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    Finally! The results are in for the Frogs' first match of the year and TCU was victorious over the Sun Devils in Tempe with victories in singles by Alex Rybakov (6-2, 6-1), Reese Stalder (6-4, 7-6 (7-5)), Luc Fomba (6-4, 6-4) and Alastair Gray (6-4, 7-6 (7-4)) and a loss by Eduardo Roldan (5-7, 1-6 ). And in doubles Rybo and Gray won 6-3, Stalder and Kruger won 6-3 and Fomba and Sander Jong lost 4-6. This is a good result for the Frogs - because it wasn't billed as a dual match, I'm not sure if it'll count in the official standings and will be considered as an exhibition, but to open with a strong W over the #24 team is a positive development. Tomorrow, though, it's #3 Mississippi State and Nuno Borges.
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    For those interested, here is some reading on the subject... https://object.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/serials/files/cato-journal/1990/5/cj10n1-10.pdf https://www.amazon.com/Myth-Robber-Barons-Business-America/dp/0963020315 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0062292692/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i4 https://www.jstor.org/stable/724888?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents https://www.amazon.com/How-Capitalism-Saved-America-Pilgrims-ebook/dp/B000FC1TDK https://www.amazon.com/Antitrust-Monopoly-Anatomy-Independent-Political-ebook/dp/B018DWGHOO
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    Norrie v. Fritz has started in Auckland in the quarter-finals and, so far, it's even on serve with Fritz leading 3-2. The Tennis Channel is covering this one and the Tsitsipas match in Sydney. 3-all. Cam is wearing orange and black. The Tennis Channel announcers are very pro-Fritz. 3-4. Norrie got a break point but couldn't convert. 4-all. Cam holds (barely). Fritz has a monster forehand. 4-5. Yet again, a break chance missed. 5-all. Still no breaks, but this match is not like an Isner match, with dominant serving. Very competitive. 5-6. 6-all. Into the breaker. Fritz led the tour in tiebreak W's last year and won 2 yesterday against Isner. Woo Hoo! Cam takes the breaker 7-3!! And now leads by a set over the guy the Tennis Channel (i.e., Jimmy Arias) thinks is the way better player. 1-0. Cam holds at love in the first game of set 2. 1-all. Norrie had 3 break points but Fritz got a big hold. 2-1. The Camster holds easily. 2-all. Arias has been ragging on Norrie all match but finally says something good... 3-2. Cam is fooling Fritz big time on virtually every serve. 3-all. 4-3. It's still really close, but Fritz's body language is defeatist. 5-3!!! Cam gets the first break of the entire match!!! One more hold and he's into the semis!! Yet again, Cam beats a player that hits better, serves better, is ranked much higher and the commentators think will win. 7-6 (7-3), 6-3!! He'll now face the winner between Carreno Busta and Struff for a berth in the Auckland finals!
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    I disagree about not needing a QB. As of right now, our only healthy QB on the roster is a true freshman who just arrived in campus a week ago. In fact, Duggan will likely be running with the 1's in spring ball. I know Rogers took a couple snaps in the bowl game, but he's still not 100%. I think getting a transfer, even if it's not Hurts, is essential at the very least for depth. But I 100% agree we need a transfer DE. Not that I don't think our projected starters aren't capable, they're just very unproven and young. That a position we need experience/leadership.
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    Seems he is staying at BU per the tweets in this Suck'em thread: https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/39406 Then again a few still think he should be gone. https://sicem365.com/forums/2/topics/36523/0
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    Well, at least we beat them in footba... Nevermind
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    Update after the tough loss in Lawrence: 1,000-point club: -Alex Robinson, 925 points (75 away) -JD Miller, 906 points (94 away) -Desmond Bane, 890 points (110 away) Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 535 (#2 all-time) -Needs 41 to break Corey Santee's school record Current season-total assists: 117 -Needs 64 to pass Corey Santee '02 and Tony Edmond '89 to grab sole possession of #9. -Needs 118 to break Tony Edmond's school record of 234 from 1990. Current career steals: 118 -Needs 3 to pass Thomas McTyer for #10 all-time -Needs 5 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #9 -Needs 7 to pass Brent Hackett for #8 -Needs 11 to pass Darrell Browder for #7 -Needs 15 to pass Ryan Carroll for #6 ...needs 51 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Jaylen Fisher: Current career assists: 255 -Needs 85 to pass Thomas McTyer & Mike Jones for #10 all-time Kevin Samuel: Current season total blocks: 23 (#3 on the freshman single-season list) -Needs 37 to pass Damion Walker '96 for #2 -Needs 47 to break Karviar Shepherd's freshman single-season record from 2014
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    If that happens, I will become a Jets fan for waiting until the Carousel stopped, before pulling Rhule out of Waco. Now they will be scrambling for someone after the best suitors have already moved on.
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    I heard it was.... Happy Birthday, Carol.
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    Curveball! Gattis has instead accepted a job as the new OC at Michigan.
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    GO Cam! Do the Haka!
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    Happy Birthday! (I need to find where I put part of a package meant to mail your way and get it sent out. Late again!)
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    Cam will face 28 year-old German Jan Lennard Struff (ATP#54) in the semis tonight in Auckland. Struff beat Pablo Carreno Busta 7-6, 6-7, 7-6 in the quarters late last night. And Cam's opening round match in the Aussie Open has been announced and he will get a re-match of last night and play Taylor Fritz again. The match against Arizona State presumably started 2 hours ago, but I haven't found any results or stats or streaming availability as yet. As soon as I find something out, I'll post the results.
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    http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25727847/jalen-hurts-transfer-where-alabama-qb-wind-up TCU Horned Frogs Why it makes sense for TCU: It wasn't long ago that TCU appeared to be overflowing in QB riches. But blue-chip commitment Justin Rogers tore up his leg during his senior year of high school, then 2018 Week 1 starter Shawn Robinson transferred in midseason. Rogers is still working his way back from drop-foot condition after redshirting last year, leaving the Horned Frogs otherwise with incoming freshman Max Duggan and former Ivy League transfer Mike Collins, who himself is coming back from injury, as the only other options. The Horned Frogs are good enough elsewhere to contend in the Big 12. With Hurts at quarterback, they could be serious challengers to Oklahoma and Texas in the conference title race. -- Trotter Why it makes sense for Hurts: Having grown up in Houston, this would make a lot of sense. He could get closer to home and enter a program he has a lot of familiarity with. It's safe to say TCU coach Gary Patterson and Hurts' father, a high school coach in the state, are acquainted from the recruiting trail. But it's the opportunity to start with Robinson gone, coupled with the style of offense TCU runs, that really gives the Horned Frogs a shot. They've had success with dual-threat quarterbacks before, and they aren't afraid to throw the ball downfield, which is something Hurts must show to NFL scouts. The only question is how Hurts would view the roster strength and the opportunity to be in contention in the Big 12. -- Scarborough
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    Oh SHIT! Happy Birthday!!!!
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    I'm not a marketing guy but that seems kind of an obvious concession that you aren't the main USC and branding yourself as such ...
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    Howard is currently on the Rams' practice squad.
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    Noteboom, Pryor and Cannon are still in the playoffs. Maybe Howard too but I'm not sure what has happened with him and the Rams. IR, practice squad or cut?
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    It appears as if Hurts is strongly considering us but Maryland may have the inside edge with the Bama OC Locksley going there. If he doesn't commit to Maryland on his visit there this weekend and we get him on campus next week, I think we'll probably get him. I just have a feeling that coming home to Texas and running a wide open Big 12 offense in a conference with suspect defenses will appeal to him.
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    ARob looked off the entire game. I wonder if the noise and energy in the gym was getting to the entire team. So many uncharacteristic errors from nearly everybody. Shooting improved a little in the second half, but still need to work on it. I was proud that the team kept it close the entire game. No shame in that loss, especially with Fisher out.
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    I was thinking more of the Ron Paul waving his hands one, but this works too.
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    Collier, Summers, Banogu invited to the Combine! https://www.frogsowar.com/2019/1/9/18175872/three-former-frogs-invited-to-nfl-combine
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    TCU Horned Frogs (12-2, 1-1) at Oklahoma Sooners (12-3, 1-2) 1:00pm Central Saturday, January 12, 2019 Lloyd Noble Center Norman, Oklahoma TCU 74 - Oklahoma 76 Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score TurkVision Post #1 FrogVision Pirate Radio Stream FoxSportsGo TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    We can all unequivocally agree on at least one thing. #$%@ baylor!
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    Saw that. Right or wrong, the idea of him coming to TCU will make me significantly more optimistic about next season.
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    Hurts is in the transfer portal. Let the rampant speculation commence . . . http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25721677/jalen-hurts-alabama-crimson-tide-enters-name-info-ncaa-transfer-portal
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    Getting a solid DC definitely is the key if Kliff wants to concentrate on OC duties, but also having the GM help is crucial. Hopefully, Keim has himself together now after last summer's bad DUI arrest. But, I think there are definitely some politics involved in the NFL. There's an owner to keep happy just like there was a chancellor to keep happy at the college level. Plus, I'm not sure about Kliffy's locker room control. Seems like his Tech teams were always undisciplined, you know, with his Coach Bro persona and trying to hard to be everybody's buddy. This hire just boggles my mind. He had such limited success offensively at Tech in an offense-dominated Big12 and yet an NFL team hires him to fix their offense in an offense-oriented league. As I've seen others say about him, what a way to fail upward.
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    I think being a head coach in the NFL is a completely different game. Very little politics, recruiting a non-factor, GM help, etc. Kliff could thrive in a situation where all he needs to do is keep the locker room together and game plan. He needs a solid DC.
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