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    More specifically, a bad 5 minutes where the Frogs seemingly forget what sport they are playing ...
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    God. I was talking to some Buckeye Nut Huger at a finance conference on Tuesday and he was all "damn you guys played SO well during the first half".
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    I had UVA over Tech and also had MSU losing to Tech. Ended up in the top 0.5% of ESPN's brackets, so I am in the pool (with about 170,000 other brackets) to win a trip to Hawaii.
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    I don't know how to grade college players for the NBA, but he is definitely a great college player...
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    My cable listings show TCU-Ohio State on ESPNU next Wednesday at 3:00 pm. I predict a good first half by the Frogs, but a bad third quarter.
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    Schloss is PISSED at his pitching staff. This is statistically the worst combined ERA in his 16 years here as a coach. What’s even more frustrating is that he says we have a “national championship caliber” offense. https://amp.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article229095134.html?__twitter_impression=true
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    It does seem like if your host is the only thing keeping you from numerous powerful western governments waiting outside your door to throw you in jail for a long time, you might want to be a little more deferential to your host ...
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    Can't ready the story because the Post doesn't like my ad blocker, but I bet the ump's name was Casey Moser, right @Feeling Froggy?
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    Get 'em while they last! 🤣
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    His defense needs more work- guys can get by him too easily. And his ball handling skills are too erratic. Another year will probably do him good. But I'm biased...
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    Cameron Norrie is now in Houston where he is the 3rd seed in the only ATP-sanctioned clay court event in the U.S. this year. He's scheduled to play #372 Janko Tipsarevic tomorrow at 12:00 noon (CDT). This will be an early chance for Cam to play on clay in advance of the clay season this Spring leading up to the French Open at Roland Garros next month. He's slipped a bit since his good performance at Acapulco and is now ranked #55. The Frogs will next play Oklahoma on Friday in Norman at 6:00 p.m. (CDT). We really need to get W's over the Oklahoma schools to finish out the regular season in order to earn the #3 seed in the Big12 tourney and to enhance our chances to climb into the Top 8 for potential super-regional hosting purposes (if we advance that far in the NCAA's) CTR currently projects TCU to move up to #8 after beating A&M 4-3, but if we sweep the Okies, that means we'll be projected to move up to #7. The reason for this is that the ITA will expand to include a team's top 10 W's and further W's over Top 26 teams will help that. OU stands at 14-7 on the season, which is a good but not outstanding record. Losing Coach Roddick to UCF 2 years ago and losing Andrew Harris and Alex Ghilea to graduation last year has caused the Sooners to slip a little since their peak about 5 years ago when they made the Finals at the NCAA's and later won the individual doubles championship. But they are still a very good team - they have W's over ACU, Wichita State, Creighton, Omaha, Drake, Cornell, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tulsa, Florida State, Memphis, Charlotte, USF and Oklahoma State and their L's are to Notre Dame, Michigan, Mississippi State, A&M, North Carolina, Baylor and Tech. Basically, they've followed form - beating who they were supposed to and losing to higher ranked teams. They are, however, coming off an upset loss to Tech (4-3) and are 1-2 in Big12 play (like us). They are led by #33 Spencer Papa (Edmond) and #57 Jake Van Emburgh (Florida) and Ferran Calvo (Spain), Mason Beiler (Florida), Jochen Bertsch (Germany) and Max Stewart (England) usually play singles as well. They also have Alex Bakshi (Tbilisi, Georgia; former Aggie)(who teams with Papa) and Stefano Tsorotiotis (Illinois)(who teams with Bertsch) in doubles. Nick Crowell is their coach - he's a Longhorn from Amarillo who spent 13 years at Florida State as an assistant. We should be favored, but it's not a gimme.
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    This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gone. He’s going to put himself through the process to see where he measures up and get feedback. If they give him good feedback and project him to be drafted, then he will likely enter the draft. If he gets a less than favorable draft grade and advised he still needs work, I would imagine he would come back for his final year. But who knows. He basically has until May 29th (10 days after the NBA combine) to withdraw his name.
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    Yeah, I wish his comeback game would've been against weaker competition. My guess is they keep pitching him in mid-week games for a couple of weeks before putting into Big 12 competition.
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    Looking at the Big XII-II numbers (which doesinclude last night's games), I guess our pitching doesn't stand out as poorly as it feels like it has been. We are middlish-of-the-pack in ERA, WHIP: Earned Run Average (300 ranked) Oklahoma Baylor West Virginia Texas Oklahoma St. Texas Tech TCU Kansas Kansas St. 15 18 31 50 85 89 91 162 209 3.11 3.25 3.46 3.81 4.15 4.22 4.23 5.02 5.63 WHIP (300 ranked) Oklahoma Baylor West Virginia Texas Texas Tech Oklahoma St. TCU Kansas Kansas St. 28 31 34 64 102 117 120 171 178 1.26 1.27 1.28 1.36 1.43 1.46 1.46 1.55 1.56 and toward the top in K/9 and K/BB: Strikeouts Per Nine Innings (300 ranked) West Virginia TCU Baylor Kansas St. Oklahoma Oklahoma St. Texas Tech Texas Kansas 26 40 51 62 74 85 113 127 162 9.7 9.5 9.3 9.2 8.9 8.8 8.5 8.4 8.1 Strikeout-to-Walk Ratio (300 ranked) Oklahoma TCU West Virginia Texas Tech Kansas St. Baylor Texas Oklahoma St. Kansas 46 69 88 123 125 128 137 149 179 2.49 2.25 2.14 1.99 1.98 1.97 1.93 1.86 1.76 Given that we are toward the top of the conference in most of the offensive numbers, I guess we can weather some mediocre pitching.
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    Yeah no kidding. In the end, I really hope there is no bad blood. I think it’s clear he wanted the job and the opportunity to move back home. I get TCU not wanting to negotiate on the buyout, but if UCLA really wanted him, then $8 million should have been no issue.
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    Just tell him you'll annihilate him come football season again. That'll shut him up. 😄
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    Just went back and saw we gave up 20 points in that 5 minute span. Busted coverage on screen pass for TD, intercepted shovel pass for TD, trick play kickoff TD called back after revealing Turp threw it 1 yard forward (this hurt the most honestly), and then a blocked punt on that series where they scored 2 plays later.
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