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    I have a number of them as well. Plus more from UT. My wife was the rebel until a recent cousin whose mother works at TCU and got a good deal.. Which is one reason I loved her.
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    Pretty late to the game for Week 4. Busy week. Here's a quick rundown: CFP Threats: #8 Notre Dame @ Wake Forest (11:00 on ABC): Root for Wake Forest to hang around and make it interesting, hopefully squeaking out a win to get a highly overrated Notre Dame team out of the way. #2 Georgia @ Mizzou (11:00 on ESPN): Not gonna happen, but root for Mizzou. Need Georgia to drop a game in the East. #22 Texas A&M @ #1 Alabama (2:30 on CBS): Root for Texas A&M, as we need Alabama to drop 2 games at some point. Doesn't look like anyone but Georgia is much of a threat though. If Bama can drop one, maybe Ohio State can move up to #1 by the end of the season and make our loss look much better. #3 Clemson @ Georgia Tech (2:30 on ABC): This could be a sneaky game. Root hard for Georgia Tech. The ACC looks like garbage and Clemson is likely cake-walking into the CFP. #7 Stanford @ #20 Oregon (7:00 on ABC): I don't know what to say about this one. I'm pulling for Oregon, but both are undefeated threats to run the table through the Pac-12. Arizona State @ #10 Washington (9:30 on ESPN): Root for Arizona State so we can get Washington their second loss and get them out of the mix. Big 12 and SOS: Akron @ Iowa State (11:00): Root for Iowa State. Navy @ SMU (11:00 on ESPNews): Root for SMU. Tulane @ #4 Ohio State (2:30 on BTN): Need Ohio State to roll through the rest of the season and climb to #1. Kansas State @ #12 West Virginia (2:30 on ESPN): Need West Virginia to roll and stay highly ranked going into our tough November test in Morgantown. Army @ #5 Oklahoma (6:00): Need Oklahoma to roll and get into the top 3-4 by the time we play. Texas Tech @ #15 Oklahoma State (6:00 on FSI): Need Oklahoma State to beat everyone but West Virginia and Oklahoma, keeping them in the top 20 before our game the last week of the year.
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    Thanks all. Pretty mundane day with 6 hours in the car, but at least I get to see my babies. I appreciate the well wishes!
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    I actually listen to Barton Simmons on the 247 College Football podcast. He's actually pretty high on the Frogs and has lot of good stuff to say about them and GMFP. He didn't write the headline, just the article. He's a bit perplexed by all the negative reaction to what he saw as a very positive article about TCU. I've read it and can see why people got upset, but I don't think it was intended to be a diss of TCU.
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    Got your walkoff...
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    I hoping for a Carpenter walk off HR and a Robinson TD all within 4 minutes...to make up for that other 4 minutes...
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    Should we stop cheering for aggie now???!!!
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    The Mighty Winds popped the Zits for a win! ISU 26-Akron 13. Final
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    yes, regardless of their record...
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    And Baylor is the worst team in the country
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    This week I made sure I picked the Frogs and put them at #10!
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    Can you believe I did that? I was in such a hurry to make my picks that I used the auto pick thing and didn't check them afterward. I'm so embarrassed. I was going to come clean once I looked at everyone's picks, but I was on the road and forgot about it. I'm so ashamed. You're right to call me out. I hope Super Frog can forgive me. Mea culpa! 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    People are idiots.
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    OK lady I am calling you out. After the shaming last year you pick OSU at the top spot???? I mean you were right and all, but damn girl, you kicked our butts last year for not picking TCU. I'm on to you woman....
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    That was the year Billy Tubbs won his first national championship at TCU
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    Shofner was bad; that's for sure. He won 2 games - the first of the season against UTA and then lost 20 straight and then we beat Rice at the end of the next season. That was followed by 15 straight losses. Dry was a little better - there was one incredible stretch where we won a game, had a bye week and then won another game! (We lost the rest). But the all-time worst TCU coach was H. E. Hildebrand - in 1902, he was the coach and we went 0-5-1. The internet just roasted him for it, with a firehildebrand.com site and he was run out of town on a rail.
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    All time didn't go back very far in the part of the list I read. Shofner and FA Dry pretty much have to be on any list like that.
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    Bailure had 2 coaches on this list. I'm glad the sloppy writer(s) that are responsible for that list overlooked that fine man, exceptional pro coordinator (sarcasm NOT intended), but utterly failed college head coach, Jim Schofner.
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    I think Samuel is going to be the guy who gives us the defensive presence we’ve been lacking. From all reports he has the tools to be a good rim defender and rebounder. Not sure what his offensive skill set is right now but he should be able to rebound misses and put in misses. I have no knowledge but Barlow seems to be in line for a RS.
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    But will it be the wettest game in terms of water?
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    My (family skeleton here) Aggie student nephew in Austin took my son to an aggie game .last year. To my eternal shame he had to wear aggie gear to pretend to be an aggie student.
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