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    Ben Banogu, 2019 Colts Roosevelt Collins, 1992 Dolphins Jonathan Anderson, 2018 Bears 1991-93 Phillies ... ... and the 1993-95 Padres Scott Atchison wore #52 for the 2007 Giants ... On a side note, while looking for pics of Roosevelt Collins, I discovered that he wore 56 for the 1994 Sacramento Gold Miners and the 1995 San Antonio Texans during the CFL's brief dalliance with America. So pretend these were posted 4 days ago:
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    A few memorable 52s: Ross Forrest Michael Keathley The legendary Clif Alexander Jeff Ballard was 20-23 for 288 yards and 5 TDs / 0 INT as TCU shut out San Diego State, 52-0, in November of 2006 ...and one bonus 52: Calvin Booth - unlikely hero of the 2001 first round series comeback/upset win against the Jazz
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    Well, there was definitely an Alex Rybakov sighting today as I watched him lose to Max Purcell 6-7 (3-7), 3-6 in the opening round at the Winnetka Challenger. It was his debut as a full-time pro and he (mostly) played well - in the first set, it was Rybo who mostly dictated play and earned the applause from the (smallish) crowd on Court 5. He got up a break and I thought he was the better player and would clearly win. But the ump gave him a time warning and he was called for a foot fault and this seemed to unnerve him and Purcell immediately broke back and the set went to a breaker at 6-all. Which I thought he was going to win, but that didn't happen as Purcell took a big lead early and ended up winning 7-3. The 2nd set was pretty even but the Aussie got a break and Alex never recovered. I still think Alex was more talented but Purcell was clearly more consistent and didn't make nearly as many unforced errors. The last point was a bad call as Purcell's serve was out, but that's not how the lines judge called it, so c'est la vie. Alex seemed so dejected and mad at himself that I decided not to bother him with any spurious Frog talk/fanboy behavior. He did appear to have a new coach who's name I don't know - maybe he's the USTA guy that is supposed to be helping him for a year or so because Rybo won that tourney last fall. They conclaved immediately after the match and had an animated discussion about something; which I tried to overhear but couldn't. My take is that Rybo lost because he wasn't wearing purple and was wearing blue instead - it was so humid that he went through multiple shirts and water bottles (I was sitting about 4 feet from him most of the time). It's good that he's back on tour after his brief vacation. (Afterwards, I watched another match or two - man, that Thai-son Kwiatkowski is such a jerk!).
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    😳 @NewfoundlandFreeFrog
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    I was using the Anova sous vide on some chicken, so I used our steam oven to sous vide the lobster tails with some butter vacu-sealed with the tails.
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    I did sous vide lobster tails last night that were pretty fantastic. I should have added some salt, but the texture was perfect.
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    My recently-deceased MIL dated him in college. I've mentioned this before. I guess you don't store away everything I type???!!!
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    I remember listening to this game on the radio, Chuck Cooperstein was going nuts. I think Tracy McGrady scored 50 as well.
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    That's as crazy as a screen door on a submarine...
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    Our current 53: John Lanz A few memorable 53s: Max Eubank David Johnson ...and a few bonus 53s: Mark Stepnoski Dirk dropped 53 on the Rockets on December 2, 2004
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    Shellac time! This next one was released in 1953 as a 10" 78rpm (G-304) and as a 7" 45rpm (G-7304) in 1954. This is the song that was responsible for making Marvin Gaye a musician. It is that great...
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    Stay hard, Rip Torn.
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