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    Yes! Alex Rybakov evens his match with a 7-5 2nd set win after getting a key late break. All in the 3rd now: Gray 0-0; Stalder love-3; Fomba 5-all; Jong 3-2. Alex, Alastair and Reese all staved off defeat with key 2nd set W's. Rybo 0-0; Gray 0-1; Stalder 1-3; Fomba 6-5; Jong 4-3. We just need 2 of these. YES@!! Luc Fomba takes his match 6-1, 3-6, 7-5 and it's TCU 3 Tennessee 0!! Rybakov love-2; Gray 1-all; Stalder 2-3; Jong gets a late break and it's 5-3! Can Sander clinch a sweep??!! After all this? Yes he can! Sander Jong clinches the win with a 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 win and the Frogs beat Tennessee for the first time ever 4-0!! It sure doesn't feel like a sweep as tough as the Vols were playing and the other three matches didn't look so good when Sander won, but it doesn't matter because the Frogs are 10-3 and just beat yet another ranked team! I'm not sure if they'll play it out - if so, it might end up 4-3.
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    Texas leads Rice 5-1 in the most-watched tennis match in quite awhile down in Austin... Bearing in mind the presumption of innocence and the fact that Center's lawyer says that he will plead not guilty when arraigned in Boston tomorrow, I've read the indictment and the affidavit and it doesn't look good for Center at all. He's accused of taking a $100,000 bribe for facilitating the admission of a California applicant in 2015 by pretending that the student was a tennis player and offering him a partial scholarship (for books) for both admission and a spot on the roster. This apparently worked and the student was admiitted and granted a scholarship, which he quickly renounced although he continued as a student (which was apparently the subterfuge all along). The prosecutors have a cooperating witness, they have the name of the briber and the go-between, they have Center on tape (twice), including a 10/18 meeting at which Center admitted that he had done it and would do it again, saying that he was paid "in the nineties." The discrepancy is that Center then donated $10,000 to UT's new tennis center; which was then being fundraised for by AD Patterson, whom UT fans hate because he was incompetent and couldn't raise money like CDC (that's from surlyhorns of course). Apparently, Center took the money in cash in a parking lot, and (gee, this just gets more and more disgusting)... Center makes $235,000 a year - $100,000 (or just $90,000) is a nice hefty raise from that. He was arrested at 6:00 a.m. by 8 federal marshals (armed according to Center's lawyer) and he appeared in an Austin court for an initial appearance at about noon (with a mob of Austin reporters...) The TCU ties are that Center, of course, used to coach the Frogs, taking over from Tut but then turning his coat two years later to go to Austin. It was 19 years ago, that's in the distant past. More recently, of course, is that CDC is the guy who put him on administrative leave and will have to hire the replacement (if guilty). The interim is Bruce Berque and that's the 3rd TCU tie - Berque was the fairly well regarded head coach at Michigan, who got fired when a new AD was hired several years ago, which then caused the then-Wolverine recruits to de-commit and look elsewhere. One of those Michigan recruits, of course, was Cam Norrie, who Roditi then convinced to come to TCU. berque then got an assistant job at Texas, where he has advanced to associate head coach and now interim head coach. Berque's a good coach and the team, with the new facility (complete with pool), now exists so I don't really expect a big drop-off while this gets adjudicated. We swept Rice though and the Longhorns didn't and I think Ohio State will take them on Thursday too. Final Texas 5 Rice 2.
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    They're about to start in Knoxville - the doubles line-up will be Stalder/Kruger v. Stodder/Touliatos; Rybakov/Gray v. Jones/Harper; and Fomba/Jong v. Walton/Prata. Live stats (but not streaming) are available at the Tennessee tennis website. Bad start - Stalder/Kruger down 0-2 (down a break); Rybakov/Gray 1-all; Fomba/Jong 0-2 (down a break). We've lost every single no-ad so far. Stalder/Kruger 1-2; Rybakov/Gray 2-1; Fomba/Jong 1-2. S/K get the break back! 2-all; Rybo/AG 2-all; Fomba/Jong 1-3. Still not looking good though. But streaming is available! Settling down a little on Courts 1 and 2. 3-2 on both; but Fomba/Jong 2-3. %$#@! Stalder/Kruger broken again 3-4; Rybo/AG 4-3; Fomba/Jong 3-4. Down a break on 2 Courts. Stalder/Kruger break back at no-ad!! 4-all; Rybo/Gray 5-4; Fomba/Jong 3-5 (losing on no-ad again). Rybakov/Gray break and take it 6-4!! And Stalder/Kruger break again and take it 6-4!!! TCU 1 Tennessee 0!! Whew! Clutch play at the end of the sets gives the Frogs the lead!
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    Looks like depth is stronger this year for TCU. In the past the teams have been incredibly top heavy.
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    Meanwhile, the ITA released its latest rankings during our match and the computers took our struggles into account and dropped us to 12th in the nation, with the Fighting Irish passing us. Here they are: 1. Ohio State (big match against Center-less Texas tomorrow in Columbus - J.J. Wolf, however, is playing a pro tourney and won't be available) 2. Wake 3. Virginia 4. Texas (dropped from 3rd - the computers were distressed about the college admissions scandal and Center's involvement)(on our schedule) 5. Stanford 6. Baylor (on our schedule) 7. North Carolina (L) 8. Florida (L) 9. Columbia (on our schedule) 10. Mississippi State (W; W although it was an exhibition) 11. Notre Dame 12. the Fighting Frogs of lil ole TCU 13. Michigan 14. Illinois (W; W although it was an exhibition) 15. Minnesota 16. USC 17. Oregon 18. Alabama 19. A&M (on our schedule; huge 4-3 W over Ohio State on Monday) 20. UCLA (W) 21. Oklahoma (on our schedule) 22. Tennessee (W although it happened after these rankings came out) 23. Oklahoma State (W; on our schedule) 24. South Carolina 25. BYU 26. Georgia 27. NC State 28. Vanderbilt 29. Arizona 30. San Diego 31. California 32. Tech (on our schedule) 45. USF (W) No individual singles or doubles rankings this week. The USTA poll still has TCU at 7th in the nation. The W over Tennessee today will help - right now, the ITA is only counting our 5 top W's but it will soon expand to 6 (and then 10 ultimately by May).
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    The line-up for the singles matches will be (1) Rybakov v. Stodder; (2) Gray v. Walton; (3) Stalder v. Jones; (4) Kruger v. Wiedenmann; (5) Fomba v. Prata; and (6) Jong v. Harper. Rybo 1-0 (barely on no-ad); Gray 0-1 (on serve); Stalder 1-0 (on serve); Kruger 1-0 (on serve); Fomba 1-0 (on serve); Jong 0-1 (on serve). Rybo 1-all; Gray 1-all; Stalder 2-0; Kruger 1-all; Fomba 2-0; Jong 0-2. Rybakov 2-1; Gray 2-all; Stalder 3-1; Kruger 2-all; Fomba 4-love!; Jong 2-all. Good albeit not excellent start! Rybo broken 2-3; Gray gets a break 4-3!; Stalder 4-2; Kruger 3-all; Fomba wins his first set 6-1!; Jong 3-all. Getting very competitive as Tennessee is fighting back. Rybo 3-4; Gray 5-4; Stalder 4-5; Kruger 5-3; Fomba 6-1, 1-all; Jong falls 3-6. Kruger takes his first set 6-3! Rybo 3-5; Gray 5-all despite having a set point; Stalder breaks back 5-all; Kruger 0-1 in his 2nd; Fomba 2-1 in his 2nd; Jong 1-0 in his 2nd. Ouch! Rybakov falls 3-6; Gray 5-6; Stalder 6-all and into a breaker; Kruger 1-all in his 2nd; Fomba 2-all in his 2nd; Jong 3-0 in his 2nd. Momentum has shifted - Tennessee is taking control. Rybo 0-1; Gray 6-all and into a breaker; Stalder falls 6-7; Kruger 1-2; Fomba 3-all; Jong 3-1. Gray falls 6-7. We've now lost 4 1st sets. Rybo 1-2; Gray 0-0; Stalder 2-0; Kruger 3-all; Fomba 3-5; Jong 4-3. If this holds, we lose. Fomba loses 3-6 in his 2nd and he's into the 3rd. Rybakov 2-all; Gray 1-0; Stalder 2-1; Kruger 3-4; Jong 4-all. Things have gone from bad to worse. Rybo 3-all; Gray 2-1; Stalder 3-2; Kruger 4-all; Fomba 1-0 in his 3rd; Jong 5-4. We're still in it, but we need to turn things around on at least 1 court. Rybakov 3-4; AG 3-2; Widow 4-2; Kruger 4-5; Fomba 1-2 in the 3rd; Jong 6-5. Sander takes his 2nd set 7-5! That evens up that match! Looking a little better. Rybo 4-all; Gray 4-2 (up a break); Stalder 5-3 (up a break); Kruger 6-5; Fomba 2-3 in his 3rd; Jong just starting his 3rd 0-0. Stalder takes his 2nd set 6-3!! Rybakov 4-5; Gray 5-2!; Kruger 6-5!; Fomba 3-4 in the 3rd; Jong 0-1 in the 3rd. Kruger takes his match 6-3, 7-5 and it's TCU 2 Tennessee 0. Alex gets a key late break 6-5! AG 5-3; Stalder love-2; Fomba 4-all Jong 2-all. Alastair Gray takes his 2nd set 6-3!! Rybo is still in his 2nd set but all others are into the 3rd and we lead 2-0.
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    I hope he enjoys his stay. Lovely weather we're having.
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    No students allowed. They have other facilities. I suppose the 30s female lawyer crowd is there around 600. Not sure it's worth the effort as that is really, really early.
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    Wow! That's not a good sign for their upcoming showdown at Columbus against Ohio State and J.J. Wolf. The Frogs will take on the #22 Tennessee Volunteers tomorrow (at 10:30 a.m. (CDT)) in a Spring Break match before going into WCC action hosting LMU (again) and Pepperdine over the weekend. The Vols are a solid team - they're coming off a 6-1 loss to the Aggies but they opened SEC play with an impressive win over LSU. They are 10-3 overall, with W's over Charlotte (twice), Tech, Wichita State, the Citadel, Duke, NC State, Goergia Tech, MTSU and LSU and losses to Tulane, Georgia and the Aggies. They are led by #59 Timo Stodder, with 13 overall W's, and #93 Adam Walton has 14 W's. In doubles, Stodder and Preston Touliatos are ranked 36th. All-time, TCU is 0-5 against Tennessee, but this will be the first match since 2001, when we lost in the Final 4 of the NCAA's . This will be the first match in Knoxville - all prior meetings have been at neutral sites. Now would be an ideal time to break our all-time losing streak, even on the road. If we can get the W, this would be an impressive win for the Frogs.
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    The weather has been so terrible for so long here this year that I've really been getting out of shape. Basically, to go hiking you need both crampons and snowshoes. Not a good combo, actually. So...for the first time in my life I looked at a fitness center. The one at my old university is very cheap for a prof retiree--$27 Cdn ($20USD) a month. I have always biked, hiked, jogged, and swam. Never have I used an actual fitness machine except a stationary bike. Even in hs we did handstand to headstand pushups rather than use weights as we had no weight room. Anyway, had a young jock with the nicest extraverted personality (I'm jealous of such people even though they are very fun) show me how to use each and every machine and did a few reps on each. Good Lord, turns out every tiny muscle group needs a $10K machine to work it!!! I really feel like a fossil but with my lower back arthritis I think a number of them can exercise the relevant muscles without further aggravating my lower spine. (I'm getting my CT report for the gratis personal trainer to look at.) And I never knew there were so many ways to get cardio. I always thought that jogging, cycling, swimming, and hiking was the way to do cardio. Boy am I a backwoodsman. The hot tub with hydrojets was full of a dozen or so 50-65 yr old women (it being work hours), however!!! What could possibly go wrong???
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