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    That's tough news to break to a kid. Probably best done over dinner at Pappadeaux.
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    "Good" game, Frogs (for some values of "good"). See you in 2020!
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    This is it, men (and women, and non-gender binaries). It's all come down to a battle with Baylor in order to maintain our slim chances at a Wednesday night football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas. But this isn't just any ol' football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas, it's a football game in a baseball stadium on the day after Christmas in which 6-win teams will be celebrating the world's most iconic cheese-based cracker. Down seasons like this are few and far between, so who knows if we'll ever again have a reason to purchase a Hane's Beefy Tee with this beauty of a logo on it: But seriously, some projections have Oklahoma State vs. USC playing for the Cheez. After this giant curd of a season, it'd be pretty tasty to rattle off wins against Baylor and Oklahoma State, then get a Sun Bowl redux. And I'm dead serious about a t-shirt. I really, really want a reason to buy one. Go Frogs. Go to hell, Baylor.
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    It looks like Griffin Kell (K) out of Arlington may have signed his PWO offer to TCU (still waiting on confirmation). Would be a nice cherry on top if true. Having a kicker who can make 50 yard FGs with little effort is a nice asset to have. Update: confirmed
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    Then there was the weird fish-frog hybrid SuperFrog that us GenXers had while in school. Apparently when a hybrid fish-frog mates with a lady Easter bunny, the offspring is remarkably human. Evolution is a funny thing ...
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    Haha wedding went great! It was picture perfect and a great party afterwards. Curretly in Cabo at the JW Marriott (sidebar- nicest hotel I’ve ever been to. Hands down). For a quick 3 night honeymoon. Then back to the grind.
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    Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI! OI! OI!
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    Well, I'm not going to criticize Jamie unless and until something is announced. But if he does go, it's no holds barred and I'm gonna sic Boston Frog on him...
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    It was my great-grand-dad that helped make that decision. Both Addison and Randolph Clark had died and the school was, in addition to the administrators, sort of being "run" by the "Brethren" (i.e., the group of DOC pastors that were (mostly) located in Texas and were interested in the school - Spindletop had happened in 1901 but as yet had not created a bunch of super-wealthy alumni). They (the Brethren) gathered in Waco and put out word to other Texas towns and cities that they would solicit bids from whomever wanted them and then they gathered again to discuss the options and eventually recommended the acceptance of the Ft. Worth offer. He wrote about it in his autobiography and I have no idea whether he exaggerated his role on the committee, but it's been family lore that he was part of the group that decided on the Ft. Worth move.
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    So just in case any of you are up at 7:00 this Sunday morning, click the link below and enter bib number 6149 in the search field at the top of the page. That should give you real time updates as to ol’ Newbomb’s progress and projected finish time in the Cowtown Half Marathon. Hoping to break my PR of 1:53:27, set back in 2005. https://track.rtrt.me/e/RRS-COWTOWN-2019#/tracker
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    Justin Rogers looks like he's got some lift.
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    They didn’t want to be there. They’re worn out from playing in the SEC all season.
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    Orrrrrr....The uniforms are unveiled with Hurts as one of the models. Double whammy (wakes up from dream)
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    I rewatched the 2 plays that Justin Rodgers had in the Cheese It Bowl. I want to take back my previous comments. He really did a good job on a limited amount to review. First play: he had a defensive player bounce off of him and he ran to about the line of scrimmage. His running wasn't horrible. IMHO, it seemed that he might have previously had another gear of speed that wasn't there when he took off. Think his running was adequate and could improve with time. Second play: completes a little pass off to the side. Foot work looked good. Coaches could have called a safe play and just called a hand off to the RB. But coaches trusted him to throw the ball in a tough bowl game in the 4th quarter. Both plays were supposed to be passing plays. This causes me to think he is ready. Furthermore, IIRC he wasn't even cleared to play until Nov? I remember seeing an article from the startlegram to something of this nature. Kid has a monster arm which seems pretty accurate. If he could get an oline that can give him time and keep him standing upright he could be slinging the rock all over the field.
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    Lets get this show on show on the road!!! I will update this post as they roll in.
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    OK I’m not worried about this team anymore.
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    December is usually a slow time for tennis because the top pros are all taking the month off and there just aren't very many tourneys scheduled. And college tennis is also basically over for the fall and won't start up again until the Spring when dual match team competition ramps up. So, here are the year-end ATP rankings for the multitudinous former, current and future Frogs that we follow: Cam Norrie - #91 in singles and #199 in doubles. This is huge because the Top 100 get automatic main draw berths in all the Slams. Alex Rybakov - #535 in singles. A good year, but not that good for Alex means he'll be back playing for the Frogs in the Spring. Nick Chappell - #677 in singles and #649 in doubles. Nick was flirting with the 1000's and bounced back nicely this year. His career will continue. Gerardo Lopez Villasenor - #746 in singles and #1261 in doubles. The Mexican Davis Cupper had a good year although not playing all that much. Trevor Johnson - #938 in singles and #697 in doubles. After graduating, Trevor did fairly well and looks to better in 2019. Jenson Brooksby - #1234 in singles. The Kalamazoo winner has a very bright future. Reese Stalder - #1276 in singles. Reese got his first ATP points and is probably thinking about a full-time pro career (in his usual laid back way). Alastair Gray - NR. Ali's injuries prevented him from playing many tourneys and he lost all his ATP points. Bertus Kruger - NR. Like Ali, Bertus just didn't play enough due to injury and his points have also rolled off. Juan Martin - NR. Juan is an enigma because he hasn't played any pro tourneys and sat out last Spring for the Frogs. Maybe he'll play this Spring. Eduardo Roldan - NR. Also not ranked due to inactivity, but we'll need him this Spring. Sander Jong - NR. Highly ranked as a junior, he just didn't play enough pro (Futures) tourneys to earn points. Max Kurzban - NR. Similarly, he's done well in college, but hasn't broken through in the pros as yet. Jacob Fearnley - NR in singles; #1481 in doubles. Another future Frog with a bright future. It's kind of amazing that we have 14 players that we follow - quite a bit more than most schools. That, plus the fact that TCU has won 3 straight Big12 championships shows that we're definitely a "tennis school."
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    The young folks won't get this, but I'm sure some of the more seasoned folks here will.
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    I really don't want to play A&M in the Texas Bowl. I"m sure GP would have a good game plan for their offense but I'm not sure we would be able to score on them. The last thing I want to do is end the season with a loss to A&M that we won't be able to avenge for who knows how long. OSU would be a much better matchup for A&M if a Big 12 team has to play them. OSU's explosive offense would probably give the Aggies fits.
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    On the morning of 10-27 Tech was looking good: 5-2, "#26" in the AP poll with wins over then #15 OSU and in-state rivals TCU and UH. Needed just one more win for bowl eligibility Meanwhile we were at our low- 3-5 at the end of that day after an upset loss to KU. Over the last five weeks, TT finished up 0-5 and missed out on a bowl and their coach loses his job. Over our last four weeks we went 3-1 and sneaked into a bowl and now have some momentum heading into next season. What a difference a month makes.
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    TCU 61 Baylor 58 TCU makes silly looking towels with the score printed on them and waves them in public for the next 50 years.
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    And the Frogs beat #8 A&M 4-3 with the 7-6, 6-7, 6-3 clincher by senior Alex Rybakov on Court 1!!!! We won the doubles point with W's by Rybo/Gray and Stalder/Kruger and then we won 3 singles matches, with Fomba and Jong providing the first 2 W's and Rybo providing the deciding one. This is a HUGE W for us - A&M only has 1 loss in the SEC, they were ranked #8, which might help us move up and we've now won 4 straight 4-3 matches against them and 6 straight matches overall! A tremendous W!
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    While I'm glad there are 360 views from up there, he provided about 160's worth.
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    In glorious fashion, the Fighting Frogs from lil ole TCU walloped the mighty Bulldogs of Mississippi State today at Midtown! I got there on time but the Frogs barely made it for the national anthem (I do not own a cellphone and never have). We lost the doubles point in a breaker which we should have won and things looked bad early on. But then, we proceeded to absolutely dominate the singles on every single court and it was lots of fun watching the multitudinous Bulldog fans shut up and the "Hail What Hail State" chant grew ever quieter with every passing minute. At one point, SID Mark Cohen ran onto the court to block a Nuno Borges shot (oh wait, that didn't actually happen but I swear I saw something similar recently). I was dialed in watching Rybo v. Borges and they were both playing very well - Borges is a streaky Tsitsipas-like player who double faults twice in a row and then reels off amazing shot after amazing shot. But Rybo played like Cam Norrie and was incredibly steady throughout. We quickly won all 6 straight first sets. In the end, Rybo's match didn't matter because Stalder won easily first, then Jong won, then Kruger won and then Fomba was up 5-2 and looked like he was going to win, but blew his lead and got taken to a breaker. Meanwhile, Rybo won his first set 7-6 and Borges, the Arthur Ashe award winner of the Leadership and Sportsmanship award last year, tried to bad call Rybo on a ball that was clearly in and boos erupted and the ump overruled him and Rybo won. The 2nd set then went to a breaker as well, but just as Rybo was about to win, Fomba stormed back to win his breaker and that was that. 4-1, with ease. We're 5-2, we just beat #2 and Carolina (who beat Baylor) is next tomorrow morning. I was mortified to learn from the program that SMU has won this thang twice and Baylor once. That's gotta change.
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    All-time, Mississippi State leads TCU 3-2 in the historic series - the Frogs won the first two meetings but the Bulldogs have won the last 3 straight. Not counting Tempe, the last time we faced them was in 2012 and MSU got the win 4-1 in Starkville. At neutral sites, TCU leads 2-1. MSU is 6-0 and is effectively the #2 team in the nation, but they, like us, are not necessarily good on indoor courts. Their 6 W's are over Wichita State, Arizona, Miami, USF, Tech and Tulane. Tech gave them the toughest match and only lost 4-2. Borges is ranked 5th in singles; Foshey, Oradini and Braun are also ranked. They are undefeated on the doubles point all year. For the Frogs, Rybakov, Gray and Kruger are also ranked. The match is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. - if all goes well, I'll be there and I'm not gonna bring a tablet or phone, so I'll do a re-cap tomorrow night.
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    Took my kiddo out to the match this afternoon - we had a good time, watched Fomba and Jong come back to win in doubles and then Reese Stalder in singles. Sat in front of an older gentleman...turns out, it was Tut Bartzen!
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    The new year has dawned and it's time to start focusing on the upcoming Spring season of the TCU tennis team, who will be defending our back-to-back-to-back Big 12 championship run. Based on the fall results and the individual rankings, I'd have to say that Texas (w/ Christian Sigsgaard and Yuya Ito and coached by the traitorous Michael Center, last year's Big12 Coach of the Year) is probably either the favorite or at least a co-favorite with the Frogs for the conference title. OU, with last season's Player of the Year and Newcomer of the Year Alex Bakshi, is also likely to be very good. But the conference is so talented (all teams routinely make the NCAA's and are ranked in the Top 30) that all teams conceivably have a shot at the title. The first dual match of the season will be Friday, January 18, at Tulsa, a traditional rival that historically has given us trouble but whom we have handled relatively easily in the past few years. But before dual matches get underway, the Frogs are scheduled to play in something called the "Hidden Dual" at Tempe, an event hosted by Arizona State, which you should recall recently restarted their men's program after a decade+ hiatus last year (and responded by having a pretty good team that was ranked fairly high most of the season). The schedule says that the event starts on Sunday but the Frogs are not slated to play until Thursday 1/10 against the Sun Devils. Then, on Friday (1/11), we'll play Mississippi State and on Saturday (1/12), we'll play Illinois. Because these are all pre-determined, I don't think this is a tourney set-up, but just a gathering of a bunch of top teams in an early get-together. I think TCU, ASU, MSU and the Ilini are in one flight and there is another flight (which I think includes Oklahoma State, amongst others), so maybe there'll be a "finals" between the winner of the two flights on Sunday, but I can't find any write-up which actually explains that, so who knows? Because the Sun Devils are only recently re-incarnated, we should probably be favored in our opening match, but they'll be at home and we traditionally start slow, so I wouldn't assume a W. Mississippi State, with Nuno Borges, has, with Georgia, Florida and A&M (at least last year), been at the top of the SEC for several years now and should be especially tough - I would rate the Bulldogs as a slight favorite because of that and our expected slow start. And the Ilini are our Nemesis - they beat us twice last season, including knocking us out of the NCAA's. Luckily, however, the reason they beat us started with Alex Vukic and ended with Jared Hiltzik and both Vuks and Hiltz are gone to the pros, so things might be different this year. This is a very high-quality field for our first event of the year and we better be ready or we could start 0-3 which, albeit not disastrous, would be a weak way to start the year. It's possible, of course, to imagine a better start... Alex Rybakov, obviously, will head the Frog effort this season. He's in his senior season, loves college tennis and has said he has "more work to do." He's made it to ATP#490, which is damn good, but it's just not good enough to guarantee a living as a full-time pro. So, thankfully, he's back, which automatically makes us a good team. Only Roditi and Bowen have seen everyone else play, so it's tough for a mere fan to project the rest of the line-up. if fully recovered from his leg injury, my guess is that Alastair Gray will be at #2 and I think senior Reese Stalder seems likely to be #3. But that could be reversed - Roditi likes to rely on his seniors in the tough slots and Stalder got his first ATP points ever over the summer and may have improved/matured his game to justify a higher slotting. Beyond that, it's really a guess, but I predict Bertus Kruger at #4 assuming that he too has recovered from injury. Eduardo Roldan might be #5 and #6 is probably a competition between Max Kurzban and newcomers Luc Fomba and Sander Jong (based on results in Juniors, I'd bet on Jong). The wild card is Juan Martin, who sat out last year and hasn't played much (if at all) - he's the Felipe Escobar of this year and will hopefully prove useful to the team. if Jong doesn't get a singles slotting, I predict he'll be on one of the doubles teams. We'll know more this time next week - hopefully, we'll start strong for a change. The first team rankings will be out on 1/9, so we'll know where we stand right before we start the season.
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    All conferences were undefeated in bowl games, adjusting for games in which the teams were actually motivated. Am I doing this right, SEC Bias? Sorry, ND...join a conference.
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    We had only been living back in the states for about a year and didn't get a lot of TCU games on TV then. My then 4-year old Tyler comes in and says "Mom, TCU is on TV." Watched the rest of the game then. Got back into following TCU football more closely after that. Tyler was really proud he told me the game was on.
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    Interesting stat: 6 penalties, 9 interceptions Mark Cohen was gonna post that, but, you know.
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    First round of the Texas High School Football playoffs is this week. Here's the schedule for our future Frogs: 6A Division I: -OL Brannon Brown (San Antonio O'Connor) vs. SA Reagan - 7:30pm Friday at Farris Stadium in Santone 6A Division II: -DB Donavann Collins (Cedar Hill) vs. Richardson Pearce - 7:30pm Friday in Cedar Hill -OL Marcus Williams (Longview) vs. Copperas Cove - 7:30pm Friday in Longview -OL Andrew Coker (Katy Taylor) vs. Fort Bend Dulles - 7:30pm Friday at Mercer Stadium in Sugar Land 5A Division I: -WR Blair Conwright (Lubbock Coronado) vs. El Paso Chapin - 7:00pm Friday at Lowrey Field in Lubbock 5A Division II: -LB/S Wyatt Harris & Colt Ellison (Aledo) vs. Seagoville - 7:00pm Thursday in Aledo 4A Division I: -RB Daimarqua Foster (Wichita Falls Hirschi) vs. Pampa - 7:00pm Friday in Vernon 3A Division II: -RB Darwin Barlow, WR Taumazia Brown & DB Josh Foster (Newton) vs. Omaha Paul Pewitt - 7:30pm Friday in Carthage 2A Division II: -WR Dee Winters (Burton) vs. Chilton - 7:00pm Thursday at Green Stadium in Bryan Note: DB Deshawn McCuin (Jacksonville) did not qualify for the playoffs. The out of state guys: -QB Max Duggan (Council Bluffs, Iowa - Lewis Central HS) lost in the Iowa 3A semifinals -DT Karter Johnson (Pickerington, Ohio - Pickerington Central HS) - playing in the Ohio Division I regional finals this weekend -LB Zach Marcheselli (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma) - playing in the Oklahoma 6A semifinals this weekend
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    You guys are missing the point. I mean come on, look at that lineup! Uncle Mario’s has brick oven pizza AND draft beer!
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    One of my best days ever was the day PD told me about this board. I couldn't take the other board any longer.
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    Banogu named defensive player of the week. https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/college-sports/collegesports/2018/11/19/tcu-de-ben-banogu-named-big-12-defensive-player-week Cornelius is offensive player of the week.
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    Apparently CGMFP said to the team this week: "How do you know this week isn't the beginning of a 20-game win streak?" One game down....
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    TCU beat Baylor. It has been a great day.
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    We all we got! We all we Cheez!
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