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    It looks like Griffin Kell (K) out of Arlington may have signed his PWO offer to TCU (still waiting on confirmation). Would be a nice cherry on top if true. Having a kicker who can make 50 yard FGs with little effort is a nice asset to have. Update: confirmed
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    The comments on this are the greatest thing I have ever seen on twitter.
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    Only 3 matches left. Both teams need to win 2 of them for the W. Gray 7-6, 3-6, 0-0; Kruger 7-5, 4-6, 0-0; Jong 5-4 in his 2nd set breaker after losing his first set. Sander takes his breaker 9-7 and he's on to a 3rd set too! So it's all even - TCU 2 MSU 2, with 3 matches remaining and all starting their 3rd and deciding sets. Gray 0-0; Kruger 1-1; Jong 0-0. Gray 1-0; Kruger 2-1; Jong 0-1. Yes!! Ali wins at no-ad and it's 2-0 (up a break)!; Bertus 2-1; Sander 0-1. Yes! Sander takes it at no-ad! 1-all; Gray 2-love; Kruger 3-1 (up a break). Gray broken at no-ad 2-1; Kruger loses at no-ad 3-2; Jong loses at no-ad 1-2. Gray 3-2; Kruger 4-2; Jong 2-all. Sander breaks at love and goes up a break 3-2!! YES!!! Alastair breaks at no-ad and goes up 4-2!! We're up a break in all 3 matches!! Do you believe in miracles??!! YES!! Sander holds at no ad!! 4-2!! Gray 4-2!; Kruger 5-2! We only need 2 of these... Texas wins 4-0. The Longhorns would be next... Bertus Kruger WINS!! It's TCU 3 MSU 2!! 7-6, 4-6, 6-2! Gray 5-2! Jong 4-2! Gray 5-2; Jong 4-3. Gray 5-3; Jong 4-3. We just need 1 of em to win. C'mon - this has been a looong match. Sander holds at no-ad. Both matches at 5-3, with TCU leading both. Sander was at no-ad and match point but loses, so it's 5-4. Alastair is stuck on 15-all - injury??!! Line call argument??!! The Man from Twickenham clinched it 7-6, 3-6, 6-3 and it's ON TO ORLANDO as the Frogs win 4-2 over Mississippi State!!!!
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    *Actual footage of GP sliding into Blackshear’s DMs
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI! OI! OI!
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    Well, I'm not going to criticize Jamie unless and until something is announced. But if he does go, it's no holds barred and I'm gonna sic Boston Frog on him...
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    It was my great-grand-dad that helped make that decision. Both Addison and Randolph Clark had died and the school was, in addition to the administrators, sort of being "run" by the "Brethren" (i.e., the group of DOC pastors that were (mostly) located in Texas and were interested in the school - Spindletop had happened in 1901 but as yet had not created a bunch of super-wealthy alumni). They (the Brethren) gathered in Waco and put out word to other Texas towns and cities that they would solicit bids from whomever wanted them and then they gathered again to discuss the options and eventually recommended the acceptance of the Ft. Worth offer. He wrote about it in his autobiography and I have no idea whether he exaggerated his role on the committee, but it's been family lore that he was part of the group that decided on the Ft. Worth move.
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    So just in case any of you are up at 7:00 this Sunday morning, click the link below and enter bib number 6149 in the search field at the top of the page. That should give you real time updates as to ol’ Newbomb’s progress and projected finish time in the Cowtown Half Marathon. Hoping to break my PR of 1:53:27, set back in 2005. https://track.rtrt.me/e/RRS-COWTOWN-2019#/tracker
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    Frogs win. TCU 3 runs, 15 hits, 1 error. Tech 1 run, 14 hits, 2 errors
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    So it's on to the 3rd set between Norrie and Millman in Rome! 0-1 as Millman holds. 1-2. 2-all. Cam gets the break at love and takes a 3-2 lead! 4-2! All Cam needs now is to serve it out. 4-3. 5-3. 5-4. Now all Cam needs is to hold one more time to advance. Cam evens the all-time series with Millman with a 3-6, 6-3, 6-4 win to advance to the 2nd round of the main draw at Rome!
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    Anyone seen my coffee? I seem to have misplaced it...
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    The reason Mississippi State is higher ranked and is favored at home against TCU on Saturday is because they are 19-3, they won the SEC tournament championship and their overall record is just more impressive despite the fact that we beat them in Chicago (4-1) and Tempe in an exhibition. Their W's include Wichita State, Arizona, Miami, USF, Tech, Tulane, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, A&M, LSU, Vanderbilt (again), South Carolina (again), Tennessee (again), Alabama State and South Alabama. They've won 14 in a row. They haven't lost a point yet in the NCAA's. Their only L's are to TCU, Baylor and Florida (which was on 3/10). They are undefeated (12-0) at home in Starkville. They are 8-3 against the Top 25 and 12-0 against teams ranked 26-50. Nuno Borges is the #1 ranked singles player in the country (just passing J.J. Wolf on the last week of the season) and is seeded #1 Slam Tennis says that their schedule strength is the #1 in the country. Borges and Strahinja Rakic are the #3 doubles team in the country. They just don't lose much - they are clearly a legit contender for the national championship. Their usual singles line-up is #1 Borges (Portugal), #61 Giovanni Oradini (Italy), Rakic (Serbia), Niclas Braun (Germany), Trevor Foshey (Florida) and Florian Broska (Germany) and their doubles line-up is #3 Borges/Rakic, #32 Braun/Oradini and Foshey/Gregor Ramskogler (Austria). Most of them were the top junior players in their respective countries. Their head coach is Matt Roberts, in his 5th season (7th overall at MSU; 9th overall as a coach), who has turned the Bulldogs into a national power, winning their first SEC title since 1996 last year and making the quarters at the NCAA's since 1998 as well. Roberts played at Arkansas (2003-06) and also coached at Arkansas-Little Rock and Michigan State. Obviously, he's known for his recruiting. Nonetheless, Slam Tennis only rates them as a 55% favorite, the closest of all the supers. This is probably because of the H2H record. Back in February, they took the doubles point when Borges/Rakic beat Rybo/Gray 7-6 (7-5) and Foshey/Ramskogler beat Fomba/Jong 6-2, but then we jumped all over them in singles, getting W's from Jong over Broska, Fomba over Foshey, Kruger over Braun and Stalder over Rakic. Rybo and Borges were 6-6 in the 3rd and Gray and Oradini had also split sets and were at 2-3 when play ended. Like us, the Bulldogs are not a good indoors team and that might have been the difference (they lost to Baylor the next day), but their recap says that their problem was that they were serving poorly and we weren't. I expect we'll lose the doubles point, but if we can win that, our chances seem good. If not, we really need the same kind of performance from the bottom of the line-up that we got in Chicago and it sure would be nice if #4 Alex could beat #1 Nuno. Roditi says that it will be an "absolute war." Can we beat them yet again? In Starkville where they haven't lost all season?
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    Frogs break the losing streak in Abilene, 11-6, despite allowing five runs in the eighth.
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    Really great article by John Henry about ex-TCU DE Chad McCarty and his run for FW school board Place 2. After he graduated TCU with his master's degree in education administration, he worked his way up to become principal at his former HS, Eastern Hills. After four years working there, he quit to begin a business with two other school administrators serving the kids he saw were falling through the cracks. They are providing work-for-pay for at-risk students while they learn a trade and earn a diploma through the group's automotive repair business. These kids have responsibilities as wage earners in their homes and many were skipping school to work in legitimate jobs, or finding other ways to make money illegally. AutoDuco, an automotive maintenance and repair shop in Mansfield, is designed to have four high school age apprentices assigned to each technician. While they’re learning a trade and income, they’re also working on their high school diploma through an internet-based home-school program. The school district did offer a similar program, but not for the kids most vulnerable. That is, those not eligible for the programs because of attendance or behavioral issues. “We try to hire young people that are having a tough time getting a foothold in society,” McCarty said. “We were tired, myself and my business partners … we got tired of kicking out the same kids. All of them had the same answers as to why they were doing things: ‘We need to find a way to make some money.’” If you live on the east side of FW and can vote in the Place 2 school board election, perhaps you should consider our Frog candidate. CGP would vote for him: “I would definitely back him,” said Patterson, who doesn’t live within Place 2’s east-side boundaries. “I like honest people. He’s an honest person who works hard. He believes in kids. For me, those three things are all of the qualities that would be great for someone running for school board.” https://www.pressboxdfw.com/tcu-ex-mccarty-now-trying-to-force-school-board-turnover/
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    TurkVision is the internet's best hidden gem...BTW
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    And the Frogs beat #8 A&M 4-3 with the 7-6, 6-7, 6-3 clincher by senior Alex Rybakov on Court 1!!!! We won the doubles point with W's by Rybo/Gray and Stalder/Kruger and then we won 3 singles matches, with Fomba and Jong providing the first 2 W's and Rybo providing the deciding one. This is a HUGE W for us - A&M only has 1 loss in the SEC, they were ranked #8, which might help us move up and we've now won 4 straight 4-3 matches against them and 6 straight matches overall! A tremendous W!
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    Am I the only one who is more and more impressed with Jeremiah Donati as time goes on?
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    A few observations from this evening's open practice: -Delton was not suited up, so Rogers was running with the 1s and Duggan with the 2s. Matthew Downing also got some reps. A number of people in the stands remarked at how big Rogers looked - he's really filled out, and I think he might have even grown an inch. He threw some really pretty balls (including a really great back-shoulder throw to Barber that resulted in an equally impressive catch for a TD) and looked to be more mobile than what we'd seen in the bowl game. Duggan is really, really quick. -DeMauryon Holmes was running alongside Garrett Wallow with the 1s on defense while Ben & Montrel Wilson weren't suited out. He has gotten much bigger, and looked natural playing LB. -Sewo was the only scholarship RB suited up. He had a few good runs and a long gain on a swing pass. Most of the RB reps went to #34 - the roster tells me that's Deryl Reynolds, a walk-on listed at WR that played at Alamo Heights and then transferred here from Colorado School of Mines. -Catch of the day was probably Artayvious Lynn going up to high-point a 50/50 ball on a deep pass from Rogers, and he had several catches on a variety of routes. Al'Dontrae Davis also had some impressive snags, and Ni'Jeel Meeking had a great catch & run on a slant from Duggan. -Vernon Scott made an insanely athletic INT to spoil a potential TD pass that got the fans in attendance pretty excited. -Ochaun Mathis looked huge, and was running with the 1s opposite Parker Workman. Adam Plant is HUGE. -Starting OL appeared to be, left to right - McKinney, Iwagwu, McMillon, Quazzel White and David Bolisomi. Esteban Aliva stuck out to me as an OL that's gotten bigger since last year. -Song and Bunce both made FGs from 45+...but both missed from closer. -Overall, I'd say the defense looked further along - not that suprising. As discussed previously, TONS of guys were sitting out. Many appeared to be doing so as a precaution, but Izaih Filikitonga had a boot on one foot and was using one of those scooter things.
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    While I'm glad there are 360 views from up there, he provided about 160's worth.
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    Singles victories by Rybakov, Stalder and Gray give the Frogs a 4-1 win! That's 8 wins in a row to improve to 13-3 on the year.
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    Yep, we move to 12-3, with our 7th W in a row w/ a 6-0 sweep of LMU. Roditi went back to the usual line-up in both doubles and singles and the guys played well with quick W's across the board (Fomba was the only player who did not finish out a W). If you count our 3-0 record at Tempe and our (almost) W over USF, we're "really" 16-3, with multiple ranked W's. Next up, though, is a really tough home match against Columbia, who's in the Top 10 on Wednesday. Jerry Lopez won the doubles final at Cancun and, with Jorge Brian Panta, took home the championship trophy with a 7-6 (11-9), 4-6, (10-8) W over Reis da Silva and Yamacita today. This is the 2nd all-time pro doubles championship for Jerry and will definitely help him in the ITF World doubles rankings. Congrats to Jerry - this is a fantastic result for him!
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    Thank you for the birthday wishes, Chuck. Kurt Thomas is throwing a birthday party in a bomb shelter, and Trevor The Dyslexic Gopher is baking a cake made of motor oil and anti-matter. Then a choir of Columbian goats with cerebral palsy are going to sing a medley of Lady Gaga songs in Farsi while the dance the dance of the forlorn and unencumbered. We will end the evening by watch Bridge Over The River Kwai backwards. I am insane now, Chuck.
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    In front of a raucous sell-out crowd in Acapulco, an energized Nick Kyrgios just beat Rafa Nadal 3-6, 7-6, 7-6 in a 3:00 hour+ epic match which sets up a quarters match against Wavro (Stan Wawrinka) for the right to face the winner of the Norrie/MackieMack match in the semis. The Acapulco tourney is really kind of a big deal because next week is Indian Wells (er, the BNP Paribas tourney) where all the top pros will be. I'm not sure if Cam is highly ranked enough to qualify for the main draw, but I'm betting that if he isn't (and beating someone like Kyrgios/Wavro in the semis would be a huge attention-getter), that Facundo will convince him to try to qualify for it. If Indian Wells fans are as into it as the Acapulco fans are, it'll be quite an event. One other thing - Cam just passed the $1,000,000 mark in career earnings after making the 2nd round in Rio. He's just the 4th Scottish player to ever do it; I'm pretty sure he's the first Frog.
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    Former OU WR Malcom Kelly is the new WR coach. The dude was an All-American at OU and a 2nd round draft pick of the Redskins. He's been at A&M Commerce as a GA and then at UH for 2 seasons. Seems like a home run hire. https://247sports.com/college/tcu/Article/Sources-TCU-to-hire-Malcolm-Kelly-as-outside-WR-coach-129482907/
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    In glorious fashion, the Fighting Frogs from lil ole TCU walloped the mighty Bulldogs of Mississippi State today at Midtown! I got there on time but the Frogs barely made it for the national anthem (I do not own a cellphone and never have). We lost the doubles point in a breaker which we should have won and things looked bad early on. But then, we proceeded to absolutely dominate the singles on every single court and it was lots of fun watching the multitudinous Bulldog fans shut up and the "Hail What Hail State" chant grew ever quieter with every passing minute. At one point, SID Mark Cohen ran onto the court to block a Nuno Borges shot (oh wait, that didn't actually happen but I swear I saw something similar recently). I was dialed in watching Rybo v. Borges and they were both playing very well - Borges is a streaky Tsitsipas-like player who double faults twice in a row and then reels off amazing shot after amazing shot. But Rybo played like Cam Norrie and was incredibly steady throughout. We quickly won all 6 straight first sets. In the end, Rybo's match didn't matter because Stalder won easily first, then Jong won, then Kruger won and then Fomba was up 5-2 and looked like he was going to win, but blew his lead and got taken to a breaker. Meanwhile, Rybo won his first set 7-6 and Borges, the Arthur Ashe award winner of the Leadership and Sportsmanship award last year, tried to bad call Rybo on a ball that was clearly in and boos erupted and the ump overruled him and Rybo won. The 2nd set then went to a breaker as well, but just as Rybo was about to win, Fomba stormed back to win his breaker and that was that. 4-1, with ease. We're 5-2, we just beat #2 and Carolina (who beat Baylor) is next tomorrow morning. I was mortified to learn from the program that SMU has won this thang twice and Baylor once. That's gotta change.
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    All-time, Mississippi State leads TCU 3-2 in the historic series - the Frogs won the first two meetings but the Bulldogs have won the last 3 straight. Not counting Tempe, the last time we faced them was in 2012 and MSU got the win 4-1 in Starkville. At neutral sites, TCU leads 2-1. MSU is 6-0 and is effectively the #2 team in the nation, but they, like us, are not necessarily good on indoor courts. Their 6 W's are over Wichita State, Arizona, Miami, USF, Tech and Tulane. Tech gave them the toughest match and only lost 4-2. Borges is ranked 5th in singles; Foshey, Oradini and Braun are also ranked. They are undefeated on the doubles point all year. For the Frogs, Rybakov, Gray and Kruger are also ranked. The match is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. - if all goes well, I'll be there and I'm not gonna bring a tablet or phone, so I'll do a re-cap tomorrow night.
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    Kevin Cron got The Call! SBNation: Diamondbacks promote 1B prospect Cron
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    Yeah, that thread is freaking hilarious. I loved the one where somebody added San Jose State and someone else responded with "You spelled Baylor wrong"
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    Blumberg beat Crawford 4 and 2 and will now face Alex Rybakov in tomorrow's epic quarter-final match-up at the NCAA's. They're good friends and often tweet and retweet each other. The quarters will be Rybo (TCU)v. Blumberg (North Carolina), Borges (Mississippi State) v. Holt (USC), Riffice (Florida) v. Kovacevic (Illinois) and Oradini (Mississippi State) v. Jubb (South Carolina). Oh, and I looked up the schedule - quarters tomorrow, semis Friday and the finals on Saturday (weather permitting).
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    Alex Rybakov was named the TCU Pop Boone Male Athlete of the Year (for the second time) and the Dutch Meyer Male Scholar Athlete of the Year as well. Not bad. It'll be sad to see him leave TCU.
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    LJ to Seattle! Congrats big man, you earned it Go Frogs!
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    TCU's first round match against Harvard is historically significant in that it will definitively determine, for all of eternity, which school is academically superior. The Crimson are 18-7 on the season, 5-3 in the Ivy League, with W's over Auburn, Vanderbilt, Penn State, Boston University, Western Michigan, Brown, Princeton, Memphis, Williams, San Diego State, Princeton (again), Boston College, Quinnipiac, Princeton (again), Penn, Yale, Brown and Cornell and L's to Buffalo, Alabama, Northwestern, Penn, Tulane, Columbia and Dartmouth. Our only common opponents were Tulane and Columbia, who we beat and to whom they lost. Their usual line-up includes Robert Wrezinski (Lithuania), Andy Zhou (Palo Alto), Brian Shi (New York), Harry Walker (New York), Steven Sun (New York) and Lane Leschly (California). Logan Webber (North Carolina) also plays on their #1 doubles team. The Scott Mead '77 Head Coach for Harvard Men's Tennis (they even have endowed chairs for their coaches) is Andrew Rueb (Harvard '95) who has been The Scott Mead '77 Head Coach For Harvard Men's Tennis for 12 years - he has a degree in psychology and Master's degrees in religion and literature from Harvard Divinity School and Boston University. While playing for the Crimson, Rueb was the Ivy League Player of the Year twice in the 90's. Harvard barely got in to the tourney - Slam Tennis had them on their bubble for weeks and listed them as one of the Last 4 In. But that doesn't necessarily mean that they're one of the weakest teams in the field - they got an at-large bid and are ranked 38th, so they are actually a lot stronger than some of the tournament champs that also got in. On the other hand, teams that didn't get a ticket to the Dance, like LSU and BYU, arguably have stronger overall records. We'll be favored at home and should win, but stranger things have happened... My impressions of the Selection Show: Andy Katz, who was let go by ESPN but found a home with NCAA.com, is principally a basketball guy. Nonetheless, he was given the opportunity to interrupt the run-down of the brackets multiple times and conduct nonsensical interviews constantly, whilst continuously waving his arms in a never-ending fashion. This was particularly annoying because TCU was in the last revealed bracket and Frog fans (uh, me) had to put up with the inanities throughout. They interviewed the Buckeye coach, the Cavalier coach, Brandon Holt (USC) and Oliver Crawford (Florida) at length, but the saving grace was that the last interviewee was Alex Rybakov. Holt, Crawford and (unfortunately) Rybo all need to learn that saying "I mean" repeatedly is not a particularly effective communication tool nor a good practice in an interview. Crawford needs to learn to lick his lips about a dozen times fewer per interview and also not to rotate his swivel chair constantly while being interviewed. Katz seems well acquainted with Holt's family (Tracey Austin is his Mom) but, in my view, needs to learn a bit more about college tennis...
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    Three more home runs for Cron last night - his third professional hat trick. Through 19 games, he's hitting .352 with 9 HR, 26 RBI and a 1.244 OPS.
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    I should've also mentioned Sean Wymer among the strong starts - while he's 0-0 through two starts for Class A Lansing (Blue Jays), he's gone at least 6 innings in both, carries a 3.65 ERA and has 9 K's against just 3 BB.
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    A few guys off to good starts: -Kevin Cron is hitting 9-for-32 (.281) through 8 games for Triple-A Reno (D'Backs), with 3 doubles, 2 HR and 11 RBI -Brian Howard is 1-0 with a 0.90 ERA through 2 starts for Double-A Midland (A's) -Jerrick Suiter is hitting 9-for-27 (.333) through 7 games for Double-A Altoona (Pirates) -Taylor Featherston is hitting 15-for-35 (.429) with 3 doubles, 1 HR and 8 RBI through 9 games for Double-A Northwest Arkansas (Royals) -Luken Baker is hitting 9-for-29 (.310) with 3 doubles and 6 RBI through 9 games for Advanced-A Palm Beach (Cardinals) -Evan Skoug is hitting 6-for-18 (.333) with a double and triple - and, more importantly, more walks than strikeouts - through 6 games for Class A Kannapolis (White Sox)
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    Might not be good to insult any bowl. Personally, I was very glad the Frogs got to play in the Cheez-It this year.
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    I am not a TCU fan but I do like the TCU tennis program and highly respect the job that Roditi is doing. I have seen TCU play several times in the past few years. I am a a big fan of college tennis in general and look around at other forums that discuss college tennis (there aren't many) and I found out that this thread existed and Jared clearly has a lot of knowledge of the TCU program.
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    Nick Chappell is still in Australia - this week at Mildura where he is into the Futures tourney there. Last night, he and Alec Adamson won their opening round doubles match 4 and 4 over Green/Hijikata and will next face Klein/Puodziunas. And in singles, Nick will play later today against Aussie Calum Puttergill (#856). Mildura is in northwest Victoria on the Murray River, with a population of 33,000 which wasn't settled by Europeans until 1857, after a major drought forced them to re-locate near water sources, but it has been inhabited by Aboriginals for centuries, including the Latjilatji and the Jarijari. Nowadays, it's got a weird artist culture vibe, with arts, music and wine culture festivals year-round. But it's also the home of the Calabrian Crime Syndicate and has one of the highest recorded crime rates in all of Australia (which by American standards, of course, remains quite low) and also has a high meth usage rate (once again, by U.S. standards, it's barely existent). Of course, they take their tennis seriously there (they have 32 world class grass courts at the Mildura Tennis Club) in addition to 9 Australian Rules football teams and they also are really into motor sports and harness racing. The memories of the horrific 1956 Murray River Flood, which has been described as "the most catastrophic event in the history of South Australia" even though no lives were lost, remain strong.
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    PurpleMenace tweeted out a copy of the roster they got at practice. The other newcomers' numbers: #28 - Nook Bradford #71 - Marcus Williams #99 - Soni Misi A few other interesting notes: -Emari Demercado has switched from #21 to #3 -Karson Ringdahl has moved from QB to WR -Christian Williams apparently got another year of eligibility -Despite rumors of their departure, Artayvious Lynn and Al'Dontrae Davis are on the roster -Gary Overshown, Darrion Flowers, Andrew David and Adam Nunez are absent from the roster -We have a walk-on TE named Hayden Fox -We have two walk-on RBs from interesting places: Jose Miranda is from Nicaragua and Lawrence Maileoi is from American Samoa -In addition to Matthew Downing, we have another new walk-on QB: Alex Stanulis from Libertyville, Illinois
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    Spoiler Alert: Frogs win 4-3
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    Other Mark Cohen quotes*: "TurkVision represents the epitome of cutting edge sports technology that should be replicated around the world." "DUSHEE is undoubtedly the most accurate and statistically sound sports analytic tool that puts all its competitors to shame." "While in Chicago, my son and I went to Wrigley to see the Cards v. the Cubbies, took the architectural river tour, but the real highlight was biking the Lakefront." "Purple Dawg's strange obsession with Liverlips is oddly alluring." "Feeling Froggy's links thread is the go-to place for all Frog fans and is bookmarked on my computer." "Lyle Lanley's historical analysis of TCU sports history across multiple sports is the best in the business and is a must read for all serious TCU sportsfans." "Fractal Frog's knowledge of TCU tennis history is unsurpassed." "Radio Shack's predictions of what network is going to cover what football game are positively prescient." [***DISCLAIMER*** Mark Cohen actually only said one of the above things - he and others should realize that much of what is said on the internet in general or on this thread in particular bears only a remote relationship to actual facts and the philosophical concept known as "truth" (which I learned in Philosophy at TCU is "justified belief" and when "belief" is involved, it makes it essentially metaphysical mumbo-jumbo.]
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