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    Nick Chappell won his first-round ITF match at Vero Beach against qualifier Isaiah Strode this morning 6-4, 7-6 (6). He's scheduled to face fifth-seeded Peruvian (and Dukeian) Nicolas Alvarez on Friday. Edit: Oops! I was mistaken about the date for the Chappell-Alvarez match. It was today also. Nick lost 6-7, 1-6 to the favored Peruvian.
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    TCU lands Virginia OT Altrique Barlow TCU has added their third commitment to their 2020 recruiting class as Virginia Beach (FL) Bishop Sullivan Catholic offensive lineman Altrique Barlow committed to the Frogs https://twitter.com/AltriqueBarlow HUGE GET!!!
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    The Big 12 announced the various post-season awards yesterday. Alex Rybakov was named co-Player of the Year (with Christian Sigsgaard of Texas), he was named the #1 singles champ, he was named to the All Big 12 First team and he and Alastair Gray were named to the All Big 12 Second team in doubles. Alastair Gray was named to the All Big 12 Second team in both doubles and singles. And Sander Jong was named the #6 singles champ (effectively the best player at the #6 position). Bruce Berque of Texas was named Coach of the Year; Matej Vocel of Oklahoma State was named the Newcomer of the Year and Adian Boitan of Baylor was named the Freshman of the Year.
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    Thank you for posting that. I just read it. Your advice was spot on. I know Wes personally, and he is a huge Frog fan and a great guy. We shared many bbq lunches together.
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    *Actual footage of GP sliding into Blackshear’s DMs
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    Statist: an advocate of a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs. Can be applied to both major political parties...not necessarily exclusive to conservatives.
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    A lineman! Love to get those linemen. Welcome to TCU, big fella!
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    For those who used to be over on killerfrogs, Wes gave an update today. It sounds as if he is doing progressively worse. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.
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    Bobby Knight at collegetennistoday has described TCU's regional (along with Baylor's) as the toughest in the tournament because, based on rankings, it includes what should have been #'s 2, 3 and 3 seeds. This is because the committee tried to make many of the regionals truly regional, with, for example, one Florida regional with all Florida teams and one California regional with all California teams. Our regional was instead a catchall, with teams from Arizona, Florida and Massachusetts. Basically, this is because Harvard, as explained above, is not truly a #4 seed and should have been somewhere else as a #3 seed. So we didn't get a huge break from the committee and "might" be disadvantaged somewhat. But it's not egregious. The top seeds in singles are: (1) Nuno Borges (Mississippi State); (2) J.J. Wolf (Ohio State - he was undefeated all year until the Big10 tourney); (3) Carl Soderlund (Virginia); (4) Alex Rybakov (TCU); (5) Paul Jubb (South Carolina); (6) Brandon Holt (USC); (7) Christian Sigsgaard (Texas); and (8) Aleksandar Kovasevic (Illinois). Then, there are 8 players who have been designated as #9-16 seeds and the remainder are all designated as "at large" selections. There are also a number of alternates, who will play if there are injuries or, as with Cam Norrie 2 years ago, a player withdraws. The actual draw will be announced later.
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