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    First round of the Texas High School Football playoffs is this week. Here's the schedule for our future Frogs: 6A Division I: -OL Brannon Brown (San Antonio O'Connor) vs. SA Reagan - 7:30pm Friday at Farris Stadium in Santone 6A Division II: -DB Donavann Collins (Cedar Hill) vs. Richardson Pearce - 7:30pm Friday in Cedar Hill -OL Marcus Williams (Longview) vs. Copperas Cove - 7:30pm Friday in Longview -OL Andrew Coker (Katy Taylor) vs. Fort Bend Dulles - 7:30pm Friday at Mercer Stadium in Sugar Land 5A Division I: -WR Blair Conwright (Lubbock Coronado) vs. El Paso Chapin - 7:00pm Friday at Lowrey Field in Lubbock 5A Division II: -LB/S Wyatt Harris & Colt Ellison (Aledo) vs. Seagoville - 7:00pm Thursday in Aledo 4A Division I: -RB Daimarqua Foster (Wichita Falls Hirschi) vs. Pampa - 7:00pm Friday in Vernon 3A Division II: -RB Darwin Barlow, WR Taumazia Brown & DB Josh Foster (Newton) vs. Omaha Paul Pewitt - 7:30pm Friday in Carthage 2A Division II: -WR Dee Winters (Burton) vs. Chilton - 7:00pm Thursday at Green Stadium in Bryan Note: DB Deshawn McCuin (Jacksonville) did not qualify for the playoffs. The out of state guys: -QB Max Duggan (Council Bluffs, Iowa - Lewis Central HS) lost in the Iowa 3A semifinals -DT Karter Johnson (Pickerington, Ohio - Pickerington Central HS) - playing in the Ohio Division I regional finals this weekend -LB Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) - playing in the Oklahoma 6A semifinals this weekend
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    Ali Gray beat Ovil 3 and 3 and has advanced to the 2nd round of qualifying where he will play Austin Williams tomorrow. And Jenson Brooksby beat Goodger 7-5, 6-4 and has also advanced to the 2nd qualie round where he will play Pierce Rollins tomorrow. And Reese Stalder will play Murkel Alejandro Dellien Velasco in the 2nd qualie round as well. And Trevor Johnson and Nick Chappell are already through to the main draw, so all 5 Frogs are still alive in Norman.
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    Hey Zach ... did Herman beat his wife? Because that's why you lost your job, and why you suck worse than he does.
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    Actually got to see some of the 2nd half here in Maryland. Was nice to enjoy a TCU victory.
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    Samuel was super impressive. Also Davis again. A little out of control but man the effort that guy gives. Archie also a big hustler. Hopefully we can get healthy and get a normal rotation going, but this team is definitely talented. Bane looks like he has taken a step forward.
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    Update after the 2-0 start: 1,000-point club: Three Frogs are within striking distance of joining the 1,000-point club for their TCU careers: -JD Miller, 779 points (221 away) -Alex Robinson, 773 points (227 away) -Desmond Bane, 726 points (274 away) Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 430 (#6 all-time) -Needs 30 to pass Darrell Browder for #5 -Needs 46 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #4 -Needs 51 to pass Kyan Anderson for #3 -Needs 85 to pass Prince Fowler for #2 -Needs 146 to break Corey Santee's school record Current career steals: 96 -Needs 25 to pass Thomas McTyer for #10 all-time -Needs 28 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #9 -Needs 30 to pass Brent Hackett for #8 -Needs 34 to pass Darrell Browder for #7 -Needs 38 to pass Ryan Carroll for #6 ...needs 73 to break Kyan Anderson's school record
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    I agree. Looking forward to watching these guys develop
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    Yes and possibly imbibing in excess.
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    Have no idea if this is true or not, but does anyone else get the sense that Zach Smith is a bit unhinged???
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    Here's what I'm tracking as we begin the new season this week: Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 418 (#6 all-time) -Needs 42 to pass Darrell Browder for #5 -Needs 58 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #4 -Needs 63 to pass Kyan Anderson for #3 -Needs 97 to pass Prince Fowler for #2 -Needs 158 to break Corey Santee's school record Current career steals: 95 -Needs 26 to pass Thomas McTyer for #10 all-time -Needs 29 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #9 -Needs 31 to pass Brent Hackett for #8 -Needs 35 to pass Darrell Browder for #7 -Needs 39 to pass Ryan Carroll for #6 ...needs 74 to break Kyan Anderson's school record Jaylen Fisher: Current career assists: 231 -Needs 109 to pass Thomas McTyer & Mike Jones for #10 all-time
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    Posted Monday, November 19, 2018 I figured we should get this started. I'll move the various bits that have already been posted in other threads to this one so that everything's all in one place and easily accessible. Everyone start posting your theories, rumors, and confirmations in here now, please. Thank goodness we know CGP's not going anywhere now. lol --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted November 12 Petrino got dumped by Louisville, along with some of his relatives. [This is one of the most poorly-edited articles I've read. "Son-in-laws"? Really? They need @Boston Frog at this paper.] Tipsheet: Petrino family gets rich while tanking Louisville football Well, it was lucrative while it lasted for Bobby Petrino and his various relatives at Louisville. Petrino earned a shade under $4 million per year as the head football coach. His son Nick Petrino and his son-in-laws L.D. Scott and Ryan Beard were on the payroll as assistant coaches -- at a combined cost of $650,000 per year. And what the school get for all of this money? A 2-8 record this season, with lopsided losses to Syracuse (54-23), Georgia Tech (66-31), Alabama (51-14) and Clemson (77-16). With players looking to transfer and recruits decommitting, Louisville became a rapidly sinking ship. So the Petrinos, Scott and Beard all got the short haircut over the weekend. That news broke Sunday morning while Petrino's coaching show was airing in Louisville. That was a bit awkward. Petrino will collect a $14 million buyout from the school. Given his past character issues and Louisville's stunning collapse on his family's watch, he may not get another head coaching job. Then again, it's not like Petrino and Co. will be hurting financially. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/jeff-gordon/tipsheet-petrino-family-gets-rich-while-tanking-louisville-football/article_de35716a-3ede-511d-b517-bb8eed42d0e7.html?src=rss
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    TCU @ Baylor - 11:00 FS1 ND vs. Syracuse -1:30 NBC from Yankee Stadium West Virginia @ Ok State - 2:30 ABC UAB @ A&M - 6:00 ESPN2 Duke @ Clemson - 6:00 ESPN ISU @ Texas - 7:00 LHN Cincy @ UCF - 8:00 ABC with GameDay Arizona @ Wash State - 9:30 ESPN And the SEC on their late season powderpuff bye week. Probably the softest week of the season. Here’s hoping UAB, Syracuse, and Duke can make things entertaining. ISU needs to beat Texas and then for OU to beat WV on Black Friday in order to make the Big 12 CCG. Also, if WV beats Ok State, then Ok State will be playing for bowl eligibility when they come to AGC. Scary to think.
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    Well, I don't expect Rana (1st place this week!) to be visiting Stateboro, GA, anytime soon unless it's to deliver a big bag o' flaming dog poop on GSU's doorstep. Since they couldn't close out their game against Troy, he missed a perfect Pick'em this week. It's not like he was alone, though. All of the rest of us, except TexansDad, picked Georgia Southern, too. Luckily, we all gave them pretty low cred. We did all agree on OU, however, and got rewarded with big points off Big Game Bob's replacement. For 152 (2nd place) and me (coming in 3rd), we're looking at you, Iowa. 87% popular confidence rating that you were going to win that game at home, no less, and you crap the bed. Thanks a lot. Overall, DUSHEE has engineered (lol, I crack myself up!) his way to a six point lead ahead of Rana, who is coming up strong out of nowhere. Seriously, dude, where you been hiding these pick'em bona fides? I'm way behind in 3rd, but I beat the DUSH this week (go, me!!) However, 152 is only two pinots behind me (oh, was that a typo?) and Newf is just two more behind her, so nobody better let their guard down. Only three more weeks! We're playing for all the money (sort of)!!
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    Frogs fall 22 spots to 72nd. Ugh. But Dushee has Bama, Clemson, Michigan and OU in the CFP, which is what my eye test would do, so it's got to be somewhat accurate. My heart says UCF should have a chance, but my head doesn't.
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    TCU Horned Frogs (2-0) vs Fresno State Bulldogs (1-0) 8:00pm Central Thursday, November 15, 2018 Ed & Rae Schollmaier Arena Fort Worth, Texas TCU 77 - Fresno State 69 Final Score B12 GameWatcher Live Sports Stats GameTracker (TCU) ESPN Box Score FoxSports.com Box Score FrogVision Pirate Radio Stream FoxSportsGo TCU Men's Basketball Facebook TCU Men's Basketball Twitter
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    One side of my family hails from Gonzales, and most of my kinfolk are in the area. Both of the families reunions were always held in either Gonzales or Cost, so I spent plenty of time there as a kid and going to visit as an adult. Beyond playing in the creek bottom that bordered the family property as a child (and having no understanding of the significance of the place at the time), I never really got in touch with the history of the area. This last week I finally went on a little Texas Independence sight seeing. I started off by taking a walk (and being very mindful for rattlers, copperheads, and moccasins), until I got to roughly the point that they found the cannon at. ▲ It might not look like much, but within a couple of hundred yards of that spot either way was what you could argue was the true birthplace of Texas. Standing there to take a picture, with the knowledge of what happened, emotions engulfed me ranging from humility to pride. It was an honor to walk in the ghostly footsteps of a group of men that stood up fought against what they saw as an injustice and affront to their rights. That struck me harder than Washington On The Brazos, the Alamo, Goliad, or San Jacinto ever have. Maybe I am a sucker for history, or maybe my Texas roots run real deep, but that was the highlight of my recent sojourn. ▼ I then left the way I came on foot and drove back to the "town" of Cost to take a picture of the roadside monument. Immediately west of that monument is a small road that leads back to the creek and another monument. ▼The smaller monument, located on the south side of the creek. ▼Back to Gonzales for a stop at the memorial and amphitheater in the middle of town. The complex also houses the museum. ▼There were far more things of significant interest than I have pictures of within the museum. It is, by far, the best of all the Texas Revolution museums, in my opinion. Not only is very well run by a nice man that takes a huge honor in being the custodian of the exhibit, but it paints an exceptional picture of the daily life in Texas from the start all up through to World War II. I will spare a lot of bandwidth and things that I personally found interesting, and just show the centerpiece. If you have any shred of interest in the founding of our great Republic and its journey to Statehood and beyond, make the trip to Gonzales. More info on the Gonzales Museum can be found here - http://www.gonzales.texas.gov/p/departments/392
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    Doctson with TD receptions in back-to-back weeks. Still not a lot of yards per game, but maybe becoming more of a scoring threat ...
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    Updated after the WVU game: 5+ games (will not be redshirting this season) -Taye Barber -Trevon Moehrig-Woodard -Antonio Ortiz -Derius Davis -Ben Wilson -Tevaillance Hunt -Ar'Darius Washington -John Stephens, Jr. 4 games (if they appear in any remaining game, they will not be redshirting this season) -DeMauryon Holmes 3 games -Ochaun Mathis 2 games -Izaih Filikitonga -Jacoby Simpson 1 or Zero games (these guys will be redshirting for the 2018 season, even if they appear in every remaining game) -Atanza Vongor (injured) -Bryson Jackson (injured) -Justin Rogers (was injured - but may be healthy now) -Chase Van Wagoner -John Lanz -Ian Burnette -Kris Dike -Esteban Avila -Hidari Caesar Also, I believe both Dylan Thomas and Pro Wells will be eligible to redshirt this season.
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    Johnson and Kawka won their semifinal doubles match today with ease over the former Baylor Bear's team love and 1 and they advanced to the finals in Niceville. Then, they played the final against Julian Bradley and Justin Butsch soon thereafter and won the championship 7-6 (7-5), 6-4. This is Trevor's first ever ITF Futures championship!
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    [Good article] How the Big 12 may have scheduled itself out of the College Football Playoff It seems only fitting that the weirdest arrangement in college football – a conference championship game played in a league that already has a full round-robin schedule – could feature a rematch only eight days after the teams’ first meeting. Welcome to the Big 12, where in pursuit of the College Football Playoff, the zany becomes routine. In case you haven’t heard, Oklahoma and West Virginia are barreling toward a regular-season meeting on Nov. 23 in Morgantown. But after a super-cool night kickoff on Black Friday, it’s very possible the Sooners and Mountaineers could then reconvene Dec. 1 in Arlington, Texas. That isn’t set in stone, of course. With three games left, nothing is. But even as Oklahoma and West Virginia are both in the playoff conversation, the league is thisclose to what might be a nightmare scenario. It’s not hard at all to envision the Big 12, in trying to design a system that pushes teams into the playoff, instead knocking itself out of contention. And if it happens, it would all be so very Big 12: Take the best way to determine a champion – everybody plays everybody. Add a significant extra layer of difficulty with a rematch. And then, after all of that, do it the very next week. “I think it’s less than ideal,” Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby says. “If it’s two evenly matched teams, it doesn’t take much imagination to see one game going one way and one game going the other.” If it happened this year, the playoff would go on without the Big 12. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/columnist/george-schroeder/2018/11/09/big-12-schedule-may-hurt-college-football-playoff-chances/1934793002/?src=rss
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    Yo seguro que agradecemos mantenerse al día con los libros de registro para nosotros I sure do appreciate you keeping up with the record books for us
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