefs Bobby Jack Floyd, 1953 Bears (front row, third from right) Cedric Jackson, 1991 Lions. I couldn't find a picture of him playing, but there are several pics of him attending an anniversary celebration (20th or 25th, not sure). In his final appearance in the countdown, Goo Kennedy, 1977 Rockets
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    Not to digress from the countdown, but I was just looking for more Norm Bulaich pics and ran across this one ... two Horned Frog greats battling it out in Super Bowl V ... wish I'd found this either 5 or 43 days ago ...
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    Yes, usually. There were some 78s that were only single sided, most were a single song on each side, and some that were comprised of two tracks per side. Even the rarer complete albums back then were made of multiple singles. And they were an actual album of them, just like you would store family photographs. (See the Glenn Miller post in the mid-40s for an example.) I am not saying that 78s were ever an economically sound way to spend your money, or even giving justification to the 1930s price point of them. I am just reitterating my statement from the other day: they are a subset of a hobby I won't be getting into any time soon. And I had a collection of several hundred (500+) 45s a while back. There are some 78s that can be still had for less than $50 today, by the way. The problem is that they typically don't interest me with the music on them, and are usually glued together and bad condition. The prices I am mentioning are on the extreme side for ultra rare records and/or are in pristine condition.
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