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    The Heineken dude? Meh. Overrated.
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    I continued my streak of 36 consecutive years of not watching.
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    The Dems are going to turn Texas Blue!!!!
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    If you want California or New York, can't you just move there?
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    Updated after the conclusion of the regular season: Kenrich Williams: Current career rebounds: 859 (PASSED James Cash, now #4 all-time) -Needs 29 to pass Gary Turner for #3 -Needs 59 to pass Ronny Stevenson for #2 -Needs 108 to break Reggie Smith's school record -At his season average of 9.3 per game, he'll need the Frogs to win at least a few postseason games to move up any further on this list. Current career steals: 138 - (PASSED Malcolm Johnson, now #4 all-time) -Needs 18 to pass Corey Santee for #3 -Needs 26 to pass Mike Jones for #2 -Needs 31 to break Kyan Anderson's school record -He'd need an extended postseason run to move up any further on this list. Current season total rebounds: 279 -Needs 33 to pass Ronny Stevenson's 1957 season for #10 all-time Current season total steals: 53 -Needs 6 to pass John Lewis '89 for #10 all-time -Needs 7 to pass Alex Robinson '17 for #9 -Needs 9 to pass Junior Blount '02 for #8 Vladimir Brodziansky: Current career blocks: 166 (now TIED for #4 all-time with Kurt Thomas) -Needs 1 to pass Kurt Thomas for #3 outright -Needs 5 to pass Derrick Davenport for #2 -Needs 6 to break James Penny's school record -He's got a real chance to do this. Current career points: 1,338 -Needs 89 to pass Gary Turner for #10 all-time --At his season average of 15.2 per game, he'll need a handful of postseason W's to get this done. Current season total blocks: 50 (PASSED Craig Sibley '89 and Marlon Dumont '02 - now TIED with Karviar Shepher '14 for #9 all-time) -Needs 1 to pass Karviar Shepherd '14 for #9 outright -Needs 12 to pass Alvardo Parker '07 for #8 Alex Robinson: Current career assists: 404 (#7 all-time) -Needs 11 to pass Tony Edmond for #7 -Needs 56 to pass Darrell Browder for #6 -Needs 72 to pass Jeff Jacobs for #5 ...Needs 172 to break Corey Santee's school record Current season total assists: 176 -Needs 3 to pass Brent Atwater '92 for #10 all-time -Needs 5 to pass Corey Santee '02 and Tony Edmond '89 for #8 -Needs 6 to pass Mike Jones '98 for #7 -Needs 14 to pass Ronnie Moss '10 for #6 -Needs 25 to pass Prince Fowler '98 for #5
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    This is an interesting comment and it kind of reflects on Kenny although I'm sure it wasn't meant as a dig at him.
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    The most interesting comment from Patterson was quoted in this tweet from Carlos: That in a nutshell is GP's genius. He may be an asshole on the field when he's dog cussing a player for missing an assignment or even when he gives them the cold shoulder for missing too many practices due to an injury but he's not doing it for the sake of being mean, he's doing it to get the best out of the player and take that player to a place they might not be able to reach without Gary being Gary. This one was pretty good too. I hope Carlos gets a new gig soon. He was prone to some small errors but he paints the big picture really well. It also shows that GP or Cohen must like the guy because he isn't really working press and he still gets access to things like this.
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    Listenbee was a punk in college, and he's still a punk now. Really disappointed he hasn't grown up. Good for TCU and GP for standing their ground on this. And screw that smarmy Aggie lawyer/booster.
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    I don't know. The theme is pretty universal: Haven't most people had sex with a cold fish a time or two?
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    Oh, I absolutely agree!
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    It's always a good idea to agree with the women folk...no matter how many times she posts a thread.
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    If you have to spend 12 hours tending the brisket you're doing it wrong.
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    I think that I am a dinosaur and a traditionalist. I wouldn't know how to deal with pellets and will stick with hickory, oak, mesquite, pecan, and apple woods (depending on what I am smoking or grilling).
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