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    Started on June 8th. http://gd.mlb.com/content/game/ind/year_2019/month_06/day_08/gid_2019_06_08_slsind_smdind_1/bis_boxscore.html
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    Two Frogs are currently in action this morning. Eduardo Roldan is playing in the qualies at yet another tourney in Cancun - he's into the 3rd set against Luis Patino after winning the first set 6-4 and losing the 2nd set 3-6 and is currently leading 2-0 over Patino. Reese Stalder is playing Ponwith in Wichita and just lost the 1st set 4-6. Eduardo now up 4-3 (up a break) in his 3rd set; Reese is at 3-all in his 2nd. Eduardito 5-3; Widow 4-3 (barely). Roldan advances 6-4, 3-6, 6-3! Patino is ranked at ATP#574, so this is a very good W for Eduardo. Widow still at 4-3 on serve in his 2nd. Stalder 5-3! He gets a key break! Widow takes the 2nd set 6-3!! On to the 3rd and deciding set. 0-1. Ponwith serving first this set. I'm trying to get used to regular scoring with deuces and ads. (I suspect Widow is too). Strike that! It's not regular scoring - they're playing a pro-set tie-breaker. (First to 10 points wins - I think). Reese trailing 1-3. 2-3. 3-all. 4-all. 5-4! Reese takes his first lead in the breaker. 5-all. This is moving quickly. 5-7. (sigh). 5-8. Not looking good. 5-9. Quadruple match point. 6-9. Triple match point. Stalder falls 4-6, 6-3, 6-10. His doubles match will be later this afternoon.
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    Today's NFL Frogs include two who got Super Bowl rings during their cups of coffee in the pros ... James Maness and his epic pornstache, 1985 Bears 1969 Chiefs Scott Ankrom, 1989 Cowboys
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    And Arky is through. The CWS brackets are: Michigan-Tceh Arky-FSU Vandy-L'ville Auburn-MissSt L'ville may be one of the dirtiest programs in sports, but I guess we've gotta root for them in that second bracket. Tceh actually ought to have a good shot to come out of the first bracket.
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    Would have been elevated to Emperor...
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    Seeing as he is about the only person who referred to TCU-Baylor as the Revivalry, I support his move away from covering the Frogs.
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    Did some digging on the "appear to be out of baseball" guys. - Matt Purke, at least as late as May 28th, is/was playing for the Sugar Land Skeeters (managed by my hero Pete Incaviglia) in the independent Atlantic League. He still shows on the roster on their web page, but I can't find anything that verifies he's still there. - Cam Warner did play for the Canberra Calvary in the Australian league last season (season looks like it ended in January). Even found a trading card on eBay of him with the Calvary. Everybody else appears to be confirmed retired except for Chad Huffman. I'm guessing he's retired, but he's still listed as a "free agent" on most tracking pages.
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    A couple of redemptive developments for guys that had been struggling: -Alex Young has tallied 10 K's across his last two starts for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), both W's in which he pitched 5 innings. He's now 4-2 on the year with a 6.23 ERA - down from 7.32 in early May. -Durbin Feltman is pitching to an ERA of 1.35 across his last 10 relief outings, totaling 13.1 IP for Double-A Portland (Red Sox), improving to 2-1 along the way and lowering his ERA from over 11.00 in early May down to 5.24 currently. -Sean Wymer gave up 2 runs in 6.2 IP last time out for Class A Lansing (Blue Jays), picking up his first W in over a month. He's now 3-5 on the season with a 7.57 ERA.
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    Our current 81: Pro Wells A few memorable 81s: Reggie Harrell Cole Hunt Ja'Juan "Doo Doo" Story KaVontae Turpin had an 81-yard punt return for a TD in the hard-fought season-opening win against South Dakota State in 2016. The Frogs were down 17-7 in the second quarter before this play. ...and a few bonus 81s: Terrell Owens, in one of the cooler moments from one of my least-favorite Cowboys. I was at that game, against the Packers on a Monday night. Raiders of the Lost Ark hit theaters on June 12, 1981
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    The Red Widow has traveled from Champaign to Wichita and will playing tomorrow at the Futures tourney where Cam Norrie once won the title. He'll be facing Arizona State's Nathan Ponwith, who the Frogs know fairly well from playing them so often - Ponwith used to play for Georgia before being kicked off the team for marijuana possession (which will be legal in 6 months if they had stayed in Champaign). This time, Reese will be teaming with Florida's Mcclain Kessler in doubles. No word on Rybo as yet - I'm thinking he may have just quit the game or something (but he did tweet "insane" about the fact that Rafa, Fed and Joker have won 22 of the past 25 Slams).
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    Wait. Michael Jackson was black at one time?🤔
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    Should have held out for the queso.
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    Trump Secures Unlimited Chips And Salsa In Mexican Trade Deal
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    Pugh for 11 in her World Cup debut. Then Morgan for 12..
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    France and Alex Morgan are tied for the goal scoring lead now.
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    And in the race to who can make the most outlandish, unobtainable campaign promise, Joe Biden comes in hot with his promise to cure cancer.
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    In a country where such things are accepted, a lot of the Thai players look like they could be described as gender neutral. 2-0 USA, 20 minutes.
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    GOOOOOOOOOAL! 'Merica 1-0, 15 minutes in ...
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    If anyone has any interest in seeing an American team dominate on an international stage in soccer, the USWNT plays Thailand at 3pm (ET) this afternoon in the World Cup. I believe the game airs on Fox ...
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    I figure he's in deep enough !
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    Jerry Lopez (o Gerardo Lopez Villasenor si prefiere espanol) won the first set in the finals in Cancun 6-1 over the Trojan and is looking good for his 2nd ever pro singles title. This tourney is a $15,000 ITF Futures tourney, so he wouldn't earn that much money, but at least it's not just a transition tourney. 2-1 in the 2nd set. 3-1. Up a break. 4-1! Jerry gets another break! (As Rafa beats Thiem at Roland Garros - Rafa's 12th French title). 5-1! After multiple deuces. 6-1! Jerry takes the title with a dominant 6-1, 6-1 W! He's worked his way up to an ATP #548 ranking and this should really help move him up further.
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