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    Cam Norrie defeated Paire today in Auckland 3 and 2 and has advanced to the Round of 16, the farthest he's ever made in a pro tourney in New Zealand. I'm not sure who he's playing next, but the potential is there for a hometown hero returning to his roots story that the Kiwi tennis fans might like.
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    Apparently all that "return to college" rec means is that you're not going in the first 3 rounds. It doesn't mean you're not going to be drafted. Maybe he's got someone else telling him he'll go between the 4th and 6th round.
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    If we’ve only shutdown “non essential” portions of it. Why would we ever open them back up?
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    TCU seems to be a logical potential destination and he looks good in the logo. (Hurts at a TCU camp in high school)
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    I think so. I think no.
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    Also. There is a difference between a dude that has already Graduated and kid who is 3 years removed from HS and "leaving early".
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    There could always be other things at play, too. Risk of injury. Not seeing a good fit for transferring. Family needs/finance. Jumping early wouldn't be my choice, but hard to question what is going on in his world.
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    What I learned today: 1) The team can be very good and very bad 2) The phone light thingy before the game has potential, but execution was poor. Not enough people used their phones for the flashing to show strong enough. 3) The new football stadium construction is much bigger than I expected - extending the front of the stadium at least 50 ft forward. Full new façade, not just building on top of the existing one. 4) TCU's OOC opponents are currently 93-65 5) I know I forgot something I thought about posting on the drive home...... edit 6) Disappointed that chicken express is still not back in the arena like they were 2 years ago.
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    Tre needs some serious time in jail. If I were on his jury, he might not get out in his 20’s. I can’t tolerate a man who hits women.
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    Well, we know he enjoys the River Walk.
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    And KU will take out their frustration on the Frogs.
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    They sometimes have stories about teams from other Texas cities. There's lots of content about the Big12 and Texas colleges, however it's mostly centered around DFW teams, of course. I don't have an interest in any of the other stuff other than the Frogs and our opponents. Still, it's so nice to read quality journalism that isn't laced with ads all over the place.
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    As the night progressed, the Twitter one-liners suggested that people weren’t going to bed until the last sports information director was left standing. While the Frogs ran around after the game, giddily waving the bowl sponsor’s product and posing for selfies, I saw senior quarterback Grayson Muehlstein – 20 passes, 27 yards, 4 interceptions, 60-plus minutes of mostly chaos — standing alone by the first base dugout. He looked like a guy who had just escaped a plane crash, not the winning quarterback . . . https://www.pressboxdfw.com/notes-on-a-cheez-it-box/
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    I'd estimate that she has somewhere between a 1-in-64 and a 1-in-1024 chance of winning the nomination.
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    If the Democrats' goal is to unseat Trump, I believe that nominating Warren would put them in peril of missing that goal.
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    I did. Drank the whole darn thing too!
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