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    And, of course I couldn't post part of what I did yesterday without posting this -
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    In the biggest conference realignment move in the last few years, Connecticut is apparently leaving the AAC and returning to the Big East. The purported reason is because they disliked the new AAC TV deal because it eliminated their ability to sell their 3rd tier rights to SNY, which, for them, was a big deal because of the strength of their women's and men's basketball program (and instead relegated all of that to ESPN+). But it's also because their football program has been losing fans and money since they got relegated out of the P5 in the last conference realignment. The state built and owns a brand new football stadium, but it's 30 miles or so away from campus and because they've been horrible the past few years, the students don't go to the games (against AAC teams they don't really know) and they've been losing money hand over fist. Going back to the Big East means that their basketball (and other sports) will be back in a league that they know (Georgetown, St. Johns, Providence, Seton Hall etc...) - football apparently will stay in the AAC for 1 year and then either go indy, be moved back down to FCS or join the MAC or C-USA (doubtful). Money-wise, they'll lose the reported $7 million per year that the AAC just negotiated, but they'll have the Big East's Fox deal ($3-4 million) plus whatever they will get for their 3rd tier stuff. When they left the Big East with the other football members, they lost the Big East name, but got to keep the exit fees from all the other departing schools (including TCU) - now that that's all been received and amortized, there is no remaining value there. Back when TCU was in the wilderness, I resented the fact that UConn could start a FBS program and immediately move into the BCS ranks without any years of dues-paying while TCU had spent over 100 years in the top level and then be relegated out of it. But now, I kind of feel sorry for them - their closeness to Storrs and ESPN didn't really pay off for them as they had hoped and expected. As a Hoya fan, I'm happy to have them back in the Big East. This is kind of a prestige blow to the AAC which has been pushing the "P6" argument - losing their only flagship state school and arguably most recognizable name (because of their nattys in basketball) surely won't help. UConn has been to a BCS/NY6 bowl and now they're dying (or at least being relegated severely).
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    Pension funds for everyday workers are going to get raided to pay for rich people's debts...
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    Cliff Patton wore #68 for the 1951 Cardinals (back row, middle)
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    The Camster has started and he's already up a break! 2-0! Make that 3-0! Cam's lost 4 matches in a row - maybe he'll get off the schneid this week. Rain interruption. (sigh). And that'll be it for the day as the tourney is called off due to rain and darkness tonight.
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    Cam Norrie is now at Eastbourne for another pre-Wimbledon tune-up. He'll face Jeremy Chardy (ATP #81, from France) in about an hour in singles and he's also in doubles (teaming with Juan Ignacio Londero, an Argentine and friend of Facundo Lugones).
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    If Vanderbilt wins, we can say TCU beat the national champions. But, if Michigan wins, the SEC loses. I'm resolved to be happy either way.
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    #7 in 12 games people...
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    Our current 69: Coy McMillon A few memorable 69s: Kelly Griffin Aviante Collins Stephen Culp W.C. Nix The WildFrog was born with Jeremy Kerley's breakout performance in a dominant 32-7 Thursday night win over BYU in 2008 - GP's 69th career victory at TCU Boykin had a 69-yard 4th quarter TD run as part of the Frogs' comeback road win over Kansas State in 2015.
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    TCU Press has published a collection of Star-Telegram's sports cartoons: https://www.reporternews.com/story/life/columnists/glenn-dromgoole/2019/06/19/texas-reads-book-editorial-cartoons-brings-back-fond-memories/1450064001/ https://www.amazon.com/Star-Telegram-Cartoons-Harold-Maples/dp/087565715X
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    The USMNT got revenge on both Trinidad and Tobago in the Gold Cup tonight, 6-0 ...
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    Our current 70: Cordel Iwuagwu A few memorable 70s: Marshall Newhouse J.T. Aughinbaugh Darius Anderson broke out with a 70-yard TD against Texas in Austin as a freshman in 2016 Deante Gray broke out with a 70-yard punt return touchdown on his first career touch in the 2012 season opener against Grambling ...and a few bonus 70s: Rayfield Wright Dennis Rodman, during his short stint playing for his hometown team The astronauts of Apollo 13 safely splashed down in the Pacific on April 17, 1970 ABC's Monday Night Football debuted September 21, 1970
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    The story as it was told to me when I was a student at TCU was that this very Grateful Dead concert and the hippie crowd that it drew made the administration so uptight and upset that they vowed to never allow a big-name pop concert in a campus facility.
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