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    Unfortunately, Cam lost today to Nishioka 6-7 (2-7), 2-6 in Shenzhen in the quarters in the singles competition. It was a good tournament for him, but this is a disappointing loss. I think Beijing will be next. For the TCU team, though, this weekend will be the ITA All-American in Tulsa. Rybakov may be headed for a Challenger instead, but the schedule says they're going to Tulsa. Alastair Gray is listed as having qualified for the main draw and Reese Stalder and Sander Jong are listed as qualifiers. Rybo isn't listed, so I'm guessing he's off to the Stockton Challenger instead.
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    Terribly draining/depressing week for a lot of reasons what with a family funeral and all here in Austin but must say I had one of the most enjoyable social occasions in a while at the TCU Alum get-together at the Holy Roller. Really nice people, good conversation. Frogs are the best people. Thanks to $mooth for the invite. There may be filmateleven.
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    I still follow him on Twitter. Oh, and back to the subject at hand: Screw Baylor.
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    Nice tribute on the helmets this weekend.
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    A-a-a-a-and... Newbomb makes the news: https://www.star-telegram.com/sports/college/big-12/texas-christian-university/article219064625.html
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    Did he add to his purse even though he lost in the quarters?
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    Cam seems to have trouble following up after huge wins. Probably just needs more tournament experience at the top level.
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    You missed your opportunity to get the raw onion situation at the baseball field redressed ...
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    Sending kind thoughts to his family, knowing nothing really helps.
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    Shofner was bad; that's for sure. He won 2 games - the first of the season against UTA and then lost 20 straight and then we beat Rice at the end of the next season. That was followed by 15 straight losses. Dry was a little better - there was one incredible stretch where we won a game, had a bye week and then won another game! (We lost the rest). But the all-time worst TCU coach was H. E. Hildebrand - in 1902, he was the coach and we went 0-5-1. The internet just roasted him for it, with a firehildebrand.com site and he was run out of town on a rail.
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