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    First, the big headlines from last night's weird win over the Pokes: -Alex Robinson is the new all-time assist king at TCU, having broken Corey Santee's school record last night in the first half. -Desmond Bane joined the 1,000-point club...on the exact same play! Now, the other updates: JD Miller: His buzzer-beater game-winner put him at 986 points for his career, so he ought to join Bane & Robinson on that 1k plateau in the next 2-3 games Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 583 (BROKE Santee's TCU record & PASSED KU's Tyshawn Taylor and Frank Mason and now sits at #8 all-time in the Big 12 ) -Needs 29 to pass Diante Garrett of Iowa State for #7 -Needs 50 to pass Devonte Graham of Kansas for #6 -Needs 54 to pass John Roberson of Tech for #5 -Needs 86 to pass Kirk Hinrich of Kansas for #4 Current season-total assists: 165 -Needs 16 to pass Corey Santee '02 and Tony Edmond '89 to grab sole possession of #9. -Needs 17 to pass Mike Jones '98 for #8 -Needs 25 to pass Tuffy Moss '10 for #7 -Needs 26 to pass himself '18 for #6 -Needs 36 to pass Prince Fowler '98 for #5 -Needs 61 to pass Hank Thorns '11 for #4 ...needs 70 to break Tony Edmond's school record of 234 from 1990. Current career steals: 130 (#7 all-time) -Needs 4 to pass Ryan Carroll for #6 -Needs 8 to pass Malcolm Johnson for #5 -Needs 12 to pass Kenny Hustle for #4 ...needs 39 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Kevin Samuel: Current season total blocks: 35 (PASSED Damion Walker '96, now #2 on the freshman single-season list) -Needs 11 to break Karviar Shepherd's freshman single-season record from 2014...which would also put him at #10 on the single-season list for the program as a whole Current season total rebounds: 129 (#7 on the freshman single-season list) -Needs 11 to pass Wayne Wayman '73 for #6 -Needs 19 to pass Tim Marion '76 and Corey Valsin '02 for #4 -Needs 30 to pass Lynn Royal '73 for #3 ....needs 104 to break Damion Walker's fresman single-season record from 1996
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    Alex Rybakov (#489) decided to enter the nearby Dallas Challenger this week and yesterday, he won his first round match (in the Round of 64) against #333 Stefan Kozlov, a Macedonian born American of Russian descent 6-2, 6-1. But today, he lost to 16th seeded 34-year old German Dustin Brown (ATP#232) 2-6, 4-6. This is good experience for Alex, even while playing the Spring Frog schedule. Too bad he ran into the wily veteran Brown. This Challenger is actually being covered by the Tennis Channel.
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    I'm coming around on wearing all purple. I usually don't like mono-colored uniforms unless they're white or black but this new one might make me change my mind. I like how the "horns" are more subtle on the purple jersey and I like the silver numbers too. We will have to disagree on the all whites though. I think that's the best set of them all.
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    I was just looking through the #1s from the 90's, which IMO was a fantastic decade for (rock) music, and none of that stuff made it to #1. Not even Smells Like Teen Spirit. The highest it ever got was #6 behind "Black or White" by MJ, which wasn't a bad song, but it was followed up at #1 by "All for Love" by, I shit you not, Color Me Badd. I don't want to live in this world ...
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    I'm realizing now that this all should have been in the Music Thread, but oh well. So today's reviewed #1 was from September 11, 1971 and was Donny Osmond's "Go Away Little Girl" which kept the epic "Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone" by Bill Withers out of the top spot. It's this sort of thing that makes me realize that American culture has been effed up for a long time. I can't imagine the soullessness of a human that would prefer to listen to the former over the latter. It makes me shiver a little ...
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    An obit I'm not sure I have the sense of humor to write, but I'm certainly jealous. https://www.thespec.com/announcements-obituaries-memorials/obituaries-death-notices/9160336-hicks-sybil-marie-nee-lyons-/ It ends: I finally have the smoking hot body I have always wanted… having been cremated. Please come say goodbye and celebrate my wonderful life with my husband and his special friend Dorothy who is now lovingly taking care of my horse's ass. For those of you who are wondering who assisted me in writing this… it wasn't my husband, it wasn't my oldest, nor was it my youngest… Thank you all for sharing my life with me. I am off to swim to the buoy and back. Love, Sybil
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    Yeah. I hear ya'. (Dana Milbank wrote along much the same lines in his column today though his perspective is different from yours of course.) That said, the one thing that bothers me about the "whataboutism" and "both sides" stuff here is the dems apologizing ALL must face voters quite soon. If someone wants to vote for a convicted mass murderer that is their constitutional right. Voters are free to weigh their thoughts, feelings, and judgments any way they want. "Due process" simply doesn't enter in to voter decisions in any way and these guys will likely suffer because of the fact due process does not apply. The accusation is enough. Even if Lt. Gov. (and/or Gov/AG) don't resign, the likelihood of them getting re-elected, or even re-certified as the party candidate without some serious, unlikely-to-be-successful fence mending, is tiny. The Kavanagh case is a 180o different issue in that the voters never had and now never will have for likely the best part of half a century such a chance. And it was not a criminal matter but rather a job promotion to a lifetime tenured position.
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    Miller had a tough night shooting before that miracle. Blew a good lead, but pulled it out in the end. Go Frogs!
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    Holy Horned Frogs, JD Miller!! 70-68 Final
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    I feel good about our chances of 3 more wins, hopefully we have 4-5 in us...just too many departures/injuries. However, I will say look how far we've come - totally depleted roster and still a chance to win 20 games.
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    I can forgive 7-year-old you for your lack of a fully developed soul, but I cannot forgive your parents for enabling the poor choices of that soul ...
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    Went out to the boat to check on some things. Number of seals just lazing around on the boat basin ice.
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    See, I remember Color Me Badd existing, but I've never heard that song. I thought I was getting old not knowing the songs and "artists" that are popular now, but I realized I've been like that since I was in my 20s. Pop music has mostly always been trash.
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    I only guessed Rod because he was a pioneer in making videos for some reason. There used to be jokes about how all that was on cable was Rod Stewart videos and Australian Rules Football (and soft-core porn).
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    More cool moon photography from the Chinese ... Breathtaking Photo Shows The Far Side of The Moon And Earth in a Single Shot
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    Come on, Froggies. I got purple toes just for you!
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    In addition to the team rankings, the first singles and doubles rankings of the Spring came out today - here are those at the top (and others): Singles: 1. Petros Chrysochos - Wake Forest 2. J.J. Wolf - Ohio State 3. Thomas Laurent - Oregon 4. Daniel Cukierman - USC 5. Nuno Borges - Mississippi State 6. Christian Sigsgaard - Texas 7. Jan Zielinski - Georgia 8. Alex Rybakov - TCU 9. Nicolas Moreno de Alboran - UCSB 10. Alex Geller - Stanford 11. Jack Lin - Columbia 14. Yuya Ito - Texas 28. Will Little - Baylor 29. Johannes Schretter - Baylor 75. Alastair Gray - TCU 83. Bertus Kruger - TCU In doubles, Bertus Kruger and Reese Stalder are 48th; Rybo and Gray are unranked (at present).
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    The new ITA rankings are out today and TCU edged up 1 spot to 15th in the nation, passing A&M, who lost to unranked Tech over the weekend. Here's the new poll (it'll be a few more weeks before the computer system takes hold): 1. Wake Forest (still the best after beating Oklahoma State 4-2 last weekend (we beat the Cowboys 4-0)) 2. Ohio State 3. Mississippi State (W although it was an exhibition) 4. Florida (we host the Gators on Sunday) 5. USC 6. Texas (on our schedule; impressive W over UNC; up from 8th) 7. UCLA 8. North Carolina 9. Baylor (up from 10th; on our schedule) 10. Stanford 11. Notre Dame (up from 13th) 12. Columbia (on our schedule) 13. Virginia 14. Illinois (W although it was an exhibition; on our schedule) 15. TCU 16. Michigan (up from 24th) 17. Tennessee (on our schedule) 18. Oklahoma (on our schedule) 19. Tulane (on our schedule) 20. A&M (down from 14th; on our schedule) 21. North Carolina State 22. Florida State 23. Alabama 24. Georgia 25. Minnesota ARV: Arizona State (W although it was an exhibition); Arkansas; LSU; Oklahoma State (W; on our schedule); Oregon; San Diego; South Carolina; Tech (on our schedule); Tulsa (L). Okie State dropping out will hurt us when the computers take over. Nick Chappell will play Lucas Poullain (I was wrong in my speculation) tomorrow in Claremont.
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    I accidentally clicked on the first page of this thread. Damn, I miss my friend, Old Scribe. RIP, Pat.
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    It looks like Griffin Kell (K) out of Arlington may have signed his PWO offer to TCU (still waiting on confirmation). Would be a nice cherry on top if true. Having a kicker who can make 50 yard FGs with little effort is a nice asset to have. Update: confirmed
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    I have always found the SotU the most unwatchable of all political theater. Even when the person delivering it is a reasonable adult human.
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    I get it. But aesthetically, it doesn’t work well with all the new helmet types. The TCU + fat frog lockup has to be scaled down so much that it just looks like a blob from a distance. And the arched TCU alone fits nicely with the dome shape of a helmet when it’s large enough.
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    Contain the new horned pattern within an oversized collar to more closely resemble the LT era triangles. And if not that, accomplish it with light embroidery rather than the cheap looking iron on finish. No silver reflective numbers. Keep everything purple, black, and white. A stripe down the side of the pants to connect with the stripe on the helmet or the collar/sleeve trim. A very light touch bloodline somewhere, such as the face mask paint. High satin finish on the black helmet, similar to the purple helmet finish. No matte black. A more organic horned design that’s true to the bend that happens on a real horned frog. And yes, I’ll say it... no frog on the helmet.
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    Still doesn't top this one.
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