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    Jantzen Witte being noticed. I'd just love for him to make the show at least once. The Boston Red Sox and the curious case of Jantzen Witte
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    As to the ultimate question, D1 touched on it again in their weekly chat: https://d1baseball.com/chats/d1baseball-weekly-chat-may-13/ Thoughts on TCU’s at large chances? Kendall Rogers: Better than they were two weeks ago. TCU would need to win the Texas Tech series and play well in OKC to get in. Lose the Tech series this weekend and the Frogs will likely need to win the whole thing or at least get to Sunday to have a shot.
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    Being a Pelican is obviously more interesting now.
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    After a rough start that allowed Lamar to take a 5-0 lead, Johnny Rizer notches bomb #9 to put the Frogs on the board. With 2 outs, Lamar has walked the bases loaded and threw a wild pitch ball on a full count to Air Mail. We now have a 5-2 Lamar lead, and Jake GunTHOR at the plate... WALK! 5-3. Henry strikes out to end the 4th. 5-3 Lamar.
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    Well, losing this game at least clarifies our post-season situation. Win the conference tournament or stay home.
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    It's getting so a runner on first with one out is pretty automatically an inning-ending double play..
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    Stay hard, Tim Conway ...
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