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    That's tough news to break to a kid. Probably best done over dinner at Pappadeaux.
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    Casey was such a gamer. Sad we never got to see him reach his full potential. But I’ll always remember him for that day on the Smurf Turf and his resilience to bounce back from mistakes and become a man. (I’m 30 minutes early for #4 day, but I need to go to bed and wanted to make sure he was first.)
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    So just in case any of you are up at 7:00 this Sunday morning, click the link below and enter bib number 6149 in the search field at the top of the page. That should give you real time updates as to ol’ Newbomb’s progress and projected finish time in the Cowtown Half Marathon. Hoping to break my PR of 1:53:27, set back in 2005. https://track.rtrt.me/e/RRS-COWTOWN-2019#/tracker
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    Lets get this show on show on the road!!! I will update this post as they roll in.
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    Baylor. Must beat Baylor. Anything else is extra at this point.
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    A few memorable Frog 19s: Matt Schobel Michael DePriest Patrick Batteaux Frank Horak Luken Baker Davey O'Brien threw for 19 touchdown passes in 1938 on his way to winning the Heisman Trophy and leading the Frogs to a national title ...and a bonus 19:
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    An early start at Mammoth Cave NP on the way to Purdue.
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    For those who weren’t at the game Saturday.
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    I tossed my hat into the air on June 2, 2001
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    Just for perspective, a look at the Frogs' last 10 games vs. FCS opponents: 2018: TCU 55, Southern 7 -- (Southern finished 7-4) 2017: TCU 63, Jackson State 0 -- (JSU finished 3-8) 2016: TCU 59, South Dakota State 41 -- (SDSU finished 9-4) 2015: TCU 70, Stephen F. Austin 7 -- (SFA finished 4-7) 2014: TCU 48, Samford 14 -- (Samford finished 7-4) 2013: TCU 38, SE Louisiana 17 -- (SELU finished 11-3) 2012: TCU 56, Grambling 0 -- (Grambling finished 1-10) 2011: TCU 55, Portland State 13 -- (PSU finished 7-4) 2010: TCU 62, Tennessee Tech 7 -- (TTU finished 7-4) 2009: TCU 56, Texas State 21 -- (TSU finished 7-4, they moved up to FBS in 2012)
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    Made some updates In the Show: -Alex Young - Reno (D'Backs) STATS AAA: -Riley Ferrell - Corpus Christi (Astros) STATS -Tyler Alexander - Toledo (Tigers) STATS -Jason Coats - Durham (Rays) STATS -Jantzen Witte - Pawtucket (Red Sox) STATS -Stefan Chrichton - Reno (D'backs) STATS -Kevin Cron - Reno (D'backs) STATS AA: -Durbin Feltman - Portland (Red Sox) STATS -Brian Howard - Midland (A's) STATS -Jerrick Suiter - Altoona (Pirates) STATS -Brian Trieglaff - Trenton (Yankees) STATS (INJURED) -Jordan Kipper - Bowie (Orioles) STATS (INJURED) -Taylor Featherston - NW Arkansas (Royals) STATS Advanced A-Ball: -Austen Wade - Lynchburg (Indians) STATS (INJURED) -Luken Baker - Palm Beach (Cardinals) STATS -Evan Skoug - Winston Salem (White Sox) STATS -Josh Watson - Stockton (A's) STATS A-Ball: -Sean Wymer - Lansing (Blue Jays) STATS Short-Season A & Rookie Leagues: -Brandon Williamson - Everett (Mariners) STATS -Johnny Rizer - Aberdeen (Orioles) STATS -Jared Janczak - AZL Indians Blue (Indians) STATS -Nick Lodolo - Billings (Reds) - STATS -Alex Isola - Elizabethton (Twins) - STATS Independent Leagues: -Matt Purke - Sugar Land Skeeters Status Uncertain: -Brandon Finnegan - (Reds) - was working in extended spring training, not assigned yet for this season -Jake Guenther - (Rays) - not assigned yet -Jake Eissler - (Indians) - not assigned yet/holding out hope he'll come back for his senior season Guys who appear to be out of baseball, at least for now: -Chad Huffman (last played in the Tigers' system last year) -Preston Morrison (last pitched in the Cubs' system last year) -Nolan Brown (last played in the White Sox' system last year) -Mitchell Traver (last pitched in the Angels' system last year) -Cam Warner (last played in the Tigers' system last year - I believe he may be playing back in Australia) -Jerome Pena (last played for the Aguascalientes Railroaders in the Mexican League last year)
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    Vanderbilt (who lost to TCU)* takes the championship. * “Vanderbilt (who lost to TCU)” is the correct usage for references to the Vanderbilt baseball team for the foreseeable future.
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    A few memorable 74s: Big V Bob Schobel Abe Martin won 74 games as TCU's head coach from 1953 to 1966 Josh Boyce scored on a 74-yard TD reception from Casey Pachall against Boise State in 2011 ...and a few bonus 74s: 1974 American League MVP, Jeff Burroughs What is now "The Tower" in downtown Fort Worth - long before it's current use as condos, it's near demolition in 2001 and being ravaged by a tornado in 2000, was built in 1974 Blazing Saddles hit theaters February 7, 1974 Nixon, in a speech in which he says he isn't a quitter, quits. August 8, 1974.
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    My high school ride, 1975 Ford F-150. “Old Yeller”
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    TCU headed to Fayetteville. Playing Cal on Friday night.
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    A few observations from this evening's open practice: -Delton was not suited up, so Rogers was running with the 1s and Duggan with the 2s. Matthew Downing also got some reps. A number of people in the stands remarked at how big Rogers looked - he's really filled out, and I think he might have even grown an inch. He threw some really pretty balls (including a really great back-shoulder throw to Barber that resulted in an equally impressive catch for a TD) and looked to be more mobile than what we'd seen in the bowl game. Duggan is really, really quick. -DeMauryon Holmes was running alongside Garrett Wallow with the 1s on defense while Ben & Montrel Wilson weren't suited out. He has gotten much bigger, and looked natural playing LB. -Sewo was the only scholarship RB suited up. He had a few good runs and a long gain on a swing pass. Most of the RB reps went to #34 - the roster tells me that's Deryl Reynolds, a walk-on listed at WR that played at Alamo Heights and then transferred here from Colorado School of Mines. -Catch of the day was probably Artayvious Lynn going up to high-point a 50/50 ball on a deep pass from Rogers, and he had several catches on a variety of routes. Al'Dontrae Davis also had some impressive snags, and Ni'Jeel Meeking had a great catch & run on a slant from Duggan. -Vernon Scott made an insanely athletic INT to spoil a potential TD pass that got the fans in attendance pretty excited. -Ochaun Mathis looked huge, and was running with the 1s opposite Parker Workman. Adam Plant is HUGE. -Starting OL appeared to be, left to right - McKinney, Iwagwu, McMillon, Quazzel White and David Bolisomi. Esteban Aliva stuck out to me as an OL that's gotten bigger since last year. -Song and Bunce both made FGs from 45+...but both missed from closer. -Overall, I'd say the defense looked further along - not that suprising. As discussed previously, TONS of guys were sitting out. Many appeared to be doing so as a precaution, but Izaih Filikitonga had a boot on one foot and was using one of those scooter things.
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    Yep, we move to 12-3, with our 7th W in a row w/ a 6-0 sweep of LMU. Roditi went back to the usual line-up in both doubles and singles and the guys played well with quick W's across the board (Fomba was the only player who did not finish out a W). If you count our 3-0 record at Tempe and our (almost) W over USF, we're "really" 16-3, with multiple ranked W's. Next up, though, is a really tough home match against Columbia, who's in the Top 10 on Wednesday. Jerry Lopez won the doubles final at Cancun and, with Jorge Brian Panta, took home the championship trophy with a 7-6 (11-9), 4-6, (10-8) W over Reis da Silva and Yamacita today. This is the 2nd all-time pro doubles championship for Jerry and will definitely help him in the ITF World doubles rankings. Congrats to Jerry - this is a fantastic result for him!
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    TCU beat Baylor. It has been a great day.
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    Women's soccer is going to the NCAA tourney for the 3rd year in a row.
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    They don't stop there. One poster is talking about a Patterson / Dixon / Schlossnagle reunion. There are few more elegant ways to say that UT is TCU's three-way major sport bitch.
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    That was one of my favorite all-time TCU games to have attended. Such a gritty, hard-fought win over an extremely tough opponent. Will never regret my last-minute decision to fly out for it. Beyond Turner, a few other memorable Frog 24s: Darrell Browder Mike Jones Josh Elander Mike Settle Trevorris Johnson Greg McCoy races to a 99-yard kickoff return touchdown as part of TCU's 56-9 dismantling of UNLV at home in November of 2011. This was TCU's final game as members of the Mountain West, and their 24th consecutive conference victory on their way out the door with their 3rd straight conference title. ...and one bonus 24 that keeps it with the Frogs!
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    I'm looking forward to this game. I am feeling optimistic about this year so far, and I think this game is winnable 65-70% of the time. I am looking at two areas to help decide the game TCU's D line vs their O line. If successful, that can put their QB on his heels most of the game and close down their pass game. The second part will be the Purdue tight end. I don't worry about one guy beating TCU, as in their all star receiver, but when someone like a tight end steps up and we have no answer. (and with TEs we rarely do)
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    Into the 2nd set trailing... 2-0! The Camster gets the early break yet again! 3-0. 4-1. 5-1! Another break! This set is looking good! 5-2. Cam broken easily. (Ouch). The winner will get #3 seed Sasha Zverev, who has a bye this round. 6-2! Another break and Cam squares the match at 1-all. On to the 3rd! 4-3 in the 3rd. No breaks yet. 5-3!!! Cam gets the key break at a decisive time after falling behind 40-love!! Cam advances to face Zverev 5-7, 6-2, 6-3! An excellent finish after a disappointing 1st set! Zverev is ranked at ATP#7, has been in the Top 10 for several years, he won this tourney the last time it was in Montreal (2017), he's seeded 3rd and he beat Cam the one time they played at Acapulco. Cam was interviewed by the U.K. press and said that because Sasha prevailed last time, the pressure was all on [Zverev.] Yeah, right - I hope Cam makes a good showing but he will not be favored.
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    This is my favorite thread since the one about a lottery winner.
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    If (BIG if) Janczak's tournament performance is sustainable, that gives us a 3-man starting rotation (Lodolo, King, Janczak) you can kinda, sorta hang your hat on. Then we just have to hope they can go deep enough and get enough run support to hold on when the bullpen comes in ...
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    Way to go, NCAA! Now earn it, Frogs. Cut out the errors, make the plays, deliver hits with runners on base, throw strikes. Win the damn thing!
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    At least it wasn't Baylor again.
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    Carlos Mendez tweeted this morning that Janczak is expected to start tomorrow night at DBU.
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    He's in 2nd place for most MLB hits for a Frog and is 110 hits behind Jim Busby for most. Carpenter is also 2nd behind Busby for games played (1026 vs. 1352) and is first in 2B (266), HR (134), R (656), RBI (487), BB (581), and Ks (827). He also tops all former Frogs with over 200 plate appearances in BA (.274), OBP (.376), and SLG (.469) Which will tie him for 2nd most MLB wins all-time for a Frog with Tex Carleton. He needs 35 more wins to pass Pete Donohue for 1st. Nine more passes Carleton for 2nd all-time for a Frog. Arrieta's got a lock on 1st place with 1214. https://www.baseball-reference.com/schools/index.cgi?key_school=9bdcf2c4 From a statistical viewpoint, there is no question that Carpenter is the best MLB hitter TCU has ever produced. Probably a tossup between Arrieta and Carleton for the best pitcher TCU's ever produced ...
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    Per this (partially-gated) D1Baseball.com preview, the Frogs' starting lineup will look like this: C- Zach Humphreys 1B- Jake Guenther 2B- Austin Henry SS- Hunter Wolfe 3B- Adam Oviedo LF- Josh Watson CF- Johnny Rizer RF- Andrew Keefer DH- Alex Isola Weekend rotation: -Fri: Nick Lodolo -Sat: Jared Janczak -Sun: Brandon Williamson Closer: Caleb Sloan
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    We can all unequivocally agree on at least one thing. #$%@ baylor!
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    This thread is becoming as complex as that Big 12 Conference Championship thread was.
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    I guess he’s a (ha)boob man.
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    It's into the 3rd set between JT and Colin Markes in Waco and it's 3-all. Brooksby lost the 1st set 5-7, but came back and won the 2nd set 6-3. 4-3! JT gets the break! 5-3! 6-3! Brooksby takes the match over the Longhorn 5-7, 6-3, 6-3 to advance to the 2nd round at the Waco Futures tourney!
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    After a week off, the Frog tennis players are once again back in action. Trevor Johnson opened up play in the Round of 32 at the Niceville Futures tourney with a W over Pierre Luquet (from France) 7-5, 2-6, 6-1. Trevor is seeded 6th in the tourney and will next face Juan Alejandro Hernandez Serrano, from Mexico (supposedly) at 10:00 a.m. Trevor is also in the doubles bracket, teaming with Patrick Kawka, and they also won in the Round of 16 6-4, 3-6, 10-6 and are now into the quarters to face Ian Dempster and Boria Arias tomorrow afternoon. Serrano is ranked #1330 in the ATP rankings, so Trevor will be favored to make the quarters in singles too. Both Trevor and Nick Chappell are on the acceptance list for next week's tourney in Norman. Cam Norrie is now ranked 86th in the ATP, but is apparently not playing this week. Alex Rybakov's good friend Tommy Paul won the Charlottesvile Challenger.
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    This week, more than the other 51, I will not miss Tech posters, especially Roddog...😈 Submitted for your viewing pleasure Tech lurkers...
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    Norrie wins 3 sets to 1.
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    Well, I gotta go to work shortly. I thought it was going to be perfect - I'd get up early, follow the tennis and then go to work, but now it looks like I'm gonna miss both matches (although I have no idea when Brooksby will be playing). The U.S. Open is, by far, the most financially lucrative tourney in the world. In 1968, the total prize money (men and women) for all players was $100,000 and Arthur Ashe, won won the men's title, returned his $14,000 check so that he could return to West Point and remain an "amateur." Now, the winners will earn $7 million and probably at least 3 times that with endorsement deals and first round losers will earn $54,000 each. So, even if Cam and Jenson lose, they'll make $54,000. In fact, the U.S. Open qualie tourney is the 4th most lucrative in the U.S., behind only the main draw here, Miami and Indian Wells. Even those who lose in the qualies make pretty good money. Cam's been practicing at TCU for a week or so in preparation. His girlfriend, who plays football for the Frogs (at first that confused me until I realized it was a U.K. media article and they mean soccer) is a senior and they've got a match, so she can't go to NY, but she will if he goes deep into the 2nd week (he "joked" that she'll be there to see him in the finals). After the U.S. Open, Cam's next big event will be the Davis Cup in September against Uzbekistan in Glasgow - Cam says that his Dad is "maybe a little too excited" about it already because he's coming from Kiwiland back "home" for it and he grew up very close to where the venue where it will be played. The only time Cam has played Jordan Thompson was last summer when Cam beat him in a Challenger final in Rochester.
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    Only one TCU football pro today ... Kent Nix, 1970-71 Bears But a Chicago heavy day, nonetheless ... Finished his career wearing #16 with the 1959 Cubs Tex Carleton wore #16 with the 1935-38 Cubs Jim Busby, who wasn't a pitcher, throwing batting practice for the 1960-61 Orioles Carl Warwick, in his 7th and final appearance on the countdown, wore #16 early in the 1962 season for the Houston Colt .45s
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    Cool! TCU leads OU right now, 10-7 in the 3rd quarter and Adrian Peterson just went down with an injury. I predict a Frog victory! And later, I hope we blow Boise out in the Poinsettia Bowl!
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