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    I am not a TCU fan but I do like the TCU tennis program and highly respect the job that Roditi is doing. I have seen TCU play several times in the past few years. I am a a big fan of college tennis in general and look around at other forums that discuss college tennis (there aren't many) and I found out that this thread existed and Jared clearly has a lot of knowledge of the TCU program.
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    Texas walloped Ohio State tonight in Austin 4-1. There are several ways to evaluate that. First, you can focus on the fact that J.J. Wolf, just like against A&M on Monday, was not there and when you lose your top player, the whole team suffers. Second, you can also look at the fact that both the Aggie and Longhorn matches were outdoors and conclude that while Ohio State may be the best indoors, they aren't necessarily the best outside in the wind and elements, which are key factors in tennis. Third, they were both on the road and both A&M and Texas are tough at home. Fourth, you could look at the whole Center brouhaha and say that Texas rallied round their new coach (who, uh, used to coach Michigan who I've heard is a big rival of OSU). Whatever... There might be a shakeup in the rankings next week with the Buckeyes on a 2-match losing streak and Wake having lost to Florida. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing Texas move up to #1 because it would put more pressure on them going into Big 12 play. Jerry Lopez (ATP#551) beat Tikhimirov 6-2, 6-3 tonight and has advanced to the quarters at Cancun in singles where he will play Naoki Nakagawa. And in doubles, Jerry and Panta also advanced to the semis where they will play Dutchman Stephan Gerritson and Austrian David Pichler. This is a very good tourney for Jerry so far!
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    No TurkVision tonight. I got back home today after two weeks in Georgia doing a temporary assignment for my former employer. On the drive home from the airport, I asked Mrs. Turk, “We’ve got baseball tonight, right?” She replied, “Well, yes, but I gave the tickets away... I thought you might be too tired after your trip.” Nice of her to ask.
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    Finally some credit for the Sun Bowl But you know a lot more than I do about college tennis
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    Well, I've learned how to surf the web for TCU tennis news, but our Boston-area correspondent knows at least as much as me and he holds a degree from what is now the Bob Schieffer School of Journalism as well as being responsible for single-handedly getting TCU into the 1998 Sun Bowl which turned the whole TCU sports program around, and the sole author of the TCU Tennis wikipedia page also contributes as well as our Pacific Northwest correspondents. And now that you're here, you have officially been designated as our southeastern correspondent.
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    Stefan Crichton has a 5.40 ERA with 3 holds in 5 relief appearances (5 innings) for the Diamondbacks. Taylor Featherston is 0-for-3 in 2 games with the Royals. Durbin Feltman struck out 2 and walked 1 in an inning with the Red Sox.
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    Texas beats Ohio State tonight. Seems like they won't miss Center too much this season at least.
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    And the bad news for Facebook keeps coming as the monster live streamed the whole thing ...
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    Welcome to our board, @Collegetennisfan! Jared can't believe his luck that someone with that user name has joined the ranks. You've come across the best TCU tennis reporting on the wide, wide, interwebs, thanks to him. How did you find us? Do you cheer for TCU? Glad you've jumped right in to the discussion. Take a look around the rest of the board, too. There's lots to talk about.
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    It's was on his Twitter, but so vague I couldn't be sure what it was. However, the responses lead me to believe that it was a starting job with the Browns. Thanks to SuperT for the sleuthing.
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    I think the Peppers trade for OBJ may have opened up a starting spot for DK. Edit: Yep, updated depth chart shows OBJ at starting receiver, and DK at starting safety. https://www.ourlads.com/nfldepthcharts/depthchart/CLE
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    No, not that. Although, that did happen. But, something having to do with the Browns. I think he's become a starter.
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    For some reason, I think we make it. Pretty amazing how far we've come - expectations were really high this year and things just totally fell apart, yet we managed to win 20 games in arguably the most competitive conference in major college basketball. Losing Fisher hurt - if he staid healthy all season, I think we win 22 - 23 games and are a 6-7 seed.
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    I think it’s enough. Won an “elimination” game plus played a top 16 seed tough. Resume is strong (although man the Lipscomb loss hurts). Proud of this team regardless. Go Frogs!
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    Not to be overly critical, however, one of the officials in yesterday's game was John Higgins. About 3 years ago, he was one of the best in the country. Had a call in a big game during the tourney (maybe against Kentucky, I'm not sure, but too lazy to Google it), and he received death threats, and his business was threatened. I think there was a big story in SI about it. Anyhow, back to original thought, his officiating isn't as good as it used to be. And, Pollard, the one that has a hairstyle exactly like $mooth, just isn't very good. I'm glad we survived that game and won, but it was nerve-racking. If they come out today and play like that did against UT and during the first half yesterday, I think they can beat anybody in the B12 tourney except Tech. They are really good.
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    Jerry Lopez (o Gerardo Lopez Villasenor si prefiere espanol) is in Cancun this week for the ITF tourney there - yesterday, he won his first round match 0 and 0 over Edgar Cruz Vazquez and will play today against Maxsim Tikhomirov in the Round of 16. In doubles, he's teaming with Peruvian Jorge Brian Panta and yesterday, they beat former Aggie villain A.J. Catanzariti (of racquet throwing/kicking fame) and Julian Bradley 4 and 2. They're now into the quarters against Guatemalan Wilfredo Gonzalez and Peruvian Juan Pablo Varillas. Jerry also got a wild card in Acapulco last week, but lost in the opening round to Stevie Johnson.
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