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    The Camster beat Chardy early this morning 6-3, 7-6 (7-4) at Eastbourne and will now play friend and fellow Brit Kyle Edmond (ATP#31) in the quarters. Cam is #49 and this is a battle between the U.K.'s #1 and #2 players. Cam's doubles match starts shortly - he and Londero and playing Mclachlan and Nielson. Widow lost 3 and 1 to Nicolas Mejia in singles at Cancun but he's still alive in doubles. Jerry Lopez will be playing Joshua Ortlip later today or tomorrow (he's won something like 11 matches in a row); Nick Chappell will play Luiz Enrique Mancilla de la Cruz later today and is also still alive in doubles with Jerry. Cam and Londero lost in doubles 3-6, 7-6, 5-10.
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    Melissa at Frogs O'War has a good rundown on who is transferring out and a list of the known new additions for the 2020 baseball team. Lots of changes, lots of positions up for grabs this fall. https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/6/24/18714725/monday-morning-manager-tcu-baseball-roster-taking-shape-after-more-transfers
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    In the biggest conference realignment move in the last few years, Connecticut is apparently leaving the AAC and returning to the Big East. The purported reason is because they disliked the new AAC TV deal because it eliminated their ability to sell their 3rd tier rights to SNY, which, for them, was a big deal because of the strength of their women's and men's basketball program (and instead relegated all of that to ESPN+). But it's also because their football program has been losing fans and money since they got relegated out of the P5 in the last conference realignment. The state built and owns a brand new football stadium, but it's 30 miles or so away from campus and because they've been horrible the past few years, the students don't go to the games (against AAC teams they don't really know) and they've been losing money hand over fist. Going back to the Big East means that their basketball (and other sports) will be back in a league that they know (Georgetown, St. Johns, Providence, Seton Hall etc...) - football apparently will stay in the AAC for 1 year and then either go indy, be moved back down to FCS or join the MAC or C-USA (doubtful). Money-wise, they'll lose the reported $7 million per year that the AAC just negotiated, but they'll have the Big East's Fox deal ($3-4 million) plus whatever they will get for their 3rd tier stuff. When they left the Big East with the other football members, they lost the Big East name, but got to keep the exit fees from all the other departing schools (including TCU) - now that that's all been received and amortized, there is no remaining value there. Back when TCU was in the wilderness, I resented the fact that UConn could start a FBS program and immediately move into the BCS ranks without any years of dues-paying while TCU had spent over 100 years in the top level and then be relegated out of it. But now, I kind of feel sorry for them - their closeness to Storrs and ESPN didn't really pay off for them as they had hoped and expected. As a Hoya fan, I'm happy to have them back in the Big East. This is kind of a prestige blow to the AAC which has been pushing the "P6" argument - losing their only flagship state school and arguably most recognizable name (because of their nattys in basketball) surely won't help. UConn has been to a BCS/NY6 bowl and now they're dying (or at least being relegated severely).
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    (Double dipping because they are equals and it is impossible for me to pick one above the other.)
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    Several Frogs are scheduled to play in this week's Futures tournament in Cancun. Eduardo Roldan won his first-round qualifier, but lost to the qualifying tournament's top seed, Alejandro Mendoza of Bolivia. But the main draw of 32 has three Frogs: second-seeded Gerardo Lopez Villasenor, fourth-seeded Nick Chappell, and unseeded Reese Stalder. All four Frogs are in the doubles tournament. Eduardo is paired with fellow Mexican Juan Ignacio Batalla Diez. Reese is paired with fellow American Grey Hamilton (Ole Miss). Jerry is paired with... fellow Frog Nick Chappell! Jerry and Nick are seeded second. TCU's Czech signees are also active this week, at Pardubice in the Czech Republic. Tadeas Paroulek is in the main draw, but Tomas Jirousek will need to defeat Timo Stodder (Tennessee) tomorrow to qualify.
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    I've been reading all the various idiotic comments on various message boards about the recent UConn move back to the Big East and although one should never really believe anything written on conference realignment gibberish boards, one item stuck out that might be accurate. It seems that the new AAC ESPN+ deal that they've been touting as providing a $7 million per year payout also provides that the schools themselves must provide the production and thus absorb annual production costs (and this is one of the many reasons UConn hated that deal). This is like the PAC12's fiasco of a deal where they tout a $31 million payout but also shoulder the production costs which have been estimated to be between $1 and $2 million, so instead of actually receiving $31 million, the PAC's schools have actually been netting only about $29.5 million per year. The thing is, ESPN+ probably also did this to the Big12 on our new 3rd tier deal. I don't know for sure, but it seems reasonable to assume that that's how they're going to run the ESPN+ thing; making the schools do the production for 3rd tier stuff that only hard core committed superfans will watch (and pay a subscription fee for). If so, that makes the figures they announced make more sense. If you look at the original announcement and pro-rate the CCG's that were included, it looked like Big 12 schools will now receive roughly $2.3 million per year. That seemed really high; especially when you consider that TCU has been earning less that $1 million per year with Fox. Why the increase - were we really worth that much? It seemed doubtful. if the above is accurate, however, it makes more sense - we'll "receive" $2.3 million, but we'll have to absorb production costs, so the "real" payout will probably be closer to $1 million or so, which seems closer to market. Now, we've provided the production for some time - we did it when we were on the mtn.; we've done it with Fox as well (and our DOE reports have said that we've "really" only been netting $450,000 from Fox - not the estimated $900,000). So it's really not that big of a change. The changes are that it'll be a few more events (at least 50) and a little more money. The contracts aren't public - we'll never really know, but those are my readings of the tea leaves.
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    9th commit. Tackle from Justin Northwest. Love to get linemen! https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Michael-Nichols-commits-TCU-133142744/
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    lol, don't I know it since I was in the industry for a decade... We had a significant Taft-Hartley, read DB, clientele, most of which were looking to exceed alpha because they were underfunded. The ones that were lucky, and since most pension are now DC plans, would move to 100% bond portfolios once they reached their actuarial targets. My concern is still noted as there will not be enough yield on financial transactions to cover a couple of trillion dollars, so the poor and the middle class will be forced to pay the education for tomorrow's rich.
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    Gotta be for Vandy in this one - private schools rule!
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    If Vanderbilt wins, we can say TCU beat the national champions. But, if Michigan wins, the SEC loses. I'm resolved to be happy either way.
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    Stay hard Jeff Austin. This is one hurts a lot. I saw him and YMSB close to 50 times. Jeff will be sorely missed.
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