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    'It's a great story for all': How Kenrich Williams' path to the NBA has generated yet another wave of optimism for TCU "He believed in himself and I think now he’s the only free-agent on a full contract," Dixon said. "He’s locked in for the year and the opportunity has arisen and he’s taken it. It’s a great story for all. It’s so hard to make it and so hard to stay. But he’s been given his chance and doing well." https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2019/02/01/great-story-kenrich-williams-path-nba-generated-yet-another-wave-optimism-tcu
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    I think that purple chrome looks best on tv
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    I don't think he went to Mizzou to win a championship. I think he hopes to position himself for playing on Sundays and, like Grier, may have skipped the bowl anyway.
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    The roads aren't bad. Snow plows and salt have gotten most of the roads. There is a bit of melt when the sun comes out. Cars are another thing. Typically they start unless you have a battery that is at the end of it's life.
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    Okay. I can get down with the triangles in the collar look. Also. I like steroid frog and I think it’s aged better than many people thought it would. But yeah just TCU on the Helmets with steroid frog on the pants maybe?
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    Contain the new horned pattern within an oversized collar to more closely resemble the LT era triangles. And if not that, accomplish it with light embroidery rather than the cheap looking iron on finish. No silver reflective numbers. Keep everything purple, black, and white. A stripe down the side of the pants to connect with the stripe on the helmet or the collar/sleeve trim. A very light touch bloodline somewhere, such as the face mask paint. High satin finish on the black helmet, similar to the purple helmet finish. No matte black. A more organic horned design that’s true to the bend that happens on a real horned frog. And yes, I’ll say it... no frog on the helmet.
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    What a great wedding and you are such a cutie patootie! Looks like the party was incredible and you two are off to a fantastic life together. Congratulations, sugar pie!
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    The name is "Frog"..."Dirty Frog"!
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    I wondered where these were!! I'm waiting until I get home later to view. Excited!! Yea! When is your trip? Where exactly are you going?
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    You look like Jim Bond.
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    Congratulations. I need to buy some Home Depot stock. Maybe invest in an onion farm.
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    2009-2010 seasons? I liked but I missed the Triangles. 07-08 were my favs
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    Happy retirement...
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    This is from memory. Could be wrong. '65 (6-5) '71 (6-4-1) '84 (8-4) '91 (7-4) '94 (7-5) '95 (6-5) SWC co-champ (thanks for cheating, Ags) in '94 '65 Sun Bowl lost to UTEP 13-12 '84 Bluebonnet Bowl lost to WVU 31-7 '94 Independence Bowl lost to Virginia 20-10 Yeah, not much.
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    I think I recall that he took a ball to the head that popped over the fence for a home run once, right? 👽
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